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What Does NOT Count as Technique Time — 11 Exceptions to the General Rule

Celebrate Father's Day today OR any holiday of your choice. Celebrate in a HUMAN way.

Celebrate Father’s Day today OR any holiday of your choice. Celebrate in a HUMAN way.

Blog-Buddies, I’m so glad to be explaining this last chunk of great importance to those of us who limit our Technique Time to 20 Daily Minutes, Tops. As described in yesterday’s article.

What is Technique Time? It’s all about voluntary positioning of consciousness.

During Technique Time a person positions awareness away from objective reality or surface thoughts and feelings… in order to improve himself or herself.

It’s a movement away from human vibrational frequencies towards Divine vibrational frequencies or — most commonly — the person winds up with awareness positioned squarely at astral vibrational frequencies.

Here are 11 things that could happen during a 24-hour period. None of them would count as your official Technique Time.

Notice the reasons given, however. Each of these exceptions is being named in a context, or a manner of doing a particular activity.

Technique Time Exception #1: Let’s Hear It for Insomnia

All that happens between going to bed for the night and getting out of bed to begin your new day….

If you have insomnia, that could be your lucky opportunity. Because you can pray or visualize or do whatever spiritual activity you like to your heart’s content.

In terms of states of consciousness, you’re moving in and out of waking/sleeping/dreaming. Enjoy that potentially glorious time!

Why do Technique Time? Enter Our New Contest

Debonair Bear does not get to have 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. That’s a human privilege.

Yesterday Blog-Buddy RACHEL asked a fascinating, important question:

“I’m afraid I don’t really see the point of technique time.

“I don’t do any!

“Should I??”

Falling into Spiritual Addiction, Again. A guest post by MADELINE

Telling time, pretty helpful for overcoming spiritual addiction

Today’s courageous guest post may inspire those of you who have moved into spiritual addiction. Or moved out of it, then come on back.

Sure, you may be familiar with my recommendation: 20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time, Tops.

But what really constitutes a technique? How can you protect yourself from falling into spiritual addiction?