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Why Learn How to Read Auras?

Why aura reading can be a bright idea.

Aura reading can be a bright idea.

Why develop full energetic literacy? That’s almost like asking, “Why bother to learn how to read words on a screen, or in a book?”

Today’s article will give you more than 150 reasons, but you only need one.

But First, Can You Do This? Can You Learn?

Of  course you can, and it isn’t even terribly hard. Just takes a smallish amount of time, at least if you’re using the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

If you can read the words on this screen, you can definitely learn to read auras. Accurately. In detail.

So Back to “Why, Why, Why Read Auras?”

The quick answer is that energetic literacy will give you a huge advantage in everyday life.

Another answer is that reading people deeper can give you great inside information about people at work, and also personal relationships. (And also yourself.)

Here’s a link to 50 different categories about very important make-or-break aspects of life.

What I Would Want from Aura Reading, If I Were Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain, ready for her aura reading

Jessica Chastain, ready for her aura reading

Yesterday’s fabulous aura reading by JORDAN displayed the sophisticated art of aura reading movie reviews.

Jessica Chastain didn’t do terribly well with her Chakra Databank Change Points. Still, the aura reading research suggested that motivations for Jessica aren’t deeply artistic. Of course, it’s amazing to even make a living as an actor. She could have plenty of motivations in career — or in life — other than high art.