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Face Reading Fun Starts Today, YouTubes #1 and #2

Face reading fun -- yes, let's get ourselves some of that.

Face reading fun — yes, let’s get ourselves some of that.

Let’s have some fun, some face reading fun. I’ll share links to two new YouTube videos that were just made live this morning.

Of all the skills in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), face reading can be the most lighthearted.

Although it can also be amazingly accurate. Even devastatingly accurate, actually.

Depends on you — which face you are reading — and your purpose for doing that physiognomy research.

My purpose was to throw a little Face Reading Party. Seems like we had absolutely everything we needed to make a short series of iMovies, just for fun:

Aura Reading Tim Kaine on YouTube

Aura reading Tim Kaine, what is the big surprise about the candidate for vice- president?

Aura reading Tim Kaine, what is my big surprise about the candidate for vice- president?

Whew! He’s pretty normal guy! Shockingly, today’s aura reading of Senator Tim Kaine — Vice-Presidential Candidate — reveals a guy who is pretty darned normal.


For a politician.

Juicy details are the fun part, of course. Join me as I conclude this series of five YouTubes to help with Election Decision 2016.

Favorite YouTube Links

It doesn't have to be so shocking, having fun watching a YouTube

It doesn’t have to be so shocking, having fun watching a YouTube

Blog-Buddies, a friend just sent me a couple of links she thought I would enjoy. GLAYDS was telling me about “Stephen Fry,  a very interesting and intelligent character–he’s an English comedian, actor, writer, commentator and activist.

“His take on “language pedants” is at

“Here he and Hugh Laurie play Jeeves and Wooster in a segment from their early ’90s comedy program based on the P.G. Wodehouse characters:”

Well, this reminded me that we could have a blog post dedicated to that. Just for fun.

Fun is turning out to be the key note in this weekend Aura Reading Level 2 Workshop. And during a break today I am to have fun checking out these links from my thoughtful friend GLADYS.

What do you find to be fun at YouTube? Come on, share.


Two new Face Reading Videos with Rose

Face Reading Secrets with Rose

The Power of Face Reading — now that’s an easy kind of power to get. All it takes is to learn some skills.

Besides being practical, just seeing regular old faces in this new-fangled, old-fangled way can make your mind sparkle a bit more in a new direction.

Here is a recent YouTube introduction to the ancient art of physiognomy, as updated in my trademarked system, Face Reading Secrets (R). If you click on this video link to  Rose Rosetree\’s books about how to read faces, there’s an introduction to my three different — very different — learn how  to do face reading-type books. 

Face Reading on YouTube with Patricia


Blog-Buddies, normally I’m a pretty low-tech Face Reader, but recently when I was doing free face readings at Posh Supper Club, someone there was very high-tech. He shot a YouTube video to capture my interpreting Patricia’s silky ear texture.

Want to watch me do a Face Reading on one very sweet person, a.k.a. Patricia? Click here for Face Reading of Patricia on YouTube. It’s also a great way to watch me screaming over the loud, joyful crowd in the background.

Healing with Energy Spirituality on YouTube

Aura reading, Rose Rosetree






It’s on YouTube. It must exist!

Yes, Rose Rosetree does sessions for spiritual healing, whether it be healing auras and chakras with Aura Transformation or facilitating that hypnosis-and-healing specialty, Energy Release Regression Therapy.

So often, people who are considering a personal session with me want to meet me first. That’s one reason I write books, a pretty intimate way to meet somebody, actually. Plus, books offer the opportunity to learn something about the author’s various specialties!

Aura Reading on YouTube


Have you been curious about Aura Reading? I have been. I still am. And a big part of the fun, for me, is not just doing Aura Reading a lot but also teaching people like you how to do it.

Everyone was given a complete gift set that can be used to become a really good aura reader. Recently I filmed a set of YouTube videos about different parts of my work, and one is about Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), the system I use to help people succeed.

Check out my Aura Reading YouTube video here.