Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening — Book 2

Aura Reading Through ALL Your Senses

By Rose Rosetree

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  • Working at it, I strained and struggled. After a while I could see a little something.
  • Eventually I gave up. Aura reading seemed like an awful lot of work for not much payoff.
  • My story with reading auras is downright pathetic. I’ve tried seeing those famous colors. Well, I couldn’t, okay? I flunked.
  •  When others talk about auras, it’s annoying. Like they’re the lucky, ones and I don’t have the gift. It’s a terrible feeling of being left out.

Have you, also, had not-great experiences when you tried to read auras? Maybe it’s time you met Rose Rosetree’s system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

Why’s it called “ALL your senses”? Because this world-renowned aura reader recognizes that everybody learns differently.

Just ask a schoolteacher about “Learning Styles.” One of the biggest breakthroughs in education, ever! So you might ask yourself, if educators today know that everybody isn’t a visual learner, why is it that most of today’s teachers of aura reading emphasize clairvoyance? As if that were the only way to learn….

Multiple Forms of Intelligence

If you don’t know much about scientific research on multiple intelligences, you might want to google it. Respect for personal learning styles has transformed education in the U.S. Could be, this way of academically treating students as individuals is one reason why Millennials are the best-educated generation in American history.

Meanwhile, here’s an example of how ridiculous it is to expect all people to learn in the same way.

Back when Rose was in elementary school, teachers still believed that all learners had to be visual. Sadly, Rose’s first grade activities all emphasized coloring and drawing pictures. Which she did really, really badly.

As a kid, Rose feared she would always be awful at school. Even though, by age five, she’d been reading children’s books for years.

Does this make sense?

The Best Teaching Honors Who We Are As Individuals

Rose taught herself to do word reading in her own way, and it worked. Well, guess what?

Decades later, Rose also developed a method for reading auras that didn’t have to be exclusively visual.

Developing A Unique System That Honors YOU

How did Rose Rosetree arrive at her discoveries about energetic literacy? Repeatedly she tried — and failed — to see auras. For a while she felt bad about herself.

But she refused to give up. With persistence, Rose co-created a method that would work for people regardless of which gifts they have for perception. Because everybody has a full set of gifts. However, everybody doesn’t have identical gifts.

In Short

  • The method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® honors the gifts that you have.
  • Wakes up self-knowledge about who you are, as an aura reader.
  • Because you’re not just anybody. One size fits all….

This Versatile How-To Book Can Help You In Many Ways, Actually

Not only do you learn about which gifts you have for aura reading.

In addition, Rose offers you a variety of techniques for using your gifts. So you can pick and choose which techniques are the best fit for you!

So you’ll find your way in to use deeper perception. Then you’ll start applying aura reading in loads of practical ways. Including:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Accelerating your personal growth
  • More discernment about health choices
  • Improving relationships
  • The most reliable way to spot liars
  • Ways to shop smarter by taking your aura into consideration
  • Awakening spiritual joy

Is This Book Just for Beginners?

Hardly! With all respect, when folks do succeed at old-fashioned kinds of aura reading, the knowledge they get can be terribly limited. And limiting.

Like the well-meaning friend who might give you an aura reading and tell you what? “The third layer of your aura is blue.” As if that’s really helpful!

What if you’re not a beginner at all, since you’ve had some success with traditional ways to read auras? This book will take you far beyond the limitations of what you’ve been taught so far.

If you know about The New Strong this perspective says it all: Other ways of reading auras are from the Age of Faith. Which ended on December 21, 2012. While this system of aura reading works for people who live now, in The Age of Awakening.

So this book is loaded with techniques for helping you in your human life. Showing you how to gain energetic literacy. As if the author is listening to you, not just talking. Guiding you into one Aha! after another. Which matters because, in its way, that kind of literacy is just as practical as the word literacy that you’re using right now.

Seeing Colors? That’s Hardly the Point Any More

How would you like it if this happened: A stranger enters the room. Looks at the color of your skin. Then your hair. Then your eyes. Then your clothes.

Imagine that person saying, “I’ve seen your colors. Now I know all about you.”

Wouldn’t you be insulted? Isn’t there more to you than your colors?

Thanks to Rose’s book on aura reading, you can find many ways to build on your skills with energetic literacy.

Energetic Literacy Can Set Your Creativity Free

Personally Rose Rosetree has found plenty of uses for the skills in this book. Once she started reading auras in everyday life, like the many techniques given here, that was just the beginning.

Every one of the following skill sets was developed only because she had first learned the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses. Using the very same skills that you can learn from this book.

Because then she discovered loads of ways to use aura reading in ways that go far, far beyond “seeing the colours.”

  1. Soul Thrill® Aura Research
  2. Spiritually Sparkling® Skills
  3. 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®
  4. Vibrational Re-Positioning®
  5. Name Alignment®
  6. Consciousness Positioning™ Consults
  7. Causational AGREEMENT Transformation™
  8. Causational BELIEF Transformation™

May this list inspire you to see how far you can go, making discoveries once you gain energetic literacy!

You Get All This

Through “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses,” you get Really Good Skills. It’s not asking too much to expect all the following benefits:

  1. Confidence, because you learn how to find out wonderful things about your own aura.
  2. Delight, like when you try the technique for reading auras from babies.
  3. Better health, with the discernment that comes from the consumer skills that Rose teaches.
  4. An enriched experience of life, like when you read auras while watching TV.

In short, you’ll find a wealth of practical uses. With very specific how-to instructions. Because this how-to doesn’t just promise or suggest. This book delivers.

Below you’ll find a list of the 100+ techniques you can learn from this book.

Internationally Influential

Besides Rose’s bestselling edition of this book for Random House Germany, other authorized editions have been published in Bulgaria, China, Spain, India, Russia, Slovenia, and The Slovak Republic.

In America, this book was chosen as a selection of One Spirit Book Club. (A division of The Book of the Month Club)

Why Wait?

Whether you tried “seeing the colours” and succeeded…

Or you didn’t succeed at that outdated approach…

Skills that you learn from this book can give you a complete experience.

Really, is the point of reading auras to strut around and brag to others about how special you are now because of working on your clairvoyance?

No, the point of becoming an aura reader is to go forth and enjoy more, accomplish more. Maybe even make this world a better place.

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ISBN: 0-9651145-4-6
Pages: 262
List Price: $14.95