Energy HEALING Skills for the Age of Awakening — Book 2

Cut Cords of Attachment
for Self-Healing

Cord Cutting Made Simple and Effective

By Rose Rosetree

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You can’t stop thinking about your ex. Seems to you, cutting your cord of attachment might help.

It feels like something is holding you back in career.

You wonder, am I being dragged down by old cords of attachment related to work?

Although many people claim it’s super-easy to cut cords of attachment, maybe you’re not impressed with what’s available on the internet and some YouTube videos.

Instead, you want to learn a quality method that works.

Well, this book can help. It’s your simplest way to learn a powerful skill set for self-healing. Rose Rosetree’s 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

Farewell Forever, Cords of Attachment

Cords of attachment may be the most significant, treatable cause of problems in your life, keeping you stuck in old patterns.

In Rose Rosetree’s how-to book, you get the simplest possible version… of the only trademarked method in America for this kind of healing: 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment.

Expect dependable, permanent, big-deal results.

Yes, cutting cords of attachment just got easier — for doing a method that really delivers results. Since Rose Rosetree published the first how-to book on a quality method for cord-cutting in 2007, interest has surged.

Today, so many of us want to move out these energy drains, whether they are called Psychic Cords, Astral Cords, Energy Cords, Energetic Cords, or Etheric Cords.

Well, to learn more consumer smarts about all these names, please keep reading.

Farewell Forever, Cords of Attachment

Yes, cutting cords of attachment just got easier. Self-healing with a method that really delivers results. Since Rose Rosetree published the first how-to book on a quality method for cord-cutting in 2007, interest has surged.

So what’s the deal with all the names that have become popular?

Let’s seek perspective on some of that naming. If an “expert” can’t even name a problem properly… Realistically, how much help can you expect?

Psychic Cords

That term means astral-level connections that you might have with somebody. Could be a pretty imprecise way of referring to Cords of Attachment. Which are not just any old kind of astral-level STUFF.

But then, with all respect, many people who talk about “Psychic Cords” probably don’t know the difference between different kinds of STUFF. Most likely they don’t have skills to remove different problems. Since to them it’s all “bad energy.”

By June 2017, RES Founder Rose had identified 36 kinds of astral-level STUFF. And for each kind there’s a skill set for permanent Energy HEALING.

Her 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® isn’t the only system that can work. However, it definitely does work.

As a smart consumer, how about this? You might wish to ask someone who claims to cut Psychic Cords, “What do you mean exactly?”

Astral Cords

Okay, that’s probably a synonym for “Psychic Cords.”

One funny side note. (Sorta-funny, anyway.) People who think about “Astral Cords” may well be confusing them with Astral Ties.

Removing Astral Ties is a completely different skill set from Cutting Cords of Attachment. You can learn to cut Astral Ties in Rose’s book, “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

More Education About What's What

Let’s continue with this bit of consumer education. Around some of the very telling names that some energy healers substitute for “Cord of Attachment.

Different energy healers don’t have to agree on terminology, of course. But for you, wishing to learn self-healing that works… Can you afford to be vague?

Energy Cords

What the heck is that supposed to mean? Anything not made out of string?

Honestly, when somebody refers to “Energy Cords,” this might not be someone you can trust to teach you effective skills for energy healing.

STUFF, in RES, means “Stored emotional and spiritual debris at the astral level, a level that corresponds to your subconscious mind.”

And all RES Energy HEALING is researched with precise skills of RES Energy READING. Not some vague impression of icky energy.

It’s shocking how many so-called experts could be so vague. Why would they use such a newbie term for astral debris. Energy Cords? Have they newly become energy sensitive, so they’re excited at having discovered some kind of energy thing going on in people’s auras?

When people refer to Energy Cords, do they really mean Cords of Attachment? Are those, instead, Astral Ties? How about Energetic Sub-Routines? Many kinds of STUFF could be called “Energy Thingies.”

Energetic Cords

And here’s another ridiculously vague term, compared with “Cord of Attachment.”

Are “Energetic Cords” just like “Energy Cords.” Only, maybe, fancier?

If you read “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing,” guess what? You’ll learn about “Spiritual Ties.” These are not at all the same things as “Cords of Attachment.” Because they’re at the Divine, or etheric, level.

However, what are you to think when a healer throws around terminology like “Energetic Cords”? Might that person really mean Spiritual Ties? Because they’re made of energy, too.

So What's the Deal with "Etheric Cords"?

Are you familiar with the idea of cutting “Etheric Cords”? To get an idea of how popular this name is, just use your favorite search engine. The prevalence of this term is really astonishing, given the meaning of “Cord of Attachment” and also the meaning of “Etheric.”

Granted, experts in mind-body-spirit use different names for different things. Not much terminology is standardized.

However, here’s one distinction that will serve you well in your personal development.

Astral Is Not Divine. And Vice Versa

In RES we co-create with Divine Beings. Not astral beings, like spirits and angels. Instead, examples of Divine Beings are: God, Spiritual Source; Jesus or Kwan Yin or Athena.

Likewise, Rose makes it clear that astral, or psychic, energies are not the same as etheric, or Divine, energies.

The very idea that problems in somebody’s aura would be at the etheric level? Could be cringe-inducing!

Could definitely cause you to wonder whether the healer who claims to cut “Etheric Cords of Attachment” has gained even the most basic understanding of how energy healing works. Which energies need healing and which do not?

Why Trust Rose Rosetree's Method for Cord Cutting?

“Cut Cords of Attachment for SELF-HEALING” presents a clear, systematic explanation of what to do, in what order, so that you can receive permanent healing.

You can learn the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® from this self-healing manual. However….

Now Here Comes a Bold Disclaimer

However, it takes considerable skill to deliver a quality healing. Even with this method, what is strongly recommended?

First read “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” Or develop strong energetic literacy skills from Rose’s series of on-demand workshops. (Starting with her Free Intro, giving you five practical lessons about the true meaning of energetic literacy, and what it takes to succeed.)

Developing these skills will make a world of difference for cutting cords of attachment. The quality of your healing will be much better.

Did you know. Because this method of cord removal works, you only get one chance. Each removal of a cord of attachment is a magnificent opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually.

You’ll really do better if, first, you develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Because then you’ll do a better job of describing what’s in the freshly cut cord. And then finding the full range of Logical Consequences, or results, that you can reasonably expect.

That said, “Cut Cords of Attachment for SELF-HEALING” will teach you excellent skills. All of the 12 steps required for successful results.

More Cool Practical Aspects

Probably you know by now that Rose Rosetree will be teaching you how to permanently remove one cord of attachment at a time.

You might wish to pay particular attention to info in this book about “Cord Items” and “Logical Consequences.” And how quality control is built right into this trademarked system for cutting cords of attachment.

All of this helps you to get results. And not just bragging rights, as in “I cut all my cords.”

Rather, you can use this how-to book to gain specific, human-type results. Meaningful improvements to your self-esteem, your relationships, your career, your spiritual evolution.

Because this set of Really Effective Skills can deliver significant results every time, every cord.

Be A Smart Consumer

Besides preparing you to excel at self-healing, this little book can help you as a consumer.

One read-through will help you to appreciate what is involved in a quality healing… and how to discern whether a practitioner has professional-caliber skills.

Hint: Many of the loudest voices on YouTube and the internet might not measure up to this standard.

Bring on a better life, more success and enjoyment in the here-and-now! Move forward faster on your personal path to Enlightenment by cutting cords of attachment for self-healing.

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ISBN for Nook: 978-1-935214-13-7

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