Energy HEALING Skills for the Age of Awakening — Book 3

Cut Cords of Attachment

Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality

By Rose Rosetree

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What is a Cord of Attachment?

Valerie’s blood pressure would go sky high whenever she spent time with her sister-in-law. The reaction made no sense whatsoever, not until Valerie cut the cord and learned what she had been receiving through it: The equivalent of a ton of rage each day. 

Afterwards, the reaction stopped permanently.

What a difference it makes, when you cut your cord of attachment to somebody like Valerie’s very difficult in-law.

Removing that energetic cord in a quality way, an energy spirituality way.

Cutting Cords? It’s Pretty Big Business Now

A lot has changed since Rose Rosetree published the first book in English about how to cut cords of attachment.

Well-meaning “experts” have gotten into the business of cutting “etheric cords” and “unwanted psychic cords” etc.

But the idea of removing a cord of attachment isn’t as simple as snip-snip-snip.

  • Could be, many people who promise a “cord-cutting…
  • Or gladly offer their instructions for free in some blog post…

Might not be offering you the real deal.

Let’s explore more of the truth about cords of attachment. And why you might find it worthwhile to learn quality skills from Rosetree’s pioneering paperback.

More Examples Of What You Can Do With Really Effective Skills
For Cutting A Cord Of Attachment

Rape can recycle through a cord of attachment. Faith did all she could to get beyond the memory, but for more than 30 years she reacted to that rape every single day of her life … At least until the cord of attachment was cut and, finally, Faith went free.

Here’s another example of the difference that quality skills can make for cutting a cord of attachment:

Phil wanted to stay married to Anne, but it was a struggle. Her mood swings were awful!

After cutting his cord of attachment to her, Phil learned how to love his wife without taking on her problems. Fact is, Phil regained his peace of mind.

And here’s one more example, from Rose Rosetree’s work since 1986. Where one of the Energy HEALING Skills of RES is to cut cords of attachment.

After realizing that she was in a cult, Sherry did what she could to leave. But moving forward, she kept feeling pulled back.

Cords of attachment make it harder to disconnect from bad influences. Sherry couldn’t find the strength to start her new life — not until a few of her cords to cult leaders were cut.

Authorized translated editions of this book have been sold in the Slovak Republic and Japan.

Cutting Cords of Attachment.
Best Done As A Skill Of Energy Spirituality.

Why is cutting cords of attachment best done with skills of RES?

Energy spirituality aims to help people grow emotionally and spiritually by using skills that work now. In The Age of Awakening.

In particular, emotional and spiritual growth are goals in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Why RES? Although Rose pioneered the field of energy spirituality, experience showed her that copycats might emerge, imitating most of her discoveries in mind-body-spirit. (No kidding! Just google on “Empath Empowerment” or “Empowered Empath” or “Power of Face Reading,” etc.) So that’s why she lent her name to this field.

Cords of attachment are not just some kind of “energetic nuisance.” Not to Rose. This teacher of personal development isn’t a physical healer or a psychic. Her goal is to help people to use their full potential for personal development. No wonder she developed a system for cord removal that can help you to progress most rapidly along your sacred path of spiritual awakening.


  • The RES approach is different from energy medicine — to produce physical healing.

Like Barbara Brennan’s advice to detach a cord of attachment, clean it up, and replace it.

  • Also, RES offers you an approach that differs considerably from energy psychology — which aims for psychological improvement by neutralizing negative energies.

Like the procedure from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to “soothe” a cord of attachment. From an aura-reading perspective, what’s the result? All the contents of the cord remain intact, causing subconscious problems. Plus now there’s an extra problem, due to all the Vaseline-like denial that now surrounds the cord.

Can you do better with the method in this self-help book? Definitely.

Another Reason To Learn These RES Skills

Obviously, RES skills for cutting a cord of attachment are also entirely distinct from psychic work and paranormal approaches. These don’t seek opportunities for human growth in removing a cord of attachment.

Rather, think about the model used for what Rose calls “The Quickie Method.” Which amounts to asking higher vibe beings to give you a shortcut to fulfilling your dreams.

Like going up a ladder in a game for children called “Chutes and Ladders.” (Yes, that’s a game for children.)

Another limitation with a psychic approach is that you’re likely to find an emphasis on energetic purity. As if there were no meaning to be found in each individual cord of attachment, and blindness to the possibility that cord removal could be meaningful, helping a person to evolve spiritually.

Are gritty, educational human problems really something to just magic away?

Rose doesn’t think so. And after you experience the quality method in this self-help book, you’ll understand the growth power of an approach that honors your humanity.

You can learn how to cut cords of attachment by co-creating with Divine help. And also doing your part. As “Eyes on the Ground.” A thoroughly human being with the courage to co-create personal growth.

Why Buy This Book?

Currently it’s Rose’s only paperback book for teaching how to cut cords of attachment. A skill set that’s rigorously designed and tested. Then systematically taught.

Granted, it’s preferable to first read and use Rosetree’s other book on this topic: “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.”

Which is available only as an eBook. After learning this simpler — yet effective — version of cord-cutting, then it’s far easier to progress through this book to “Heal Yourself And Others with Energy Spirituality.”

Yes, this paperback (or eBook) prepares you to facilitate cutting cords of attachment…  not just for yourself… but to help friends and family members.

So Important to Know

Does “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality” prepare you to use this skill professionally? To help clients who aren’t family members or friends? Or to charge money for your expertise? Definitely not.

This is a really important point to understand. Rose Rosetree does train professionals in her RES Mentoring Program.

But no RES book or workshop, alone, is enough preparation.

Please be aware of this difference. Granted, when Rose first published this paperback on how to remove these energetic cords, it was a different time in human consciousness.  That first edition was published in 2007, before The Age of Awakening.

Many things have changed since that historic shift on 12/21/12. Unfortunately, one of the changes is that many people have developed significant energetic problems. Such as the millions of people who, unbeknownst to themselves, are living in spiritual addiction.

Therefore, Rose no longer recommends that you ever attempt to cut a cord of attachment for someone you don’t know well. Or trying to help a client who comes to you for an entirely different specialty, whether massage therapy or psychotherapy or whatever.

If you purchase the eBook edition of “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality,” this point is made clearly. However, it isn’t clear in the paperback edition. So please make it crystal clear for yourself!

Starting in 2017, Rosetree began to release online workshops. These can make it easier than ever to prepare for the RES Mentoring Program. Meanwhile, you can do a great deal of good by learning how to cut cords of attachment through this book, helping yourself plus family members and friends.

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