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Empath Empowerment® for the Age of Awakening — Book 1

Empath Empowerment in 30 Days

Enjoy your life so much more!

By Rose Rosetree

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So you’ve heard about “empath.” So what? You’ve found loads of victim-talk on the internet.

What can really help you with being an empath, if anything? How can you figure that out?

Rose Rosetree offers expertise that you can trust.

Because the system that she has developed for empaths really works. You’ll find many a comment, guest post, and article at her popular blog, “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Just search on EMPATH and browse away!

But to develop actual skills? Buy this book. Within a month you can become a wonderfully skilled empath.

Because the training you’ll receive in this book is completely different from approaches like:

  • Strengthening boundaries
  • Energy shielding
  • Cleansing your aura
  • Blinking extra to distance yourself from others
  • Avoiding so-called “toxic” personalities
  • And other behavior-based attempts to protect empaths.

Rosetree’s system is actually much easier, as well as more effective, than these approaches. Empath Empowerment® helps a person to wake up from the inside. You can learn to use your consciousness to become more real to yourself, more vivid inwardly.

Find out how good you can feel as a skilled empath.

  • I bought Rose’s book for empaths back in March, and yes, wow, I’ve really started to fall in love with myself and the world.”
  •  “My relationships have improved. I can visit people without feeling the old kind of emotional cramp, where I felt forced to turn away and protect myself.”
  • “Constant worrying and other problems that burdened me? They have been falling away, too. At times I feel so passionate and juicy about my life, it’s ridiculous!”

You Get All This

It’s a simple concept, really. A 30-day plan to gain Empath Empowerment®.

  1. Each day you’ll read a short chapter.
  2. Do simple homework — and do it nice-and-sloppy.
  3. Up to 10 minutes of homework, plus just a bit of reading.

That easy!

What Doesn’t Show in This Easy-Breezy Book?

  1. Rose’s decades of service as an Empath Coach.
  2. Including how she published the first book for empaths in English.
  3. Developing the first (and still only) trademarked system for helping empaths in the U.S.
  4. Plus years of giving workshops in America, Europe, and Asia.
  5. Experience bolstered by her precision skills of energetic literacy.
  6. And experience refined by training professional RES Practitioners and Master Empaths.
  7. And work as a teacher of consciousness development since 1970.

So all those complicated and confusing bits you might find elsewhere? No worries. You won’t find them here.

And speaking of things you won’t find…

Goodbye, Empath Guilt

What happens to far too many empaths? They feel bad like my client Elsie. When we had a session of RES Empath Coaching.

I asked what she’d been doing to become a Skilled Empath. Immediately a guilty expression distorted her pretty face. Then she mumbled, “I’ve been working on it.”

Turned out, Elsie had been trying to “Improve my boundaries, avoid Energy Vampires, and shield myself.”

This is the big social cliché, now. The kind of thing “everyone knows” a person is “supposed” to do. In order to stop being “too sensitive.”

Ouch! Is malarkey too strong a word?

If you want to stop feeling guilty or weak, try something new. Start reading “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

Plenty of well-intended empaths feel guilty because they just know what they’re supposed to do and somehow they never get around to it. Well, that storied approach doesn’t work. Maybe that’s why folks might have such trouble getting around to it.

Try an approach that does work, waking yourself up from the inside. And doing it in such a way that your whole life becomes better. As part of that, you will stop taking on STUFF belonging to others. And your gift(s) as an empath can become positively amazing sources of joy for you, bringing sweetness to those you care to help.

What Makes This Book Unique?

It’s Book 1 in Rose’s series of books for empaths. Definitely the book for starting!

And this shouldn’t be necessary to say, but just in case you didn’t know this. If you see the terms “Empath Empowerment” or “Empowered Empath,” please know that Rose originated these concepts for helping empaths.

  1. “Empath Empowerment®” is her method for developing empath skills.
  2. While “Empowered Empath” is part of the title of two of her empath books. (Read about them here at Rose’s website.)

Unfortunately, what will you find all over the internet, Facebook, and YouTube? People who claim to be teaching one or the other. Well, golly! If they don’t even have enough creativity to find their own name for what they’re doing, how much can you trust what they offer?

Imitation may be a sincere form of flattery. Just don’t let these imitations trick you into thinking you’ve tried what Rose offers. There’s only one way to try that, and that’s to avail yourself of resources available uniquely here. At this website!

Uniqueness Updated

Perhaps you’ve read Rose’s earlier version of this book, Become The Most Important Person in the Room. For years it has been the most popular RES book, highly effective. So why did Rose choose to stop selling it and create this different Book 1 in the Empath Empowerment® series?

So much has changed over the past 10 years, when Rose began to write that how-to for empowering empaths. Convenient or not, Rose felt that it needed an update; really, a complete overhaul.

If you’ve known — and loved — that earlier book… you’ll find the new one far more helpful. A book that has been revised to make it more suitable for living now, in The Age of Awakening.

Supplement Your Reading Progress
With an RES Energy HEALING Session

Sometimes a person gets a bit bogged down during this 30-Day Program for Empath Empowerment.

Well, that’s just the time to book a session of RES Energy HEALING.

STUFF can bog you down. So don’t push yourself. Or squint. Or otherwise give yourself a hard time. Let Rose find out what will help you to progress faster, progressing easily!

The two worked so well together:

Reading Book #1 in your series for empaths.

And then that session of RES Energy HEALING to “Improve the relationship with my office-mate from my side.”

I’m finding it so much easier to be myself.

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