Enlightenment Coaching for the Age of Awakening — Book 1

Let Today Be a Holiday:
365 Ways to Co-Create with God

365 Ways to a Stronger You (eBook Edition)

By Rose Rosetree

How To Order

Deepen experiences on your spiritual path with this daybook.

So many how-to’s are written for beginners.

If you have been a spiritual seeker for a while and awaiting your next step,

this book was written for you.

You can do better than simply have conversations with God.  Together you can co-create.

Imagine, you as God’s grownup! No longer a beseeching, begging child.

How can you do that? One day at a time. Thanks to Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God.

Let Today Be a Holiday

Suppose that you’re a long-term spiritual seeker. Not some sweet beginner. Sadly, it’s really hard to find a book suitable for moving your forward.

Or suppose that you’re in transition. An experience of spiritual awakening has rocked your world. Now you want help for progressing along an authentically spiritual path.

Fact is, you may not need more religious teachings. Or psychic work from the New Age. Psychological healing has helped you, but only so far.

In short, you just might be ready for a unique approach to spiritual progress.

How about a page-a-day book that teaches you how you can co-create with God! Because you can play with one new page each day and find fresh inspiration. Fresh. Inspiration. For you, and your sacred personal path.

You Get All This

Here’s a look at all the easy-to-improvise ways to spend your personal growth time each day (a.k.a. “Technique Time”). Listed below under Free Tastes.

I am reading your 365 Holiday book and need to send you my compliments; though I am only close to a hundred at this writing, it is right after my heart — and reading it fills me with joy.  Let it become a bestseller!

What Makes This Book Unique?

More overtly spiritual than Rose’s other books in print, this is a non-denominational invitation to be with God. And to improve that relationship by learning to co-create with the Divine. Just for your own delight!

Among other daybooks, “Let Today Be a Holiday” stands out, too. Because it’s so content-rich.

Packed with inspiration. In case you’re curious, scroll down to Free Tastes below. Open up the Contents link.

You’ll find a listing of all 365 chapters. (Usually daybooks don’t have a Table of Contents. This one sure does. Online only.)

How To Benefit Most

“Let Today Be a Holiday” introduces you to a yearly cycle of new understandings, amazing explorations you’ve never thought of before, and a deepening of work you’ve already done.

Start with any day of the year.  Daily pages are grouped by them, with a sequence of eight think pieces (many of them including techniques) plus an inspiring poem for the final installment.

You’ll find some of the most useful techniques that have been developed during Rose’s personal sessions with clients. So expect to discover some leading-edge topics.

Powerful skills that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else before. Not in Resources from RES, and certainly not elsewhere. Not with this clarity.

How Will This Book Inspire You?

“Holiday” is Rose Rosetree’s most personal book.

Apart from the annual Christmas poem that she writes for her blog, the RES founder doesn’t usually write about spiritual connection. Or share hard-won discoveries on her own personal journey.

But that’s what you get in this book. Some readers find this is just what they need. Witness this thank you from someone who was familiar with several Rose Rosetree books, but unprepared for the easygoing spiritual power of this daybook.

When I first heard about Rose Rosetree’s book, “Let Today be a Holiday,” I was under the impression that, like most daybooks, the reader might be held captive by each calendar day, satisfied with an offering of one page at a time.  Instead, this work is a bewitching page turner!

It’s literally abundant with wisdom gleaned by Rosetree during her three decades of wading through diverse techniques and disciplines.  Now this intense search for spiritual understanding is ours, without the wading.

If ever there were a shortcut to personal evolution, this is it.  From procedures to prayers, from techniques to affirmations, from mind-buzzing applications to solid meditations, each offering makes you greedy to unearth more.

After one reading, I ordered eight more books for the holidays.  And why not?  If you want your problems solved and your wishes fulfilled, if you want to increase your power and to bring yourself into a new level of connectiveness — read this book.

But, if you want to be surrounded with friends who can appreciate and enjoy the same grace — give this book.

These people will never forget that you gave them a fortune.

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