Enlightenment Coaching for the Age of Awakening — Book 2

Magnetize Money
with Energetic Literacy

10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium

By Rose Rosetree

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  • What a lot of work I’ve been doing to attract prosperity. Grrrr. It sure isn’t working.
  • All those success seminars feel so great while I’m there with the crowd. But after I get home, where’s the magic?
  • It’s so discouraging. I do my best to be a good person, I really do. So why is my career so stuck?

Here’s an alternative. How about discovering 10 secrets for success and prosperity that really work?

Because Rose Rosetree has studied the best in the literature and then added a unique kind of discernment. The practical smarts that come from energetic literacy.

This has led to astonishing discoveries. Including Magnetize Money Profiles that reveal the energetic message a person sends out to the world: “Auric modeling.”

Rose will share years of research and skill development with you in a book that is part expose. Part goal-setting treasure trove. And 100% common sense.

You Get All This

Discover what rich people do without thinking… that you could easily start doing yourself.

Have you been working the Law of Attraction? Find out how it could be hurting you, not helping.

Realize certain, very fixable, bad habits that weaken auric modeling. If you have even one of these problems, it might keep you from making the money you deserve. So learn how to change it up!

Thanks to this Magnetize Money Program, you’ll move forward at your own pace. Exploring so many skills you can start developing now. Practical, human things that prepare you energetically to make more money.

Authorized translated editions are available in the Czech Republic and China.

What Makes Rosetree's Approach Unique?

Auras show the truth about what people really do. And don’t do.

You’ve never seen this kind of research before. Even if you can’t (yet) match the author’s skills with energetic literacy, the truth of these “Magnetize Money Profiles” will leap out at you.

Then There’s The Generosity

Packing this book with years of research, loads of practical skills, and filling up 334 pages! That’s double what you’ll find in most books today that sell for $18.95.

Why did Rose pack in all this information? Because hardworking success seekers like you could use a break. Like… having life deliver more than you expect.

What didn’t the RES Founder include in this book? Taking you through all her background research, meticulous research into auras of hundreds of people who teach some version of success. Plus hundreds who happen to be mega-wealthy.

Instead, Rose just shares the most practical results from years of research. Including just enough details to fascinate you.

What You Get

Part 1 of this how-to reveals hidden problems with making money. Systematically, Rosetree shows why so many diligent success seekers achieve only limited results. Ironically, Spiritual Addiction can be the main result of Law of Attraction practices.

Part 2 provides are supplemented by thought-provoking quizzes and “energetic workarounds” to help readers solve problems at the level of their auras. They can discover what has limited their earning power, then change at the depth required to make a significant difference on the surface of life, where money is made.

Part 3 supplies a detailed method for making realistic goals and plans, illustrated by an Online Supplement.

Innovative techniques help readers to clear out blockage at different “chakra databanks.” (This term, first used by Rosetree in a book published in 2007, now has nearly 72,000 hits – typical of her influence in the emerging field of energetic literacy.)

Systematically taught step-by-step, Rosetree’s Magnetize Money Program is based on her work with thousands of clients internationally, with true stories starting right from the Dedication:

According to Rosetree, energetic literacy promises to be as necessary in the third millennium as Gutenberg literacy became in the second millennium. Readers learn how to gain a competitive advantage through becoming more effective and falling “in like” with themselves. That includes improvement to a person’s underlying “auric modeling,” the message automatically broadcast through each person’s energy field.

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ISBN: 978-1-9352514-06-9
List Price: $18.95 paperback, $9.99 e-book
Pages: 336
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