Empath Empowerment® for the Age of Awakening — Book 4

The Master Empath

Turning on Your Empath Gifts At Will in
Love, Business and Friendship

By Rose Rosetree

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After an absence of several years, Rose’s long-time client Lynette got in touch. During their session, Lynette explained that she’d been feeling “off.”

For sure! This hunch was definitely confirmed, when Rose explored in depth what was happening in this empath’s aura.

What had Lynette been doing to cause such a mess? Talented Lynette had professional skills at body work. (Not energy spirituality but a form of energy medicine.)

Turned out, over the past few months, she had figured out a new approach to diagnosing her clients’ problems. During each consultation, Lynette would walk around her coffee table once. By the time she made the complete circuit, she’d know a lot about what was going on a client’s body.

This new approach was just brilliant, Lynette thought. The knowledge came easily, and was accurate. Only Lynette was paying an unnecessary price for that knowledge.

Scrambling Up Her Own Aura

Until Rose explained to her what was going on, Lynette never made the connection. Between how “great” her new approach was… and how this improvised unskilled empath merge was scrambling up her aura. Junking it up with the Imported STUFF that comes from any prolonged unskilled empath merge.

Lynette did better by the end of her session. And she resolved to replace her improvised method with safe, tested techniques for doing Skilled Empath Merge.

Why Try to Reinvent the Wheel?

Lynette’ story is hardly unique. Look, as human beings we’re constantly exploring, experimenting, improvising.

But when it comes to using your empath gifts to learn what it’s like to be someone else? Please do yourself this favor.

Don’t improvise.

And don’t assume that because it’s easy to do an unskilled empath merge… that you’re protected in any way. With all respect, you’re not.

As you know if you’ve read Empath Empowerment® Book #1, or Book #2, or Book #3 — slip-sliding into somebody else’s energies can feel good. But it’s bad for you.

  1. Clobbering your aura with a long-lasting souvenir: Imported STUFF.
  2. Unintentionally bringing you physical fatigue, emotional upset and/or confusing your sense of self. (Which, for an unskilled empath, tends to be easily jostled anyway.)
  3. Risking inaccurate information.

And, because any unskilled empath merge happens in consciousness, the problems aren’t immediately obvious. As would happen if you invented a rollie-thing and it was shaped like a triangle.

Instead of Gambling With Your Consciousness…

Choose This Fabulous Resource

What will you get from “The Master Empath”? A range of techniques for Skilled Empath Merge. Suiting different purposes. Each single one gives you this:

  1. Protection from energetic imbalances.
  2. Results that are all good for you.
  3. Greater mental clarity.
  4. Progressing in your spiritual evolution (rather than, maybe, taking unintended detours on your path.)
  5. Accurate information, far more powerful than using your empath gifts in an improvised way.

What’s The Purpose Of Being An Empath?

Did you ever wonder, “What’s the purpose of being born as an empath?”

Being able to learn Skilled Empath Merge! That’s what!

Empaths, alone, have the potential to learn Skilled Empath Merge.

“But How Can I Safely Turn ON My Empath Gifts Whenever I Choose?

By learning Really Effective Skills.

Skills developed by a Master Empath who can help you to also become a Master Empath.

Let’s be specific, too. Each of the book’s techniques for Skilled Empath Merge is:

  • Totally different from hunches
  • Or psychic readings — clairvoyance etc.
  • Plus, each skill is easy to learn, effortless to do
  • Keeping you energetically protected
  • And free from emotional overwhelm!

By definition, every time that you use one of these exciting new skills, what’s sure to happen? While doing that Skilled Empath Merge, you’ll learn about another person.

Authentic knowledge that can also be highly advantageous to you….

Practical Applications Galore

With this book’s fabulous collection of techniques for Skilled Empath Merge, your practical applications are endless.

Whether through a photograph, a video or in person, your new empath skills can help you:

  • Learn what makes another person tick—subconsciously and energetically
  • Experience directly what makes others different from you
  • Protect yourself in the arenas of love, family, and work
  • Separate truth from hype (or outright lying) – especially when vetting doctors, energy healers or personal development experts

The goal? Someone who’s not just surviving but living life with greater power, effectiveness, and joy. In short — a master empath.

Maybe The Sweetest Surprise Of All

Learning to turn your empath gifts OFF is a blessing.

But being able to consciously turn them ON can transform you into a true “force of nature.”

Use this revolutionary book to tap into a whole new world of deep insight, personal power and yes, more fun than you’d ever imagine.

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