The Roar of the Huntids:

A Spiritual Thriller

By Rose Rosetree

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If you like fiction and you’re curious about empaths, here’s a novel for you.

Whatever your spiritual gifts–and everyone has many–the world needs your light now. May this novel help give you the courage to discover your talents for spiritual service. And then to learn effective ways to support your talent with skills.

Join with Rose, fictional character Rachel Murphy, and all who dare to bring more truth into this world.


Unskilled empaths have loads of problems. Problems that can pull the joy out of life and lead to so much worrying. So many problems, in fact, it’s ridiculous.

Rose Rosetree knows about the problems of unskilled empaths. Of course, she’s also the first empath coach to have published a book in the English language. First, personally — then, professionally — she made use of a system you can learn about elsewhere at this website. Empath Empowerment®.

Just for fun, she published a novel that depicts an empath who moves from clueless suffering to empath skills. Part social satire and part spiritual thriller, this novel is set in the year 2020.

As noted by science fiction writer Paula Volsky, “An uncommon, offbeat story of a woman’s spiritual awakening–sometimes ironic, sometimes alarming, always unpredictable and absorbing.”

One Unskilled Empath's TRUE Story

On September 11, 2001, an unskilled empath named Gloria learned of the tragedy. Her heart went out to the victims and their families.

A devout Catholic, she went to mass. Minute by minute, the pain she felt deepened… until she wondered how she could bear it. Praying and crying, she was in no state to leave the church. Even though the service had ended.

So she stayed inside the church, on her knees. Praying and crying.

Other worshipers started to leave the sanctuary. After all, the service was over.

What Did Gloria Discover Then?

Although still in agony, Gloria began to notice the strangest thing. Her pain began to lessen.

In fact, her pain lessened with every person who left the building.

When she finally sat alone in the sanctuary, Gloria came back to normal. Only then did she realize the extent to which she had been taking on the pain of others.

How Empath Coach Rose Helped Gloria

A simple workshop made all the difference.

Quickly, Gloria understood the truth of unskilled empath merge. How it never helped anyone permanently. And how it kept her aura clogged up with suffering.

Soon, Gloria learned how to stop it. Learning about her empath gifts, and how to switch them OFF.

With Empath Empowerment®, Gloria switched ON a more effective way to use her empath gifts. Really Effective Skills allowed her to help others but stay in control of her life.

...And An Empath's FICTIONAL Story

Set in the year 2020, and first published in 2002, this spiritual thriller tells the story of Rachel Murphy. At first a talented but mixed-up empath. Gradually a woman with developing knowledge and skills. And eventually a skilled empath… who joins with others to help a world in crisis.

This Story Includes

Social satire of warring spiritual factions in America.

Realistic depiction of aura reading.

Powerful perspective on past-life regression.

Clearly depicted soul retrieval.

An authorized foreign edition is sold in Russia.

What's An Empath?

You’ll find other fiction writers who write about empaths. But as fantasy novels.

And you’ll find some empath “experts” today who give advice that might possibly be called fantasy as well. Interesting stories about psychic vampires. Or offering sympathy to empaths because of their “intense fragility.”

But you’re at the website of Empath Coach Rose Rosetree. So you can read about plenty about Empath Empowerment®. Which turns out to not be fiction at all. Rather, it’s the only trademarked system in America for helping empaths benefit from their lifelong talent.

By Contrast, This Novel Takes a Playful Approach

Adding drama to a fictional empath’s story.

By all means, turn to this spiritual thriller for drama. And for entertainment.

When it comes to your life, though, Rose offers you less drama. And even more entertainment than usual.

At this website, how can you benefit — in real life — from empath skills?

  1. Read About Empath Empowerment.
  2. Research RES Sessions of Empath Empowerment.
  3. Explore Rose’s Books for Empaths.
  4. Even take a Free Intro to Rose’s collection of Online Workshops for Empaths.
  5. And check on the Workshops Page to learn about in-person workshops and personal mentoring.

Not waiting for the year 2020 (when this novel is set). But now. And here. Up to you, how to find your own way as a skilled empath!

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