Energy HEALING Skills for the Age of Awakening — Book 1

Use Your Power of Command

for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

By Rose Rosetree

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Are you working too hard to protect yourself energetically?

Or maybe you’re not doing enough.

No worries. This book helps you to get that protection just right.

Despite what you may have been told, all psychic-level energy is not good for you. Although this level of life is home to beautiful guardian angels and guides, it’s also the source of hidden problems. And those problems could be limiting your life right now.

Not that you’ll necessarily notice these energy-based problems… by noticing energetically that something’s not quite right. Instead, very human troubles can grab your attention.

Like What?

Riding on an emotional roller coaster

Feeling dragged down by your past

Worrying that other people might be influencing you or your thoughts

Not sure what really want, and feeling weird about that!

While, actually, if you had more expert knowledge, you might be shocked to learn…

The cause of your distress is not at all what you expected.

Really Effective Skills Can Make The Difference

Imagine learning those skills. And they weren’t even that hard to learn!

Imagine if you had the skills to discern and clean up different kinds of energetic problems.

In a matter of minutes, you might be able to heal a bunch of human problems as well.

  • And then refresh one of the healings every two months.
  • Refresh another one every six months.
  • None of this “Fix yourself, off-and-on, all day long”!

Skills, Please

All you need is skills! Especially the highly effective skills now trademarked as Spiritually Sparkling®. Loads of skills that you will learn from this book.

A Great Choice, For Practical Reasons

Many skills of RES Energy HEALING are contained in this book.

Other Really Effective Skills are taught in Rose’s other books in this series, and her other resources to train you for either self-healing or a professional career as an RES Practitioner.

For a beginner, though, no question! These Spiritually Sparkling® skills are the best ones to learn first.

And not just because they’re so easy to learn. Each of these skills can make a huge difference.

Plus, along the way, you can sample Rose’s respectful manner of teaching. Systematic, clear explanations. As part of an approach that empowers you.

But Energy Sophisticates Love This Approach Too

The book review below gives you just one example.

Basically, Rose gives you an approach suitable to now, The Age of Awakening. In contrast to psychic and paranormal approaches from long ago, where the emphasis was astral experiences. Astral flash! Having to pay attention to energies all along. Even constant vigilance against scary-type energies, like so-called “Energy vampires.”

Without fuss, you get a straightforward way to solve some energetic problems that are ridiculously common. And you don’t have to use clairvoyant abilities, or ask spirits for guidance. Instead, you co-create with Divine Help. Doing your part, then getting wonderful support.

What Will You Learn?

One easy book teaches all of these powerful skills:

  1. Power. As in leaning how to use your sacred Power of Command
  2. Validation. Because you’ll learn to assess results of your healings… with every single skill set in this book.
  3. Self-Knowledge. Start paying gentle attention to yourself in practical ways that keep you grounded. Like paying attention, very occasionally, to your “Pace of Mind.”
  4. Relief. It’s so easy to vanquish a common sort of aura clutter called “Astral Ties”
  5. Security. You may feel a lot more comfortable in your own skin as as a result of moving out Stuck Spirits, a.k.a. Ghosts. (You’ll also help them to permanently lift off the planet.)
  6. Peace of Mind. Remove a very big subconscious problem in everyday life,  unknown to many a professional energy healer or psychic: Negative Thought Forms
  7. Independence. Free yourself from Psychic Coercion. In ways that will add to your confidence and effective behavior as a human being.
  8. Clarity. Gain true clarity about some little-known energetic problems (which you learn to heal). Versus some of the most common energetic fears today. (Fears you just might stop worrying about, thanks to this book.)
  9. Likeability. Upgrade your inner image with current Facade Bodies. So you can stop sending folks subconscious mixed messages — common when people choose to grow a lot… yet they don’t know how to update this subconscious energy patterning.
  10. Humanity! All the skills that you learn from Rose can help you pay attention to yourself as an effective, lively, fast-growing human being.

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Pages: 256 pages
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