RES Energy Reading

  • Could you be living in the past… when it comes to aura reading?
  • Has anyone explained to you why aura reading can be way practical now? (Hint: Age of Awakening.)
  • How many of the 15 stages of energetic literacy do you know about?
  • Most people are just at Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. Yet they think they “know all about auras.” Why does that limit them?

7 Ways To Solve Problems With Energetic Literacy

Do you have any idea how practical energetic literacy can be? Here are seven examples:

  1. Learn about higher-ups at work. (You don’t have to belong to the Good Ol’ Boys Club to get inside information, not when aura reading’s available.)
  2. Better understand conflict in a relationship, so that you can figure out how to win. (Two words: Energetic Holograms. Read more about this under RES Energy HEALING Sessions.)
  3. Before a job interview, research that potential new supervisor. (Strengths and weaknesses. Plus impressive ways to speak that language of that person’s subconscious preferences.)
  4. Save money when you invest in hiring consultants. (You might be amazed all the things you’re not told. Unless you show consumer initiative by doing a bit more digging, aura-wise, in advance.)
  5. Avoid being a guinea pig in your own experiment. (When making choices, Soul Thrill® Aura Research helps you to do so much more than trial and error.)
  6. Question the impact of things that you’ve believed have to be good for you. Because others think so. Or, back in the day, it was good for you. (Again, Soul Thrill Aura Research can help. Such as researching that diet you’ve been on, or the diet you’re planning to go on.)
  7. Planning to move? Aiming to travel?  Supplement all your other consumer smarts by adding  — you guessed it — Soul Thrill Aura Research. (Many clients have told Rosetree, “You saved me from making a really terrible mistake.”)

A Quick & Personal Survey of Literacy

Were you born before December 21, 2012? Then you were raised during an era on earth that has lasted for thousands of years, the Age of Faith. When it comes to literacy, there was huge progress in the last few hundred years of that Age of Faith. Only this progress concerned reading words, not energies.

Think back, if you would. When you grew up was it crazy-ambitious that you wanted to learn how to read? Of course not. By the time you were born, humanity had attained widespread word literacy. Without even thinking about it, you learned excellent skills for word literacy. Skills that even kings and queens of old… never had the opportunity to learn.

Because life on earth keeps evolving. Actually, that widespread literacy helped to cause another big upgrade for human experience. Remember all the big changes from 1980 until 12/21/12? Driving the changes to technology was one simple fact: Business leaders and drivers of pop culture had become “Knowledge workers.”

Before widespread word literacy, there could be no knowledge workers!

By Contrast, Literacy Now

What happened behind the scenes on December 21, 2012? Humanity moved into a completely new era, The Age of Awakening.

Ever since, it has been relatively easy for people to gain full energetic literacy. All people really need now, for practical purposes, is Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Although plenty more skill is possible (keep reading).

In this new era, leadership will be achieved by those who gain energetic literacy. And who become “Consciousness workers.”

  • What’s a knowledge worker?

Somebody who uses word literacy, adds other skills, and makes things happen.

Knowledge workers get paid for using their brains, not just by performing labor with the sweat of their brows.

  • By contrast, what’s a consciousness worker?

Somebody who balances human problem solving with energetic literacy. Adding other skills, such as effective skills for empaths.

Consciousness workers get paid by creatively using what they learn from energetic literacy.

Rose, they just gave me a performance bonus at work. It was for $20,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m energy sensitive. Does that mean I could do any of these skills, if I wanted to?

Yes and no. You have the capacity to learn all of these skills — at least if you’re an empath. Certainly you are capable of learning the other 17 skills. However, this takes time. A lot of time. Excellent instruction. And dedication. Having talent doesn’t mean the same thing as having skill, does it?

So what stage of energetic literacy do I have now, just as somebody talented? I’ve seen some colors. I can tell good people from bad. That’s skill, right?

That’s skill at the talented-but-unskilled level. Count it as Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. A good beginning!

Are all these skills really needed to help someone?

If you aim to get powerful results for helping people to grow emotionally and spiritually, yes, serious energetic literacy skills are required. And then you’ll also need to learn the actual skills.

Since I don’t aim to make my whole life about aura reading, why isn’t it enough that I just use my sensitivity to get a hit or a hunch?

Depends on your standards. By way of analogy, you have word literacy, right? That took a bit of time to learn — not your whole life. Doesn’t that enhance your life?

Likewise, learning Stage 3 Energetic Literacy can help you to thrive in The Age of Awakening. Even become a leader in the fields of interest to you. A consciousness leader!

Why not just ask your spirit guide? Don’t spirits have the best answers?

Learning skills of energetic literacy, you know exactly what you’re getting. Sadly, that’s not true of collaborating with discarnate beings.

Also, the process of learning to read auras can help you to evolve rapidly on your spiritual path.

I needed to hear, “There’s no such thing as an impartial astral spirit.” Wow! Not sure where I ever got the idea that astral spirits are so much smarter than me – some may be but not all. Why should I trust even the smart ones to know what’s best for me, or to act in my best interest? …. Divine Beings do not “should” us. Enough said.

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