Aura Reading

Auras are energy bodies, electro-magnetic energy that contains loads of information about what is going on with people, animals, plants, and so forth at a deeper level.

Your aura, for instance, includes information about how you communicate, your truthfulness, your emotions, the use of your mind, your sexiness, and how you deal with power.

Temporary things show up, short-term problems, chronic complaints, and deep gifts of the soul. It’s a huge reservoir of information that anyone can access. Aura reading means accessing that information. And you can learn to do this with my system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

What Is Your Aura?

You have a physical body. Around that, you have other layers of body. They’re just as real as the physical one, except made of electro-magnetic energy. Your full set of energy bodies, together, make up your aura.

Sometimes it’s called “The human energy field.”

What matters isn’t the name but the huge amount of information included. Quality matters too.

Some of that information is permanent or very long term, like gifts of your soul.

Much of the information changes moment-by-moment, depending on factors like the choices you’re making, the people you’re with, your current life priorities, your physical health.

Having an aura comes naturally for any human. Reading an aura is natural, too, only this requires developing skills of aura reading.

What Is Aura Reading?

Aura reading, a.k.a. “Stage Three Energetic Literacy,” has just two steps.

  1. You use a technique for direct perception of a person’s aura.
  2. You find a way to interpret your perceptions meaningfully and accurately.

Then, lo and behold! You can start exploring the juicy, top-secret, information available people’s auras.

Info about yourself.

Info about other people.

You choose which person you’re going to read. Just as right now, with word literacy, you can decide which screen to read.

This Just Might Be the Best Aura Reading for Helping YOU. Here's Why.

Knowledge is power. Knowing more can really empower you.

For instance, here’s a summary of seven of the most practical ways that RES Energy READING can help you to solve everyday problems. (And avoid all-too-common disappointments.)

  1. Learn about higher-ups at work. (You don’t have to belong to the Good Ol’ Boys Club to get inside information, not when quality aura reading’s available.)
  2. Better understand conflict in a relationship. Some of that info can help you to figure out how to win. (Two words: Energetic Holograms. Read more about this under RES Energy HEALING Sessions.)
  3. Before a job interview, research that potential new supervisor. (Strengths and weaknesses — learn about them the easy way. Plus Rose can give you tips for how to speak in ways that are likely to impress your interviewer.)
  4. Save money when you invest in hiring consultants. (You might be amazed all the things you’re not told. Unless you show consumer initiative by doing a bit more digging, aura-wise.)
  5. Avoid being a guinea pig in your own experiment. (When making choices, Soul Thrill® Aura Research helps you to do so much better than trial and error.)
  6. Question the impact of things that you’ve believed had to be good for you. (Again, Soul Thrill Aura Research can help. Such as researching that diet you’ve been on, or the diet you’re planning to go on.)
  7. Planning to move? Aiming to travel?  Supplement all your other consumer smarts by adding  — you guessed it — Soul Thrill Aura Research. (Many clients have told Rosetree, “You saved me thousands of dollars.”)

As a beginner, you might wish to let Rose inspire you during a personal session. That way you can learn for yourself about the full range of skills she’s developed for energetic literacy.

Afterwards, though, remember that the Founder of RES is a teacher. She can teach you loads of skills that you can use in the future to do your own research.

What Are Chakra Databanks?

Maybe you already know that information in your aura is especially concentrated in places that correspond to parts of the physical body. These are known as major chakras.

Every major chakra contains 50 databanks of information.

That’s right. Reading any chakra or sub-chakra as one unit is quite a simplification.

You also have minor chakras or sub-chakras in places like elbows, knees, and the soles of your feet. And each minor chakra contains many chakra databanks, as well.

Each chakra databank matters. It concerns a particular aspect of your life.

How much detail can you read right now, choosing any chakra databank you like? That will depend on your development so far in the emerging field of energetic literacy. It has three stages of development.

What is Stage One Energetic Literacy

Beginners at energetic literacy are (rightly) thrilled to notice anything at all about auras. This is akin to a child’s first book with great big pictures. One special day, the blobs on the page start to shift. Suddenly you can make out people and objects within a picture. Aha! The first connection has been made.

Noticing the human energy field is different from touching a toaster or seeing a kitchen sink. The perception is real but subtle.

Examples: “I see colors around Gladys.” or “Gladys has good vibes.” or “I pick up a good feeling about Gladys.”

What is Stage Two Energetic Literacy?

More developed energetic literacy is akin to reading picture books that tell a story. At this stage, you’ll find it a breakthrough to receive information from one major chakra at a time.

There will be generalizations about an entire chakra, like, “Joe’s Root Chakra is open” or “Joe’s aura is nothing special” or “Joe’s Third Eye Chakra convinces me that he is Enlightened.”

Note: It takes Stage Three Energetic Literacy to responsibly and accurately do research about Enlightenment. For more details, see this blog post about Enlightenment.

What is Stage 3 Energetic Literacy?

With this full degree of Energetic Literacy, you own the concept of chakra databanks and, then, start reading them.

This opening into greater detail is comparable to reading Green Eggs and Ham or, with a bit more practice, War and Peace. You can access a more complex story.

With full energetic literacy you can compare and contrast Gladys’s Root Chakra databanks, or databanks anywhere else in his auric field.

  • For instance, you could compare her Earning Money Databank at the Root Chakra to the one for Spending Money.
  • Or you could contrast Gladys’s Connection to Spiritual Source Databank at the Third Eye Chakra with the one about Compassionate Awareness of Her Human Life.

Useful To Know

Regardless of whether you, personally, choose to learn aura reading right now…

Certain essentials are vital to know as a consumer.

For example, any aura reading you receive from an expert depends how much skill that person has.

Because today’s aura reading is not about “Seeing the colours” or “Having The Gift.” Nor about being a psychic.

Today, smart consumers know that aura reading is essential for living now, in The Age of Awakening.

Thanks to living now, everybody can learn aura reading. Since it’s  available to all, now that the psychic barrier is gone for good. All we need do is learn dependable skills.

Speaking Of Really Effective Skills

This website offers you many opportunities to learn more about learning skills of energetic literacy.

You’ll find info about RES Energy READING Sessions.

And workshops.

And books.

Plus what you’ll find if you simply keep scrolling down and reading what’s here. About Aura Reading.

Most mind-body-spirit consumers know very little of what follows. How about you?

21 Stages of Energetic Literacy

By the time you reach Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, you have skills like those word literacy skills you’re using to read this screen. Yet the scope for gaining this literacy is huge. Here are skills developed by the Founder of RES, after facilitating many thousands of client sessions: 

  1. General Energy Readings. Picking up a vibe about the entire aura or seeing a color.
  2. Generalizations Plus Some Skill. Generalizing about colors and energies.
  3. Fluent, Effortless, and Practical Aura Reading. Reading chakra databanks in detail. In person OR from a regular photo. Achieving this, a person has attained energetic literacy — comparable to word literacy for reading this screen.
  4. Remote Aura Reading With Clients. Reading the aura of a person on the phone or webcam, not physically present with you.
  5. Skilled Empath Merge in Person. Available to empaths only. Experience, safely and directly, what it’s like to be another person.
  6. Skilled Empath Merge from Regular Photos. Available to empaths only. A more personal, vivid, experience than reading auras from photos.
  7. Skilled Empath Merge with a Non-Human “Discovery Person.” Available to empaths only, depending upon personal gifts. Experience the consciousness of a plant, machine, crystal, etc.
  8. Chakra Databanks From Head Shots. Gaining access to data from hundreds of chakra databanks… when only the person’s face shows in the photograph.
  9. Make Money Profiles. Investigating and assessing how a person can move forward at gaining greater success.
  10. Soul Thrill® Aura Research. Discern your own subconscious reactions to possible choices. Detailed, accurate info.
  11. Researching Within Chakra Databanks. Additional details are available when perception of chakra databanks is steady enough to research in this way.
  12. Vibrational Re-Positioning®, Basic. Perceive the relationship between chakra databank and causation-related STUFF in a person’s aura.
  13. Vibrational Re-Positioning®, Advanced. Research the energetic sequencing caused by energetic subroutines. (Like bugs in a person’s internal software.)
  14. Your Own Energetic Holograms An energetic hologram is stored information, a deep part of a person’s subconscious mind and aura.
  15. Energetic Holograms of Another Person More complex than researching your own energetic holograms.
  16. Energetic Holograms With A Second Person. Significant more demanding technically, requiring that previous levels of skill be firmly established.
  17. Consciousness Positioning™ Consults. Pulling out of an energetic hologram precise knowledge about vibrational frequencies and other nuances about a person’s use of consciousness while doing the activity being researched.
  18. Spiritual Discernment Consults. Researching the consequences of the activity being undertaken for personal growth or spiritual awakening. Which vibrational frequencies are involved?
  19. Researching Causational Beliefs. These are stored at a very deep level of the subconscious mind.
  20. Researching Causational Agreements. These are stored within some High Heart Chakra databanks.
  21. Untangling Threads of Causation. This quality of discernment, and associated procedure for Energy Spirituality-Style Energy HEALING helps a person to release unnecessary guilt and shame.

Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Consider Developing That Much, At Least

Just as mathematics is the basis for science, energetic literacy is the basis for all mind-body-spirit energy skills.

Yet you’ll meet many professionals at energy healing… who don’t know much about aura reading. How much more effective could they become if they learned how to do the equivalent of add, subtract, multiply, and divide!

And Maybe You Haven’t Learned Yet, Either

You still can learn, you know. Learn full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. The equivalent of reading words on this screen.

Even if you didn’t succeed before at learning to see or read auras, don’t let your experiences with other methods discourage you.

Give yourself a chance to succeed by learning the only trademarked system in America for reading auras, Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. A system that honors your personal gifts, and provides you with a variety of techniques for doing aura research. So that you can read auras effortlessly, accurately, enjoyably.

For six months I struggled through a Clairvoyance Workshop, working HARD. Sadly, even then, I wasn’t very good at it. Afterwards I learned about RES and took Rose Rosetree’s Level 1 Workshop for Aura Reading.

I did great! Probably that’s because I didn’t have to spend the entire weekend squinting. I learned what my gifts for aura reading really were, that I had a lot of them, and than none of them involved squinting. 😉

But Even Without Learning Aura Reading...

You can learn plenty of practical RES Skills. Energy Healing Skills. And expect quality learning, nothing dumbed down.

Have you ever seen a popup ad or a YouTube video, promising to teach you a “7-Minute Energy Clearing”? Googling, you can find loads of “healers” who offer to show you how to remove all your bad energy, or stress, etc. in 7 minutes. Or 10 minutes.

At best, a complete waste of your time!

Here’s A Better Route To Self-Healing

Check out the following list of RES self-help skills. These require no energetic literacy skills. However, every skill was co-created with Divine help. Where the human involved (Rose) did use solid energetic literacy skills. Necessary to make sure that you’d learn something that really works.

All the Spiritually Sparkling® Skills for removing Ener-Junk, have been designed expressly for all students, including those who haven’t yet learned even Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.

You can learn every one of these important skills for self-healing. Each one designed to remove a distinctive type of STUFF.

  1. Psychic Coercion Removal
  2. Thought Form Upgrade
  3. REMOTE Negative Thought Form Removal
  4. Stuck Spirits Healing
  5. E.T. Entity Healing
  6. Astral Tie Removal
  7. Facade Body Upgrade
  8. Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing

How Can You Learn More?

Rose Rosetree has developed a variety of resources to help you benefit from these easy-to-learn skills.

Amazing Extra Self-Healing Requires Stage 3 Energetic Literacy

Are you interested in effective self-healing? If that’s what lights you up, at a certain point you still may find it worth your while to develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Even if you only want to feel better energetically.

How come? Because you’ll need Stage 3 Energetic Literacy to facilitate these powerful skill sets for yourself:

  1. Blessing of Light (which moves out small- and medium-sized frozen blocks, then adds PUT-IN to help you express your soul)
  2. Cut Cords of Attachment (Bet you’ve heard of that one!)

In the mind-body-spirit marketplace, it’s unlikely you’ll even find a skill that promises to remove frozen blocks effectively.

As for cutting cords of attachment, you’ll encounter plenty. Along with methods to “clear all your bad energies.”

What Those “Generous” YouTubers Don’t Tell You

Most of these free methods involve working with astral spirits. They may even seem flashy.

However, smart mind-body-spirit consumers know this: Exciting paranormal flash doesn’t make these methods effective. In fact, usually just the opposite.

Actually, here’s another reason why — at some point — you might wish to learn Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. So that you can research for yourself what’s going on in the auras of those involved in pushing “The Romance of the Astral.”

Hint: Not terribly alluring.

Studying with Rose, I learned that Astral and Divine Frequencies have very distinctive differences. I truly enjoy the subtle yet powerful nature of co-creating with a Divine Being. Versus a flashy experience with a random Astral Being (which may lead to pretty sticky situations).

Just How Professional Is That Free Healing On YouTube? (Or Elsewhere)

That’s a really good question, especially if you’re thinking “How could that quick clearing hurt? And it’s free!”

At a client’s request, RES Apprentices and Practitioners sometimes will devote one or more personal sessions… to undoing problems caused by energy healing that didn’t help as promised. Depositing STUFF, rather than removing it.

Long as we’re taking a survey of how energy HEALING skills can benefit from energy READING skills, let’s do this: Summarize some of the professional caliber skills that Rose might use in order to help you during a session. Every single one of the following requires really precise aura reading.

Advanced RES Energy HEALING Skills
Requiring Aura Reading Skills Beyond Stage 3

  1. Astral Static Removal
  2. Astral Virus Shutdown
  3. Causational BELIEF Transformation
  4. Causational AGREEMENT Transformation
  5. Consciousness Positioning Consults®
  6. Soul Retrieval and Transformation
  7. Spirit Removal Collection of RES Skills (The more advanced skills)
  8. Vibrational Re-Positioning®

Frequently Asked Questions

But I thought auras were colors. Isn't that the main thing about them?

Not to me, and I have helped clients around the world to have better lives because of insights and healing that came from aura reading.

The information you receive fro an aura reading is the important thing. Colors are a means to an end, and they’re not the only means because not everyone is made to do aura reading in the same way.

Caroline Myss, for instance, is a medical intuitive with an amazingly high rate of accuracy. She has gone on record that she doesn’t get information in terms of colors at all! Yet she is doing aura reading.

You don’t have to be a medical intuitive like Caroline or a famous clairvoyant like Doreen Virtue or Sylvia Brown. you can do aura readings that are just as good as the work of any famous expert, using the set of gifts that God gave you.

My work in the field of aura reading is dedicated to that fact. And, until you have studied with me, you might be amazed at the precise, perceptive work done by my aura reading students around the world — sometimes just from one of my books, sometimes after a session of personal mentoring or a class I give in aura reading.

So no wonder my main book in this field is called Aura Reading Through ALL Your Senses. It is the first explanation in print of 12 different subtle senses for high-quality aura reading.

Other leading-edge aura reading techniques are in Read People Deeper and Cut Cords of Attachment.

  • Both these recent books include aura reading techniques to start accessing the 50 databanks in any major chakra.
  • Another innovation that has been helpful for my students, and for my own healing work, has been developing easy techniques to do aura reading from photographs.

And those aren’t fancy Kirlian-type photos, such as those for sale at psychic fairs. You can learn to do in-depth, accurate aura readings from regular photos, including the ones on the Internet.

I’ve done this for paying clients, for media interviews (at this writing, I’m up to 818 media interviews so far), and I would LOVE to teach you how to do it, too.

So what, exactly, IS an aura reading?

When someone explores the information stored in your aura, you’re receiving an aura reading.

When you access this information on yourself, you’re doing the aura reading.

  • You could be doing an aura reading of yourself in the present.
  • Or you could use a photo of yourself, from babyhood onward, to do aura readings on yourself at any age from your past.

If you do mind-body-spirit healing of any kind, such as Reiki or acupuncture; if you are a psychic or spiritual counselor, it is extremely useful to supplement your present skill set with aura reading techniques that work for you.

Bottom line: If you want to do aura reading, I can teach you!

You can learn to do aura reading on people, pets, plants. If it has consciousness, it has an aura. And I don’t mean a general vibe, like “good” versus “bad.”

Nor do I mean the really basic kind of beginner’s “aura reading” like, “The third chakra is open. The fourth chakra is blocked.” That’s a nice start, but hardly an in-depth aura reading. You can do better!

As with face reading, once you know how to do aura reading, you can do it to yourself as well as do it to other people.

How do I get started with aura reading?

  • The first step in getting started with aura reading is to demolish The Myth About Auras, which can block your experiences.
  • Then I like to help a student to appreciate your strongest gifts for aura reading.
  • Afterwards, specific techniques show you how to do readings and interpret what you find.

My book on Aura Reading Through All Your Senses does exactly that sequence.

This how-to is loaded with techniques, over 100 of them. They have been tested with thousands of students since 1986.

In fact, the German edition of this book, die Aura erkennen mit allen Sinnen, became a national bestseller. Many foreign editions have been published of my books on aura reading, face reading, empath empowerment, and cutting cords of attachment.

These methods aren’t mainstream in American New Age culture. You won’t find the cliches about “seeing the colours” or psychic flash. Also, you won’t find anything in any of my books about how I am the big authority who knows all, with the goal of showing you how to be just like me. I want to help you to be great at aura reading… and to do it just like YOU.

So far, this has been too far out for America’s biggest publishing establishment. Thank goodness for independent publishing and word-of-mouth book sales.

You won’t usually find my books for sale in chain bookstores, but I’m proud to have over 200,000 copies of my counter-culture books in print worldwide.

Can I really do this? I've tried seeing auras before. Not much happened.

  • Fear not! You still can do aura reading, and do it brilliantly.Most people aren’t set up with a gift set where most information in life comes as a matter of clairvoyance. So no wonder that seeing auras as colors isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.My method that helps you explore aura reading in your own way, not trying to match someone else’s gift set but finding your unique way in. Everyone has one. Once you find your way in, you’ll connect with the juice, the surprises, the fun in aura reading.

Is aura reading practical?

Aura reading isn’t just for some specialized woo-woo moments. You can use it in the most practical ways to enhance your quality of life, like when you watch TV or want to check out a new date.

Sure aura reading is spiritual but when you take it shopping, it can also bring you more bang for the buck.

Aura reading can make you a better consumer. Ever buy a bouquet of roses that looks great in the store but droops and dies after you bring it home? My book on Aura Reading Through All Your Senses contains a simple technique that will keep you from ever making that mistake again. And then come the other 100+ aura reading techniques.

What else can aura reading do for me?

Aura reading can help you to protect the health of your loved ones as well as yourself. In this book, I offer tips for using aura reading as a parent, plus mind-boggling insights into homeopathy, aromatherapy, music, sex, food, and more.

And, if you approach aura reading as a spiritual seeker, you’ll realize that I am guiding you to use aura reading as the inner language to live a higher state of consciousness in everyday life.

For a different, practical approach to aura reading, check out Read People Deeper, with its 50 categories, like Lying, Money (Spending) and Control.

Either way, you will be learning with my trademarked system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

What happens during an Aura Reading?

In addition to receiving information, your personal session of Aura Reading can include a Third Eye Opening, Relationship Readings, Cutting Cords of Attachment, and Finding the Work that Thrills Your Soul.

Both in-person and telephone sessions of aura reading are equally effective.

How can Rose help with Finding the Work that Thrills Your Soul?

This kind of aura reading is a collaboration between you, your aura, and me.

We will choose databanks of special interest for this type of aura reading, such as emotional stability, your dynamics with personal power, expressing yourself fully, and your ability to attract and keep money.

It will be up to you to name one activity at a time, anything from a career idea to a hobby.

Then, using an advanced aura reading technique that I developed over many years, I will research the effects on the specific chakra databanks that you have chosen to focus on during your session.

Often we have ideas that appeal to our hearts or intellects, even fantasies, that don’t really do much for us spiritually.  A choice could be great for your intellectual growth but terrible for your sex life. Wouldn’t you like to know now, rather than five years after going down a particular (and avoidable) path?

This type of aura reading offers perspective that can help you to move full speed ahead on your life path.

Will Rose predict my future?

No. Although there are some wonderful psychics, those who make predictions run the risk of having clients become dependent on them.

My mission as a spiritual teacher is to empower every client — so I base my work with you on the here and now.

Predictions can be right or wrong, but it’s always right (and powerful) to understand yourself. This helps you to lead from your strengths in life. They show in your aura reading RIGHT NOW!

What is a Third Eye Opening?

Depending on what shows in your aura reading, it may be time for you to receive a spiritual boost. If you give permission, I will facilitate a ceremony to open up the part of your aura related to spiritual experience.

Your aura reading session will also include follow-up instructions to help you benefit most from this.

What is a Relationship Aura Reading?

This type of aura reading session shows how you change when you’re with a particular person.

It’s wild! You name the person and receive detailed information about the effects in terms of your thinking, communication, confidence, sexuality, spirituality, and more.

This research into your chakra databanks can be especially helpful if you’re ready to change old patterns that don’t work for you, or when you wish to celebrate a wonderful relationship.

You can request readings about many different individuals during one Aura Reading session.

How can Rose read my aura long distance?

For long distance face readings, you send a photograph, then talk over the telephone. Otherwise, every type of session I do by appointment does NOT require a photo.

Even for relationship readings, only your photograph is necessary. I can’t read your fantasy relationship with George Clooney, but people you have actually known have traces in your energy field, so I can include this in your aura reading session.