Energy Spirituality Apprentices and Practitioners

What is the scope of  Rosetree Energy Spirituality? To provide Really Effective Skills for emotional and spiritual growth. Skills that are especially effective in The Age of Awakening.

In order to qualify as Energy Spirituality Experts, you must master complex, trademarked skills. All of them involve energetic literacy.  These are practical skills based in positioning of consciousness, skills that have the side effect of help to wake up clients spiritually.

Even a simple Energy Spirituality online workshop or self-help book is packed with knowledge. While the in-person workshops have, over the years, become highly memorable, transformative events for participants.

In order to pursue more professional standing, as an Expert Apprentice or Practitioner, what’s needed? For starters: intelligence, curiosity, persistence and personal integrity are essential.

About Enlightenment, learning Energy Spirituality skills and using them for self-healing does seem to accelerate spiritual growth. Many RES Practitioners and even Apprentices have moved into Enlightenment since beginning their studies with Rose Rosetree. So the listings below do mention if the Energy Spirituality Expert has moved into the higher state of consciousness known as Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

What These Credentials Mean

An Energy Spirituality Apprentice

Fluent Stage 10 Energetic Literacy. (Empath-related skills optional, since you don’t have to be an empath to become an Expert.)

Knowledgeable about many skills of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING as well as Energy Spirituality ENERGY READING.

Rose Rosetree personally supervises your progress through review of your Mentoring Reports.

Experts are eligible to list contact information here at this part of Rose Rosetree’s website. And it’s free of charge. (See listings below.)

However, some Experts do not choose to take advantage of the referrals given here, preferring to build their own practices 100% independently.

An Energy Spirituality Practitioner

Upon graduation from the Mentoring Program, your skill level is significantly greater than during apprenticeship.

A Practitioner works independently, with training and supervision available on an as-needed basis.

Some Energy Spirituality Practitioners work full time. Others work part time.

All are eligible to list their contact information below, at no charge. (See listings below.) Some do not choose to take advantage of the referrals given here, preferring to build their own practices 100% independently.

An Energy Spirituality Practitioner with Post-Graduate Skills

The first skill taught, when appropriate, is how to facilitate personal sessions by telephone and Skype webcam.

Additional skills involve much higher levels of energetic literacy and experience. For instance, skills might be developed for reading Energetic Holograms of a client — and even an additional Energetic Hologram for second person interacting with the client — during a particular incident.

Apprentice at Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (SEAH)

This distinctive form of past-life regression can produce powerful results for clients.

During the Apprentice period, skills are developing under supervision through Mentoring Reports.


Professional at Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (SEAH)

A level of mastery has been attained.

It is not unusual for clients to travel far distances, even different continents, to seek power-packed results from these in-person sessions.

The Founder of RES

Rose Rosetree continues to work directly with clients, as well as training and supervising Energy Spirituality Experts.

In addition, she facilitates sessions of Empath Empowerment® Coaching and Enlightenment Coaching, as well as Energy READING Skills and Energy HEALING Skills.

Rose also publishes books — these tend to be your most cost-effective way to learn about Energy Spirituality.

Directory of Energy Spirituality Experts

Founder of Energy Spirituality

Rose Rosetree

  • Based in Sterling, Virginia.
  • Her website is Rose Rosetree.
  • Contact her at

Energy Spirituality Practitioners with Post-Graduate Skills

Isabella Cates

  • Authorized to facilitate sessions by telephone and Skype webcam, as well as in person. 
  • Qualifies for Rose’s Enlightenment Life List.
  • Based in metro Washington, D.C. Contact her at
  • Her website is Isabella Cates

About Isabella

Access to truth is one of the most important things on Earth. This is what RES gives me, and what I, with my RES skills, hope to pass on to my clients. More and more truth, deeper and deeper knowledge. Self-actualization, and even, perhaps, Enlightenment. All in the context of  a strong, wonderful human life.

RES makes life easier, and it can bring so much sweetness, joy, fun, and fulfillment into a person’s life. But it’s not for a person who likes to sit on the sidelines of personal growth. It’s the real deal!

As human beings, we care about things. Things like having enough money to do what we want, sex and love, getting along with others. Doing fulfilling work. Actually liking ourselves. Getting out of bed in the morning, refreshed and happy. Enjoying life.

These sacred human cares are what help us grow. But often people can’t quite figure out how to really, truly, move past limitations in these areas (without checking out). This is where RES can make the most immense difference.

Each of us is on a distinctly personal path. Our emphasis is different, our cares take on different flavors. That’s one thing I love about humanity, about life, and about co-creating with the Divine to facilitate RES sessions. In each session, I get to join my client for a moment on their path and see how I can help them move forward. It’s my privilege, it’s amazing, and, somehow, it always works. 🙂

Human life is a powerful teacher, and RES helps us to collaborate with that teacher to learn as fast as we can. I do RES because it really works and it keeps working.

Sandra Haering

  • Authorized to facilitate sessions by telephone and Skype webcam, as well as in person. 
  • Qualifies for Rose’s Enlightenment Life List.
  • Based in Shakopee, Minnesota. Contact her at and 612-501-4234.
  • Her website is Sandra Haering Healing Services

About Sandra

For over 30 years, I have been a healing practitioner of various modalities, and have received treatments in various modalities.  Some helped in a minor and temporary way.  For emotional and spiritual growth, none of those modalities could produce results as effectively and rapidly as RES. 

Sessions with Rose convinced me that I had finally found what would truly help me.  I followed that up with Rose’s books and workshops.  I eventually became a skilled empath and a self-actualized human being in a few short years. 

It was a natural progression to become an apprentice in RES, and I did so in September 2013.  Two years later I graduated, and my practice grew. 

It has been a humbling honor to witness the spiritual and emotional growth of my clients.  I always ask them, at the beginning of the session, how they have been progressing.  They tell me of many successes, for example: they speak up for themselves now, they handle conflict better, they have better relationships, or they make more money.

My heart is filled with love for them and their courage and persistence.  I am so grateful to have this opportunity to co-create with them and the Divine to bring about their transformation.

Energy Spirituality Practitioner

Leo Watts

Energy Spirituality Apprentices

Valerie St. John

  • Based in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Call her at 617-352-1051.
  • She can be reached at

Emily Turner

Experts at Past-Life Regression

Rose Rosetree

  • Based in Sterling, Virginia.
  • Her website is Rose Rosetree.
  • Contact her at

Isabella Cates

More Information

For information about training to become an Energy Spirituality Practitioner, click here.

Information about training in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® is available here.