Empath Empowerment®

Have you ever wondered, Could I be an empath? Because that might explain a lot of the problems I’m having.

What kind of problems?

  • Not sure who you are as a person.
  • Not sure you like who you are as a person.
  • Easily overwhelmed by being with others.
  • Often serving as a helper to others. But where’s the give-back?
  • Worrying about the problems of others more than you really need to.
  • Personally feeling weak, insecure, neurotic, etc.

The system of Empath Empowerment® doesn’t solve every problem that a person could have in life. But it sure can solve a lot of problems that make life hard for empaths.

Rose Rosetree provides many resources for empaths. Just see the list at the bottom of this page. Before then, did you know the seven many ways that Rose’s approach is uniquely effective for helping empaths like you?

Unique Help #1. Clarity Right From The Start

As a empath seeking a better life, what’s one of the smartest things to start noticing? How clearly and precisely does an empath expert describe being an empath?

Rose offers you a precise definition of what an empath is. Unlike “experts” with vague ideas like, “Empaths feel other people’s feelings.”

According to Rose, that’s untrue for many empaths. And for all empaths, that’s unhelpful. Because it’s more a description of what happens to many unskilled empaths.

That’s like saying, “Being a doctor means you have to smell a lot of bad, mediciney smells.” Would that kind of definition inspire you to go to medical school?

Rose can helps you to understand 15 different types of empath, not just one. And every one of these definitions has been tested with her international client base.

“Until I went to a conference in my 50’s, I was oblivious to being an empath. In one session, they had us do an empath quiz. I was surprised to get a high score. But when I read the speaker’s material later, she only covered a couple of empath gifts and I couldn’t relate to them. So I had some information but nothing I could work with. I certainly didn’t gain any skills or insight.

“Skip forward some years and I ran into Rose Rosetree’s work. Her Book One in the Empath Empowerment Series brought me a series of personal revelations. I discovered that I have multiple empath gifts, and that some of them were on all the time.”

Unique Help #2. Informed By Expert Energetic Literacy

Something happens energetically with empaths, but what?

You might be amazed how many empath “experts” lack skills of energetic literacy. At this website, you can read about 21 Stages of Energetic Literacy.

Many empaths are told misleading or wrong ideas… perhaps because their empath advisers mean well but are — to put it bluntly — energetically illiterate. About as accurate as if they claimed to read books before they even had learned their basic ABCs.

By contrast, every empath skill that Rose can teach you has been verified. Does it strengthen your aura? How exactly? In an RES Session of Empath Empowerment® Coaching, she can tell you specifics.

Also, if you’re curious, she can investigate the impact on your aura of other things you’ve learned to do to help yourself as an empath. (Prepare to be shocked!)

“If you were born an empath, you can’t opt out. How do I know this? I tried.

“You see, I did turn my back on being an empath for a while. And now am starting to come out again. Aiming to find out what is the real truth in all of this.

“Love your book and can’t wait to read the second one. Thank you so much for all the info you put out there. It is extremely helpful and much appreciated!”

Unique Help #3. Better Than Fixes From Psychology

Can your psychotherapist or psychiatrist coach you effectively as an empath? Not really.

With all respect, ask a mental health practitioner to assist you for what they are trained to do. Which isn’t understanding what happens to empaths, either skilled or unskilled.

Fact is, Rose has helped quite a few mental health professionals to gain Empath Empowerment®. They were grateful, since their own scope of practice didn’t help them to become skilled empaths. Not in the least.

For example, has any empath expert told you to do psychological boundary work? Rose has taken surveys in her live workshops in Asia, Europe, and America. The findings were quite consistent.

Psychological boundary work doesn’t help empaths, other than providing busywork. Why? Because unskilled empaths travel in consciousness… in ways that have nothing to do with social skills that might be encouraged by a mental health professional.

“It was a complete shock to me, learning that it was possible to have a direct experience of someone else, both consciously and subconsciously. Sure, I was aware of the word “Empath.” But my understanding was limited. I thought I was just vicariously experiencing someone else’s experiences. 

“Actually, at those times, I was also having those experiences subconsciously, too, in a direct and personal way (what Rose now calls “Prolonged Empath Merges”).  Plus there were so many “Split-Split-Second Unskilled Empath Merges.”  Between these two types of empath merge, I didn’t notice how often I reacted to situations based on energies and emotions that weren’t really my own.”

Unique Help #4. Effective Skills Sure Beat AVOIDANCE

Sadly, a great deal of empath support these days doesn’t strengthen empaths at all. Rather, we empaths are told that our problems arise from energy vampires, psychic vampires, narcissists, or toxic personalities. Therefore, empaths are taught social skills of avoidance.

Rose Rosetree offers an alternative to isolating yourself. Instead, she teaches you flexible skills that are fascinating to learn. Once you’ve mastered them, you’ll need just two minutes a day to maintain your Empath Empowerment®.

“[As a psychiatrist, I’ve found that avoidance] usually doesn’t work.

“That has generally been my experience. First of all, we have to interact with people in our lives. So a blanket ‘Avoid a whole group of people’ usually is not practical.

“Even if you could do that, which most of us can’t, what I have observed when I see someone labeling groups of people, or if this becomes a common habit, and especially if a certain label is used more than others, it usually tells me something about an issue that the person is struggling with.”

Unique Help #5. No Psychic Work Needed

If you’re seeking skill as an empath, you might have been told to put up a wall against others. Or other energetic protection, psychic style.

Rose couldn’t disagree more. What will you really accomplish with putting up an “invisible armor” or other protection?

  • Your aura will show a wall, with one or more layers.
  • Inside that wall, you will continue to hold STUFF from others, e.g., emotional pain, anxiety, depression.
  • Your wall will not protect you from taking on more energetic STUFF.
  • Your wall will impart an artificial quality to your personality. The harder you work at this, the more detached, secretive, or even phony, you will seem.

It’s understandable that a suffering empath might wants to just “fix the problem” energetically. But walls are not really a solution. It’s no coincidence that people who advocate walls and shielding are not yet able to do aura reading.

What if you have developed good skills of energetic literacy? Then you can literally perceive a wall. With energetic STUFF stuck inside that person’s well-meant wall.

What’s Your Alternative?

Rose recommends skills that protect you by making you more resourceful than ever. Humanly and energetically, both. Empath Empowerment® skills can help you to:

  • Wake up from inside.
  • Be yourself better.
  • Feel more alive.
  • Discover and use your personal power.

Yes, once you learn these empath skills, you’re energetically protected. And personally resourceful. And nothing you learn… will make you seem phony to others.

“I have read just about everything online about Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) and Empaths — and just ended up more confused and frustrated.

“I think if every empath was skilled, this world would be a better place.”

Unique Help #6. The Only System For True Empath Empowerment

Look, empath experts are just about everywhere these days. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a huge market, since born empaths number 1 in 20 people. And unskilled empaths suffer… until they get skills that really work for them.

As a consumer, you’re the one who decides which system appeals to you most. Then try it and really give that approach a chance.

Rose just asks you this. Don’t let anyone else claim to teach you Empath Empowerment®.

  • This way to help empaths is trademarked. In fact, it’s the only trademarked system in America dedicated to helping empaths.
  • Rose has also published two different how-to books that refer to Empath Empowerment®.. right in the title.

It’s A Mystery, Really

Why are so many people claiming to teach Empath Empowerment®? Don’t they have enough creativity (or integrity) to find their own name for how they try to help empaths?

Feel free to google “Empath Empowerment” and “Empowered Empath.” You may be shocked at all the imitators. Just don’t confuse them with the real deal.

“It is extremely frustrating when you awaken and try to learn everything about who you are and you find so much misinformation, so many contradictions.”

Unique Help #7. True Empath Skills Involve Your CONSCIOUSNESS

When Rose teaches you Empath Empowerment®, what will you get? A systematic, tested program for becoming a skilled empath.

Usually you’ll hear her talk in terms of solving human-type problems. And you’re likely to notice very human-type benefits.

But here’s the deal. In essence, this is what Rose teaches empaths: How to develop new habits for positioning your consciousness more effectively.

That’s Right, Skills That Awaken How You Use Consciousness.

Skills about consciousness — that’s the potential and promise of this new Age of Awakening. When a different kind of learning becomes possible: Consciousness skills that help you to express your soul.

Before December 21, 2012, consciousness skills were confined to meditation and other spiritual practices. Making a person other-worldly, even detached from human life.

  • Now it’s time to learn consciousness skills that support our human lives.
  • Effortless skills that are also far-reaching in their impact.
  • Skills that require great precision in teaching, because the shifts you learn to make are so refined.

Yet Rose’s years of experience really help here. As you may know, she’s helped people develop consciousness skills ever since 1970.

When you study Empath Empowerment® with Rose, you’ll find real expertise. So most of your learning is lighthearted and fun.

Only when you think about it technically… What you’ve learned, and how much you learned… Plus how much you’ve grown personally… Only then can you appreciate how impressive this kind of learning really is.

“She’s the most outstanding teacher I’ve had. And that’s in high school, college and graduate school.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I still don't want to be an empath? Can you teach me how to get rid of it?

No. Nobody can, really. But does being an empath have to seem like such a bad thing?

By analogy, let’s say that you have world-class taste buds—call it being a “natural foodie”.  Until you know better, you might go through life feeling terrible about your refined palate.

Imagine, you might complain to your friends, “I’m so spoiled, I suffer whenever I eat anything but the most exquisitely prepared gourmet food.” (Or the friends might complain about you!)

Comparable to wishing you weren’t an empath, you might decide, “Being finicky is awful.  A normal person likes ketchup and fries.”

And maybe you’d experiment by dumbing down your food choices.  Would you be doing yourself justice that way?

Here’s what this Empath Coach suggests. It’s like telling the natural foodie, “Let me help you to fine-tune how you taste food, so that in some situations you’ll taste less acutely but enjoy other aspects of the meal more intensely.

“I’ll also help you to connect with other people who are foodies—because there are probably more of them than you realize; but a lot of them are in hiding, just as you have been.  Finally, I’ll share some techniques you can use to take your flavor appreciation to new heights.”

That’s like to what happens when learn Empath Empowerment®.

I love the idea of being an Intuitive Empath. How can you help me?

Even before studying Empath Empowerment®, here’s one way I can help you a lot.

Check out my self-help book “The New Strong.”

A very small part of what you’ll discover is this. Everybody who wants to be “Intuitive” or “Energy Sensitive” …. is intuitive and energy sensitive. EVERYBODY. (Part of what has changed in recent years, as that book explains.)

So you can really do better for yourself than to use outdated ideas like “Being intuitive is rare and special.” Rose Rosetree can help you to gain empath skills. None of which involve feeling superior just because somebody told you that you were intuitive.

Actually, in Rose’s experience as an empath coach, that “Intuitive Empath” idea is misleading. Confusing. Plus not true.

Why not find out what’s really true for you as an empath? And how you can make your life better.

Because I'm an empath, I can heal people. If Rose is really an empath, why doesn't she simply heal people, like I do?

Many empaths have been told they have special healing powers. Rose doesn’t believe that to be true… any more than the idea in the previous question, that empaths supposedly have superior access to intuitive knowledge.

With all respect, healing people because you’re an empath is a ridiculous notion. No more true than people who get high on Ecstasy or other drugs. And then tell others how they can heal people and animals and create empaths… or whatever.

You’re cordially invited to read more about RES ways of helping you learn each of these completely separate skill sets. None of which happens automatically just because you’re born as an empath:

  • Empath skills
  • Powerful energy HEALING skills for self-healing
  • Even professional-level skills for helping others

Come and learn effective skills. Supported by advanced skills of energetic literacy.

When you study RES skills, what you learn is never just a theory. It’s well researched, dependable. And it has helped many others, so why not you.

Lately I've been reading a lot about empaths being vulnerable and fragile? Do you agree?

Yes and no.

Yes. Empaths who read and follow much that’s available to empaths… really do become vulnerable and fragile. More than before. Since the “help” being offered is, sadly, more like the blind leading the blind.

No. Empaths who learn Empath Empowerment® keep their full sensitivity. Every single built-in talent as an empath is a kind of sensitivity, and Rose has identified 15 completely different kinds of empathic sensitivity.

What matters more than being to say, “I’m sensitive”? As an empath, you can learn how to use your talent with skills that make life better.

Rose Rosetree’s blog is brimming with comments and guest posts by empaths who have learned Empath Empowerment®. Self-actualizing people! Some have even moved into Enlightenment. And not a single one lives like a victim.

What's the best part about becoming a Master Empath?

For Rose, the answer is simple.

Being able to learn so much about other people.

Even more directly and powerfully than you can learn with aura reading skills.

And this is especially important if, like Rose, your life work involves service to others.

Here’s An Analogy To Make This More Understandable

Being yourself is like living inside a box. Each person lives inside a unique box. (BTW, Good luck with expecting that anyone else is “Just like me” 😉 )

  • Aura reading allows you to safely travel around inside another person’s box. And you can learn so much.
  • But doing a Skilled Empath Merge allows you to safely experience living inside that other person’s box, and yet deep down you know that you’re still yourself. An even more vivid experience!