Energy Spirituality HEALING

What is in your aura? A combination of soul-level gifts and STUFF that gets in the way.

The skill sets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) can help to permanently remove STUFF that causes problems in everyday life. A pioneer at holistic healing, Rose can help you heal your aura from the inside out with skills that are effective in the Age of Awakening, including Psychic Coercion Removal, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment ®, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (a form of past-life regression), Vibrational Re-Positioning ® and more.

Preparing for a session is simple. Bring an idea for one way you would like your life to improve emotionally or spiritually. Together, Rose and you will agree upon a session intention. Following that, she’ll select a Healing Centerpiece as appropriate, then do it. Trust that Rose will keep you informed every step of the way.

And expect real-life results. Not just sweet-sounding ideas about how much better your chakras look. Instead, expect to discover real-life results… related to your intention.

How RES Energy Healing Can Remove "STUFF"

“STUFF” is the word used in this form of energy healing. Rosetree Energy Spirituality coined that word to mean stored energetic debris in your aura.

Did you know? STUFF limits you in two ways:

  • In metaphysical language, STUFF is stuck at the astral level of your aura.
  • In the language of psychology, STUFF also clogs up your subconscious mind.

But, according to the RES Founder, Rose, “STUFF can always, always, always be healed.”

Precision Skills for Energy Spirituality HEALING

Today, many forms of energy healing refer to “bad energy.” Or they use similar vague expressions.

Contrasting with that, how about the leading-edge energy healing skills of RES? They’re so much more effective for helping you with personal growth and spiritual awakening.

By 2017, Rose Rosetree had identified over 30 different types of STUFF.

  1. Each kind arises for a unique reason.
  2. Each kind has a unique structure, or form, as an astral-level object.
  3. Each kind causes one or more unique problems. Very human problems.
  4. Fortunately, Rose has been able to co-create with Divine help, developing targeted skills to remove each particular kind of STUFF.
  5. Whichever energy healing skill set is used for STUFF-removal, it always includes inserting “PUT-IN.” This isn’t one-size-fits-all either. Instead, every bit of PUT-IN supports a stronger expression of your unique soul.

Co-Creating with the Divine

Many an energy healer today gets terribly vague about the source of your healing. Maybe you’ve heard ideas like these:

  • “I work with Spirit.”
  • “It’s all from God, who has sent me angels. Divine messengers.”
  • “Radiant Beings of Light guide me.”
  • “Not everyone believes in God, so I like to just call it The Light.”

Hold on! Are these energy healers telling you about their personal faith? How about skills that work effectively — bringing human-type results.

Could it be? Have you been evaluating energy healing work based on pretty pictures of angels & auras? RES sessions help you to live your human life, not a faith. And help you to live that human life better.

Standards for Energy Spirituality HEALING

Energy healers mean well, surely. And maybe it doesn’t matter to some of them how their work is sourced. But can’t you do better than blindly trust that unseen spirits really are telling the truth, or that they have your best interests at heart?

Before the Shift into The Age of Awakening, it didn’t matter so much how energy healing was sourced. By now there can be definite negative consequences when healing is mostly done by spirits. For instance, too many energy healers today are living in spiritual addiction. Likewise, “gifted intuitives” and psychics who aim to fix your energies.

Spiritual addiction causes many popular energy healers to live in a way that doesn’t show clearly… Unless you can read their auras. And then you discover that they’re blissfully disconnected from reality. Maybe living in faith that “anything energy is good.”

Sure, that’s true. If your standards are childlike.

Otherwise? It’s time to get an adult understanding of life’s very different vibrational frequencies. Astral spirits are definitely not as reliable as Divine Beings. During every RES session, Rose will co-create with a form of the Divine that works for you. No strange surprises!

Compared to What? Here’s an Example.

I went to a workshop. (Not an Energy Spirituality HEALING workshop, I assure you.) Attendance was small. This workshop lasted five days, and I was supposed to be getting professional training.

At the final meeting, my instructor Maggie gave us handouts. Proudly she told us:

Spirits of light have completely taken over my apartment. The light system, the computers, everything. It’s wonderful, so exciting! Like for this meeting, I requested three different handouts to be printed out. But Spirit gave me these ones instead. Completely different and I’m not really sure what it has to do with this workshop. Still, I just know it was meant to be.

Energy HEALING Vs. Energy CLEARING. What’s the Diff?

Clearing does have a certain appeal. One version goes like this:

“Deep down you’re sweet and pure, like a beautiful, blank whiteboard. Sadly some red energy smudges have gotten onto it, and for no reason. So messy! Grab your eraser and clean up all those ugly marks. Then all will be well.”

Rose Rosetree Takes Quite A Different Approach

You’re an immortal soul, having a human experience. Progressing along your path of personal growth, you also want to have a good life here and now.

But earning a living can be complicated. Relationships, too. (And that’s not because of bad red streaks on a so-pure whiteboard. Real life is complicated. We happen to be living in a very demanding, complex world!)

Further complicating your life, did you ever notice that sometimes you feel stuck as a person? Like you want to open up emotionally to people you’re close to, yet you can’t?

Or you try to improve in other some way, yet you simply can’t…

Quality Energy Healing Could Be The Answer.

Maybe you’ve learned this the hard way: When you’re stuck emotionally and/or spiritually, the answer isn’t willpower. Or trying hard to control yourself. Or pushing yourself even harder.

Nor is it a real solution, trying to purify yourself. Like erasing bad energies until all that’s left is simple and natural. And then everything will automatically become perfect.

Here’s Your Alternative

As part of your evolutionary journey, different kinds of STUFF can get stuck in your aura. RES brings you quality energy healing, complete with useful, personal, human-type information. Which helps you to gain more wisdom and grow as a person.

In short, Rose can help you to receive a powerful, meaningful healing. Every session. Every book. Every workshop.

Because you can do better than wish that life is totally simple. And all you need do is erase some generic, meaningless red marks on a whiteboard.

Explore RES Energy HEALING Skills

The New Strong

Did you know that something important really did happen on 12-21-12? It’s an era of new promise, great sweetness and personal power. Especially if you learn to live The New Strong.

Spiritually Sparkling®

Learn about skills to remove hidden energetic garbage. In session, Rose can facilitate powerful energy healing. Or you can learn for yourself these wonderfully effective RES skills.”

Cut Cords of Attachment

Maybe you’ve heard of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, the only trademarked skill set in America to remove these energy cords. How can this skill set help you?

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®

If you’re interested in past-life regression, many energy workers are available. And psychiatrists, too. So why have many RES clients flown across an ocean (more than once) to have SEAH sessions with Rose?