Cut Cords of Attachment

Once you become interested in a person for the first time — even 10 seconds of mild interest — it’s as though the Cosmic Phone Company installs a cable. Stretching between your aura and the aura of the other person. This is your cord of attachment to that person.

Your cord of attachment is not about the good things in that relationship. Instead, the latter gets stored in a separate structure, also between the two of you. It’s your spiritual tie to that other person. Containing every bit of the love, the learning, the sweetness. And that second tube o’energy between you gets installed exactly in the same moment as your cord of attachment.

You only get one of each, per person, per lifetime. Your cord of attachment. Your spiritual tie. (Probably the other person gets a pair of these to you as well. But that’s none of your business.)

To learn more about cords of attachment, imagine that
you’re in a classroom with Rose. She’s teaching you, early on
during a “Cut Cords of Attachment” workshop.

 “Using Rose’s system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, it’s possible to permanently remove any cord of attachment. Freeing yourself up in very human ways, not just energetic ways.”

Cord-Cutting — An IN-DEPTH LOOK

“Cords of attachment may be the most significant, treatable cause of problems in your life, keeping you stuck in old patterns.”

This was true when Rose published this statement in her self-help book, “Cut Cords of Attachment.” First edition, published in 2003. When you’d google this topic and get maybe 10 hits, total.

It’s still true. Cutting cords of attachment is a super-powerful skill of energy spirituality.

Only What Has Changed?

Loads of energy healers have gotten into the act, offering cord-cutting services that aren’t especially effective.

Don’t think you have really experienced the power of this skill set unless you’ve had a session where Rose (or one of her authorized RES Experts) chooses this Healing Centerpiece to help you.

“Here’s how Juan became Rose’s client for sessions of energy spirituality. He was on the phone, doing business with Taylor, who sold a multi-level marketing product. As she chatted him up, to Juan’s surprise, Taylor made a surprising offer. ‘Hey, it sounds like you’ve got an awful cord of attachment to your Dad. Would you like me to give you a cord-cutting now? It will only take a few minutes.’

Juan smelled something fishy. He refused. But he did become curious about cutting cords of attachment and researched it. This is what brought him to Rose, who helped him with a number of sessions. And sometimes, yes, they did include cutting cords of attachment.”

Can You Learn Quality Skills Off The Internet?

Definitely not. When teaching skills of RES Energy HEALING, Rose knows this is the most complex skill that she teaches for self-healing. It’s like doing surgery to your aura.

Don’t you think it’s smart to know what you’re doing?

Which is why Rose recommends that you learn easier RES skills first. (See her Workshops page here.)

Can Random Self-Healing Skills Hurt You?

Maybe. Sometimes they’re just a waste of time. Like all the advice from people who supposedly teach you how to “Cut all your cords.”

Anyone who claims to teach that might as well wear a signboard:

“Gee, I sure wish I knew how to really cut a cord of attachment. Obviously, I don’t yet. But I’m trying anyway.”

Your Standards Matter

Ever hear this saying? “You get what you pay for.”

That’s as true about cutting cords of attachment as anything else.

Have you noticed? Certain people you know will spend freely on clothes, jewelry, furniture or entertainment. Because it shows.

Yet they hate to pay a penny, or waste a minute, on personal growth. Because, supposedly, “It doesn’t show.”

And so they’ll take a window-shopping approach to anything mind-body-spirit. Mixing and matching and playing around.

Sadly, folks who do this will have to live with the consequences. Even if all they’re doing is playing around.

Good for you, taking the time to educate yourself at this website!

With Energetic Literacy Skills, Healing Choices Definitely Show

When you do aura reading, detailed information about anyone you read shows very clearly and can’t be disguised. Whether you’re finding a professional to facilitate spiritual healing, choosing a counselor, or going to school, the caliber of your choices will be with you for the rest of your life… and maybe beyond that.

Common Sense Can Protect You

What happens when people choose a cheap imitation that doesn’t do the job?

Ultimately, they cheat themselves.

You may be able to buy a low-cost knockoff of a Rolex from a cheap vendor, but don’t expect that to tell time like a real one.

Likewise, never expect significant results from learning how to cut cords of attachment… unless the method offered to you is really dependable. The same goes for choosing an energy healer to provide services for you.

Smart Consumer Ask About Qualifications

Of course, you have the right to ask what’s involved any form of energy work. Asking could be important. Because many people who claim to cut cords of attachment may not be qualified to deliver a quality healing. So they won’t necessarily answer you in a way that makes a great deal of sense.

Similarly, if you’re given an offer like “excellent cord-cutting freebie,” ask yourself if this even makes sense.

Such as cutting a very major cord of attachment “in a few minutes”?

This isn’t possible. Not the real thing, a permanent healing that brings very personal results. And results you do not have to guess about. Because you’re told which results to expect… in words. During your session.

When Rose facilitates cutting a cord of attachment, that’s the Healing Centerpiece of a session that takes 55 minutes.

Which Is Worse?

What if somebody tempts you to agree to a “cord-cutting.” And that person doesn’t have much by way of skills.

Then you can expect one of the three following outcomes.

No results.

In which case, don’t let that give a bad name to cutting cords of attachment. Lame results? That’s on the “healer.”

You feel worse.

How can that happen? Doesn’t really have anything to do with cutting a cord of attachment.

In these early years of The Age of Awakening, many healers aren’t in good balance, energetically.

Depending on how badly they are out of whack — that can impact your aura. Because you deliberately gave that healer access.

With all respect, that’s on you. To give someone whose aura is quite a mess… permission to interact with your aura… doing the energy equivalent of physical surgery… Why would that make sense?

Well, you’re too smart for that. For instance you’re educating yourself here, aren’t you!

Worst of all.

Sometimes folks have just enough skill to permanently remove a cord of attachment. However, the healing is of very poor quality.

Meaning that either the client — or a self-healer — has just enough skill to move out that cord. But you might receive zero by way of human-type benefits!

Missing out on a golden opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually. And this particular chance will not come again.

10 Questions To Ask

As a smart consumer, you can ask these 10 questions to anyone who might help you by cutting a cord of attachment.

  1. How was the healer trained?
  2. How is the work done? Is there solid technique involved.
  3. Does the healer have the clarity and experience to be able to consciously co-create your healing with a Divine Being of your choice?
  4. Will you receive detailed, accurate information about the energetic patterns in the cord?
  5. Will the healer be able to do a detailed aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge to assess whether this Healing Centerpiece would be appropriate for you?
  6. Can the healer make a wise choice about which homework will help you most?
  7. Does the healer even have skills to help you make a wise choice about which cord of attachment is most important to cut at that time? (And in some cases, it is not appropriate to cut any cord of attachment.)
  8. Will you gain understanding about the new changes created by having the cord of attachment removed, not just with the specific relationship, but in life?
  9. Will there be an emphasis on solving problems in your human life, not just that you got some sort of energy healing?
  10. Does the healer promise to “Cut all your cords of attachment”? Or “Show you how to cut all your cords every day”? (In either case, run away. Don’t just walk away.)

How Rose, Personally, Answers These Questions

Glad to answer these questions, folks. And please know that my blog is full of posts and comments about every one of my specialties. It’s a huge, free resource for you. Helping to bring knowledge about RES into the world.

Now I’ll personally answer each of these 10 smart consumer questions about cutting cords of attachment.

  1. I was trained by Joanna Lester, who later became an instructor for the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. (You can read more details in my how-to book, “Cut Cords of Attachment.”)
  2. I use a detailed system. (Thoroughly described in that book actually). 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® is the only system for cutting cords that has been trademarked with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  3. Co-creating with Divine Beings is an essential skill for RES Energy READING Skills, Empath Empowerment® Coaching, Enlightenment Coaching. And also with all RES Energy HEALING Skills, including how to cut cords of attachment.
  4. You will always receive detailed, accurate information about the energetic patterns in the former cord. I say “former” because the time to learn those details is after that cut has been removed forever.
  5. Yes, with Stage 21 Energetic Literacy, I can do aura reading for you. Usually, though, I opt for a Skilled Empath Merge. Pretty likely, you can learn more about both of these specialties elsewhere at my website.
  6. Selecting appropriate homework for optional follow-up? Sure. That’s a way to build extra growth into your personal results.
  7. It’s very important not to offer to cut a cord of attachment unless doing this is appropriate. (Keep reading on this page and you’ll learn more about this important ethical consideration.)
  8. Yes, every client learns specific logical consequences, or results, to expect. Due to having that particular cord removed. Improvements with that specific relationship (if you still have a relationship with that person). Definitely, specific improvements in your life.
  9. Providing human context, and helping you in your very human life — this is a core value in any RES session.
  10. Will I ever offer to “cut all your cords of attachment”? Or “show you how to cut all your cords every day”? Nope. Not even as a joke!

Can't You Just Ask Archangel Michael To Cut All Your Cords?

Hey, you’re welcome to ask Archangel Michael to do anything. But that doesn’t mean what you’re asking is reasonable. Nor does it mean that you have the human skills needed to do your part?

Look, many people have heard the advice to “Just ask Archangel Michael to cut all your cords.” I call this the “Cosmic Quickie.”

One quick, simple request – it sounds so appealing.  Perhaps a person will add a very personal prayer. Or do a beautiful visualization.  Even a total novice to energy work is likely to love the Cosmic Quickie.  It can feel very special.

So What’s The Prob?

Little may happen except for a temporary mood. Maybe a bit of placebo effect.

Don’t you deserve better?

To get something better, make sure the human healer has real skills. As in the saying, “Heaven helps those who help themselves.”

Once a client,  Ian, told Rose that he used this method: “Visualize the cord as a pretty color. Then watch that cord fade away.”

Uh-oh! Flunked every answer in the previously-mentioned Consumer Quiz!

So What's Wrong With Methods Like The Cosmic Quickie?

And That Includes Ian’s Method, Too.

Suppose that Ian has a cord of attachment to his brother Jake.

  • One of the cord items is process oriented: Jake is dumping 500 pounds of rage, every day, into Ian’s aura.
  • Three more cord items diminish Ian’s self-esteem.
  • Another two impact Ian’s ability to be financially successful.

Many major cords of attachment are this bad. Or worse.

For instance, this method omits the ability to gain accurate information about what’s in the cord itself. Every cord of attachment contains unique “cord items.” Very specific ones.

Cord items that you cannot learn, using a faith-based method like The Cosmic Quickie. For many reasons, this method won’t work effectively. Here’s one…

Just Think About This

According to this sad substitute for properly cutting a cord of attachment, supposedly all that Ian must do is think, “Whatever is in my cord of attachment, Archangel Michael, turn it all a lovely shade of green”?

Even if Archangel Michael complied, what would Ian have now? Green-tinted 500 pounds a day of anger, etc.

As for asking Archangel Michael to “Make it fade away” — really?

Hello! A cord of attachment is a real object. Astral level, not human level. But real. And a very specific object.

You might ask for a paint job. But make that real thing simply fade away?

What’s next, close recycling centers all over the world? Because you can simply ask Archangel Michael “Make it fade away?”

Astral objects and astral beings do exist. (Just search on the word “STUFF” at this website and blog. RES identifies many kinds of STUFF. And you might want to believe that they’re real.)

Like human-level objects and people, you can’t just make a wish and expect that Archangel Michael will do a disappearing act.

Asking for an impossibility… cannot possibly bring you real results.

But asking for a session of RES Energy Healing is a perfectly reasonable request.

Why Not Ask For A “Cord Cutting Session”?

Haley was asked about her intention at the start of the session. She told Rose, “I have in mind several cords that I want you to cut.”

Rose responded, “When Mitch made your appointment, didn’t he explain to you that I am the one to choose the Healing Centerpiece? Not you, my client.”

“Please, come up with an intention. Or a way you’d like to grow as a result of this session? We can workshop this, if you like. Where would you like to start?”

Haley responded with a smug smile. Repeating, “I just want you to cut my cords, okay?” 

Usually Rose would simply terminate a session with such disrespectful client. Saying goodbye. Giving a refund of the session fee.

However, Haley was the wife of a wonderful RES client,Steve. So Rose found a way to work with this difficult client.

What Happened?

Turned out, Haley’s aura showed a significant energetic imbalance known as “Spiritual Addiction.”

Healing this became her Healing Centerpiece.

Note: Had Rose just taken orders from Haley, guess what? Given what was going on with Haley’s aura right then, cutting a cord of attachment would have been both unethical.

Even if Rose had done this — which she wouldn’t have — Haley was so out of balance…  She wouldn’t have noticed any results.

Cutting Cords Is Hardly The Only RES Skill

Cutting cords of attachment — sure, it’s the best-known skill of RES Energy HEALING. But that doesn’t make it the only skill.

As you can tell from this website, RES is a rapidly growing field for helping clients with emotional and spiritual growth.

By 2017, Rose had identified 36 different kinds of STUFF that can get stuck in a person’s aura. Each one of these has a specific name, creating one or more specific problems. Most important, in every case, RES includes a specific skill for facilitating permanent healing.

Decades ago, it’s true, Rose was most likely to help a client by cutting a cord of attachment. Preferring that RES Healing Centerpiece? That’s no longer true.

And even then, back in the day, clients did not choose a cord-cutting session, as if ordering off the menu in a restaurant.

What Has Stayed Constant?

As an RES client, bring an intention to your session. Or improvise one while you start talking with Rose.

After she sets up the session energetically, she’ll do a Skilled Empath Merge. Based on what’s going on with your aura, combined with your official intention, Rose will choose the Healing Centerpiece to help you most.

Take advantage of Rose’s expertise. You are a different kind of expert — the world’s authority on YOU, the human being.

Together with Divine help that suits you — what a magnificent team for helping you to grow emotionally and spiritually!

More About Cords of Attachment

Although Rose uses many skill sets besides cutting cords of attachment, people today have more questions about this… than anything else about RES.

In response, here comes the longest Q&A section at this entire website!

Would you still have a cord of attachment if the other person dies?

Ordinarily a cord of attachment will be part of your aura for the rest of your lifetime.  Even if the person at the other end goes over to the Other Side, the energy pattern in your cord remains active.

Rose has facilitated removing many cords of attachment to deceased persons. It’s at least as helpful for you… as cutting cords of attachment to those who are living.

Does cutting a cord of attachment ever hurt the person at the other end?


Did you know? Cords of attachment are not shared. For instance, say that you have a cord of attachment to Joe. Very likely he also has one to you. That’s his business.

Your cord of attachment to him is your business. And you have every right to remove that permanently. And in a way that helps you to gain a stronger soul expression.

The point is to help you, because you are the person in the RES Energy HEALING Session.

If a cord of attachment is cut, how long before it comes back?

When this procedure is done properly, it will not come back.  Period.

Some energy healers talk about the person on the other end “re-cording” to a client.  Sorry, but this shows a lack of skill in the healer’s understanding and skills.

Might you ever cut cords of attachment between people who want to stay married?

Most of the time, that’s the case.  Just like cutting cords of attachment between unmarried partners, close friends, or blood relatives, like a father’s cord of attachment to his child.

As a client, you receive a fresh start. Gaining more opportunity than before to attain the kind of relationship you desire, whether close or distant or anything in-between.

Will cutting a cord of attachment turn a bad relationship into a good one?

No.  Each person in a relationship has free will.

Cutting a cord of attachment frees you from negative astral-level (and subconscious) energy. That can distort your life. Afterwards it’s easier for you to use that free will to either improve a relationship, accept the truth of how it is, or move on. Up to you.

Do the benefits of cutting a cord of attachment go beyond the quality of that particular relationship?

Exactly right.  Benefits for your whole life can results. This is usually the single most important reason why I select the Healing Centerpiece of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

By analogy, each cord of attachment is like a bag that someone might be given in the hospital for intravenous fluids.  Whether that little plastic bag is labeled “Derek” or “Dolores,” guess what? The contents of that IV drip will become part of the patient’s whole body-mind-spirit system.

Cutting one cord of attachment takes away that IV drip forever. Improving all your relationships, plus how you are when alone. It’s that profound.

Could there be situations where it is inappropriate to cut cords of attachment?

Definitely. Which is one of many reasons why Rose selects the Healing Centerpiece for a session.

RES includes many alternatives. During your session, if you like, you can ask Rose why she has made the selection she did. Just leave her time to actually do that Healing Centerpiece for you!

Could cutting a cord of attachment be helpful in cases of sexual abuse?

These are among the most dramatic results Rose has seen with clients. It’s not unusual for rape or incest to leave psychological scars that seem permanent.  In fact, many of my Rose’s spent decades in therapy and have worked really courageously to move out the old wounds, yet they still think about it every single day.

What changes things?  Moving out the STUFF that kept the memories lively. Then adding PUT-IN to support a stronger soul expression.

Every single day of my life, I kept replaying that rape. For so many years! And I’d tried just about everything to get that terror to stop.

Nothing worked, until we did that first session together, where Rose cut my cord of attachment to the rapist.

Do you have to know the rapist’s name in order to cut that cord of attachment?

Definitely not. Being a victim of any kind  of abuse installs a cord of attachment. Rose assures you, that cord of attachment can be cut.

However, this Healing Centerpiece is not the only way that an RES session can help. Nor is it necessarily the first way. Let Rose give you the benefit of her experience and the vast range of skills in RES. She’ll select whichever Healing Centerpiece is most appropriate for you at the time of your session, given what else is going on in your aura at the time.

Could cutting a cord of attachment help after a different kind of tragedy, like a bankruptcy?

Any time you hear people talk (or sing songs about) “the pain that will be with me for the rest of my life,” there is probably a cord of attachment involved. Until that cord is cut, yes, the emotional distress just might will hurt every single day.

But this can change. And one RES Healing Centerpiece that can help is cutting a cord of attachment. Cords are a very real (though not physical) energy structure. When that is properly removed, you can finally go free inwardly.

What if I had a hurtful divorce? Could this help?

Cutting a cord of attachment can make all the difference between mourning a loss for the rest of your life versus getting back your power and your life.

Anyone who has a divorce or difficult romantic breakup should really consider cutting that cord of attachment. Other RES Energy HEALING Skills can help as well.

Until you stop carrying all that hidden STUFF, how can you really move on. Rose would be honored to help you move forward in your personal growth. So that you can enjoy other love relationships, not stay stuck for the rest of your life. RES Sessions can help you to prepare for an appropriate, fulfilling, committed, mutual, lasting love relationship.

How does cutting a cord of attachment compare with having psychotherapy over a relationship?

Sometimes therapy is indispensable.  Yet it is no substitute for having the energy link removed, so that you have more clarity as a person who can make choices.

RES Sessions with various Healing Centerpieces are available, of course. And Rose will select what helps you most at the time of your session. Many clients do RES sessions to supplement therapy. If you’re doing therapy regularly, please ask your therapist if this is okay. And definitely let Rose know that you’re in therapy.

There is no reason why you can’t have one or two RES sessions, then go back to your therapist and make much greater progress.

In an RES Session can I expect to feel heard the way I do in therapy?

Glad you asked. No.

Please don’t expect RES sessions to be like being in therapy. Rose will give you an orientation early on. It’s easy to relax and let the session flow. And you’ll find that Rose “hears” you loud and clear by using the RES Energy READING Skills and plus her skills as a Master Empath.

You may be amazed how much is accomplished in just one session. Whether that session includes cutting a cord of attachment or some other RES Healing Centerpiece.

Each session is results-oriented. Expect to find improvement in your life.

Why, exactly, can it be important to cut a cord of attachment?

These are many reasons. Here are some:

  • Each cord of attachment affects your aura and subconscious mind, distorting your experience of life.
  • Each cord of attachment contains many specific energy flows, which Rose call items of “Cord Dialogue.”
  • Every item of Cord Dialogue, true or false, repeats within your subconscious mind 24/7, impacting your entire body-mind-spirit.
  • Every item of Cord Dialogue feels true within you, just because it repeats so much.
  • But the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® include permanent removal of the cord of attachment, plus energetic PUT-IN and knowledge. Helping you to gain a stronger soul expression.

All this sounds so abstract. Can you give a practical example of why it matters to remove a cord of attachment?

Sure. Think of having a car. Your beloved Prius, for instance! If that car needs washing or a new muffler, do you just use visualization, prayer, EFT, Reiki, psychotherapy, etc.?

Each cord of attachment is just as real as a flat tire. It needs attention on the level where it exists, which is the level of your aura.

So many healers cut cords these days. What makes your work different!

All of the following may help you cope. But they don’t permanently remove a cord of attachment.

  1. Not visualization
  2. Not prayers to Archangel Michael
  3. Neither Reiki and other forms of energy medicine
  4. Nor Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or other forms of energy psychology
  5. Or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)


None of them will permanently remove that structure. They may lessen the impact of Cord Dialogue (see the previous FAQ).

But nothing will make all that mess stop except… removing the cord itself. Which happens with this RES Healing Centerpiece. As you may know, it’s the only trademarked system in America for permanently removing cords of attachment. Appropriate because 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment is a skill of energy spirituality.