Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (SEAH), a powerfully effective way to help people solve problems and have a better life. It’s a unique form of past-life regression.

To understand what makes it special, it helps to be familiar with the model in RES that people don’t just suffer from “bad energy.”

All RES Energy HEALING techniques include discernment of different types of “STUFF.” Meaning emotional and spiritual blockage. Neither visible nor noisy at the human level of life, this is subconscious and astral in nature.

STUFF Removal Through SEAH

So what type of STUFF removal happens in this distinctive form of past-life regression?

  • Large-Intensity Frozen Blocks
  • And Causational Frozen Blocks

These carry over from childhood incidents, long forgotten. Actually, according to Rose Rosetree, these also carry over from previous lifetimes on earth.

During sessions of SEAH, Rose helps the client to permanently remove both kinds of STUFF. And, each time, co-create with Divine help to add PUT-IN. Resulting in a stronger soul expression.

Always any session of RES Energy HEALING emphasizes the human-type results for a client. Yet underlying that intent… you’ll benefit from solid technical skills.

What Can You Expect as a Client for SEAH?

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® is different from all other forms of RES Energy HEALING.

It’s a three-hour session first time. Following that, it’s two hours. In comparison with the typical 55-minute duration of other sessions.

In person. That’s another requirement.

Mainly, though, you can’t book this type of session without Rose’s permission. To put it plainly, she won’t book that first SEAH appointment until she feels that you’re ready.

What, Rose Decides Whether You’re Ready?

For this kind of session, yes. You’ll need — and benefit — from Rose Rosetree’s go-ahead.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to book any other kind of RES session. Due to experience, Rose has developed a policy about this: Those interested in past-life regression must start with one of her “regular” sessions.

RES helps people solve problems through emotional and spiritual growth. Using skills that involve energy, really effective skills that work now, in The Age of Awakening.

Before Making Your First Appointment for SEAH

It’s a pretty easy decision, really. Once Rose says that SEAH would be appropriate for you. Then you can book that appointment when you’re in town.

Some clients have come to America just to do this sort of session. In fact, twice or more, clients have come from Europe and Asia. Because results from this type of session were just that good.

She might even have mentioned to you, during a session, “When you’re ready for Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis, you might wish to do a session to help solve your problem with X,Y,Z.”

The past-life regressions can be very intense. And they’re not like many other forms of past-life regression, which can be more like getting a psychic reading under hypnosis.

Your active participation will be required, and some moments may not be pleasant. Yet, deep inside, you’ll always feel safe. Knowing that you’re doing this kind of session to solve difficult problems that couldn’t be addressed with regular RES Energy HEALING Sessions.

From Charles, one of Rose’s clients from Asia

I‘ve already told you how successful the recent SEAH sessions have been. Here is my final email. If you’ve no time to read it, in a nutshell it’s just about how extraordinarily successful the sessions have been.

I lie down in my bedroom and for the first time I admire this apartment. It was just built when I bought it and new things look nice don’t they? Well I never could see that before because of its size. 

That is really gone. I feel just fine here and am seeing this apartment with new eyes. And no more furious thoughts about how and when I will have enough funds to move to somewhere bigger. 

Sometimes standing in the kitchen I can’t get over how I’m not disturbed any more by the feeling of being closed in. 

And when clutter creeps in as it does in the course of living life, there is no more sinking feeling.I’m not disturb in the least. I know I’ll get it cleared eventually, but in the meantime my peace of mind is not disturbed.

What Happens DURING Your First Session of SEAH?

For your first hour with Rose, it’s “Getting to know you” time. (Confidential, like any RES session.)

Together, you’ll put together an up-to-date list of goals that you have in life for personal growth.

Rose will ask some questions of you, selected to be relevant to facilitating past-life regression. Then she’ll inform you, as appropriate, about the relevance of SEAH.

For instance, what if you’ve had prior experience with hypnosis or past-life regression. You deserve clarification about what will be different this time.

Also, you’ll learn about what’s going to happen. Just enough detail about how SEAH works… so that you can trust the process.

Then you choose a goal for this particular session. Following that, you’ll begin the empowering experience of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

What Kind of Goals Have Clients Had for SEAH?

Here are examples, drawn from Rose Rosetree’s files.

  1. Frozen blocks causing fear of being alone at home.
  2. Frozen blocks making it hard for me to say what I think and feel.
  3. Frozen blocks causing me to attract selfish people into my life.
  4. Frozen blocks causing me to be ignored by others.
  5. Frozen blocks about hatred towards my mother.
  6. Frozen blocks from being bullied.
  7. Smoking cessation.
  8. Frozen blocks causing me to attract horrible bosses.
  9. Frozen blocks about my marriage.
  10. Frozen blocks causing “Love relationships won’t work for me.”

In every case, Rosetree’s client succeeded in moving out relevant frozen blocks, then adding PUT-IN with Divine help. Gaining a stronger soul expression… and a better human life.

What About Removing "The Cause of All My Problems"?

“I just know something is blocking my ability to make money.”

“Something is stuck in me, and it keeps me from being happy.”

“A part of me keeps sabotaging me. Would you get that out of here?”

Can you relate to ideas like these? Then RES sessions were made for you, including SEAH.

Made for you… unless you insist on clinging to outdated theories like these! At best, brave attempts to use your conscious mind to remove astral and subconscious energies. Attempts that just can’t work, no matter how smart you are. No matter how hard you try.

RES Skills Work NOW. In The Age of Awakening

In RES Energy HEALING Sessions, we take an approach that works now. When everybody who cares to be “energy sensitive”… can be. However, that isn’t enough if you’d like results.

This website is dedicated to Really Effective Skills. To many, they’re “ahead of their time.” Yet you can become used to them quite quickly! Especially when they are used to help you.

RES Energy HEALING Skills demand more than worrying about “bad energy.” An important concept for beginners, but not specific enough to produce rapid personal growth.

Likewise, RES offers an alternative. If you’ve been trying to analyze away the impact of stuck energies. Psychotherapy can be great, but it’s not really for energy healing, is it?

Thanks to expertise at discerning different forms of STUFF. And then using the correct Healing Centerpiece to help a client progress with personal growth.

By Way of Analogy

For 2,000 years Western doctors didn’t know about bacteria or viruses or other causes of physical problems. Instead they made theories about “humours” and such. Today, health professionals use sophisticated diagnostic methods to pinpoint what sort of problem exists.

Following that, doctors and acupuncturists and other skilled physical healers… use protocols. Specific procedures in order to solve specific health problems.

Although the chosen treatment doesn’t always succeed perfectly, it’s a heck of an improvement over bleeding a patient with leeches!

Understandably, these days many people want to figure out why they feel bad energetically.

But theories like “a part of myself causes this” may not be terribly helpful.

As the Founder of RES, Rose is available to help you do better.

A More Helpful Approach to Past-Life Regression

SEAH takes an energy-smart approach to past-life regression.

For starters, RES Energy READING skills inform every type of RES-style Energy HEALING Session.

SEAH sessions are typical, when it comes to detailed knowledge of specific types of stuck energies that can clog up a person’s aura. This form of past-life regression specifically aims to remove large-intensity frozen blocks and also causational frozen blocks.

Other Types of STUFF Are Easier to Remove

By the time you book a session of SEAH, you will have already learned this. Thanks to having one or more sessions with RES Energy HEALING. Where you bring an intention and then Rose chooses from a variety of skill sets to help you progress.

When you’re interested in taking an even larger step forward, then you can consider your first session of SEAH. (Rose will tell you when she thinks this is appropriate. Discuss it during any session you have with her.)

Regardless of Whichever Type of Session You Choose for Personal Growth

Whether a routine RES Energy HEALING Session

Or you’re “cleared for takeoff” with SEAH

Or in case you prefer to go a different route for emotional and spiritual growth…

Do yourself this favor. Rephrase statements like those mentioned above. Substitute more empowering ideas like these. (Then find a way to move forward with skills that work effectively.)

  1. Acknowledge that you don’t actually have “parts” of you that “sabotage” yourself. Instead, you can have STUFF within you.
  2. But STUFF can always, always, always be healed.
  3. Until STUFF is healed, it produces consequences. Human-type problems!
  4. Find a practitioner with skills who can support your personal goals, helping to direct a session towards successful STUFF removal. Followed by appropriate PUT-IN.
  5. This combo can help you to actively pursue your goals in life. Make real progress. And feel in charge of your life.

Would you like Rose Rosetree to empower you in this way? Then let her help you, one session at a time.

From an RES Perspective

Suppose that you’re in session with Rose for some SEAH.

These might be appropriate goals:

“My goal is to make more money. Let’s move out frozen blocks that might be in my way.”

“My goal is to enjoy life more. Let’s move out the most important frozen blocks that keep me from enjoying my life.”

“Let’s remove the most important frozen blocks that limit my love relationships.”

Goals like these have produced powerful results for SEAH clients.

Note Who’s In Charge? You

Empower yourself by understanding that energy healing skills are a real thing.

And please don’t expect that you can become an instant expert. That’s not a reflection on how smart you are. Just an acknowledgement that there are many different kinds of subconscious and energetic debris.

Besides choosing professional help wisely, you can help yourself today just with your self-talk.

Please, no more:

  • “My problems must come from self-sabotage. I’ve got to start thinking positive.”
  • “I’ll try to figure out which part of me is causing all my problems.”
  • “Any old energy skill will fix me up. I’ve just got to do it all day long. Clear my bad energies.”

Even one session of RES Energy HEALING will show you the difference between that innocent kind of approach and receiving professional services of energy spirituality.

Rose Rosetree's Qualifications as a Hypnotist

You may notice this is the only section of Rose Rosetree’s website to address qualifications. That’s because in the U.S., and worldwide, hypnotism is an established profession.

Quite a contrast to most energy-based methods of healing. Including the field Rose founded, energy spirituality. And also the version of this which Rose has given her name to, Rosetree Energy Spirituality. For this, the term “Founder” is the only credential possible.

Regarding credentials as a hypnotist, however…

Gold Standard Credentials in Hypnotism

Yes, Rose Rosetree is a certified instructor (CI) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). Widely acknowledged as the gold standard in training professional hypnotists.

Rosetree is also a consulting hypnotist (CH), which means that she works in private practice as a professional who facilitates hypnosis.

Rosetree's Credentials in Past-Life Regression

In contrast to professional work in hypnotism itself, there is no central credentialing authority for forms of past-life regression. Nor even agreement about which methods are effective, or how to evaluate this.

Certainly past-life regression is better known than energy spirituality. Yet today’s past-life regressionists use a wide variety of techniques and therefore the most applicable credentials involve being a member in good standing of the NGH.

Among forms of past-life regression, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® is distinctive. Rose is grateful for those who have made this part of her work possible.

Indirectly Helping Rose Develop SEAH

Influences for developing this system begin with learning from methods developed by Katrina Raphaell and Susan Kingsley-Rowe.  Later, Rosetree studied with Coletta Long, Ph.D., who pioneered techniques for removing frozen blocks and releasing the effect of perpetrator lifetimes.

After receiving certification from Dr. Long, Rose began to add discoveries made possible by the various skills for energy READING and energy HEALING of RES. These innovations reached a point where Rose felt it was appropriate to acknowledge that she was using a different system altogether.

Hypnotism Instruction Credentials

Rosetree has provided training in both hypnotism and SEAH and aims to develop new programs. Check here for details.

As an occasional contributor to Hypno-Gram®, Rose has published articles for the benefit of her fellow hypnotists. (Hypno-Gram is a publication of the National Guild of Hypnotists.) She has twice presented workshops at annual NGH National Conventions.

#1. The Psychiatric Model of Past-Life Regression

Is all past-life regression done in the same way? Hardly.

Let’s explore three different models for hypnotic regression. In the process you’ll learn more about what makes SEAH different.

We’ll begin with the most prestigious, The Psychiatric Model.

Psychiatrist Brian Weiss is the best-known practitioner. The psychiatric model is done for a patient, not a client. And it’s done exclusively by psychiatrists.

Through past-life regression, a patient like Devin learns about the source of his traumas.  Visiting his past and supplying minute details, like an exact description of the front door where he lives, hundreds of years ago, in Venice.

And when Devin finally knows enough of this past history, he will be healed.

A Few Statistics That May Fascinate You

Clearly, there have been many successes with this method, just as with psychiatry. Only, reportedly, results have been much more rapid through using this form of past-life regression compared with psychoanalysis.

Typically psychoanalysis takes 20-30 years, with 3-5 sessions per week.

While Weiss’s psychiatric model of past-life regression requires only 3-4 sessions per week for 6-7 years.

Although some of Rose Rosetree’s clients have had 100 sessions or more of SEAH, most have had far fewer. Including folks who moved into Enlightenment after having a pretty small number of SEAH sessions. Here’s an example from Rose Rosetree’s blog.

#2. The Psychic Model of Past-Life Regression

By far the most popular type of past-life regression, this procedure supplements hypnosis with methods related to psychic development.

Often it’s like a past-life psychic reading, done under hypnosis. With details coming from the client.

Sometimes the practitioner moves the client into hypnosis and then proceeds to give a psychic reading. A reading that has extra impact because the client is in hypnosis.

Using the psychic model, the client is sometimes encouraged to seek guidance  from angels and spirit guides.

Sometimes crystal healing is incorporated into past-life regressions.

In general, what happens with the various forms of psychic-type past-life regressions? By the end of the session, a client learns a story about what used to cause problems.  Sometimes, the practitioner may use the power of suggestion to help the client develop a different “story.” In order to give a subconscious boost to the client’s intention for the session.

#3. The Energy Cleanup Model

In the long history of past-life regression, one name stands out: Coletta Long, a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, a minister with the Unity Church, and a true innovator.

Dr. Long probably did more past-life regressions than anyone else. Ever. Actively working in this field from the age of 18 until she retired for health reasons at 84. Until then, she did 20-30 past-life regressions per week. Each session lasting from 2-3 hours!

Dr. Long discovered the presence of a form of STUFF that she called “frozen blocks of energy.” Throughout her career, she trained thousands of hypnotists to facilitate this sort of past-life regression, making remarkable innovations.

Only Read These Next Sections If You're a Consciousness Geek

You know, Rose Rosetree is an unabashed consciousness geek. And if you also find technical details fascinating, here are specifics about her system of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® differs from The Psychiatric Model, The Psychic Model, and even (in certain ways) from Dr. Long’s Energy Cleanup Model.

Distinctiveness #1. Nothing Psychiatric Involved

Rose isn’t a mental health professional of any kind but, rather, the Founder of RES.

Her model for helping clients is very different from that of a psychiatrist. For instance:

  • Rose Rosetree doesn’t diagnose mental illness.
  • She does help clients to move out energetic STUFF.
  • She co-creates every session with a form of the Divine that suits the client.
  • And, yes, Rose works with a fellow human being, a client. Never taking on the persona of a health professional who interacts with patients.

Distinctiveness #2. Nothing Psychic About These Sessions

You can readily find past-life regression professionals who do psychic work. Unlike Rose they will emphasize ideas like these:

Seeking guidance from angels and/or spirit guides.

By contrast, Rose invites you to co-create your session with one or more Divine Beings, of your choice.

If you believe in your personal Angel Committee, know that they will support you just fine, in the background.

(Incidentally, Rose believes in her own Angel Committee, thanking them once a day. She finds they support her just fine without being asked, or begged, for guidance.)

Helping you to find your meant-to-be destiny or purpose.

With all respect, to Rose, “Purpose” is a story. Or even a myth. She won’t structure your session around helping you to complete a story. Or to change a story.

Instead, she’ll help you to move out frozen blocks and receive PUT-IN. Thus supporting a stronger expression of your soul.

Being more interested in spirits guiding the session…

Than in energies that might be stuck in your aura.

By contrast, Rosetree doesn’t believe that STUFF stuck in your aura will stop being a problem… because you are given suggestions that now the STUFF is gone… or because you’re told a beautiful story… or because you’re given information about your past.

SEAH energy HEALING Skills work in conjunction with refined skills of RES Energy HEALING and also RES Energy READING. None of which are taught in psychic development.

Distinctiveness #3. Comparison to Other Energy Cleanup Forms of Past-Life Regression

Significant differences with SEAH include the following:

Related Energy Skills

Rose has developed the discernment to tell if a client has different STUFF as a major factor, at the time of the appointment. In which case, flexibility and skill will allow the client to benefit of an RES Energy HEALING centerpiece — one which would be more appropriate.

Different Emphasis

The Energy Cleanup Model emphasizes removing frozen blocks. While SEAH emphasizes human integration.

Likewise, PUT-IN is vitally important for SEAH. Not such a big deal in the Energy Cleanup Model.

Differently Sourced

The Energy Cleanup Model permits clients to pursue psychic development, involve spirit guides, etc.

By contrast, SEAH is clearly co-created with Divine assistance. Related energetic protections are built into each session, important in The Age of Awakening.

More Sophisticated STUFF Removal

Frozen blocks are removed in most sessions of SEAH. However there are also procedures to:

Remove causational frozen blocks.

Experience a life review from one or more past incarnations, gaining the learning, and then removing all remaining frozen blocks. Adding PUT-IN. Also, as appropriate, gaining vivid understanding of the energetic consequences of life choices.

Remove astral ties at the end of the session. Important cleanup for every client.

Just In Case This Isn’t Also Obvious

RES Energy Healing Skills are not ever done while a client is in hypnosis.

By contrast, some practitioners using the Energy Cleanup Model of Past-Life Regression:

Claim to cut one or more cords of attachment. (Rose says, “This can’t be done while a client is in hypnosis. Instead, the client is given suggestions.”)

Claim to accelerate spiritual development. (Rose says, “This can’t be done while a client is in hypnosis. Instead, the client is given suggestions.”)

Attempt to have the client, or the client’s astral guides, facilitate healing. (According to Rose, “Hypnosis offers a powerful placebo effect. This can be mixed in with past-life regression in ways that suggest energetic healing has occurred. Yet this may not be valid, beyond that placebo effect.)

And Distinctive Compared To All Three Methods of Past-Life Regression

SEAH is facilitated by an Enlightenment Coach

  • Many who use the Energy Cleanup Model were influenced by Dr. Long’s work as a clinical psychologist.Presenting a neutral, non-reactive way of relating to clients.
  • Likewise those who use the Psychiatric Model of past-life regression have been trained to appear impassive.

By contrast, Rosetree doesn’t present a neutral, non-reactive persona to clients. Rather, she interacts naturally and spontaneously. That’s important in an Enlightenment Coach. It also helps clients to open up to their own authentic selves, rather than playing a role.

No Psychic Model Persona, Either

Every profession has its own culture, a standard way of interacting with others.

So perhaps you have noticed a certain blissfulness, contributing to the allure of professional psychics. Can be totally genuine, but it does impact the process of past-life regression.

Qualities like, “You’re beautiful, just as you are.” And “Nothing can bother me, because my guides tell me how to solve every problem.”

By contrast, SEAH favors direct speech and down-to-earth perspective. Human-style kindness is not mixed in with a sweet kind of equanimity favored by many psychics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How's the SEAH approach to smoking cessation different from regular hypnosis?

Hypnotism uses suggestions to change a person’s subconscious beliefs and habits.

By contrast, SEAH targets the frozen blocks causing a person to smoke. Permanent removal of each frozen block follows. Then energetic PUT-IN helps to wake up a stronger soul expression.

Thus, SEAH is a very different method from ordinary hypnosis, good though that can be.

How's the SEAH approach to smoking cessation different from OTHER FORMS OF PAST-LIFE REGRESSION.

Now that’s a technical question! Assuming that you’ve already read previous sections about different types of past-life regression, here’s your answer:

If you desire to stop smoking, what will you get from sessions that fit the Psychiatric Model of Past-Life Regression? You’ll learn the story of what happened to you long ago. Zero removal of frozen blocks. Zero PUT-IN.

Results will depend upon your level of belief in the process.

Likewise, what help will you get from sessions using the Psychic Model of Past-Life Regression. Inspiring story, perhaps! With some lovely suggestions mixed in. Zero removal of frozen blocks. Zero PUT-IN.

By contrast, SEAH gives you… Permanent removal of frozen blocks. And permanent PUT-IN.

How can SEAH improve the relationships I have NOW?

Traveling back into past lives, you may find people who are related to you in this lifetime.

Lessons not successfully learned in past lives will be offered again in the present and future lifetimes. The roles played are different from lifetime to lifetime.

Lack of forgiveness is a burden that can be released, along with frozen blocks, during your session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

What are "perpetrator lives"?

This is one of Dr. Coletta Long’s contributions to the field of past-life regression. Believing that “There are no innocent victims,” Coletta investigated how certain incarnations could set in motion difficult patterns. Including frozen blocks that could impact you now.

Rose Rosetree believes that many of us have set up at least one lifetime as a perpetrator.  You’ll only revisit such a lifetime if, subconsciously, you’re ready for it.

And then you’ll move out frozen blocks from “little experiments.” Like killing, raping, torturing. Most of us struggle so hard to be good. It’s an extraordinary eye-opener to re-experience doing really bad things, then remove all the frozen blocks from that previous lifetime. Including the causational frozen blocks.

Fascinating idea about perpetrator lives! But if we feel free to do wicked things, why would we get frozen blocks?

Frozen blocks get stuck in our auras after unexpected experiences. Therefore, the variety of emotions and thoughts in any major frozen block… can be quite an assortment.

Imagine this possibility, for instance: Perpetrator Priscilla enjoys making other people feel bad. And, okay, sometimes killing them.

So she winds up with a frozen block that includes:

  • Feeling confident
  • Proud of her physical coordination
  • A load of denial
  • Feeling guilty

Doesn't the past belong in the past? Why dig it up?

A frozen block can be energetically triggered at any time. Unless it’s permanently removed.

So let’s think about could happen to hypothetical client Priscilla because of some frozen block from a lifetime back a thousand years ago. Relevant because that frozen block can still be triggered energetically in this lifetime.

Answering Question 6, you were given four different kinds of thought and feeling, all in the same frozen block. One was guilt.

Triggered guilt works like a karma magnet, attracting victim experiences. (Because, subconsciously, Priscilla feels that she deserves to have bad things happen to her.)

Denial was another component. Denial means mental numbness, an inability to admit the truth to herself. When triggered, denial sure doesn’t help Priscilla to make good choices in this lifetime.

Continuing this example, what about the GOOD parts of a frozen block? Wouldn't they help Priscilla?

Hardly. Because of how triggering happens with frozen blocks. First one part of it is triggered energetically — for reasons that seem totally random. Well, soon the rest of the frozen block is triggered as well.

Both good and bad are, thus, triggered together. And that can lead to the worst consequences of all.

Back at the example of Priscilla, sure, she feels powerful. And physically coordinated. But these good things are tied in with awful things, like feeling guilty.

This combo can make it really hard for Priscilla to use her power. Or use athletic ability. Subconsciously, it’s hotwired to feel connected with guilt and shame.

Since doing sessions of SEAH, I’ve learned a lot about myself. Maybe the biggest thing is how it has led to using so much more of my personal power. It’s clean. It’s good. I’m no longer afraid to speak up for myself or take a stand.

Why do some people worry about false memory as a problem with past-life regression?

Rose cares a great deal about avoiding false memory. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this term when applied to hypnosis and past-life regression, false memory happens when a client “remembers” something that didn’t happen. Such as:

People who claimed sexual abuse. But that hadn’t really occurred.

And all those jokes about people who came out of their regression convinced that they were Cleopatra, etc.

Here’s where methodology matters a great deal. When facilitating SEAH — or training practitioners — there are many ways that we avoid setting up false memories in a client.

While I was in rehab for alcohol, group therapy was part of the program. At one point, I couldn’t stand all the pressure to find what in the past had caused me to drink. So I made up a story about my father abusing me. The therapist was so excited, like now he was victorious.

A big contrast with that would be sessions of SEAH that I’ve had with Rose. Every one is like being in a truth zone.

How do you avoid leading clients into false memories?

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® earned a trademark because it is a distinctive, precise method for facilitating past-life regression.  These are many technical reasons why false memory isn’t encouraged, ever, during SEAH.

Most of these would be taught to you if you were studying with Rose in order to provide this type of session. Otherwise, here’s one example:

No leading questions

SEAH proceeds through questions. Once you’re in the session, and have moved into depth hypnosis, Rose will give you simple instructions. Mostly, though, she’ll ask questions.

Your answers go onto a sound recording that Rose makes for you, as do her questions.

After your session, back home you can listen to that recording. Listen carefully, with that in mind. You just won’t hear any leading question. That simple.

Furthermore, you can notice how clean those questions are. Supporting the very sensible goal for the session that you agreed to during the “Pre-Talk.” No Freudian agenda. No psychic agenda. Just a straightforward pursuit of frozen blocks, leading to their removal and then PUT-IN to help you meet your goal.

I really enjoyed my session with you, Rose. Everything flowed in a comfortable way. It seems likely that I’ll get some wonderful results.

Just to explain why I’m so grateful, let me tell you about my other past-life regression. It was with a psychic who was very worried about Extra-Terrestrials. This wasn’t so obvious in how she promoted her work, but once I was there in hypnosis, wow!

I’d be describing some incident from the past and she’d keep stopping me, asking, “Look into his eyes. Does he look more like a lizard or more like a reptile-human hybrid.”

No kidding. It was creepy.