Spiritually Sparkling®

Living on earth, we human beings have our hands full with human, physical-type reality. In the background, know it or not, we’re influenced by spiritual and psychic energies.

Have you noticed? It’s very important for us humans to focus on human life. Still, just because RES helps you to emphasize practical, earth-type reality, guess what? That doesn’t mean that’s all there is.

STUFF, For Instance

Being human involves astral-level STUFF. Which limits everyday life. And some of that STUFF can be cleaned up by the collection of RES skills known as “Spiritually Sparkling®.”

“STUFF” is Rose Rosetree’s term for stored-up emotional and/or spiritual energy stuck on the level of a person’s aura. This level also corresponds to what psychologists call a person’s “subconscious mind.”

Different skill sets of RES Energy HEALING are designed to permanently move out different forms of STUFF. The Spiritually Sparkling skills are the easiest to learn for self-healing.

Add another layer of oomph if Rose facilitates one of these skills to help you, during a professional-quality RES Energy HEALING Session.

You can learn a lot more about the Spiritually Sparkling skills from the FAQs and resources below.

Plus you’ll find details about many different Healing Centerpieces under Energy HEALING Sessions.

“After that psychic coercion healing, I feel so much better. It’s just amazing!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why make energy healing so complicated?

Isn’t that the crux of what make Spiritually Sparkling® skills different! These skills aren’t complicated but precise and effective.

You’ll find authentic emotional and spiritual growth built into every skill set of RES Energy HEALING. Including the skills that help you become Spiritually Sparkling. And move forward faster on your personal path.

My psychic simply gives me a clearing. How is this approach different?

Effective removal of Ener-Junk requires knowing specifically what’s wrong — which kind of STUFF.

Then using precision skills for STUFF removal.

Finally, the Spiritually Sparkling Skills include adding appropriate PUT-IN to help your soul express more strongly.

Fond though you may be of the psychic who helps you, none of the above probably happens during a clearing.


How does your approach differ from what I get from a weekly clearing by my favorite energy worker?

One of the obvious differences is that, with all respect, Spiritually Sparkling® skills are far more effective than energy clearings.

As a result, you don’t need some standing appointment to keep clearing the same kind of STUFF over and over again.

Many RES Sessions of Energy HEALING aim to make a particular kind of STUFF — like psychic coercion — a non-problem for the rest of your life.

Yes, you read that right. Which makes more sense to you, ONE powerful healing during a 55-minute session, plus a recording for you to use with personalized instructions….

Versus 52 clearings a year.

But my Reiki Master is a big expert. And he can talk to my subconscious mind. And he brings in fresh energies to heal me completely. How's your work different?

Reiki, Pranic Healing, Shamanic Healing and other traditions are ancient systems of what, today, we would call Energy Medicine.

That means, the healer enters into your mind-body-spirit system through the physical body. As if you’re a fabulous energy car, that needs an oil change and maybe better windshield wipers.

By contrast, Energy Spirituality involves collaborating with your mind-body-spirit system through connecting with your mind and spirit. (Emotions included.)

Your conscious mind learns something every time. Certainly true of any Healing Centerpiece in an RES session that make use of Spiritually Sparkling®.

I used to pay an energy healer to do remote sessions. Weekly. At the time, I trusted that all those clearings were really important to protect me energetically. Now? I’m not so sure.

However, I’m very sure of this. Every time I’ve had an RES session of Energy HEALING, I understood what was being done to me. Also, I got results. Real results that showed up in my life. And I mean every single appointment. No more taking things on faith. Not for me.

Continuing with that last question, anything else different with the Spiritually Sparkling skills?

Pay attention to how the healing is sourced. Does it come from the special mojo of a human being? Is the energy healing called “spiritual”?

Often a healer is very vague about that. You deserve to know who’s being invited into your personal energies to bring improvement.

Often energy work is not sourced by Divine Beings. Although healers call the process “spiritual,” you’re really getting an astral being. Which can be a problem in The Age of Awakening. (To learn more, read “The New Strong.”)

Rose believes in telling the truth, clearly, about how all her work is sourced. Including the Spiritually Sparkling® skills.

Always and only co-created with Divine Beings. No astral beings in charge.

Most Mind-Body-Spirit Fans Don’t Know The Difference

But you can. And you might want to gain clarity about this.

Here’s an example of the confusion people can have about the difference between “spiritual”(or Divine) versus psychic (and astral).

The brilliant healer Barbara Brennan has had a highly influential career, helping people as the Founder of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. In her how-to book, “Hands of Light,” she begins the first chapter by making it seem as though she does the healing work on her own. Next, she gains credibility by explaining that she’s a lifelong clairvoyant.

By Page 7, she makes vague reference to channeling “an intelligence higher than myself.” Sound like a reference to God, only more scientific?

Well, maybe not. By Page 169, Brennan starts giving instructions for working with an astral spirit guide. From then on, the deeper she goes into healing, the more a reader is told to let “the guides” tell you how to work on a client.

Many other healers and psychics are even less direct in telling you that their “spiritual” work has an astral source.

Are Spiritually Sparkling skills the same as what Rose teaches for "Spiritual Cleansing and Protection"?

You may know that Rose Rosetree was sponsored 13 times by VOICE, the premier seminar company in Japan. Masumi Hori, President of VOICE, Japan, invited Rose to teach a workshop on these easy self-healing skills.

Hori-san thought that Japanese students would like the term “Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.” And he was right. Students thronged to this workshop. Especially drawn to that name!

Rose wound up giving a similar title to her easiest how-to book for energy healing.

More recently, she found a name that seems more appropriate: Spiritually Sparking® Skills.

If I learn these skills, will they make my life easier or more complicated?

Easier, definitely! Here are four reasons:

  1. Because each kind of STUFF that you can learn to remove will include adding PUT-IN energies to help with a stronger soul expression. Being more awake and resourceful energetically, you’re more likely to find that everyday life grows easier.
  2. Doing each skill set is easy. Once you learn how, maintenance won’t even count as “Technique Time.” (And for some of these skills, maintenance is done after several months and, for one, as long as every six months.)
  3. Receiving the benefit of Rose’s skills in an RES Energy HEALING Session is even easier, of course.
  4. Finally, you may be doing a bunch of work to protect yourself energetically. Not especially efficient work that sucks up a lot of time. In which case, your life can definitely become less complicated.

Some of Rose’s Japanese students have described doing things like bathing in sake, standing under waterfalls, and squirting aromatherapy products under the bed.

Alternatives that Rose uses in sessions and can teach you to do for self-healing… are a whole lot easier. Come and enjoy your life as someone whose aura is Spiritually Sparkling®.