The New Strong

Your Great Growth Opportunity In The Age of Awakening

Did you know? You’re living in a new era of human history. When there’s a new way to live joyfully and successfully: The New Strong.

To begin with, let’s recognize that The Age of Awakening began on December 21, 2012. Culminating a process that had accelerated for centuries, the vibrational structure of life on earth didn’t change. But the process of noticing life sure did.

As described in “The New Strong,” human-level vibrational frequencies have always co-existed with two additional frequencies. Astral-level vibrational frequencies and The Divine-Level Vibrational Frequency exist only as energy. Not like physical reality, which has a distinctly different solidity. And a solid kind of superficiality, compared with the other two types of life frequency.

The New Strong, Simply Put, Means This

Develop skill at dealing with all three vibrational frequencies. All so lively on earth right now.

Tiny shifts of consciousness can cause your life to improve enormously.

“I’m a single mother with way too much to do every day. In the past when I would get overwhelmed, I used to try and fix things by working on myself. That only made my problems worse. Now I use Rose’s Program for Easy Vibrational Balance.

“So, what does “The New Strong” mean to me? As long as I stay in objective reality and address problems in reality, I know I’m going to be okay.”

Right Before The Age of Awakening

Know it or not, you have lived through major vibrational history: The New Age Years, from 1980 until the Shift into The Age of Awakening.

During this time, many of us became energy sensitive. Also way, way curious!

  • Fascinated by energy healing
  • Seeking spiritual awakening
  • Or psychic development and channeled teachings
  • Or safety through Evangelical religions
  • And plenty more.

However, many ideas from that time don’t apply any more. They helped us to prepare for this completely different time in earth’s history. But now these belief leftovers are more apt to confuse us than to help us.

Might Be Time To Reflect About Your Story

The following video clip comes from Rose Rosetree’s on-demand workshop, The New Strong 101.

Just enough to start you thinking about what has happened during your lifetime.

Often people who live through history don’t understand that something big is happening. Could be, the Shift into The Age of Awakening was a very big deal indeed. A bigger deal than earth’s two world wars. Or when we sent our first man to the moon. A bigger deal than any historic event you can think of.

And you’ve lived through it. Now how about gaining a clear understanding of what happened, exactly. Why it matters. And how you can benefit from new ways to enjoy life more and gain more success.

Question This Myth From The New Age Years

For example, have you heard this idea? “Vibrations on earth are rising. You’ll help humanity by noticing energies as much as possible.”

Not so helpful, actually. Loads of RES Energy READING research has shown the results of such an approach.

Sadly, this drives hardworking people into spiritual addiction or psychological overwork. Opposite to functioning well in The Age of Awakening.

“From an early age I was a spiritual seeker. And, God, did I feel as if I did not belong to this world! My spiritual journey continued year after year and:

  1. I didn’t reach enlightenment
  2. I didn’t feel more comfortable as a human being
  3. I felt c-r-a-z-y.

“What else did I feel? A growing uneasiness, more fear, more strange thoughts, more brain fog, and much more confusion.

[Then I discovered RES. After following Rose’s recommendations] “Never before have I felt this human and grounded. Nor have I ever felt this balanced before. And effective. And practical. I’m even showing signs of being clever in a human kind of way. Most important, never before have I felt this much like myself.”

So What Really Changed?

What really did change for you and me, if not “higher vibrations”?

Used to be, a veil or psychic barrier used to separate human vibrational frequencies from the other two.

On 12/21/12, that lifted for good. Meaning what? Humans now have a new, unprecedented freedom. A freedom that impacts how we think, what we notice, even our degree of sensitivity. Rose calls this humanity’s “New Vibrational Freedom.”

Because of this freedom, it is easier than ever before for your awareness to slip-slide into astral vibrational frequencies.

So easy you don’t have to try hard. You don’t have to try at all, actually.

So easy that you probably don’t know when you’re doing it. Not until you get some clarity about what you could do differently.

What’s the prob?

At such moments you’re perceiving at an astral reality nested within human experience. Not engaging with reality at the solid, calming, effective vibrational frequencies that are distinctively human.

Come learn more about The New Strong!

Productive Or Not?

  • Chris was using his New Vibrational Freedom to delve into the motivations of difficult people at work. (That choice nearly got him fired, but some RES assistance helped him to keep that job.)
  • Megan just drifted around in a perpetual brain fog, trying to avoid anyone without good vibes. (Now that she’s living The New Strong, her friends recognize her again.)
  • Anthony worked so hard on himself, both psychologically and through meditation. (After a few sessions of RES Energy HEALING , he resumed living in reality, where he productively remains.)

It’s up to you. RES offers skills to productively use your New Vibrational Freedom. That includes RES Enlightenment Coaching.

Also productive: Effective use of your vibrational freedom — that’s also the foundation of all RES Energy READING Skills, Energy HEALING Skills, and Empath Empowerment® Coaching.

So that process of living productively… from a vibrational perspective… is built into how Rose helps you during sessions. Also into every RES book and workshop.

Where does this early adaptation to The Age of Awakening show most strikingly? In the Energy READING skills of RES.

There’s even a related RES specialty about learning how to live effectively in The Age of Awakening: The New Strong.

“I didn’t know what was going on with me, I just knew that I wasn’t getting anything done. I could spend half a day staring at the ceiling (wall, window, speck in the carpet) and my life was slipping away. I would joke about it:

“I went somewhere, don’t know where.  I just wish I would take myself with me. I love to travel!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Rose isn’t a psychic. Aren’t psychics the best guides to living in The Age of Awakening?

Before The Age of Awakening, back during The Age of Faith, psychics were the world’s best experts for some people seeking more to life than humdrum, everyday human reality.

But that was back when a thick veil made it very difficult for ordinary people to notice astral vibrational frequencies.

Now, with that veil gone, we can benefit from energetic literacy. Instead, reading auras without the help of astral-level spirits. Or having RES experts do it for you in an Energy READING Session.

You can learn plenty more about this new, empowering kind of literacy right here at this RES website. With hundreds of articles on this topic available for you to read, for free, at Rose’s blog.

Doesn’t The Age of Awakening mean that earth’s vibrations are higher now?

Not according to Rose. Earth still specializes in human vibrational frequencies. What has changed is that it’s so easy to move into astral vibrational frequencies. Which, by definition, are higher.

This gives you an easy way to tell who understands what’s really happening to consciousness (human awareness) in The Age of Awakening.

  • Incorrect understanding: Vibrations are lifting.
  • More correct understanding: With the veil gone, many people are drifting around in a spacey way. Meaning well, but losing touch with human-type reality. This doesn’t mean they are evolving super-fast. They’re stuck, for now. RES can help these beautiful spiritual seekers to get un-stuck.

What can help me figure out which experts really understand what’s different now, in The Age of Awakening?

Look for somebody who helps people be more effective in human ways.

Compared to what? Becoming more “spiritual” or “pure” or having “only good vibes.” Aspirations that are popular today. But…

They’re all about energy. That is, either astral or Divine vibrational frequencies. Might we recommend? Choose knowledge and sessions that have a human frame of reference, while co-creating with the Divine help. Rather than astral-level help, such as spirits or “Beautiful energies.”

Psychics aren’t the only ones who have traditionally gone beyond human life in search of more. What has changed for mystics and seekers of Enlightenment?

Such an important question for seekers of truth! All the information at this website is based in understandings and skills that work in The Age of Awakening.

  • I would especially direct you to the area under SESSIONS about personal sessions of Enlightenment Coaching.
  • Another great resource for you will be RES workshops and books specializing in Enlightenment Coaching. (Most are still under development, but look for them in 2018 and beyond.)
  • One easy and entertaining resource, for perspective, is the Enlightenment Life List at the RES blog, “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Why does Rose capitalize “The Age of Awakening”?

To get your attention. (Guess it worked. 😉 )

This new era on earth is such a big deal. People ignore it to their detriment.

Use resources at this website to help you thrive in The Age of Awakening.