Enlightenment Coaching

Enlightenment is long-term state of consciousness, allowing you to use your full potential in life.

As an Enlightenment Teacher, Rose brings an unusual approach. An approach for seeking — or validating — Enlightenment now, in The Age of Awakening.

Rose says: “In this new Age of Awakening, millions of people can gain Enlightenment. And do it while actively engaged in the world.”

If you’re curious how Rose Rosetree became an Enlightenment Coach, take a look at the previous video!

What Is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a very big deal, although it doesn’t mean you have a perfect complexion and a great head of hair — or any other outward sign.

Energetic literacy can show you, especially when you know what to look for.

Here, let’s explore two very different perspectives on what it’s like to move into this higher state of consciousness. What does it feel like? How can you tell, even if others can’t tell.

You can understand Enlightenment from two very different perspectives.

  • Either speaking the language of psychology.
  • Or speaking the language of spiritual growth and religion.

Here let’s explore Enlightenment by speaking each language, one at a time.

Enlightenment as a PSYCHOLOGICAL Ideal

What if you wish to speak the language of psychology, rather than spirituality? There’s a totally equivalent term for Enlightenment: Self-Actualization. Using your full potential as a person.

If you prefer this way of looking at self-growth, RES can help you to self-actualize. Just understand that Energy Spirituality takes a very different approach from psychotherapy (or pop psychology).

As an Enlightenment Coach, Rose can help you to use your consciousness, or awareness, more effectively. For example, she offers many approaches to positioning your consciousness more effectively.

Really, RES help can help you to achieve both psychological growth and spiritual growth. All the way, as far as you can go. Aiming for very practical, human improvements at every step on your path.

Enlightenment as a SPIRITUAL Ideal

Ever hear of spiritual awakening? It’s a kind of waking up from inside. Spontaneously you’ll have a direct experience of the Divine. Or opening up to spiritual energy.

According to Enlightenment Teacher Rose, spiritual awakening’s just a good start. Enlightenment is more than that.

Instead, consider experiences of spiritual awakening to count as milestones along your path. While Enlightenment brings a different experience of yourself, for keeps, as you continue to walk along your path.

Once you cross the threshold into Enlightenment, you have gained a long-term state of consciousness. Even your sense of self shifts.

At Rose’s blog, you can read many accounts of RES clients moving into Enlightenment. (See “RELATED,” at the end of this page.)

One Practical Example

Rose aims to help you to move towards Enlightenment by supporting you in whichever language you speak.

  • Whether a mystical and spiritual approach.
  • Or the approach of some religions (like Buddhism and Hinduism) where Enlightenment is a goal.
  • Or in pursuit of psychological wholeness.
  • Alternatively, you may have a very private, personal goal about using your full potential in life.

This Enlightenment Coach can support you in any quest towards wholeness. Provided that it’s a realistic, truth-based search for being yourself better. (Skills of energetic literacy can sometimes help to sort through optional illusions mixed in with enduring truth.)

So, Here’s That Practical Example

In RES workshops and sessions, you can gain really good skills for telling apart objective reality from subjective reality.

Meaning: What people say and do, such as what would show in a YouTube. (That’s objective reality.)

Versus how you feel about people and events. Plus what you think, your beliefs and opinions. (Important too. But that’s subjective reality. Not objective.)

On two occasions, Rose has taken a quick survey about telling apart objective reality and subjective reality. Because she was speaking to a mixed group, Enlightenment-wise. About half of the group, folks were in Enlightenment. Whereas the rest were growing fast. But they hadn’t yet reached Enlightenment.

So she asked each person, “Do you get confused sometimes about objective reality versus subjective reality? Or do you find that telling them apart the easiest thing in the world?”

Well, Guess What?

For everyone in Enlightenment, the answer was “Yes.”

As in, “It’s crystal clear. Totally obvious to me. What happens in objective reality versus what happens in subjective reality — of course they’re easy to tell apart.”

By contrast, what about everyone in the group not yet in Enlightenment? The answer was “No.”

As in, “Theoretically I know the difference. But often it gets mixed up. What I feel or think subjectively can dominate. Like taking over what happens in objective reality. I get so caught up… to such an extent… Maybe I don’t exactly notice what happens.”

Well, can you see how, psychologically, a person who’s self-actualized will be more effective at dealing with objective reality? Not having to theorize about behavior but freely engage in life.

And can you sense how, spiritually, a person in Enlightenment can simply “Chop wood, carry water.” And not get confused by illusions and feelings like, “Oh, that bucket of water is so heavy. Reminds me of how lonely I felt the last time I had to move to a new apartment. Hmmm, where was that bucket again? Seems like I put it down somewhere.”

Does Rose Ever Promise Enlightenment?

Definitely not. However, Enlightenment Coaching is always available in the background. Because which other skills of Energy Spirituality can help a person to move into Enlightenment?

  • The clarity from RES Energy READING
  • The humanity resulting from RES Energy HEALING
  • The stronger sense of self due to Empath Empowerment®

More actively, sessions of Enlightenment Teaching are available to anyone who wishes to have a dedicated session. Let Rose know, near the start of your session. Are you especially interested in self-actualization? Self-realization? Spiritual awakening? Or Enlightenment.

Especially Helpful For Your Progress

Personal sessions, any kind of RES sessions, are especially helpful for making most rapid progress. Witness the growing number of RES clients who have attained Enlightenment. You can read about this at the blog post “Surprise, Enlightenment!

The Age of Great World Gurus Is Over

It happened during the last century before the Age of Faith ended. Great world gurus from Asia came to the West.

You or your parents or grandparents lived through those days. Rose is one of the millions who studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation Program. Other famed Hindu gurus were:

  • Paramahansa Yogananda, Founder of Kriya Yoga
  • Yogi Bhajan, Founder of Kundalini Yoga
  • Swami Satchitananda, Founder of Integral Yoga and the Yogaville community.
  • Yogi Amrit Desai, Founder of Kripalu Yoga.
  • Sai Baba, famed for manifesting sacred ash, who rose to prominence in India during the 1950s.

Other religions likewise had their share of superstar gurus. Often attracting millions of followers. Often attracting scandal, as well.

Rose Can Help You Update The Guru Game

Living now, in The Age of Awakening, who can be your guru? Your own spiritual self-authority. Bolstered by help from experts you choose to help you.

Help you for a while. Not for always. But for as long as their assistance is meaningful for you. No vows! Just wow!s.

For more understanding in general, check out Rose’s blog post on “The Guru Game.”

For more understanding and experience, personally, sign up for a Personal Session of Enlightenment Coaching.

Meet Rose's "Enlightenment Life List"

Yes, Rose has very specific ways to discern Enlightenment. For instance, she makes available an Enlightenment Life List. This is an educational service. Helping seekers of Enlightenment to distinguish between this state of consciousness. Which does not necessarily have anything to do with:

  • Physical attractiveness or a youthful appearance
  • Fame or wealth
  • Doing things you or others consider important, meaningful, highly intelligent.
  • Saintliness
  • The lifestyle of a renunciate — being a monk or nun

Hint: All of the above characteristics are about objective reality. Enlightenment is about subjective reality.

And advanced skills of energetic literacy make it easy to discern what is happening, really, in that subjective reality.

Your biggest fun at this blog post may lies in the comments. Thousands of educational exchanges between Rose and students from every walk of life. So be sure to venture beyond the main post.

In those comments, again and again, you’ll hear Rose smash illusions about “Who’s in Enlightenment?”

Rose offers this service for free. Enter as often as you like, naming public figures you believe might be in Enlightenment.

Summarizing Rose's Approach to Enlightenment Coaching

Each person’s path to Enlightenment is unique. So Rose’s approach is the opposite of “One size fits all.”

Or “First we cleanse your Root Chakra, and then we can move up to your Belly Chakra.”

Or, probably, any other Enlightenment expert you’ve encountered previously.

Yet she’ll always be 100% focused on helping you to grow in ways that are important to you.

Three approaches, in particular, are essential components for RES Enlightenment Coaching.

  1. Spiritual Growth
  2. Spiritual Integration
  3. Co-Creating with God

To learn more about all three, read about personal RES Sessions of Enlightenment Coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rose, if I ask you to do Enlightenment Coaching, will you become my guru?

Fortunately for us both, NOT. In The Age of Awakening, a new kind of Enlightenment has become available. To attain this, we don’t need to worship another human being as if she or he were a specially authorized representative of God.

Rose can help you to grow faster along your spiritual path. Your unique, very personal, and sacred path of personal development.

If you accept that I do have a unique personal path, why would I need ANYBODY to coach me on my journey to Enlightenment?

Depends. If you want to enjoy being your own Enlightenment Coach, by all means.

However, if you’d like to evolve faster, it makes sense to have a few sessions with somebody you would trust to serve as an Enlightenment Coach for you.

What can help you to decide? Here’s a question to answer for yourself:

Which matters more to me, moving forward faster on my path to Enlightenment or doing everything my way? (As if I were also an experienced Enlightenment Coach.)

Have all your clients for Enlightenment Coaching liked your approach?

Many have. Some haven’t.

Some clients were obviously expecting Rose to use her Enlightenment Validation Procedure. (Yes, she has one.) Praising them for having moved into Enlightenment. When, really, they were pretty darned stuck.

Instead, as gently as possible, she provided different feedback. Genuine help that she considered appropriate for that seeker of truth.

For Example

One common confusion among dedicated spiritual seekers is that they (unintentionally) move into spiritual addiction. Which makes them feel high. Blissful. Maybe spiritually superior.

Not altogether different from being a pothead, actually.

With a problem like that, Rose supplied aura reading details, plus very specific instructions for how to quickly move out of spiritual addiction.

Some clients appreciated the honesty. The directness. And the practical recommendations. Others felt outraged, and probably never gave Rosetree’s words another thought.

Here’s a link to the story of someone with enough open-heartedness and humility to appreciate Enlightenment Coaching.

If I still aim to live by the ideals I was taught as a Christian, can I still progress into Enlightenment?

Sure. In fact you’ll probably appreciate this, right from the get go. All the RES skills — ones that Rose can facilitate for you and also ones that you can learn for yourself — work only because you co-create with the Divine.

  • Perhaps sometimes you will choose to co-create with God. Well, that would be the version of God whom you worship. (Not some weirdo, different substitute that Rose insists on connecting you to.)
  • Other times, you might choose to co-create with Jesus Christ. Another excellent choice. Your choice.
  • You, the client or student, get to choose. Rose doesn’t tell you which form of the Divine to select.

Dan took an RES workshop with Rose during the thick of the New Age Years (between 1980 and 12-21-12). He pulled Rose aside, during a break, and told her:

“A lot of the people in your workshop seem to be into psychic development. Which makes me a bit uncomfortable as a Christian. I’m still getting a lot out of the workshop. Anyway, I especially wanted to thank you because you insist on working along with God, not some spirit guide. For me, that choice is non-negotiable.”

Rose has definitely helped committed Christians to move into Enlightenment (or just to have better lives, and help others more). Here’s a sample guest post about Enlightenment from Sandra Haering.

When Sandra wrote this article, she’d already moved into Enlightenment. And she was an Apprentice in the RES Mentoring Program.

By now, she’s a full-fledged RES Practitioner. And still thriving as someone in Enlightenment. And still aiming “To live a life of love in thought, word, and deed.”

Would you please tell me something I don’t know about Enlightenment?

Enlightenment Eye Flash.

Even if you’ve moved into Enlightenment and experienced this, you may not have had any concept or words for it.

So take a look here.