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Magic Mushrooms. Legal? Really?

Magic Mushrooms. Does it fill you with joy to know that using hallucinogenic mushrooms is legal now in a major American city? Let’s explore the juicy details, including some found in auras. First, the Weird Political Situation Just in case you didn’t think American life could get any weirder, guess what?

Decisions Made. Decisions Regretted. Paying an Extra Price?

Decisions Made. Decisions Regretted. Today, together, we can solve a certain kind of decision making problem. Or, at least, start solving it. Because this week I’ve had a couple of reminders. Some people are fine with making decisions. They don’t agonize so much on the decision-making end. But hoo-boy, do they ever agonize over decisions…

Javier Bardem Aura Reading for “Villain Talent”

Javier Bardem Aura Reading will explore a curiosity question that strikes me as hilarious. How come this good-looking movie star is so good at playing villains? If we didn’t have aura reading to help us we might be reduced to guessing. Such as:

Brett Kavanaugh Aura Reading for Integrity

Brett Kavanaugh Aura Reading. I’m doing this while the Senate Judiciary Committee votes. Their meeting just began. I’m not watching. Instead I’m reading Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh’s aura. Before or after you read today’s article, Blog-Buddies, you might want to read yesterday’s aura reading. Christine Blasey Ford, Ph.D. — her aura was an inspiring example…

Pothead Retirement. Cutting Cords of Attachment

Pothead Retirement. Today I’ll share what I learned from cutting a cord of attachment between my client Joe and his mother, Gladys, whose retirement dream was… Hmmm, have you guessed? Gladys’ retirement dream was this: Getting stoned on weed as often as possible.

Opioid Addict Aura Reading

Opioid Addict Aura Reading. What is it like to be among the estimated 2 million Americans who are now addicted to opioids? Back in 2017, I promised to share an aura reading like this with you. Just so you could have an idea of the typical consequences of taking oxycondone or heroin. Well, I’ve put…

Overly Ambitious Entities. Protection Tips.

Overly Ambitious Entities. They’re a fact of life about earth right now. To protect yourself, read the essentials in the following blog post. Details I’ve learned through energetic literacy research. Perhaps you will be shocked. But I hope you won’t feel frightened. I’m not.

Getting Unstuck. Versus Getting Sick, Lonely, Worse

Getting Unstuck. Why bring up such an idea? Because many beautiful energy healers and intuitive coaches today… haven’t been feeling so hot lately. Likewise many a psychic has been suffering. Yet brushing it off. Meanwhile, humanly, they’re feeling tired or lonely or lost. Maybe they’re even getting sick. Why is that? And what will it…

Laurie Metcalf Aura Reading Movie Review

Laurie Metcalf Aura Reading Movie Review. Another lauded performance and Oscar nominee meets the equivalent of x-rays. Specifically, RES-style x-rays. Researching what really changed — and what didn’t. While outwardly nailing her role as Best Supporting Actress… More mysteriously, what happened at the level of Metcalf’s aura energies and subconscious mind?

Changing Friendships in The Age of Awakening

Changing Friendships. As in, “What happened to my old friends?” Social isolation is on the rise for many of us. In a way, that might be a good thing. For now. (To see why, keep reading.) Overall I’m aiming to bring a fresh perspective — that’s the goal today. Please know that this article is…