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How to Recognize and Avoid Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Avoid the consciousness lifestyle of extreme spiritual addiction? Sure you can. This is a practical article to bring you peace of mind, energetically and spiritually. Our earlier post on this topic was related: Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Why Is It So Common in Celebrities NOW? There you learned about the extent of extreme spiritual addiction among today’s celebrities. (Did…

Learning When I Cut a Cord of Attachment. Guest Post by KRISTINE

Learning to cut cords of attachment, does that intimidate you? KRISTINE shares the wealth of information she received from this powerful self-healing.

Virtual Reincarnation in The Age of Awakening

If you want to evolve spiritually in The Age of Awakening, including Virtual Reincarnations and maybe even Enlightenment, use discernment. Some relationships require “No.” Not “I’ll keep trying harder.

Aura Reading Mike Pence, the Presumptive Republican Candidate for Vice-President. Guest Post by ISABELLA CATES.

There you have it, folks, a profile of the running mate selected by Donald Trump: An unpleasant exercise in energetic literacy.