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Rose Rosetree has given over 1,000 media interviews. Especially entertaining: Ask Rose to bring insight to local celebrities of your choice. Using a simple headshot or other visual, she can deliver:

  • Face Readings
  • Aura Readings
  • Empath Merges

Not a psychic, Rose has pioneered everyday skills of energetic literacy. Helping people to adjust better than ever to real life. And gain more success.

In addition, Rose offers leading-edge perspective on personal development, spiritual growth, even Enlightenment.

Notable Mentions

“It’s like she’s known you forever…but that’s crazy, because you just met. Still, she has described you perfectly, and not just your surface traits.”
– The Washington Post
Students “sat in rapt attention – despite white molded plastic chairs – for almost two hours, listening to her describe her craft and watching her read the faces and auras of audience members.”
– The Los Angeles Times
“When giving a reading, she doesn’t immediately seek feedback on her accuracy. She sits back, confident that she’s at least partly on target. When she does ask, it’s with a flat sense of curiosity, like someone peering out of a rain-splattered window to check on a storm’s progress…. a recent slate of sessions held in Northern Virginia yielded a small stack of glowing reports from her students.”
– The Washington Times
“America wants to know, what did Rose Rosetree say about your cheeks?”
– ABC's 'The View'
“Well, I have to tell you, most of the stories I write don’t generate this much interest. Clearly the nation is hungry to find out more about face reading.”
– Email from Cathy Hainer, reporter for USA Today
“I decided to send her a picture of myself… with the caveat that my wife would ‘check’ her report for accuracy. ‘She’s got your number,’ was my wife’s simple response.”
– The Catholic Standard
“Rose Rosetree can spot a potential fibber a mile away. Or, in this case, 2,400 miles away.”
– Las Vegas Sun

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