Rose Rosetree's
Code of Ethics
For Energy Spirituality Sessions

  1. To use your session time as productively as possible.
  2. To never do anything that impacts your aura unless you first give permission. Including enough background for you to give informed consent.
  3. To explain the WHY’S. Not just do the WHAT’S. (Basic respect!)
  4. Use the most relevant skills for helping you to move forward with your session intention.
  5. Only facilitate sessions for clients I think I can help, and care about every client.
  6. To tell you the truth, and also do my best to be kind.
  7. To use tested techniques whose results are known. Always co-creating with your choice of Divine Being.

From a thank you to Rose, from one of her students:

“Many forms of healing advocate that it is not necessary to ask permission!  Or that you only need to muscle test to get permission from the Higher Self!

“Some of the ethics (or lack of ethics, more appropriately), is really astounding.  It is difficult to understand how anyone can think that interfering with another person’s free will is okay. 

“Upholding high standards of ethical behavior and respect for the free will of others is one of the things I appreciate about RES.”