Empath Empowerment® Coaching is quite different from all the other types of personal session offered by Rose Rosetree. Because you can choose exactly the specialty you’d like, as listed here.

How It Works

Yes, YOU can select any of the specialties from the tabbed list below. Then Rose will move you forward in that direction.

Yes, it’s coaching, folks! Coaching you in a particular skill.

Where you are in the best position to know what you need right now.

At this part of the RES website, you’ll read about some wonderful specialties for empaths. Offered successful to help others. Why not you?

About Sessions of Empath Empowerment® Coaching

Choose From One of the Following Topics

Empath Check

Was he an empath or not? In his very first session, Elijah wanted to clear up his confusion about that. Despite being 99% sure, Elijah was a worrier. So he asked for an Empath Check.

Good thing he did! Elijah wasn’t an empath. He wasn’t even a Highly Sensitive Person. (All empaths are HSPs, but 3 out of 4 HSP are not empaths.)

What now? Elijah had it all worked out in his head that most of his problems in life stemmed from being an empath.

The good news was, after his Empath Check, the rest of Elijah’s session didn’t have to involve Empath Empowerment® Coaching. Instead he and Rose used the same intention he had set up at the start of his session. Only now it became a session of RES Energy HEALING. Which helped him a lot!

Any client can request that bit of empath coaching during a session with Rose. Whichever type of session you choose. Easy for her to include, so just ask.

Empath Gift Coaching

Andrea wanted Rose to list all of her empath gifts. Asking that seemed logical to Andrea. Especially because she had been reading one of Rose’s empath books and just wasn’t sure.

How did Rose help Andrea? Not by giving her the equivalent of a computer printout. Rather, they took time together to understand the nature of each empath gift. Bringing loads more detail than Rose could possibly cram into one of her how-to books. Answering questions. And, in general, coaching Andrea

By the end of that session, that client understood so much more about her empath gifts. Also, Rose explained the very good reason why she never helps empaths “save time” by just telling them which empath gifts they do and don’t have.

“It’s interesting, I didn’t have this reaction reading any one of your Empath books. Hearing your voice, the teacher reaching my ears, (and, seemingly, my soul); has reached a deeper place in me. Deeper, and perhaps more willing. I am enriched by the process.”

Empowerment Acceleration

Richard was having trouble getting through Rose’s “easy” 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment®. 

Actually, it wasn’t easy for him at all. During his session, Richard and Rose did problem solving. Easy because Rose could do more than ask questions. Beyond that, she could use advanced skills of energetic literacy to research exactly what Richard was doing that tied him up in knots.

Just one short session made it easier for this talented empath to progress with that 30-Day Plan. And actually find it easy from then on.

By now, Rose has helped a great many empaths whose progress seemed terribly stuck. Whether while using an Empath Empowerment® book or taking an online workshop.

Really, it’s simple. Learning a skill set as an empath doesn’t mean that, in the bargain, Richard was also going to be freed from loads of STUFF in his aura. STUFF totally unrelated to being an empath.

Curious about the dozens of kinds of STUFF that can be healed through RES Energy HEALING? You’ll find a partial list at this part of the website.

A Very Common Confusion

Sometimes newbies to RES assume that all their STUFF comes from being an empath. Not their fault. This perspective is common, courtesy of the more irresponsible offerings for empaths on the Internet. From an RES perspective, only one kind of STUFF is a problem for empaths. (Unskilled empaths, anyway!) That’s called “Imported STUFF.”

By contrast, plenty of other kinds of STUFF can cause problems for empaths. And sometimes STUFF can even cause a problem with developing empath skills.

So it’s fortunate that your Empath Empowerment® Coach is also the Founder of RES, energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills to support you.

Problem solving is easy, during a personal session of Empowerment Acceleration.

Rose suggests, “If you’re feeling a bit stuck when gaining empath skills, don’t blame yourself and don’t blame me. Let’s do some targeted problem-solving. Make that session appointment.”

Problem Solving for Empaths

Kaylee had started Rose’s third book for empaths in the four-book series. Sadly she only got part of the way through. All that info was overwhelming.  

Understandably, Kaylee doubted that Empath Empowerment® could really work for her. Still, she thought she’d give herself the benefit of a personal session with Rose.

It’s a good thing she did. Because it turned out to be a classic session of Problem Solving for Empaths. Making it so much easier for Kaylee to move forward on her path as a person and also as an empath.

Any session of Empath Empowerment® Coaching can include some problem solving. But some sessions may actually start for that purpose, because the empath feels so stuck. Also included, as appropriate? Some RES Energy HEALING or Energy READING or both!

Even creating a session intention can help you to move forward powerfully. To make things simple, you might bring this intention to your session, “A stronger sense of self.”

What Will Rose Refuse to Do, However?

Just to be clear, it might be helpful to know in advance that Rose is committed to using session time productively.

Also, for an RES session, it is not productive for you to describe your problems in detail. Or to tell your “Origin Story” of who’s to blame for how you’re suffering now. As for your theories about why your stuck? Please don’t bring them into your session.

Why not? Because RES sessions don’t work that way. Psychotherapy often works that way. Unfortunately, some empath coaching works that way too. Different kind of help!

If you really believe that what helps most is a sympathetic ear for listening to all your problems, please do not book a session with Rose. Instead, though, you might be interested to learn…

How Rose Listens to You During Sessions

Here’s the sequence to help you solve problems through Empath Empowerment® Coaching.

#1. Rose will help you find a productive intention — for an RES-type session — as soon as possible.

#2. Then she’ll do a Skilled Empath Merge. Directly experiencing in consciousness what it’s like to be you, right now. Which means listening to you bigtime — hearing what’s going on in your aura and SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Quite different from listening to your CONSCIOUS MIND. Like having you tell Rose the history and theories that you’re already used to telling yourself. (Which is why Rose will interrupt that kind of conversation after a sentence or two.)

#3. During the Skilled Empath Merge, Rose will assess if there is a form of STUFF that is causing significant problems for you. In which case, as the session progresses, she’ll make it a priority to use the related skill of RES Energy HEALING.

#4. Depending upon your intention and what Rose finds from the Skilled Empath Merge, Rose may take a more skill-centered approach to helping you solve problems as an empath.

#5. Expect to leave your session with new understandings. And targeted homework for moving forward as an Empowered Empath.

Empath's Lifestyle Makeover

Bailey was an empath who had always gravitated to energy awareness. For decades she studied psychic development, cultivating her intuition. But lately she’d been growing fast, especially since an experience of spiritual awakening. So Bailey was ready to stop all the woo-woo — her emphasis in life on the psychic, the paranormal, and energy awareness.

Only one problem. Bailey was an empath. She understood that being an empath wasn’t the same as pursuing a hobby like psychic development. In reality, her lifelong gifts weren’t negotiable. Also — in theory — Bailey understood that gaining empath skills didn’t have to be done as a form of psychic development. But how could she separate the two?

Specifically, which practices were helping Bailey, and which weren’t? Could she trust the system of Empath Empowerment®?

Rose was able to help Bailey sort out this mess, keeping what was good about her long-term spiritual quest. What if, like Bailey, you’re struggling to change your path. Along the way you insist on progressing as an empath. Then Rose’s type of coaching has your name all over it.

Helping You To Help Yourself

Specifically, how can Rose help you during a session of coaching for Empath’s Lifestyle Makeover?

In advance of your appointment, bring a list of questions. They might include:

  1. How is it possible for me to gain empath skills without mixing in psychic development?
  2. Do I have to choose between spiritual progress and empowering myself as an empath?
  3. What will help me to make use of that beautiful experience of spiritual awakening?
  4. Different beliefs I have heard about being an empath. What’s really true?
  5. Which practices am I currently doing that involve energy?
  6. What is the role of spirit guides in my life now?
  7. How can I decide on my own what’s good for me, versus what isn’t that good?

Maybe you and Rose will cover all the questions you bring, maybe not. Certainly you can expect to leave the session with a practical lifestyle makeover. Trust that you’ll receive insights from an Empath Coach who is also an Enlightenment Coach, an expert aura reader, and an energy healer who specializes in emotional and spiritual growth.

Parenting an Empath

Garrett felt positive he was an empath. He’d even learned Empath Empowerment®, but he didn’t know how to help his daughter. When he felt pretty sure that she, too was an empath.

Of course, Rose helped Garrett. She also could have helped him if he wasn’t an empath.

Concerned parents today do want to understand how they can help their highly sensitive children, including the empaths.

Please note: Rose Rosetree doesn’t do sessions to coach empaths who are under 18 years of age.

Note also: She sure does sessions to coach parents who want to help their kids!

In case you’re curious: Rose and her husband raised a child who’s an empath, and the kid’s no longer a kid, and doing fine. Rose also has considerable experience at helping the children of clients.

What Will Happen During This Kind Of Empath Coaching Session

Depending on your own particular concerns as a parent, Rose will help you to set a intention.

Next come any questions you have about what to do, or not do, in order to help your child as an empath.

  • Sometimes it will be most helpful to read your child’s aura. Maybe then research what was going on with your child, energetically, during an incident of concern to you.
  • Sometimes it will be most helpful to focus the session on you, the parent. And one of the very most influential — if not THE most influential — adult in your child’s life.

Might we recommend? On the day of your session, email Rose a head shot of your child. A relatively current photograph will work best. This photograph will be useful for aura reading research.

Expect to leave your session with a clearer understanding of what’s appropriate when raising an empath. Versus what isn’t necessary at all!

Master Empath Coaching

After she completed essential training as an empath (the equivalent of RES Online Workshops Empath 101 and 102), Melissa waited a full year before learning how to do Skilled Empath Merge.

That was her personal comfort level. Melissa was smart.

Doing a Skilled Empath Merge means using a dedicated technique that’s both powerful and safe. To directly experience in consciousness what it’s like to be another person. Amazingly powerful knowledge that you experience in human ways.

Nothing flashy. Or psychic. Or paranormal.

If you were born as an empath, doing Skilled Empath Merge is your birthright.

Nobody needs to rush when learning how to do Skilled Empath Merge. But it’s kind of a waste if you never do. Because that’s the purpose of being born as an empath.

Empower Yourself First, Though

Every step of Empath Empowerment® strengthens your sense of self. When you’re comfortably empowered in that way — and only after you’ve achieved that level of skill — then it becomes appropriate for you to travel in consciousness by doing Skilled Empath Merge.

Even reading this screen, educating yourself about what’s truly possible for an empath… Give yourself credit for being a leader. Because most empaths, and empath coaches, don’t have a clue about how to do Skilled Empath Merge.

  • Have you even seen that term “Master Empath” before encountering Empath Empowerment®?
  • Do you know other empath coaches who use a term like that?
  • For that matter, do you even know another empath coach who tries to teach how to do safe, skilled, productive, amazing Skilled Empath Merges?

Probably not. Although you may have encountered irresponsible ideas like “Being an empath means you’re constantly feeling other people’s feelings.”

“Nonsense,” says Rose. “Being pulled in this direction and that… wouldn’t even work for a ball of yarn!”

Many empaths brag about their unskilled empath merges. Which load them up with STUFF, messing up their auras. Really, there’s a practical reason to develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy!

Check out the auras of so-called experts. Because any empath expert ought to be willing to provide a photo. So go ahead and read those auras from photos. A great supplement to your other common sense as a consumer! Obviously the aura of an empath expert will show the consequences of what that expert teaches. Doesn’t that make sense?

About Empath Coaching as a Master Empath

This can be a quality way to pursue Skilled Empath Merge. Let Rose teach you, one-on-one. And step-by-step.

She can coach you through any of the techniques in “The Master Empath.”

And guess what? Rose Rosetree can teach you other techniques as well.  Skills that haven’t yet made it into any of her books. Tested skill sets, for co-creating with Divine assistance, and leaving you with a squeaky clean aura.

Why become a Master Empath? To gain a big advantage in love, business, and friendships. Also to satisfy a very appropriate kind of curiosity for an empath: Imagine if you could directly experience in consciousness… what it’s like to be any person you’d choose to research.

Empath, Your Way

Trevor didn’t purposely book a session of Empath Empowerment® Coaching. Rather, he wanted a session to improve his love life. However, what was revealed when Rose did a Skilled Empath Merge? (Standard procedure for any RES session except for Face Reading.)

Trevor had slipped into spiritual addiction, a problem that he’d overcome years before. What made this problem flare up again?

Turned out, the answer was simple. Trevor worked as a consultant, helping individual clients to improve their health, and using skills of energy medicine that he had developed through long-term study.

Recently Trevor had figured out a “clever new approach.” Early in each session, he would walk around the coffee table between him and his client. During this time, insights would come to him about what was going on with his client in mind, body, and spirit. Following that, Trevor applied professional know-how to help solve this client’s biggest problem.

Uh-oh! It’s a big deal, actually, to invent a clever new approach that involves your consciousness. Especially tricky in The Age of Awakening. Because it can be very easy to misuse our new vibrational freedom in what we do with our consciousness.

Long story short, during his session Trevor learned in detail what that “clever” new approach was doing… to him.

By the end of that problem-solving session, Trevor knew exactly how to proceed. And, yes, results that he could expect were very likely to improve Trevor’s love life (his original purpose in booking the session).

It Can Be Confusing

After years of using Empath Empowerment® Skills, you may start taking them for granted. So, like Trevor, you start seeking out more interesting new ways to use your talent. Or even make something up. And you might not even think that you’re using any kind of empath technique.

Except that, because you’re an empath, that’s exactly what you wind up doing: A fancy variation on unskilled empath merge.

If that’s happening, wouldn’t you like to find out? Rose Rosetree’s Empath Coaching can provide insight into any technique that you’ve added to your routine. You’ll get a straight answer, in detail, about what you’re doing with your consciousness.

In case you’re wondering, Rose has no special interest here in asking you to avoid techniques outside of Empath Empowerment®. She’ll use advanced skills of energetic literacy to help you to find out details about the impact on your aura.

Why turn yourself into a guinea pig in your own experiment? Rose can help you move forward more safely.

Empath's Discernment

Mariah brought a lot of baggage to her new relationship… with Empath Coach Rose. She’d done plenty of previous study, read several books, and belonged to loads of “empath support” groups on Facebook.

Already she had so learned so many tips and tricks for empaths. Some of them had become habits. Other newish things that she did as an empath seemed like keepers, since they made Mariah feel so good.

But then she discovered Rose Rosetree’s work. As an empath, it was the first thing Mariah had found that really made sense to her. Only how was she going to move forward now? Did it really make sense to drop everything she had been doing? Couldn’t it help to combine certain things that really helped her feel safe?

Sessions for Empath’s Discernment are designed for thoughtful empaths like Mariah. Why just take Rose’s word for it, when she recommends that you stop doing other tips and tricks that you’ve learned as an empath?

Maybe you’d like to know what those old tips really do for you. Maybe you’d like Rose to pull out an “energetic hologram” to research what really was happening to you as a result of that comforting tip from your past.

An Empath’s Discernment Session is for you if you feel like this: “I’m an adult. And I’m not going to take anyone else’s word for how to put together my life. On the other hand, Rose has a lot of skills for describing the impact of things that sound good. And maybe some of things that sound really good could be setting me back. I owe it to myself to find out.”

Let's Pause Our Survey for Some Consumer Advice

Feeling overwhelmed?

Let’s take a moment to help you avoid a completely preventable problem for empaths.

In the section about Problem-Solving Sessions of Empath Coaching, you may remember this part: Kaylee had started Rose’s third book for empaths in the four-book series. Sadly she only got part of the way through. All that info was overwhelming.

Where’s the obvious problem? Can you spot it?

Rose Rosetree has published a series of Empath Empowerment® Books. They’re numbered. (Find the sequence here. Just scroll down to Rose’s books for empaths.)

With Rose’s other how-to books, it doesn’t matter much about the order of reading her books. Sure, she recommends that you start the RES Energy HEALING books in the order displayed at this website. Because she thinks that will be easiest for you, and the most productive use of your time. Still, if you want to start with Book #3, the advanced book on how to cut cords of attachment, up to you!

You get the idea, right? By contrast, Rose’s books for empaths are a very carefully structured series. Aiming to help you gain the best results, she recommends that you start with Book 1 and then progress in order. Developing skills until you’re satisfied. (Not everyone aims to become a Master Empath. Totally okay! Although any born empath can become a Master Empath.)

Kaylee started with Book 3 for Empath Empowerment®. And then she felt overwhelmed? There’s a teaching tale!

Helping Others Better

Seth already works in a helping profession. But is that enough? So many people around him are suffering, and Seth really wants to help. Ever since childhood, he’s been using his talent as an empath to serve as a peacemaker.

By now he’s confused. How much is he really helping his people? And how come nobody in his life is helping Seth? When’s all that good karma going to come back to him?

It’s a good thing Seth had some Empath Coaching with Rose. Because she was able to help him to find a new balance for helping others.

As for some of the “volunteer work” that Seth had been doing since childhood… Empath coaching allowed him to connect the dots between the skills he made up for himself and certain longstanding health problems. Seth also found purpose by learning about ways that he could start helping others far more effectively.

It's Fun to Prepare

For best results, prepare for this session by making a list. (And yes, having fun is allowed, since this session is going to bring you some fascinating insights.)

  • Ideas that you believe about being an empath. (Or ideas you sorta believe.)
  • Tips and tricks for empaths that you’d like to explore.
  • Any reservations about learning Empath Empowerment® skills.

One session could be all it takes to set your mind at rest.

“I do not miss the long winded and complicated b.s. I used to do for grounding, centering, boundaries, meditations, prayers. Nope. Don’t miss it one bit!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What IS Empath Empowerment®? Which parts can be coached and which can't?

This distinctive set of skills includes three parts.

  1. Learn which empath gifts you have.
  2. Learn how to develop the habit of keeping your empath gifts turned OFF.
  3. Learn safe, healthy ways to do Skilled Empath Merge. When you use a dedicated technique to turn all your empath gifts ON. For learning and service.

All three parts can be coached… in the appropriate sequence.

All I want to do is turn my empath gifts ON. Can Rose help me use empath coaching for that?

Only when she’s satisfied that your sense of self is strong. Otherwise you would be distracted from gaining Empath Empowerment®.

Joy-riding on other people’s energies can be fun, but it isn’t helpful for personal development. Especially now, in The Age of Awakening.

A friend told me it's selfish for an empath to NOT help others constantly. True?

In Rose’s opinion, very untrue. Just use your common sense to answer the following question:

Which person’s help will be more valuable:

  • Help from a skilled empath whose aura is fresh and clear. (And who’s selective about doing Skilled Empath Merge.)


  • Help from an unskilled empath whose aura is full of astral-level garbage, and whose sense of self is confused to the point of barely working properly.

If I turn my empath gifts OFF as a habit, will they leave me permanently? Could your coaching backfire?

Empath Coach Rose is living proof that you won’t harm your empath gifts by learning to use them with skill.

Sometimes empaths have a fear of not using their empath gifts constantly. That makes about as much sense as how, back in the day, Europeans feared that bathing would make them sick!

I believe that my empath gifts come from God. Won't God be angry at me if I don't keep my empath gifts ON all the time?

Skilled empaths don’t keep their empath gifts ON all the time. And they tend to have much, much better lives as a result. To find examples, read comments by skilled empath at Rose’s blog. (Search under EMPATH.)

Never, all Rose Rosetree’s experience as an Empath Coach, has she found that her students have grown more distance from God by becoming empowered empaths. Maybe reminiscent of the old saying, “Heaven helps those who help themselves.”