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Empath Empowerment®

Am I An Empath? Yes Or No Validation (Only)

Hannah was convinced that her problems all stemmed from being an empath. Therefore, empath coaching was her original reason for having a session. When Rose researched Hannah for empath gifts it was clear that Hannah wasn’t an empath at all. But Rose was still able to help her to grow as a person. A lot.

That little bit of empath coaching was all Hannah needed. Usually folks who think they’re empaths are empaths.

Doing taking a few minutes during an RES session to take this step can be useful either way. Rose never wastes an opportunity to help her client during a personal session! She’ll find other ways to help.


Why would somebody think he’s an empath if he’s not?

Two reasons:

  1. A great deal of misinformation is spread through the internet. Between Rose’s expertise coaching Empath Empowerment® and her skills at energetic literacy, she can bring clarity.
  2. Unlike the Energy HEALING Skills of RES, most energy workers and healers have no idea about different forms of STUFF that can clog up an aura. Causing subconscious and energetic problems for personal growth. Both non-empaths and empaths, alike, mix up problems related to being an unskilled empath… with things that have different solutions. (To learn more, read about RES Energy HEALING sessions.)

If Rose finds that you are an empath, will she tell you which gifts you have?

Fortunately, no. As an Empath Coach, Rose’s goal is to give you life skills that empower you. (Hence the name “Empath Empowerment®.”) Learning about your empath gifts is the first step in learning good empath skills.

For someone who wants to become a skilled empath, which second step comes after that just-mentioned first step?

Rose can help you learn how to make some subtle, effortless shifts in consciousness. These have the effect of waking up your sense of self. And also bringing you a new habit, like a default for your consciousness all day long. Where your empath gifts are turned OFF. (Unless you purposely use a quality technique to turn your empath gifts ON.)

What is a skilled empath, anyway?

According to the Founder of RES, a skilled empath has the habit of not using empath gifts unless this is done on purpose. Which is why the third — and last — step of Empath Empowerment® is to learn how to do Skilled Empath Merge. Any empath can become a Master Empath, able to gain tremendous insights this way. Yet remain fully yourself, and not take on energetic STUFF.

Can Rose just give me one little tip to help me as an empath?

Sorry, no. Instead, Rose offers an easy-to-learn system, effective and simple. Unlike many empath experts who offer tips, or host self-help groups for empaths to teach each other. Rose’s student’s find they don’t need to work on themselves or constantly ask for advice. She says, “Tips are great for housecleaning. Or coping. Not so great for becoming a skilled empath.”

I had this dawning awareness that everyone in the world was not experiencing what I was experiencing, and I was surprised. We tend to assume that our gifts are not that interesting because everyone must have them. That turned out to be not true at all.

I embarked on a search of the Internet, trying to find out what the heck was going on with me. I got a lot of quacks, and some very bad advice, until I found Rose.

RES Energy HEALING Skills to Support Your Coaching

Jacob thought he was a “people pleaser.” And possibly co-dependent. None of that was really true, it turned out.

Certain social skills were lacking, that’s all. How could he have learned this skills, given the family where he grew up? In one session, Rose helped Jacob with some Vibrational Re-Positioning®. This helped Jacob to move forward much faster on his personal path.

A path that also involved becoming a skilled empath!

You don’t have to bring a specific problem to your session of Empath Empowerment® Coaching. (Although you could.) Let Rose help you gain clarity. And then bring her experience coaching empaths to help you take a giant step forward.

All or most of your session of might consist of targeted energy HEALING to support your emotional and spiritual growth, in a way that helps you personally. And might help you to solve an ongoing problem. Plus also assisting you to move forward in your empath skills.

Bottom line: All empaths can benefit from gaining a strong sense of self. Which Rose can help you to do in session of Empath Empowerment® Coaching.


If I become a client, what happens if I choose a session of Empath Empowerment® Coaching?

Rose will collaborate with you to select a meaningful intention. Together, both of you will follow through by using a specific Healing Centerpiece that moves out subconscious-level STUFF. Limitations that might otherwise slow your progress as an empath.

Why does Rose think it’s so important for empaths to develop a strong sense of self?

Because all empaths are born unskilled. Which means they have the habit of doing unskilled empath merges. This weakens an empath’s sense of self… temporarily… until that empath develops skills that are really effective. Empath Empowerment® is one of those systems.

Is there a particular kind of energetic STUFF that happens a lot to unskilled empaths?

Definitely. It’s called “Imported STUFF.” One skill of Empath Empowerment teaches an empath first aid, in case this gets inside his or her aura. An even more important skill is to prevent that Imported STUFF. All part of gaining skills!

So is it possible that an empath could have other kinds of STUFF that have nothing to do with being an empath?

Not just possible. For sure.

But RES Energy Healing skills can make a big difference at bringing clarity. Which then makes it easier for a skilled empath to thrive.

As an empath on a budget, can’t I just use self-healing skills from Rose’s books? Why bother with a session?

By all means, use any RES skills you have learned. The level of expertise and number of skills available — personal sessions bring that extra degree of professionalism to help you. Which can be just what you need to accelerate your progress. As an empath and as a person.

Deciding to have one personal session isn’t a huge commitment, and Rose’s goal for every single session is to help you move forward along your chosen path.

I often used to see some of my ‘gifts’ as a burden or even a curse. I realize that, the more I recognize and appreciate them, the more connected I feel with others. As I start to accept and value myself fully, in return I naturally begin to accept others as they are too. What a beautifully enriched life!

Coaching On Using Rose’s Other Resources For Empaths

Sally felt overwhelmed by all the resources of RES for empaths. So she went straight to “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts.” Because that’s what she wanted. But then she put off using it, and didn’t understand why. Did that mean she wasn’t really an empath?

Actually, Sally had skipped all the way over to Book 3 in Rose Rosetree’s collection of four books for empaths. She never saw information at Rose’s website about how to sequence self-study from Rose’s books about her trademarked system for empaths.

Quickly Rose was able to clear up that confusion. And then she was able to use the rest of her session to help Sally further.

It can be overwhelming, choosing from all the resources in RES. Your coaching session will be designed to help you, to answer your questions, and help you to find your personal program for gaining Empath Empowerment®.

In the RESOURCE Box below, you can find many resources, and other RES resources might also help you… even if they’re not listed below… depending on your particular situation. Let Rose know at the start of your session if you would like some personal coaching.


Could I ask Rose to evaluate other things that I’ve been doing to help myself as an empath?

Absolutely. Rose can even pull out an Energetic Hologram. (See more about that under Energy READING sessions). Or do a Spiritual Discernment Consult. (See more about that under Enlightenment Coaching sessions).

What if I feel too stuck to begin studying Empath Empowerment® skills?

A consult like this could be just the thing for problem solving. For example, Rose might find there is a pretty simple answer, in terms of your approach. Because you didn’t have a live teacher helping you before. And now you have one who can research what is going on in your aura, taking a problem-solving approach.

I studied with other empath coaches and even empath empowerment coaches. None of it seemed to work for me. Why would this be any different?

For starters, since the 1990’s Rose has focused on helping empaths. Meaning that she has worked hard to develop a trademarked system, unlike other methods that imitate her innovative work.

Sadly, many “experts” have copied bits of her approach — and even call it “empath empowerment.”  Just because somebody claims to really help empaths doesn’t mean that the person is qualified to make a real difference.

Many years ago I worked with one of Rose’s books called “Empowered by Empathy.” It helped but somehow, over the years, the results seemed to taper off. Could a personal consult help me to do better?

A personal consult could make a big difference, directing you towards what will help you most now. Including a Skilled Empath Merge by Rose, for ascertaining what really is going on with you NOW.

Regarding “Empowered by Empathy,” this book is seriously out of date. A bit like trying to install an early model kind of PC software that wouldn’t work well in today’s world.

This book was important, as the very first book published to help empaths. It contained the beginnings of Empath Empowerment®. Rose sees it as a necessary step of evolution. However, it has limitations related to being written long before The Age of Awakening. So Rose suggests you let that book go.

(Once she realized how out-of-date this early book was, she took thousands of remaining copies off the market. And then she published books that are far more up to date.)

Could Rose consult with me to tell me all the different kinds of STUFF in my aura? So then I could put together my own self-healing program! Seems empowering to me!

Actually this is one of the few things you might ask of Rose in a session that she won’t agree to do.

As she puts it, “Until you have enough skill to identify forms of STUFF in the first place, you don’t yet have the skills to heal them. I’ve spent more than 10,000 hours developing specialized skills. An honest energy healer will tell you that there’s a gap between self-healing and professional-level work. Please let me use my expertise to facilitate RES energy healing for you.”

My relationships have improved. I can visit people without feeling the old kind of emotional cramp, where I felt forced to turn away and protect myself.

Constant worrying and other problems that burdened me? They have been falling away, too. At times I feel so passionate and juicy about my life, it’s ridiculous!