Around here, energy reading goes by several names: aura reading and energetic literacy, not just energy reading. Why do it? (Or have Rose do it for you in a personal session?) So many reasons! For starters:

  • Worried about finding your life purpose?
  • Stuck in your love life?
  • Fed up with hiring “experts” who do a lousy job?

RES Energy READING sessions can help solve these problems and more. Because expert aura reading skills are the basis. Rose Rosetree has put in 10,000+ hours to develop those skills. Ongoing refinements, at a professional level, add to the results.

Below you’ll find many examples of ways to use RES Energy READING skills. Examples below are based on Rose’s experience with clients, names changed to protect confidentiality. Testimonial quotes come from Rose’s clients, either direct quotes or paraphrased.

Of course, the descriptions below of various Energy READING sessions are meant to illustrate the kind of benefit received, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive the identical benefits.

You can develop some of the following skills through RES Books and Workshops. Still, skills taught for self-help do not equal the expertise of a personal session of RES Energy READING. So, when you’re ready for professional-quality RES services, reach out to Rose.

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About Sessions of RES Energy READING

Choose From One of the Following Topics

Aura Reading for Consumers

  • Choosing a new doctor?
  • Or a roofer?
  • How about a new accountant?

Running the financial side of a small family business, Sierra felt overwhelmed by all the choices available. But an even stronger feeling was disgust for her former accountant. Sierra was determined to find somebody who wasn’t just “anybody else” but a thorough professional who turned out to be a pleasure to work with.

Rose helped Sierra to find that good accountant.

Aura Reading Can Help You Choose Wisely

Smart consumers know that our choices matter. But did you also know how aura reading can help?

Imagine screening anyone you might employ for integrity, intellectual clarity, etc. Avoiding so many potential problems!

One way to screen consultants is to request aura reading from photos. Begin by looking at local consumer listings. Then find websites for all candidates who look best to you. Seek out a photograph for each person. Email these to Rose on the day of your appointment.

Auras don’t lie. So they’re very helpful to research.

Soul Thrill Aura Research is so amazingly insightful.  Not only do I learn about how I’m doing in the moment, I get a detailed preview on the impact of some choices I’m considering. 

“In some cases, it has saved me time.  In other cases, it helped me stop unnecessary worry.  I have been able to move forward more confidently.”

Aura Reading for Clarity

  • Samantha wondered what on earth her boyfriend meant when they had that big fight?
  • Josh was trying to figure out what on earth happened with that conversation with his father. What made him tick?
  • Nancy worried that she might lose her job. She really wanted to find out what was going on with her boss lately.

Great Clarity Can Come from Reading Energetic Holograms

Sometimes different skills of energetic literacy are used. But now let’s focus on this distinctive type of aura research first done with RES skills.

What is an energetic hologram? A particular type of stored information, deeply held within a person’s subconscious mind and aura.

Whenever you have been with a person in energetic real time  (in the room, on the phone, via webcam), hello!

You see, your aura contains complete aura-level information about yourself and every other person who was present with you, one split second at a time. That’s an energetic hologram.

In session, it can be helpful to pull out one energetic hologram after another, researching chakra databanks as appropriate.

Different Uses For Reading Energetic Holograms

Sometimes Rose will read an energetic hologram of you, just you, during a past incident. You, just you.

Another use of reading energetic holograms comes in sessions where Rose will read an energetic hologram of you plus a second person. During a past incident that involved the two of you. Here the emphasis is on you!

Yet another way to read energetic holograms? To help you understand a Person of Interest in your life more clearly. If you’re curious about someone, please send Rose a headshot, or larger photo. As current as possible. Please email this on the day of your appointment. In this case, Rose will first read that Person of Interest from the photo. And then read an energetic hologram of you plus a second person. During a past incident that involved the two of you. In this case, the emphasis is on understanding that Person of Interest.

“As the mother of a special needs child, I spent years running around in circles until Rose helped me to understand what was really going on with my son, and better ways to handle him.

“It was such a relief to get started on a new and more productive path forward, for me and for him.

“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Rose during that challenge and others. Her energetic literacy has been an invaluable resource helping me to learn more about myself and others than I ever thought possible.”

Name Alignment® Aura Research

  • Destiny’s name was actually making it hard for her to speak up for herself. Research confirmed that an altogether different first and last name would suit her far better. After she followed up, experience really confirmed the power of her Name Alignment.
  • Because Paul cared a great deal about spiritual growth, he was shocked to learn about the effect of his name on his subconscious mind and aura. Life got much better after he changed that limiting name.
  • How big a deal was it for Sabrina, changing her name as a result of Name Alignment Aura Research? Shortly afterwards, she moved into Enlightenment. Yes, a more aligned name really helped.

What is the single easiest change you can make to move faster towards Enlightenment? Name Alignment® Aura Research.

This is one of the unique services offered in sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), under the category of RES Energy READING.

Your Name Really Matters

Finding a name that expresses your soul can help you enormously. But not a name that sounds as if you found it while high on weed. Or any name that sounds like you’re trying too hard. Instead, a normal name that happens to help you gain credibility with others, express who you really are humanly, boost your sex appeal, and more.

How can you find a name that is super-compatible with your soul? A name that helps you to evolve spiritually! Maybe even achieve Enlightenment….

Rose uses advanced skills of energetic literacy to offer this unique service. It’s the single fastest way to evolve. Getting a name that helps you to express your soul this strongly.

“My new name gives me the strength I need, to live the life I want to live, and be the person I am here to be.”

Aura Reading for Relationships

Kayla was crushing like crazy on Dave. But she wondered if he even noticed her. Also, would it be possible to find out how he could be so cool? Or was it really an act?

What did she learn? Rose began by reading Dave’s aura from a photograph. Surprises galore! He really wasn’t like Kayla — except sexy in a male kind of way, and employed as a construction worker. Rather, he was a much more social guy. Not terribly honest in how he spoke and, even, downright lazy about getting things done when nobody else was around to watch.

Curiosity intensified, Kayla asked Rose to research an Energetic Hologram. From their last conversation. He mentioned, in a super-casual way, “Yesterday part of a beam nearly fell on me. But I’m fine. It’s all good.”

And that’s when Kayla learned more about  Dave’s way of living “right on the surface of life.” Exactly the opposite of Kayla’s bold, unstoppable, rich inner life.

How compatible would they be? Kayla definitely had an opinion. Could be, she might keep her eyes open for somebody more suitable than that Dave. Although he really was cute.

“Rose helped me evaluate the potential of dating someone new. We had sexual chemistry, but something seemed off. Rose read his aura from a photograph, then pulled out an energetic hologram of our first date.

“I was surprised to discover his true intentions. What showed in his aura was frightening. There was the desire to use and abuse his partners. After our session, I search our county’s public records website and discovered a pattern of domestic abuse in his past. I’m so grateful Rose was able to use her skills to help me make a smart decision!”

Aura Reading for Self-Knowledge

Sophia was happily married, with kids, when the bottom dropped out. A relationship outside her marriage threatened everything. Many sessions of psychotherapy helped her to stabilize, yet she still felt terribly stuck. Until three sessions of RES… which helped her to make her life and marriage work again (better than ever).

At certain times in life, it helps to learn more about yourself. Which strengths you have now, strengths that you can build upon. RES sessions can help in many ways. For example, a session of RES Energy READING could help you to understand yourself better, and also — through reading energetic holograms — you can gain practical insights about significant others as well.

“Rose did Soul Thrill Aura Research in regards to my marriage. The truth was hard to hear, but I knew Rose was right: this marriage gave me no soul thrill, and there was little trust or emotional intimacy. This information helped me to gather my courage and move forward with a divorce. One year later, every aspect of my life is going better.”

Aura Reading for Decision Making

Luke couldn’t figure out whether he was gay or bi or what. One session of Soul Thrill™ Aura Research cleared that up for him; a few more sessions of Aura Healing And Transformation helped him move forward in his love life and his self-respect. 

Sexual matters are just some of the areas of life where decisions can be agonizing. But the clarity from aura reading can make a big difference. You can appreciate with new eyes what pushes you and what pulls you. Even though life remains complicated, you may find that you deal with all those complications more calmly.

Feeling validated is common with sessions of RES Energy READING. Because it’s like that saying “On the tip of my tongue.” Often the truth of what’s going on is right on the tip of your MIND, your subconscious mind. So Rose will express something you already feel, only you hadn’t got the words to express it.

This Truth Was Within You All Along

Rose just co-creates access to the relevant info. Remember, reading your chakra databanks means locating knowing within you… at a subconscious level.

At any stage of life, a person can be overwhelmed by choices. This empowering kind of research can help a lot.

  • Often clients ask Rose to help them research careers. Or to get inside info on people at work.
  • This research, plus RES Energy HEALING Skills, has also added support to clients in recovery.
  • Then there’s Soul Thrill Aura Research on particular jobs at particular companies. Or prepare for job interviews.

“When Rose helped me to research a new place to live, I was a bit shocked at some of the mess her research uncovered in some potential roommate arrangements. But one of those places I had in mind did seem good according to our research.

“Sure enough, it was absolutely fine for years. I stayed there, inexpensively and securely, until I decided to move to a different city.”

Soul Thrill® Aura Research

  • What was Ben going to do with his life?
  • Was Nicole living her purpose?
  • Which college was right for Kyle? (And once he got accepted, what was he going to choose for his college major?)

It’s so easy for this kind of session to help you to answer questions like these. Bring along a list of ideas that occur to you.

Soul Thrill® Aura Research makes all the difference for making good choices.

“Avoiding disappointment! That’s how this kind of research has helped me. 

“For instance, a business choice I was considering was not a good fit at the time. Rose’s research gave me insights into why that was. Instead of being attached to that option, I was able to research my subconscious and energetic reactions, in detail, to many different research items.

“As a result, I moved forward with a choice that was so much better for me.” 

During Soul Thrill® Aura Research, What Happens?

Here is the sequence, so it won’t feel terribly surprising, when you actually do the Soul Thrill Aura Research.

#1. We set up co-creating your session with your choice of Divine Being (e.g., God, Jesus, Athena, The Love That Rules the Universe).

#2. Next we set an intention for the session, such as “More clarity about life choices” or “Helping me to move forward in my career.”

#3. Then we put together LIST A. This is a set of Chakra Databanks that matter most to you for the type of research being done. Usually there will be 10 Chakra Databanks in your List A. I’ll help choose ones related to your intention and your Research Items.

Each of your Chakra Databanks in LIST A will be affected by different choices we research.

For example, your sex drive may go up and down, depending on how you earn a living. And some hobbies might help you communicate with greater intimacy in friendships. Or handle conflict better, even if the hobby isn’t “about” that area of life. You’ll see.

#4. Then we’ll go through LIST B, your list of choices, or as I call them, research items, one choice at a time. Researching as many of your Research Items as time permits. I can tell you how every single one of those Chakra Databanks would be affected if you really did “Mud Wrestling” or whatever your choice might be.

Very often, a choice is good for some Chakra Databanks but bad for others. However, some choices will be good all around, and those are the ones to emphasize in designing your life.

“Soul Thrill Research helped me when I started my business by revealing that it was most likely a good choice for me. I’ve found the research to be very accurate. I’ve been very financially successful running the business since I started it years ago.”

How To Prepare

In just one session of Soul Thrill® Aura Research, you can research a great variety of choices. You can come prepared to ask about more than one type of choice in a session. Mostly, my clients ask about research items like these:

  1. Career. You name one type of career at a time.
  2. Hobby. Maybe you ask about whittling. Spinning straw into gold. Joke! Ask about different activities you might actually do! Like golf, needlepoint.
  3. Types of Exercise.  Zumba classes at a particular gym might be great for you. Or swimming at a neighborhood pool.
  4. Creative activities. Just 10 minutes of singing could do wonders for you. Only maybe you’d get better results from writing a book. Each research item brings its own results.
  5. Consultants to hire, such as names of doctors, teachers, roofers or (in the session I did between starting today’s blog post and now) obstetricians
  6. Implications of staying with a mate, vs. separating, vs. divorcing.
  7. Places to live: Cities, particular apartments and even roommates
  8. Comparing the impact for you of Love Interest A with Love Interest B.
  9. Courses or majors at college, or which programs to apply to
  10. Name Alignment® Research– which is its own specialty within Soul Thrill Aura Research.

Aura Readings with Rose Rosetree

Come in person or enjoy equal benefits over the phone or by Skype.

Sessions of RES Energy READING will draw upon a variety of sophisticated techniques that you can read about below.

These Energy READING sessions can bring you clarity:

  • About yourself, in the present.
  • About other people you know, in the present.
  • What has happened to you in the past, and how that impacted you.

Energetic Literacy. Never Psychic Readings.

Please do not expect predictions, since RES skills of Energetic Literacy couldn’t be more different from psychic work.

RES session resources are varied. Here you’re going to learn about Energy READING sessions. For any of these sessions, you can request whichever type of Research Centerpiece you desire. This is why detailed descriptions are provided below.

Another Practical Point

Depending upon what you choose, you might need to email a photo or one-click photo link. Send that, please, on the day of your session. In advance of your appointment time.

A simple headshot works fine. Although more recent pictures are better than ones from years ago, the photo you supply does not have to be terribly up-to-date. It can still work fine for our purposes.

Incidentally Google images can be a great photo resource. If you don’t know how to do this, ask Appointment Coordinator Mitch.

“The impact of the information comes softly, quietly, subtly – not like a baseball bat to the forehead. Just as gently as I would expect a Divine Being to deliver my most innermost truths. It’s the feeling of being treated kindly and with love. That alone is enough to create a measure of change in how I treat myself.”

Leading-Edge Skills. Tested. Powerful.

Many people have never even heard of the system called Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. Yet this has been taught internationally since 1986, including a bestselling edition for Random House Germany.

Not only is this form of energetic literacy unique in the world. Within this specialty, several related skill sets have been developed… and trademarked.

Click here for an IN-DEPTH LOOK at Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

“Years ago, a friend and I tried to make our eyes go out of focus so we could read each other’s auras. I didn’t see anything. She saw something around me, so we just oohed and aahed.

“Ha! Rose, YOUR aura reading gives us nuanced answers.  Not just a yes or no for a question like: is this job the right one for me?  We can find out if the job would thrill our souls, if we would make money, if we would have spiritual growth, etc.”

What WON’T You Find In RES
Aura Reading (And Why Not)

Will Rose be seeing the colours? And telling me about them?

Popular in the past, this version of aura reading was all about clairvoyance. Sometimes aura reading devolved into a status game. “I can see three layers. How many layers do you see?”

Always, aura reading done RES-style informs you about your life. In detail, emphasizing emotional and spiritual growth. (Aren’t you more than a bunch o’ colours?)

Can Rose give me predictions, like reading the Akashic Records

Auras don’t really contain the facts about your future, stamped into your energy field with dead certainty — like some cosmic kind of tattoo.

When psychics make predictions, they’re being given info from spirits or guides. Rose isn’t a psychic. She uses an entirely different process. Bringing you insights and validation — a deeper truth about you in the now. Available in your own aura, not some faraway cosmic library.

Can I expect beautiful advice from spirits, guides, and angels?

All RES skills, including aura reading, are co-created with the Divine. Meaning your own version of God, Highest Power, etc.

As a consumer of energy HEALING or energy READING, you have the right to know where the work is sourced. It matters.

Do clients become dependent on this kind of aura reading?

No, and here’s the main reason why. All RES skills, including aura reading, aim to help awaken a fuller expression of your soul. That includes self-authority: Paying attention to what seems true to you.

Rose’s aim is to empower you. She does this in two ways: The information you receive and, also, how it’s imparted.

Will I be told what I’m supposed to do with my life?

If you’re looking for somebody to tell you what you’re supposed to do, please look elsewhere. But first consider what a difference this RES approach can make. Imagine having sessions that emphasize  what you can do. And the power of your free will. Because these sessions can do the opposite of making a client dependent. Rather, expect a very human waking up… to your soul’s own truth, independence, and wisdom.

“When customers come into my bookstore, asking for help with reading auras, I show them Rose’s how-to book. Because ‘Aura Reading Through All Your Senses’ teaches about what auras really are, and how anyone can learn to read them.”