Enlightenment means that you are able to use your full potential. Psychologically. Spiritually. Humanly!

Rose has helped thousands of clients to move towards Enlightenment.

Some have also crossed the threshold into Enlightenment. You can read a current list here.

Helping You in the Background

To some degree, Rose helps you as an Enlightenment Coach as soon as you tell her, in any session, “I’m interested in that.”

Sessions don’t have to be specifically about Enlightenment Coaching in order to assist you. Because things like this happen during any of the other three types of RES session (Energy READING, Energy HEALING, Empath Empowerment®):

You drop illusions. And gain clarity. (Illusions that you didn’t recognize as illusions. That’s the tricky thing about being able to let them go.)

More trust in self. Wouldn’t it be great to stop re-playing things that have happened in the past? That happens when you’ve got less STUFF. (Related to sessions of RES Energy HEALING.)

About Sessions of Enlightenment Coaching

Making better choices. Has this ever happened to you? You wind up doubting yourself because:

  • You’re in a situation that doesn’t work for you now…
  • Yet you’re convinced you are in an excellent situation…
  • So when you feel bad and keep second-guessing…
  • That means there’s something wrong with you. (Supposedly.)
  • Sessions of RES Energy READING can really clean up these causes of confusion.

Free will wakes up. In Rose’s opinion, people evolve much more rapidly as they make good choices for themselves and follow through.

What's Different When You Request
a Session of Enlightenment Coaching?

Besides that bit of Enlightenment Coaching always available in the background — as just summarized previously — you always have the option of selecting a session devoted to Enlightenment Coaching.

Let Rose know early on. Then give her an idea about intention, such as:

  • Move forward along my spiritual path. (Please bring along a list of what you’re currently doing in order to grow spiritually.)
  • Prepare for an appropriate, fulfilling, committed, mutual, lasting love relationship. (Because, of course, that matters for a person in the world, seeking Enlightenment.)

It’s very individual, helping you to use your full potential in life.

In particular, Rose has found that different clients can benefit from one or more of the following Session Centerpieces.

Many RES Enlightenment Coaching skills are listed below to give you a sense of possibility. Clarifying for you that Rose has a range of skill sets available to help you.

Here’s the simple part, for you as a client. Relax and let Rose select what seems most helpful, given the combination of your intention and what’s revealed about your inner priorities during a Skilled Empath Merge.

And know that Rose will always explain before she facilitates any of these. Giving you a proper orientation is one of her ways to show you respect.

Choose From One of the Following Services

Causational BELIEF Transformation

Dylan kept bumping up against problems in his relationships. They fit into a pattern. 

One session with Causational Belief Transformation ended that pattern. Some problems take longer to change, but not this one, not for Dylan.

What does it mean to have problems “bump up against us”? People say and do things that seem to fit to a pattern. And then, like Dylan you might try to change that pattern.

Yet, try as you might, nothing seems to budge. When that happens, it’s time for an RES Energy HEALING session.

For this kind of Enlightenment Coaching Session, simply bring an intention to “Improve my relationships.”

Early in the session, Rose will team up with you to fine-tune that intention. Then she’ll do a Skilled Empath Merge to select a healing centerpiece. For Dylan, the best choice was Causational Belief Transformation.

Why Your Beliefs Matter Spiritually?

Most of us know that subconscious beliefs can undermine our progress in life. As a Healing Centerpiece, Causational Belief Transformation is expressly designed to remedy problems caused by one or more of those faulty beliefs.

In this kind of Enlightenment Coaching Session, Rose will use aura reading skills to research a baseline of chakra databanks. All relevant to your session intention, solving the problem that grabbed your attention as you move forward on your path to Enlightenment.

What will Rose explore with you next? Different powerful beliefs, deeply held in your subconscious mind.  This exploration brings you knowledge, removes causational-level STUFF, and adds PUT IN to wake up a stronger soul expression.

Typically, by the end of the session, you no longer believe that particular bit of outdated nonsense. Neither consciously nor subconsciously. In the process you’ve moved forward significantly on your path to Enlightenment.

More About Why Causational Belief Transformation Can Help You To Evolve Spiritually

Causational Belief Transformation helps to bridge a gap that Rose has found as an Enlightenment Coach. Where a spiritual seeker keeps around two sets of values, kind of like an accountant who maintains two different sets of books:

  • The pure, uplifting beliefs. They come from spirituality or religion.
  • The nasty, annoying beliefs. Supposedly these will simply disappear as a result of spiritual practice.

Only they don’t. Those limited and limiting beliefs are the work of a human being… to overcome. Not to ignore.

Fortunately, solving human problems is not “giving in to negativity.” It’s honest, and can even become part of your spiritual path.

You see, you don’t have to become earthbound or materialistic, not in order to pay attention to solving human problems. If you’re stuck humanly, don’t expect Spirit to rescue you. Prayer won’t cut it, for instance. As in the wise old saying, “Heaven helps those who help themselves.”

Of course, you have a choice about which kind of help you give yourself. Many an RES client has discovered this: What does make a real difference, even permanent improvement? Co-creating with Rose and the Divine Being of your choice. Teaming up with them to clean up old beliefs that you couldn’t change before.

When you keep struggling to solve a human problem and can’t seem to get past it… that’s a good time to book an RES Session. Because some kind of STUFF is the probable cause. And STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

“It really had a powerful impact on me, especially because I believed I could say ‘the wrong thing.’ When I identified a situation where I thought I had done so, I would be miserable, even long after the conversation was over.

“I noticed a difference the very next day.”

Causational AGREEMENT Transformation

Kaitlyn wanted to stop doing psychic-type work. She’d decided. So how come she kept getting pestered by spirits bringing her information. Also jobs to do, messages to deliver. 

Evidently, just deciding wasn’t enough. And all that spiritual volunteer work was throwing her aura out of whack.

Kaitlyn wanted to stop, and Causational Agreement Transformation helped. This session moved out the most important STUFF, given what was going on in her aura at the time. Later. Kaitlyn realized how this session marked a turning point in her life.

The causational impact of Spiritual Agreements can hold us back. These are agreements we made on The Other Side, before incarnating.

You know, back when we were so ambitious. Life on earth would be simple this time. (We supposed.)

Fortunately a powerful RES skill set can completely remove one of these overly ambitious, outdated Spiritual Agreements. Yes, really!

Why Causational AGREEMENT Transformation Can Help You To Evolve Spiritually

These Causational Agreements can limit just about any aspect of your life, creating consistent problems that otherwise can’t seem to budge. Rose has helped clients remove Causational Agreements that impacted love life, finances, career, and even stalled the process of gaining Enlightenment.

In this kind of Enlightenment Coaching Session, you’ll actively participate in the procedure to remove and transform a subconscious Causational Agreement. So expect to gain insights about yourself along with permanent healing.

One highlight is when Rose puts into words some of those deeply held, subconscious portions of a Causational Agreement, researching them from your own aura.

“Changing an Agreement during a session has helped me so much! There were ways that I was working really hard that I didn’t even know about.

“And now that’s over. Life is easier for me now. I have more energy, I feel more normal, and my relationships are better. And that’s just for starters. Thank you, Rose!”

Consciousness Positioning® Consult

Gladys had spent many years studying the form of energy medicine called Healing Touch, originally developed by Janet Mentgen. As a spiritually-oriented student, Gladys never skimped on quality. She insisted on selecting the best teachers available, studying rigorously until she progressed to the upper-ranks of Healing Touch Students.

But what was it really doing for her energetically? Until a person develops advanced skills of energetic literacy, that’s anyone’s guess.

Gladys had no choice but to guess. Or else to believe every word she heard from her instructors. Rose Rosetree’s energetic literacy skills make it possible to find out for yourself what is really going on, energetically. A Consciousness Positioning Consult revealed how big a contrast there was, a contrast between what Gladys was promised versus what really happened energetically.

Why a Consciousness Positioning Consult Can Help You To Evolve Spiritually

In this kind of Enlightenment Coaching Session, you can learn about the aura-level consequences of doing a practice for spiritual development, a form of healing that you’ve been told is spiritual, or anything that you’ve been doing.

How do you learn so much information, with so much detail? Through one of the advanced skills of energetic literacy, researching an energetic hologram.

What if a personal initiation or attunement was involved in the practice that you’re aiming to research? Then tell Rose and she can also research what was really happening, at the time, with the aura of that person.

Sometimes the news might reassure you. Other times, it will open your eyes to the truth about what you’ve been doing. Either way, as someone who seeks Enlightenment… you will win.

“When I was in a cult, I was taught a practice that promised to give me more power as a man and find my purpose. There was no need to learn new skills, I had instant friends; I was promised I would get everything I wanted as long as I followed their rules and practices.

“What I was taught and promised turned out to be very different. Instead of becoming more powerful and purposeful, I gave my power away, I went into spiritual addiction and became more reliant on people within the cult.

 “Since leaving the cult I have learnt power comes by asking for what I want and taking action. I also learnt I have multiple choices in life and I get to choose. I no longer buy the lie that there is only one purpose in life.”

Make Money Profile

Good grief! Alexander had such trouble making money. He began to wonder: Am I energetically wearing a sign that  said “Money, Keep Out”?

He wasn’t. Not exactly

However, Alexander’s session revealed a different energy problem. Which he received expert help for solving.

Just one session of RES began to turn things around for Alexander. Gaining a Make Money Profile, he learned what about his aura was doing well. Versus what wasn’t doing so well.

Like Alexander, you can expect to leave a session like this with more than knowledge. Sometimes there’s a bit of RES Energy HEALING. Sometimes you just receive some pretty easy-to-do homework. Either way you don’t just find out what’s not doing so well — you receive support for strengthening that component of gaining success and prosperity.

Why a Make Money Profile Can Help You To Evolve Spiritually

In this kind of Enlightenment Coaching Session, you describe what you’ve been doing for wealth, prosperity, Enlightenment, etc.

Then Rose researches those parts of your aura most closely related to success, as researched extensively for several years. And the basis for the RES workshop on Gaining Wealth as a Life Sport.

These success-related chakra databanks may be doing great… or not so great.

Additional RES skills are incorporated into your consultation, as needed. Including recommendations for bringing your aura in a better balance, so that your career efforts can pay off.

Did you know? In order to gain Enlightenment, it won’t help to overwork spiritually. Nor to ignore material reality.

Yet often we can’t tell what we’re doing right and where there’s need to tweak what we’re doing. A Make Money Profile won’t just contribute to your worldly success, but help you to move forward more securely on your sacred path to Enlightenment.

 “Rose’s skills have helped me engage strongly with objective reality. Still in my 20s, I am now earning over six figures in part to my ability to focus on my goals and “show up” strongly in the work place. I took Rose’s Magnetize Money Workshop which further accelerated my ability to function well in the professional world.”

Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading

Julia wasn’t building her client base at work. Although she had excellent acupuncture skills, doing her job exhausted her. So she couldn’t work more than a small number of hours every week.

Incredibly frustrating! There she was, working as hard as she could. Yet coming nowhere close to her financial goals.

What turned that around? A Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading. By researching what actually happened with her consciousness, at different points, while helping her client during a typical acupuncture appointment.

Systematically, Rose pulled out energetic insights from Julia’s aura, meaningful discoveries that made sense to Julia although she’d never been able to put these specifics into words.  Very specific information that totally resonated for Julia!

Next, she and Rose put together a new strategy for approaching those acupuncture consultations. As a result, Julia stopped getting tired. And started doing many more hours of paid work each week.

So that’s great, but maybe you’re wondering…

Why Can a Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading Help You To Evolve Spiritually?

We spiritual seekers can sometimes slip into working way too hard. Never counting how much spiritual work we’re giving away for free, or how many energies are being cleared in ways that can backfire on the healer. In short, piling on well-meant extras that aren’t in their official scope of work.

Ironically, adding those extras can subtract from a person’s growth towards Enlightenment. As well as being just plain tiring.

Fortunately Rose brings a variety of Enlightenment Coaching skills to these sessions, skills expressly developed to discern habits that are surprisingly unproductive.

  • Offering simple, practical solutions is part of a Spiritual Discernment Consult.
  • So is optional homework. Fun to do. Often waking up your creativity.

In case you’re wondering, does Rose have to be familiar with your profession in order to help you? No. Because she knows which questions to ask you, and then what to do with your answers.

Typically Rose will help a client to redirect effort away from something un-enjoyable and difficult, while uncovering new possibilities that are a lot more fun. Your own aura holds the clue to new choices that can make a huge difference for both career success and a more productive flow of consciousness.

In this kind of Enlightenment Coaching Session, it’s like meeting with an efficiency expert… about consciousness.

For some clients, this service has helped them keep their jobs, stop getting stressed out, and becoming more successful than ever. What can it do for you?

“Without RES,  I’d still be endlessly searching for That Thing that makes this crazy life make sense.” 

Important disclaimer: Rose is helping this one client by bringing clarity about his involvement in Healing Touch. His experiences and results from using this form of energy medicine are not necessarily typical. This aura reading research was for one client only. Generously, Joe allowed Rose to share his session with you.

“It’s so true that Aura Reading does bring forth this wave of compassion, enveloping and ever expanding within me. I can’t stop smiling and feeling this incredible joy and gratitude.”

In this video, Rose Rosetree demonstrates a Spiritual Discernment Consult. Joe had spent many years studying the form of energy medicine called Healing Touch, originally developed by Janet Mentgen. But how did this energy work impact his consciousness and spiritual growth?

Before the RES resource of Spiritual Discernment Coaching, Joe had no choice but to guess. Wait until you see what he found out!

If you’re interested in your spiritual evolution, it sure helps to learn about the truth energetically and spiritually. The truth about any skill sets you might learn. Whether for earning a living, for personal growth, or for service to others.

What a contrast there can be between what you’ve been told… versus the energetic impact on your aura.

Overcome Spiritual Addiction

About 10 minutes into his Skype video session with Rose, the strangest thing happened. Her client Jeremy began tapping. In a way this wasn’t surprising, since before starting sessions with Rose he had been very involved in Emotional Freedom Technique (a.k.a.  “EFT” or “Tapping”).

Rose asked Jeremy, “What are you doing?”

He said, “Nothing.”

“Look down,” Rose said. “Take a look at your hands.”

“Oh,” Jeremy said. “I guess I’m tapping on myself. By now it’s pretty automatic.”

Except how hilarious was that! Because Jeremy was already in session for RES Energy Healing. Did he really need to give himself extra healing at the same time? And if that EFT was helping him so much, why was he tapping on himself all day long?

By contrast, RES sessions have helped Jeremy greatly. Through the years, he’s continued to have occasional RES sessions. Sometimes Rose will remind him of that incident and together they chuckle.

Back in the day, Jeremy was really stuck in spiritual addiction. Now he isn’t. What does he have instead? A fabulous job, a long-term love relationship, and a happy life. Also he’s making very good progress towards Enlightenment.

What IS Spiritual Addiction?

People develop habits about all sorts of things — spending hours every day dressing cute, eating junk food, getting up at 3:00 a.m. every morning to train extra-hard for the Olympics. Good or bad, these are human-type habits.

Reading people deeper, people also develop habits about how they use their consciousness, their awareness. According to Rose, these are “consciousness lifestyles.” If we’ve slipped into something unproductive, we can change that consciousness lifestyle.

Sadly, many people have developed unhelpful consciousness lifestyles. This is a relatively new problem. Which Rose believes is related to the “New Vibrational Freedom” available in The Age of Awakening. And, by now, she estimates that 45% of Americans have developed the consciousness lifestyle of spiritual addiction.

With this habit, a person spends way too much time floating around in astral energies. Ironically, spiritual seekers often believe they are spending a lot of time connecting to the Divine, or to “God’s messengers.” Yet energetic literacy skills, like reading energetic holograms, reveal the truth: Unfortunately that person’s positioning of consciousness is astral, not Divine. That’s right. No energetic connection to Divine vibrational frequencies — just some happy thoughts, perhaps, or warm-fuzzy spiritual feelings about being in touch with God.

And guess what else? Many ardent seekers of Enlightenment today have landed in spiritual addiction. Just by following teachings from the Age of Faith, which ended December 21, 2012.

One way or another, it’s very possible that you or someone you love… has moved into spiritual addiction.

So What’s Wrong With That

Spiritual Addiction leads to problems like these:

Career problems

Do you think that your spiritual path and consciousness lifestyle are private? As if you put them completely aside when you go to work?

Actually, consciousness lifestyle shows in your aura all the time.Subconsciously, everybody who works with you notices what’s going on. And the lifestyle of spiritual addiction is a kind of career poison.

  • Like being passed over for promotions. Or even getting fired.
  • Sometimes folks in spiritual addiction feel guided to quit their good, secure employment. Deciding they really “must” do something “more spiritual.” Like become a Reiki master. (How much income do you think is typical for somebody who aims to do Reiki full time. Think the market might be a bit saturated?)

Sadly, the longer the spiritual addiction continues, the worse a person’s job prospects. But, of course, it is possible to overcome spiritual addiction.

Relationship problems

Making friends and dealing with family. Most of us find they’re complicated enough. But, in addition:

  1. Do you feel that most of the people around you are too “materialistic” or “un-spiritual”?
  2. Or do you find that they don’t seem to respect you?
  3. And you can only feel comfortable with others who share your spiritual interests?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, it’s a pretty good tip-off that your life would improve greatly if you had a session with Rose for Enlightenment Coaching.

Chances are, you’re suffering from spiritual addiction. (If not, she’ll find another way to help you.)

Incidentally, what else suffers with spiritual addiction? A person’s sex life.

How Rose Can Help You to Overcome Spiritual Addiction

Although there are many clues to spiritual addiction, the most reliable way to find out is to have Rose use professional-level RES skills of energy reading. Not just accurate aura reading but familiarity with all the Healing Centerpieces you’ll find through this link.

During your session, how long will it take Rose to figure out how best to help you? About one minute. When she does a “Skilled Empath Merge.” (This occurs a few minutes into your session.)

If you’ve got a spiritual addiction, she’ll proceed to help you overcome it. For many clients, one such session is all it takes.

“I was shocked to find out I had spiritual addiction. But I followed what Rose recommended and, you know what? It was absolutely life changing. Problem solved.”

Does Getting Over This Problem Take More Than One Session?

Not usually. But, sometimes, yes, an extra session or two may be needed. If so, don’t feel discouraged. Rose’s long-term clients will tell you, she’s resourceful and has a variety of Really Effective Skills that can help you, as needed.

Most important, please know that you don’t have to live with spiritual addiction. Overcome Spiritual Addiction is a service you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. But the unique combo of RES skill specialties makes it possible.

Overcome Psychological Overwork

Was this a problem? Chloe was practically engaged to Jack. He checked off all the right boxes: successful, good-looking, her family approved.

Only what did Rose learn while facilitating RES sessions for Chloe? Usually she felt very uncomfortable while dating him. Awkward conversations, for instance. Truth be told, the only time Chloe seemed to get along well with Jack… was after they’d shared a bottle of wine.

Oh yes, a problem. Although Chloe didn’t even notice any problems with her “love” relationship. Due to another problem, psychological overwork!

Sadly, psychological overwork causes many problems (as you’ll soon read). Including indifference about what is actually happening in reality. Such as how her boyfriend treated Chloe, and the many other ways it was obvious that their relationship wasn’t bringing Chloe happiness. And most likely, never would.

Back at Chloe, how did Rose help her. As appropriate during one session, Rose broke the news to her about the psychological overwork. Showed her how to overcome it, which Chloe easily did.

And that’s when Chloe’s life really turned around. Not only a more fulfilling social life (without Jack!) but improved relationships with her family and also more success with her career.

What IS Psychological Overwork?

Psychological overwork is caused by something subtle: confusion about positioning of consciousness, or how a person gets in the habit of paying attention to life.

The technical term is “consciousness lifestyle.” Like a “heart healthy lifestyle” versus a lifestyle that involves eating the SAD Diet. Any lifestyle can be changed, right? Well, unhelpful consciousness lifestyles can be changed too.

Bottom line: Due to the consciousness lifestyle of psychological overwork, Chloe was no longer dealing much with reality. Rather, she immersed herself in theories about reality.

Actually, psychological overwork is just one, among several, unhelpful versions of consciousness lifestyle. (Others are spiritual addiction and spiritual shutdown.) These are new kinds of problems, related to having trouble adjusting to The Age of Awakening, which began with the Shift on 12/21/12 and has brought humanity a new vibrational freedom.

Living now, it’s terribly easy to slide into paying attention to subconscious, astral-type vibrational frequencies. Rather than living with awareness positioned at conscious, human-type vibrational frequencies. As a result, a brainy and honest person like Chloe begins to live in a kind of dream world.

Technically, that’s what happens with this problem. But maybe you’re wondering, what’s it like, living in psychological overwork?

How Does That Make You Feel?

Such a mystery, living with psychological overwork! You keep asking yourself questions like:

  • “How does that make you feel?”
  • And “What are Jack’s real motivations, while boring you to death during that dinner date?”
  • And “Which issues of yours cause you to dislike your boyfriend?”

By contrast, what happens if you overcome psychological overwork? Automatically, you become capable of asking questions about what really happens in objective reality. Such as:

  1. Did Jack really talk about himself for 20 minutes straight? (Answer, YES.)
  2. During the entire dinner date, did he ask a single question about your life? (Answer, NO.)
  3. If you’re honest with yourself, do you enjoy spending time with him or not? (Answer, NOT. Except for feeling desperate to check off the lifestyle box: Has a boyfriend.)

And even if Chloe, or others in psychological overwork, were to ask and answer these last three questions, what then? Not much. Because they consider human reality to really be quite empty — compared with the juicy, fun game of psychological self-analysis.

Someone who doesn’t do psychological overwork would conclude it was time to break up with Jack. Whereas what’s more likely to happen for somebody stuck doing psychological overwork? Observations about reality simply give rise to even more fascinating analysis. Such as:

  1. What happened in Jack’s childhood that causes him to talk mostly about himself? And how might I help him?
  2. When Jack didn’t ask me a single question about my life, how did that make me feel? And how can I heal my terribly low self-esteem?
  3. Since I don’t really like spending time with Jack, what’s in it for me that I stay with him anyway? Time to explore my secondary gain!

In short, psychological overwork provides an unending mystery of endless fascination!

Only problem is… It’s bad for you.

But Who Knows About This Problem?

Mental health professionals? No. Actually Chloe was, herself, a mental health professional.

Spiritual teachers? Hardly. Rose has read the auras of many devoted followers of spiritual teachers. Encountering a shockingly high proportion of folks in either spiritual addiction or psychological overwork or a combination of the two.

Life coaches? Psychics? Fitness coaches? Specialties like these don’t include skills for drilling down to the level of chakra databanks, locating the problem of psychological overwork, or knowing how to help a client to get past this problem.

At this time, it takes an RES expert to find this problem. And also to give clients effective help for overcoming it.

Basically, what happens if you’re stuck in psychological overwork? Nobody announces that to you. Unless it shows up as a Healing Centerpiece in an RES session.

Rose can accurately identify this problem due to Stage Three Energetic Literacy (or better). Plus her understanding about today’s new vibrational freedom .

Moving Towards a Solution Vs. Stuck in a Vicious Cycle


If you’re stuck doing psychological overwork, over time it can get worse. As in psychiatric hospitalizations. Or turning to substances like wine or weed to ease the inner pain.

But the good news is, Rose can help you solve the problem of psychological overwork. If you’ve got it. Whether you have it or not, Rose can help you to grow emotionally and spiritually. Helping you one session at a time.

So if you’ve been worrying about being stuck psychologically, please, do yourself this favor. Book a session of Enlightenment Coaching, just one. Because that may be enough to bring you more peace of mind. Will Overcome Psychological Overwork become the centerpiece for helping you? Whether yes or no, Rose can help you move forward faster on your path of personal growth, self-actualization or, even, Enlightenment.

Understanding Spiritual Shutdown

Manuel, a long-term spiritual seeker, was caught in a bind. He wanted to be “good” and “do the right thing.” Family members were pressuring him to travel across the country to spend a few days celebrating Christmas with his relatives. Manuel found himself dreading the prospect, so he set up a session of Enlightenment Coaching with Rose to get some relief. (Which he got.)

Rose asked Manuel to email a photo of these relatives. This was easy, since Manuel had a recent group picture from the previous year’s holiday gathering.

What happened when Rose did aura reading research of these family members? She found that two were in spiritual addiction, one was probably a pothead, one was doing okay! And eight of them were in spiritual shutdown.

Manuel validated Rose’s findings about the pothead and the one who was doing okay. As for the rest, Manuel extended his session by an hour. Since he thought it was worth paying a bit extra to learn specific details about what was going on with each person’s consciousness. Because he’d known these people for years: his sister, her brother-in-law, and so forth. Only he had no idea why, over the years, it had become excruciating to spend time with them.

In this article, you can learn the essentials about spiritual shutdown. Discover how a session of Understanding Spiritual Shutdown can help you to deal with people in your life who aren’t doing too well, consciousness-wise.

What IS Spiritual Shutdown

Due to the Shift into The Age of Awakening, all human adults are now energy sensitive (if they weren’t already. Manuel, for instance, had been energy sensitive since childhood).

Because you’re reading this website, it’s likely that you have been grateful for this energy sensitivity. Living now, your only challenge is learning how to use that sensitivity wisely.

One way of understanding the Age of Awakening is this:

All human beings now have energy sensitivity. Plus a new vibrational freedom for positioning consciousness. When we use this freedom wisely, we can greatly accelerate our spiritual progress.

We’re living in a new era on earth, when millions of people can move into Enlightenment. And not just Traditional Enlightenment but the new kind available now, Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

What’s a Different Way to Adjust? Spiritual Shutdown

Unfortunately, millions of people dislike their new vibrational freedom, preferring to hunker down and stay “safe.” Regarding their energy sensitivity, these folks push it into denial. For instance:

  • By refusing to grow spiritually.
  • By holding fast to a fundamentalist religion. Supposedly that is “The Way, The Only Way.”
  • Preferring “How things used to be,” whether personally or politically.
  • And even making fun of people like you.

Of course, spiritual shutdown also has an energetic signature, easily identified by skills of Stage Three Energetic Literacy. You can find many examples at Rose’s blog by searching under “spiritual shutdown.”

Even If Not Exactly Your Problem,
Why Can This Still Sorta Be Your Problem?

Maybe that idea seems odd, booking an RES session because of spiritual shutdown. Because it’s highly unlikely that anyone who’s actually living in spiritual shutdown would have the slightest interest in this website.

Surprising or not? Doing RES Sessions from 1986 until the present, Rose Rosetree has never had a single client in spiritual shutdown come for a session. And she’d know, because every one of her sessions includes a Skilled Empath Merge, helping her to learn very rapidly about each client.

So it’s a sure bet that you don’t have any problem directly with spiritual shutdown. But how about indirectly? What if your spouse has developed this problem, maybe your parent or child? Or your employer!

On the day of your appointment, email a headshot of that person to Rose. And then let help begin. Because one of the trickiest parts of your spiritual path right now could involve dealing with a significant other in spiritual shutdown. Which is where Rose can help.

How Rose Can Help You Deal with Problems
Caused by Significant Others in Spiritual Shutdown

The founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality has more than one way to help you. What she does in your session will depend upon:

  • Your intention for the session (What you’re hoping to change)
  • What shows up in the aura of the person you believe might be in spiritual shutdown
  • And which skill set(s) for helping you would be most appropriate.

Long story short, don’t give up on your relationship with that person in spiritual shutdown. But don’t expect to change that person either. Instead, expect your session to help you, the client.

Overall, Understanding Spiritual Shutdown can help you to solve human-type problems with more compassion and understanding. And, in the process, accelerate your path to Enlightenment.

Spiritual Awakening Integration

In his first session, Sebastian told Rose how he loved going to Non-Duality retreats. Where he would sit with someone in Enlightenment (supposedly) and then aim to catch those good vibes. So that he could experience more awakening than ever.

A concerned friend had asked Sebastian to do a bit of Enlightenment Coaching with Rose. Before pursuing this interest further. Evidently each of these retreats left Sebastian more convinced than ever that he was in Enlightenment, or close. Although his friend had a different opinion: that Sebastian was becoming increasingly out of touch with reality.

Who was right? Here’s all it took to bring clarity: Doing the Skilled Empath Merge that is standard with any kind of personal session Rose facilitates (save for the Face Readings).

What became clear? Sebastian had enjoyed some lovely experiences of spiritual awakening. Yet they hadn’t been integrated at all. At the rate he was going, Sebastian was headed for serious problems.

Fortunately, Rose had the skills to help turn this around. Sebastian’s session turned into Enlightenment Coaching, with the centerpiece of Spiritual Awakening Integration. Weeks later, Sebastian returned for a follow-up session. After just a couple of weeks, Sebastian’s life had returned to being rooted in his human experience. So he could start making progress again. Not only progress in his human relationships and career. But also — ironically — Sebastian was back to making real progress in his spiritual evolution.

Ironic but true! An awakening experience, misunderstood, can set back your spiritual growth for years. Yes, set it back. Even if you’re feeling blissful. And if others who are similarly blissful keep encouraging you to go for more-more-more.

Consumer Smarts for Spiritual Seekers

Badly integrated spiritual awakening experiences are a problem. Not just a sign of something wonderful. Despite feeling blissful or, even, believing that you have found the purpose of your life. (According to many popular voices on the internet, the goal of life is to get yourself more and more experiences of spiritual awakening. Not something that Rosetree would recommend.)

Why could something that feels so good actually be so bad for someone like Sebastian? Because his problems in that first session, weren’t just due to “unpacking.” Or other terms used by enlightenment experts who lack energetic literacy skills but encourage any and all far-out experiences of “awakening.”

Rose recommends that you look with a skeptical eye on any Enlightenment experts who:

  • Use words like awake and awakened as substitutes for being in Enlightenment. (Technically these are quite different.)
  • Advise you to close your eyes, relax, and let yourself be transformed by the group energy. (Or by sitting in the presence of your so-special Enlightenment guru.)
  • “Evolve faster” by spending time with other people who are “awakened.” (Solid aura reading research proves that this isn’t true at all.)

To evolve faster in the long run, avoid this kind of approach. It won’t help you gain Enlightement, not really. By contrast…

What Happens in a Session for Spiritual Awakening Integration

Rose will tell you exactly what is going on in your aura. Specific information about your own chakra databanks.

  • What if you’re doing well, integrating one or more experiences of spiritual awakening? Then Rose can give you a custom-designed program for continuing to progress steadily along your spiritual path.
  • Also possible: Rose will be able to flag if you’re having a hard time integrating your spiritual awakening. Again, she will be able to discuss with you what will, and won’t, work to help you progress along your spiritual path.
  • Rose can also pull out an energetic hologram of your awakening experiencing. Delivering insights into what was really happening, spiritually and energetically. Speaking plain English. Wouldn’t you like to know?

As an experienced Enlightenment Coach, Rose has guided people like you all the way through to the permanent state of consciousness called Enlightenment. She honors each person’s unique sacred path. With the utmost respect for your free will, Rose Rosetree can help you to build upon your beautiful experiences of spiritual awakening… in a way that helps you to get what you’re seeking.

Why Book a Session for Spiritual Awakening Integration?

Any of these would count as a great reason:

  1. You’re thinking of changing your job, due to an experience of spiritual integration.
  2. You feel as though something in your life has to change, if you’re going to keep evolving.
  3. Regarding somebody who’s been spiritually influential — you wonder if you might be going overboard about that relationship.
  4. You feel spiritually stuck.
  5. Ever since your experience of spiritual awakening, you keep noticing energies.
  6. After your spiritual awakening, you’ve suddenly become an empath. (According to what you’ve read online, other than at Rose Rosetree’s website.)
  7. Trying to figure out which kind of spiritual practice to do… has new urgency because you care so much now about your spiritual evolution.

Rose Rosetree has helped clients deal with all these concerns, and more. As an Enlightenment Coach, she would love to help you. Nothing in RES is closer to her heart.

Enlightenment Validation

When it came to gaining Enlightenment, Liane had no expectations whatsoever. After her Enlightenment Validation, as she wrote in a guest post, “I’m a little embarrassed that I had to research… What being in enlightenment means.”

By contrast, Mandeep knew a lot about Enlightenment. Actively pursuing it for years! And yet, blogging about his Enlightenment Validation with Rose: “The Enlightenment Validation session was a wonderful surprise.”

Why don’t people necessarily know when they move into Enlightenment? Whether they know much about Enlightenment yet or not!

Good question. Here are some of the answers:

  • The energetic signature of Enlightenment is complex.
  • And also subtle, not showing on the surface of life.
  • Many people today are confused by what they’ve learned about Enlightenment.

Especially confusing: Today’s Age of Awakening Enlightenment is quite different from Traditional Enlightenment. Many students of spiritual self-realization are very familiar with the latter. But now that we’re living in The Age of Awakening, it’s time to learn about the new game in town.

Rose Rosetree has helped clients move into both types of Enlightenment. Really it’s your soul’s choice, which one develops. Either way, this Enlightenment Coach has the skills and knowledge required for Enlightenment Validation.

If you think that flagging Enlightenment is easy, try this. Go onto the most popular post at Rose’s blog, her Enlightenment Life List. Check out the comments section, loaded with nominations of people who weren’t in Enlightenment at all.

Why Enlightenment Validation Matters

As you may know, for 16 years Rose worked for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, spending at least a year of her life… literally at his feet.

Maharishi used to tell this teaching tale about the importance of knowing if you’re in Enlightenment:

A man is walking outside when he sees a big sparkly rock on the side of the road. Thinking it looks pretty, he picks up the rock and sticks it in his pocket.

But after a few days, he decides to throw it away. Sure, that rock sparkles. But it’s also quite heavy.

Wouldn’t that man have a different attitude towards his “burden” if somebody pointed this out to him? “You’re carrying a diamond.”

In Reality, Why Enlightenment Validation Matters.

Back in the day, Maharishi was telling an ancient-type parable. For Rose’s clients, living now, Enlightenment Validation is very practical.

  • You find out IF you’re in that long-term higher state of consciousness.
  • You learn WHY Rose determines this is the case for you.
  • And you’ll explore some useful Q&A about Enlightenment. Because clients usually have quite a few questions. News of Enlightenment brings up questions that are highly personal. And important to answer.

Incidentally, what if you aren’t in Enlightenment yet? You would find that out, too. However, you’ll only experience this session centerpiece if Rose decides it would be appropriate. Clients don’t choose this one!

And Rose chooses it only if she’s quite sure that you probably are in Enlightenment.  So far, she’s been right every time. But the process she uses would reveal if her client were merely close. With inspiration and encouragement included in that session.

What Happens with Enlightenment Validation

Rose researches your aura in considerable detail, sharing her findings with you as she goes. When finished, if she finds that you’re in Enlightenment, she’ll congratulate you. And then answer your questions.

  1. You can read one account of Enlightenment Validation here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”
  2. Next up is a follow-up guest post from her client Her Enlightenment Guest Post
  3. Another article stars a long-time blog contributor, a former atheist, after she moved into Traditional Enlightenment. As documented here.
  4. While this next RES client could have moved into Traditional Enlightenment. But her soul was holding out for Age of Awakening Enlightenment. Once she found her way to Enlightenment Coaching with Rose, she quickly moved into that higher state of consciousness.
  5. Finally, here’s a two-part guest post from another client who received Enlightenment Validation: Part One and Part Two

Spiritual Growth Practices

Contrary to what you might have been told, meditation is no longer necessary in order to gain Enlightenment. In fact, some of the people Rose personally helped to move into Enlightenment were invited to stop meditating altogether. Or to cut down, greatly, on the amount of time they devoted to meditation.

What works for everyone, regardless of spiritual and psychological background?

You’re welcome to pick and choose from any form of personal growth practice, in moderation; a.k.a. “20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.” What matters most for selecting these techniques? Only do practices that deliver what they claim.

No, there’s no surefire app for discerning that.

But yes, there’s an RES Enlightenment Coaching session for that. Including some of the following Session Centerpieces. (Read more about them below by clicking on the appropriate tab.)

  • Finding Your Path
  • Consciousness Positioning™ Consults
  • Spiritual Discernment Consults

Seeking Enlightenment Today, You'll Also Need This

Spiritual Integration — that matters enormously.

Because Spiritual Growth Practices help you to start using your potential. A fine opening into using more love, light, and power, etc.

But Spiritual Integration means making this real. Productive. Translating into what you say and do.

You might even say, gets you past spiritual growth that’s pie in the sky. Making that newly discovered potential sticky, in terms of your human sense of self!

To be specific, this integration means bringing what you’ve learned and experienced into everyday life.

Because inspiration alone doesn’t equate to Enlightenment.

All Energy HEALING Sessions of RES can help with integration. In addition, Rose may select one of the Session Centerpieces that falls under the category of Enlightenment Coaching. (Read more about them below by clicking on the appropriate tab.)

  • Causational AGREEMENT Transformation™
  • Causational BELIEF Transformation™
  • Make Money Profile

Co-Creating with God

Many seekers of Enlightenment don’t yet know they are worthy of co-creating with the Divine. Or that it’s even possible.

Yes and yes, for sure!

Long before attaining Enlightenment… Rose can teach you skills about how to co-create with the Divine Being of your choice.

According to Rose: Does co-creating with God this have anything to do with religion? Not one bit. For example, one of the folks on my Enlightenment Life List still doesn’t like to use the word “God.” So we use a name that works just as effectively, “Highest Power.”

With the exception of Face Reading Secrets®, every RES skill set you choose to learn will help you to co-create with God. Plus there are skills you might learn elsewhere that also involve Divine co-creation.

Okay, So I Can Co-Create.
Why Would That Help Me Gain Enlightenment?

Rose could give you many theoretical reasons. If you want to turn one of your personal sessions into a lengthy discussion, she’s game.

Meanwhile, here’s the short answer:

It works.

That’s right, co-creating with the Divine can greatly accelerate your spiritual and psychological progress. Even if you’re totally skeptical.

Using a pseudonym, Primmie began commenting at Rose’s blog in 2010. Her path was psychological healing. As for spiritual growth, this guest post from 2014 recounts how she was a committed atheist.

Until that changed, due to an experience of spiritual awakening.

In 2017, she wrote another guest post. Under her real name, Christine. Recently, Rose had facilitated the ultimate technique as an Enlightenment Coach: Enlightenment Validation.

Seeking Enlightenment NOW

In bygone days, how would you move towards Enlightenment? Renouncing worldly success, celibate, and determined to banish all ego-involvement…

Most likely, you would follow a guru. Aiming to gain a higher state of consciousness:

  1. Partly through contact with that spiritual authority figure.
  2. Partly you’d seek “darshan,” a kind of spiritual blessing caught from your wise teacher.
  3. Mostly you’d seek self-realization by doing exactly what your guru told you to do. Strict obedience. (Perhaps required by your monastic vow!)

That guru would assign your next project on your path towards self-realization. Well…

No Longer A Full-Time Job

Today, seeking spiritual Enlightenment doesn’t have to become your full-time job. Not does the question for psychological wholeness.

Rose has helped quite a few people move into Enlightenment. And not one had to become a full-time monk or nun or a celibate priest!

Haven’t You Read The Traditional Tales?

Tales of suffering and sacrifice, required for spiritual liberation.

As in stories of Buddhist masters who would physically hit the aspiring seeker, delivering a dramatic wake-up call.

But all that happened during the bygone Age of Faith. Which ended (totally not-dramatically) on December 21, 2012.

Now we live in The Age of Awakening. Spiritual evolution is different now. And RES sessions of Energy HEALING can help you progress extra-rapidly along your chosen spiritual path.

“I find it beautiful (and holy) that we are able to get to the seed value of things by positioning consciousness through RES techniques.”

Good To Know

Below, and in the linked descriptions of Enlightenment Coaching Sessions, you’ll find many examples, based on Rose’s experience with clients, names changed to protect confidentiality. Testimonial quotes come from Rose’s clients, either direct quotes or paraphrased.

Of course, these descriptions below of RES Enlightenment Coaching Sessions are meant to illustrate the kind of benefit received, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive the identical benefits as the stories cited here.

Also Useful To Know

RES Resources can make a huge difference for helping to accelerate your progress towards Enlightenment.

However, Rose’s workshops and books are taught for self-help only. They do not approach the expertise of a personal session of RES Enlightenment Coaching.

So, when you’re ready for these distinctive kinds of assistance, reach out to Rose.

Frequently Asked Questions

In these sessions, does Rose work like “your guru,” telling you where you need to grow in order to move towards Enlightenment?

Never. Bring your own intention for the session, because you’re the world’s expert on your human life. Choose a problem in your life around emotional and spiritual growth that you’re trying to solve.

Would it be helpful for you to tell Rose what you think is the next step on your path? Or what somebody else, like your meditation teacher, tells you should be your next step?

Never. When in session with Rose, bring a human-type problem you’d like to solve. In The Age of Awakening, our human life — and related problems — are the equivalent of old-time living in the ashram or convent or monastery. Where the spiritual authority figure would tell us how to improve.

Life itself reveals ways of being stuck. Choose your priority area for getting un-stuck. And then Rose will support that.

Proceeding in this way, Rose has helped a growing number of people to move into Enlightenment.

During these sessions, does Rose ever drop hints about how you can move into Enlightenment? (Akin to cryptic assignments like “Listen for the sound of one hand clapping.”)

Never. As an Enlightenment Coach, and also as a person, Rose considers hinting to be a lousy way to communicate with anyone.

During my session, is it important for me to tell Rose about my experiences of spiritual awakening?

Not unless asked. Because Rose will do a Skilled Empath Merge towards the start of your session. This will reveal directly how you come to the session, aura-wise.

Spiritual language is not standardized. It’s possible that you may mean one thing by spiritual awakening while Rose means something else. Direct experience cuts through any confusion, allowing Rose to make her assessment of how best to help you… right now.

What if I really, really, want to understand what happened to my aura during an awakening experience?

Simply tell Rose. She will draw on the skills of RES Energy READING Sessions. Keeping the intention you have for your session about spiritual growth. Easy-peasy!