Eric had wanted to study with Rose for a long time. Personal Mentoring especially appealed to him as the easiest way for him to learn. Finally, Eric stopped putting off the idea and made his appointment. Those five hours flew by and, along the way, he learned a lot!

Rebecca was a single mother with three young children. No way would it have been easy for her to fly all the way out to Virginia to take any in-person workshops. Instead, Rebecca found it far more convenient to schedule Personal Mentoring according to her own schedule, enjoying her studies so much, she might even become an RES Apprentice.

Kevin really enjoyed a workshop he took with Rose. Months afterwards, he had accumulated many questions, so he booked a Day of Mentoring to satisfy his growing curiosity about more advanced aspects of the skills he’d mastered from the workshop.

What is Personal Mentoring with Rose Rosetree?

  • In human terms, it’s a way to solve problems. If there’s an emotional or spiritual or energetic component, Rose will do what she can to help you.
  • Alternatively, personal mentoring can serve you differently. As a way to learn about RES skills. Advancing your understanding. Moving at your own pace. And enjoying a personal, information interaction with Rose that is 100% focused on teaching you.

Take one of these mentoring sessions. Maybe follow up with extra mentoring. Totally up to you.

Just as the learning is geared towards your style of learning, going at the speed that’s most comfortable for you.

Maybe Rose will use Energy READING Skills, or Energy HEALING Skills. Perhaps there will be some Empath Empowerment Coaching. Or even Enlightenment Coaching. Of course, Rose moves fluidly through all these skills. She’ll find what’s best to help you.

This morning I was in awe as I spent over an hour [working on my project of choice]. And enjoying it and feeling like myself as I was doing it. And I still feel normal.

This was absolutely unheard of before now. In the past I would have to really bend myself out of shape and it would impact me for a long time, making it not worth it to even try. I would end up feeling so weird and upset from pushing myself that it didn’t even feel safe to do. Not anymore!

Choose From One of the Following Topics

You choose the RES skill set. Depending on your skill level,
Rose will meet you where you are and help to advance your knowledge.

Another way to benefit from personal mentoring is to book a session to help with a project where you are stuck. Or a relationship where you’re stuck.

Together with Rose, you’ll improvise a session that draws upon the full range of Rose’s problem-solving knowledge and experience, RES style.

RES Energy READING Skills

Look at the Workshop section of this website. Also check out the Books section about the Energy Reading Skills.

Anything there, you can make it the subject of your next session Personal Mentoring.

RES Energy HEALING Skills

Look at the Workshop section of this website. Also check out the Books section about the Energy Reading Skills.  Rose will teach you what can help you with self-healing.

Important To Know:

  • If you wish to be mentored in how to cut cords of attachment, there is a requirement. For your benefit, a prerequisite is Aura Reading Level 1.
  • Also, if you wish to help others with RES Energy HEALING Skills, please be clear. First you’ll apply for the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, receive additional mentoring as an Apprentice. After graduating as an RES Practitioner, only then is it appropriate to work with clients or present yourself online as “Having studied with Rose Rosetree.”

Empath Empowerment Coaching

Personal Mentoring can be a helpful supplement to Rose’s books and workshops for empaths. It’s recommended that you begin with a Short Mentoring Session.

Before booking this type of session, you might also wish to take a look at personal sessions of Empath Empowerment skills. Because these sessions can improve your quality of life.

However, what if you really care most about gaining clarity about being an empath? Such as moving forward if you’ve already tried other approaches you have tried for helping yourself as an empath. And you’re wondering what to keep. What to let go. By all means, select a Short Mentoring Session because it could help you a lot!

Enlightenment Coaching

Depending on how much background you have in pursuing Enlightenment, a Short Mentoring Session Might be helpful initially.

Of if you’ve suddenly had a breakthrough experience of spiritual awakening, you might likewise wish to begin with a Short Mentoring Session of Enlightenment Coaching.

Before booking this type of session, you might also wish to take a look at personal sessions of Enlightenment Coaching skills.

10 Reasons to Choose Personal Mentoring

  • #1. Flexibility. Regarding time, choose from either 55 minutes (currently $150) or 5 hours (usually done in two chunks of 2 1/2 hours each). Regarding place, either meet in person or do your consulting via phone or Skype webcam. So you have plenty of choice about logistics.
  • #2. Ultra-Personal and Confidential. Feel free to ask about problems or questions that are very personal. Where else are you going to ask them except during a session like this? Sure, in other types of session you’ll be saying a little about yourself, but Personal Mentoring gives you a chance to talk for as long as you like, ask whatever you like.

    Note: Many newbies are tempted to send Rose emails asking for free advice, etc. Please do not assume that Rose will decide to help you because your suffering is so interesting or you’re such a talented empath, etc. Or because once you paid for one of her books.

    Because emails like this arrive on a regular basis, Rose has needed to develop a policy about not responding to any of them. Not responding, period. Better: Ask Rose your questions during a personal session. Then she can help you.

  • #3. Deepen Your Knowledge. Feel free to ask any question about any skill set that Rose teaches. Or ask questions about her workshops and books. Can you skip from one topic to another? Sure. You set the agenda.
    Ideal If You’re Super-Busy. Schedule at your convenience and learn at your own pace, choosing exactly what you want to learn. No travel time needed for in-person workshops.
  • #4. Fast-Track to RES Apprentice. Required before you apply? Certain courses, which you may take either as in-person workshops, online workshops… or personal mentoring. Waiting until different workshops are offered — that could take years. So one RES enthusiast qualified to apply in less than a year, thanks to Personal Mentoring. Now he’s a bright light of the RES Experts community, on track to become a Practitioners.
  • #5. “I Want It Now!” Personal Mentoring makes it easy for you to take any RES workshop you like. What you want. When you want it.
  • #6. “I Want It More Detailed!” Granted, participants in RES In-Person Workshops love the personal attention, the chance to ask questions on the workshop topic. And students who take Rose’s Online Workshops also get to interact a great deal. (Important to Rose, who builds interactive Forums into every single workshop beyond the Free Intro Level.) However, nothing is better than Personal Mentoring for asking your personal questions and sharing your stories, going into as much detail as you want. Bring your list of questions and ask away.
  • #7. Unstuck, Phew! What if you’ve been learning Empath Empowerment® from one of Rose’s books. (Or her online workshop series.) And it isn’t easy. You’re not having fun. Maybe you even feel stuck. Personal Mentoring is your ticket to moving forward, solving problems that don’t have to remain.
  • #8. Get The Goodies. Handouts and worksheets from Rose’s official workshops — you’ll get them by email or handed to you in person. Adding structure to your studies. Have you ever taken either in-person workshops with Rose? Or her online workshops? Then you know that Rose gives you the equivalent of a textbook, one skill set at a time, one handout our worksheet at a time. These are yours in Personal Mentoring, as well.
  • #9. Always More To Teach You. Suppose that you’ve done just great with one of Rose’s books or workshops. But you’ve got a hankering for more, more, more. Do you have any idea how much more Rose can teach you?

    Here’s a hint. At the time of The Big Website Redesign of 2017, Rose had begun or completed 27 additional books and CDs. None of them published yet.

    Each of these resources brims over with content that you could ask about in your Personal Mentoring, because they’re more advanced info about RES Energy READING, RES Energy HEALING, Empath Empowerment® Coaching, or Enlightenment Coaching.

    Loads of useful knowledge in reserve — get yourself some through Personal Mentoring.

  • #10. Make the Most of Your Trip. It’s not unusual for RES clients to come to town for a session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. Long as you’re visiting, consider adding some personal mentoring to the mix. Doing that 5-hour chunk o’ learning can immerse you in a skill set you’ve already studied. Or learn something new.

What If You Think You’re In Enlightenment. Or close.

Please don’t expect this Enlightenment Coach to act like a guru. Rose doesn’t believe in treating clients that way. Nor does she approach Enlightenment like today’s Non-Duality Teachers or Spiritual Awakening Celebrities.

So here’s some down-to-earth advice from Rose.

Please do not book Personal Mentoring for Enlightenment Coaching because you wish for Rose to confirm that you’re in Enlightenment, or close to it. Many of the above-mentioned experts lack energetic literacy skills. Sadly, they often encourage students to drift farther and farther away from reality. Even while praising their “progress.”

Only you know your true motivations in booking a session. If deep down, you want confirmation of Enlightenment, you really might receive more from a regular session of RES Energy READING.

Regardless of whether you book a session of Enlightenment Coaching, did you know this? Rose includes a Skilled Empath Merge in every kind of session except for Face Reading. If she believes you might be in Enlightenment, she’ll do her Enlightenment Validation procedure.

Whichever way you prefer to go, Rose will support your intention as best she can.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m not confident about learning, can Rose teach me anyway?

Personal Mentoring is an excellent way to solve problems that go under the heading of “Not enough confidence.”  Results from your mentoring could, thus, go beyond the specifics of what you’ll be studying.

Is it okay if I study with Rose to enhance my other studies in psychic development?

Very important to ask! Before the Shift into The Age of Awakening (12/21/12), Rose welcomed all students, regardless of what they were otherwise studying. Sadly, though, certain types of personal development are no longer compatible with RES.

Specifically, what if you’re interested in talking with spirit guides, channeling, mediumship, or other aspects of psychic development? It’s in your best interest to delay any Personal Mentoring in RES skills… until you’re willing to stop those other activities for as long as you study with Rose.

Could I save money by organizing Personal Mentoring with a group of friends? Since Rose charges by the time, not the number of people.

This option is no longer available. Benefit from past experience when Rose tells you, adding even one extra person won’t save you money, and you won’t learn faster, either.

  • Better to bring your friends along with you and take an In-Person Workshop together.
  • Or each of you could enroll in the same RES Online Workshop. Have fun engaging with each other, additional course participants, and Rose — especially at the Forum for every lesson.

Does one 5-hour Day of Mentoring give me the equivalent of one in-person workshop?

No. Sometimes two Days of Mentoring can be enough, but not usually. Of course, you can stop learning at any point. You may feel satisfied with just one 5-hour personal learning.

The good news is that you receive depth learning, tailored to what you need. Flexible as a custom-made pair of gloves!

What if I want to do Personal Mentoring to nail down a requirement to become an RES Apprentice? And I’m not that interested, really. Can’t I do just the essential parts in one Day of Mentoring? Like, I want to learn Rose’s 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. Apparently it’s a prerequisite now that first I have to learn some aura reading. Could I do a sort of Aura Reading quickie?

Sorry, no. RES workshops have an excellent reputation because the skills are taught properly. In the case of cutting cords of attachment, there’s more to it than most people think right now. Although Rose is very flexible with Personal Mentoring, she doesn’t cut corners in teaching.

If you’re interested in learning RES Energy HEALING skills and, for now, you aren’t thrilled at the idea of developing energetic literacy… Here’s an idea. Take Rose’s Spiritually Sparkling® Online Workshops when they become available — aiming for late 2018 or early 2019. That way you will learn powerful, practical skills… and no aura reading is required.

“I truly felt like I was part of a community but in the comfort of my own home.”