For Your Aura READING or Aura RESEARCH
How to Choose Photos

For Most Energy Spirituality Sessions with Rose, You Won’t Require Photos.

However, photos will make a big difference if you are planning on

  • Aura research. Such as Soul Thrill Aura Research®, where another person is involved.
  • Likewise it’s wise to furnish pix related to an RES Energy HEALING session that you would like to center around a particular person in your life.

What if you don’t supply these pictures? To some degree, this may limit how much Rose can help you.

More likely, you may lose time from your personal session, hunting for photographs and sending them via email. So it’s better to send any pix you and Rose might use.

  • Always send this kind of email on the day of the session only.
  • Do not expect Rose to keep track of photographs sent on a day that you don’t have a session. She will delete them, due to the volume of correspondence received.
  • If Rose doesn’t use them, no problem.
  • In short, providing suitable photos on the day of your session is your responsibility. And it will work to your advantage. 🙂

Here Come Some General Guidelines for Choosing Photos for Your Energy Spirituality Session with Rose


CAREFULLY read the following instructions. Otherwise you may send photographs that Rose cannot use. All of these standards are given to you for a reason. So help Rose to help YOU.

  1. DO NOT SEND images that are unfocused, in dim light, or shot from a far distance.
  2. DO NOT SEND photos with nudity.
  3. DO NOT SEND a photo with any part of the head (or hairstyle) cropped off.
  4. Also, DO NOT SEND photos and ask us to pre-approve them; we no longer have the time to do so.  If you follow these guidelines and follow the instructions supplied below, your photos will be fine.
  5. On the day of your Energy Spirituality session with Rose (not before), please email your photos to her at
  6. The photos you send should either be one-click attachments to your email or else cut-and-pasted onto an email that you send Rose. (No opening up Linked-in or Facebook, etc. You’re responsible for sending appropriate pictures.)
  7. Please make sure the face on the photo is big enough to be clearly visible.  Send as many as three photos per person, no more.
  8. Choose a head shot or other photograph, taken from a front angle.
  9. The person in the photo should be alone, not touching any other person or animal.
  10. Relatively recent photographs are preferable for Soul Thrill Aura Research® about possible employers, physicians and other consultants, prospective dates and roommates. Don’t give yourself a hard time over this, though. Pictures don’t necessarily have to be current. An old photo is better than no photo.
  11. However, what if you’re aiming for a session of RES Energy HEALING about a particular relationship? Then your photograph of that person can come from decades ago, if necessary. Due to skills that Rose can use like pulling out an Energetic Hologram from an incident of concern to you!

Rose is looking forward to being of service to you during each and every session of Energy Spirituality.

Important! Carefully Read these Further Instructions for Choosing Photos

For each person whose aura Rose might read for you…

Send at least one head shot, taken from a front angle.

This is an example.

  1. Horizontally, the camera angle is level.
  2. Vertically, the camera angle is level.
  3. The face is quite upright. (Not tilted to one side.)
  4. The person cannot be touching an animal or human being.
  5. Is a photo suitable for aura reading if your research person is lying down? No.
  6. Or is meditating? Or sleeping? Or simply has eyes closed? No, no, and no.
  7. How about holding a guitar or other object that covers up part of the person’s face or body? Ha, you’re catching on.
  8. And you do remember, no photo with any part of the face or hairstyle cropped off, right?
  9. And will this surprise you? No pix where the person is posing along with an alcoholic beverage, or is probably drunk. (Yes, Rose will be able to tell. Beyond that, she won’t be able to research the person in that picture.)
  10. Likewise, avoid photos where the person is stoned on drugs. (Yes, Rose will be able to tell. Beyond that, she won’t be able to research the person in that picture.)

Fortunately, we’re living in a world where many photographs are available. Plus, you probably know how to copy a photo or use a screenshot — pasting it onto your email. So YOU can go into Linked-In or Facebook, etc. and still manage to send Rose a one-click email.

Does Rose Ever Need a Photo of YOU for an Energy Spirituality Session?

Only if you’ve chosen a session of Face Reading.

Other situations that might require a photo are rare. Rose will tell you about this if it comes up (highly unlikely).