RES Skills for You.

Skills that Work Now in the Age of Awakening.

Adult education — that’s what we’ll be doing together.

Did you know this sweet little secret? Many educators — not just me — prefer to teach adult ed. These are courses offered outside the standard programs in grammar school, middle school, high school, or college. To put it bluntly, you adult learners are the best!

How come? As an adult learner, you value the learning. You’re motivated.

“Rose’s workshops are better than any college course I have ever taken. Skills are thoroughly explained and practiced in class. There are plenty of handouts for notation and later reference. Discussions are lively and fun!”

Energy Spirituality Workshops. In Person. When Responsible to Offer in 2020

Pray Like God's Grownup WORKSHOP
Awaken Your Photographic Intelligence Workshop
Age of Awakening Enlightenment Secrets Workshop

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“Every lesson is like eating the center out of the pan of brownies.... they're all the good part!”

RES Energy READING Skills

Are you energy sensitive? Change your life by developing really effective skills for reading people’s energies.

RES Energy HEALING Skills

Emotional and spiritual growth, in ways that improve your life — that’s the purpose of these RES skills for energy healing.

Empath Empowerment® Coaching

1 in 20 people is an empath. Are you? Unskilled empaths suffer. But every empath can develop effortless, simple skills that make you a skilled empath.

Age of Awakening Enlightenment Coaching

In this Age of Awakening, millions of souls are growing fast. But Enlightenment doesn’t just happen. Learn how RES coaching can help.

Professional Training

It’s an amazing opportunity to study personally with the Founder of RES and learn the unique skills that she makes available.