Love Yourself More, Respect Yourself More, Like Yourself More

Bold Empath, you’ve come a long way from that Free Intro. Plus, Empath 101 has helped you to make important discoveries about yourself. Discoveries leading to the start of Empath Empowerment®.

And yet, maybe you’re not quite as effective as you might be. Not quite as forceful in relationships. Or comfortable with yourself. Nor as successful as you have the potential to be.

Although you’ve stopped doing most of those unskilled empath merges, could you still feel betwixt and between?

As if you’ve begun to taste more empowerment for your everyday human self. Yet this only tempts you to savor even more — about how your life could be as a fully skilled empath.

Savoring what? Delicious clarity about your life. Delectable confidence. More yumminess in your life, more and more!

Take it from Rose, growing pains like these aren’t just your experience. Instead, every single empath must go through the stage of growth that you’re in after taking Empath 101. Here’s her question to you:

  • Will you just trust “time” to take care of things?
  • Or would you prefer to zoom forward and rapidly attain a much higher level of Empath Empowerment?

If your answer is “Zoom,” good news! Because this advanced online workshop was developed precisely to help you… where you’re at right now.

These lessons won’t only strengthen you as an empath. You’ll learn skills to strengthen your own self-knowledge as an individual.

That self-knowledge won’t be merely theoretical, either. Expect to make some very personal discoveries that lead you to accept yourself more as a person. (And probably you’ll achieve a far greater degree of confidence and self-acceptance than you can even imagine right now.)

Why? Think about what you know so far from taking Rose Rosetree’s workshops for Empath Empowerment®. The point has always been to improve your life, right?

  • Not merely to give you great knowledge.
  • Nor just to help you awaken more clarity about being yourself… in all your wonderful, quirky, uniqueness.
  • Once again, this course for empaths will deliver leading-edge knowledge. Empath Empowerment® skills that grow even stronger and sweeter over time.

Note: A prerequisite for taking this workshop is completing Empath 101.

Extra note: Graduating from this workshop will be required before Rose can train you in doing Skilled Empath Merge. Yes, developing that strong a sense of self is needed first. Can you attain that? Sure!

What Else You’ll Find Here

When preparing this advanced workshop for you, Rose has been super-generous. This on-demand resource is loaded with goodies, stuffed and packed and brim-full:

Vital knowledge for empaths. Technique rich! Fascinating extras!

Especially important, you’ll get the usual on-demand convenience of how each lesson works. Featuring full preparations for each new skill. Then detailed Q&A style debriefings. Plus handouts, worksheets and quizzes.

Some of these lessons are so thought-provoking and packed with information… you might decide to take a few days to move through just one lesson. Or you might hunker down because you just don’t wanna wait!

Could Rose have packaged all this info as a 20-lesson course? And then charged double tuition? Sure.

More than triple the number of audio lectures! And you know how juicy-full that 101 lecture was, right?

But Rose preferred to make this course as affordable as possible. Just look below at our Module Breakdown. See how much you’ll receive in this advanced workshop of Empath Empowerment®.

Module Breakdown

52 Audio Lectures & Videos (14+ Hours), 24 Worksheets & Handouts

01. Gaining a Stronger Sense of Self

Includes 1 audio and 2 video lectures. Total listening time is 1/2 hour.

3 worksheets.

Assignment: Introduce yourself at the workshop Forum.

02. Why It’s Important For Us Empaths To Like Ourselves

Includes 6 audio lectures. Total listening time is 2 and 1/4 hours.

2 handouts, 1 worksheet.

Quiz: Liking Myself More Than Ever

03. Divine Support for Your Sense of Self

Includes 1 video and 9 audio lectures. Total listening time is 2 and 1/4 hours.

1 handout, 1 worksheet.

Quiz: A Fairly Huge Quiz on GET BIG

04. A Scrumptious Breathing Pattern

Includes 1 video and 6 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 hour.

1 handout, 2 worksheets.

Quiz: What to Expect from Vibe-Raising Breaths

05. Breathing Yourself Down to Earth

Includes 1 video and 5 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 hour.

1 handout, 1 worksheet.

Quiz: Grounding Or Not?

06. WHY and HOW to Use Intention as an Empath

Includes 3 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 and 1/4 hours.

3 worksheets.

Quiz: Set a Meaningful, Appropriate Intention

07. Empaths Gifts OFF. Easy!

Includes 2 video and 2 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 hour.

1 handout, 1 worksheet.

Quiz: Possible Or Not Very Likely?

08. Even More Empowerment as an Empath

Includes 1 video and 5 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 and 1/2 hours.

1 handout, 3 worksheets.

Assignment. Your Mind and Intellect.

09. A More Advanced Version of Coming Home

Includes 4 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 and 1/4 hour.

1 handout, 1 worksheet.

Quiz: Learning More About Myself

10. A More Glorious Life, Enjoyed Humanly

Includes 3 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 and 1/4 hours.

2 handouts, 2 worksheets.

Assignment: Your Wrap-Up at the Forum

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What’s Included?

Empath 102 teaches you how to become a fully skilled empath. A person whose empath gifts are automatically switched OFF during your waking hours. So your sense of self can find a more stable, successful, accomplishing — even glorious — expression in everyday life.

Not included is training in Skilled Empath Merge. That only comes after you’re feeling whole. Really whole, and willing to be yourself.

One reason to take this workshop, actually, is to prepare for the next level of training, where you do learn how to do Skilled Empath Merge. But what’s a much bigger reason? Think of it in terms of this story:

Since you first heard the word “empath”  you’ve come a long way, haven’t you?

By the time you graduated from the Free Intro to Empath Empowerment®, what changed? You gained clarity and discernment. So helpful for moving forward on a path that could really bring you results.

And by the time you graduated from “Discoveries” you were well on your way. Empath 101 gave you skills and knowledge that woke you up from inside. Starting a process of personal discovery that led to much greater empowerment.

But after a while, you wanted more. Because there was a tantalizing sense of incompleteness in everyday life. You’d come so far, but it’s as though you weren’t there yet. Not as fully yourself as you knew you could be.

Well, this workshop helps you to gain an “Even Stronger Sense of Self.” Creating a kind of tipping point in self-acceptance and personal power. Helping you to take even more interest in yourself — totally appropriately! Leading to even greater effectiveness in your relationships. Bold Empath, you deserve no less.


Because what you’re gaining here is a natural process of growth. Not some gimmick.  Remember how growing up wasn’t just a matter of dressing up?

That took time. Because it was human and real.

Well, gaining Empath Empowerment® takes a bit of time too. But only 10 more lessons, that’s all.

Not at all. My approach involves skills that work powerfully now, in The Age of Awakening. (Which began with the Shift on Dec. 21, 2012.)  Every lesson in this online workshop, every skill, and every lesson… All of it combines to give you up-to-date resources for developing essential skills for an empath. Growing in ways that you may have yearned for, actually.

Definitely. Co-creating in a few very small ways — that’s all that you need to do. Yet this little bit of help adds so much power and clarity.

Glad you asked. Before signing up for this course, it’s time for you to “have a think,” as the Brits say. If it’s really important for you to work with your angels, with all respect, you’re not going to be able to gain Empath Empowerment®. But are you willing to put that aside while you take these 10 lessons?

Just experimenting, right? By the time you graduate, you can decide for yourself whether you feel better and stronger as a person. And you’ll be the one to evaluate. Have you gained improvement to your relationships and career?

Absolutely not. No belief or religious affiliation is required, just a willingness to collaborate with a form of the Divine, and you’ll be given loads of choices. Including “The Love That Rules The Universe” and “The Intelligence That Rules The Universe” Plus Divine Beings (like Jesus and Buddha) and Archangels (like Archangel Michael).

Yes, indeed. Empaths are the most sensitive people on earth. What kind  of teacher of empaths would I be if I couldn’t show sensitivity towards you in how I teach? Fear not!

Many different best parts, depending on your point of view. Just look over that Module Breakdown and you’ll start to see what I mean.

What if all the goodies listed there could really happen to YOU?

Well, they can. Just go through each lesson with me, step-by-step. And you can expect results.

Indeed, there are many empath coaches today. But I’ve been deeply involved in quality teaching for empaths long before then: Ever since I published the first book for empaths.

And since I’ve developed the only trademarked system in America dedicated to helping empaths. I doubt you’ll find a more experienced empath coach, or one who helps students gain better results.

I wish that somehow I could share with you all the joy and empowerment of my students, over the years! At least this online workshop includes a Forum. So you can be in touch with everyone else who takes Empath 102, swapping your success stories.

And, of course, as someone who takes this course your one-time tuition allows you to return over the years, contributing to the Forum for each lesson and meeting fellow skilled empaths. Amazing personal growth awaits you with Empath 102!