What if that annoying TMI could stop? Imagine if you could be with other people and stop receiving breaking news about them and all their suffering. (Too much information by far! Obnoxious as news crawl on cable TV.)

What if relationships didn’t have to be so hard? Did you know that all unskilled empaths find relationships harder than they need to be. Why? Because it throws off the power balance in relationships, constantly receiving inside info about other people. Somebody else’s point of view. Somebody else’s feelings. Or what another person needs.

How about YOU?

What if you could stop worrying about yourself? Feeling damaged in ways that you can’t fix?

Because nothing solves an empath’s problems but getting skills that work.

Think about that. And then maybe think about this: You can say Buh-Bye to worries that have been bothering you for years.

That’s the promise of Discoveries. The first power-packed workshop for committed empaths in the Empath Empowerment® Collection of Online Workshops.

Before reading this, you didn’t just take the Free Intro, a generous sample of knowledge from Empath Coach Rose Rosetree. Now, you’re ready for serious study, committed study. Entertaining insights taught by an award-winning teacher who earned her chops by teaching people like you for over 40 years.

For Discoveries, Rose Rosetree has selected the priority knowledge and skills… to advance on your path of Empath Empowerment®. She delivers it in this inspired series of 10 on-demand lessons. Each one will help you make important discoveries about yourself, about life, and about how to become a skilled empath.

What's Included?

Finally, a no-nonsense way to understand what makes a person an empath! (Or not.)

A compassionate view of how unskilled empaths suffer.

Learn why most empath gifts aren’t about emotions at all?

You may find these answers very helpful for your personal progress as an empath.

Imagine learning from the inside out… how empath gifts work. The truth. Not scary, but also probably not what you’re thinking right now. 😉

Learn on Demand

On demand — that’s the style for learning. You’ll be able to pace the material as you like. Each lesson is packed with info.

Maybe you’ll gobble it all up in one sitting. But the beauty of this online workshop is that you don’t have to.

Take breaks whenever you wish. Up to you. Likewise, repeat any lesson as often as you wish!

This on-demand series of workshops will bring you all the freedom and flexibility you could ask for.

Yet this is hardly some cute little workshop that uses appealing words to put you in a good mood for a while and, beyond that, doesn’t bring true results.

Granted, Rose’s students DO tend to feel good and enjoy the learning process. Just that they gain more than a temporary mood. Taking this online workshop, you’ll find real content, definite skills, and a highly systematic sequence to help you succeed.

Why settle for limited learning? These trademarked empath skills can bring you amazing results, on your terms. And, did you know, only one American has trademarked a dedicated system for bringing results to the lives of empaths. That’s Rose Rosetree’s Empath Empowerment®.

(Often imitated, BTW. But can you really trust an empath “expert” who needs to copy the name of a trademarked system?)

Thanks to the on-demand format available now, you can learn the real deal. And get yourself personal results on your own personal schedule.

Enjoy the Forum, Too

Yes, Rose built in a Support Forum, too. Included automatically.

Thanks to this Forum, there’s a place to go after every single lesson. That way, you can ask any questions about that lesson and also share your success stories.

What a great low-key way to meet your fellow empaths. And interact with your teacher, Rose Rosetree.

Participation in this Forum is included in your tuition. No renewal fees over the years. No hidden costs.

Just how long do you have to wait to participate in the Forum?

Not long at all. Begin right after you complete your first lesson.

Fact is, participation in this Forum is a wonderful opportunity for you. Come join this Community of Empaths. Right here. Sign up, start learning, and get involved!

Module Breakdown

16 Audio Lectures (5 1/2 Hours), 13 Videos ( 4 Hours), 13 Worksheets & Handouts

01. Self-Discovery for a Bold Empath

Includes 1 video lecture and 1 audio lecture. Total listening time is 44 minutes.

1 handout.

Quiz: How Have You Been Treating Your Discoveries?

02. An Empath, All The Way Down To Your Aura

Includes 1 video lecture and 4 audio lectures. Total listening time is 2 hours.

2 worksheets.

Quiz: Why Those Sensitivity “Fixes” CAN’T Really Work

03. Start Learning about Your Empath Gifts

Includes 3 video lectures. Total listening time is 1/2 hour.

1 worksheet.

Quiz: Clarity about Three Empath Gifts

04. More Empath Gifts You Might Have

Includes 4 video lecture. Total listening time is 1/2 hour.

1 worksheet.

Quiz: Emotional Ick. And More

05. Even More Possibilities, Talented You

Includes 1 video lecture. Total listening time is 39 minutes.

1 worksheet.

Quiz: Could This Problem Be Caused by an Empath Gift, Unskilled?

06. Everyday Consciousness Superpowers

Includes 1 video lecture. Total listening time is 1 1/4 hours.

1 worksheet.

Quiz: Better than “Whatchamacallit”

07. Unskilled Empath Merge — What Happens?

Includes 5 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 1/2 hours.

5 handouts. 1 worksheet

Empath Merge Quiz

08. Activate The Power of Your Consciousness

Includes 2 video lectures and 2 audio lectures. Total listening time is nearly 1 hour.

1 worksheet.

Quiz: Fun Points

09. Stop The Suffering From Unskilled Empath Merge

Includes 1 video lecture and 1 audio lecture. Total listening time is close to 1 hour.

1 handout. 1 worksheet.

Assignment: The First Aid Technique — Your Follow-Up

10. Celebrate Your Human Life

Includes 2 audio lectures. Total listening time is close to 1 hour

1 handout. 1 worksheet.

Quiz: How Do You Make Up Your Mind, Anyway?

Editor’s Note: These quantities were accurate at the time this online workshop was released. With subsequent edits, these totals may change. Please view this summary as a helpful guide only.

Compassion, unsentimental compassion, will uplift you... lesson after lesson.

Knowledge specific to Empath Empowerment® can start to transform your life.

Inside information will bring clarity: Why can’t most “empath fixes” help you one bit?

A powerful technique of RES Energy HEALING. Designed expressly to help empaths.

New self-knowledge may amaze you, inspire you. Especially if you’re already a thoughtful person who already knows a lot about yourself.

Rose even designed a free introductory workshop to get you started. Click on the button below to get instant access.

Ready For The Full Program?

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Refund Policy: Because this workshop comes with a free online sample workshop,
there are no refunds on tuition for this online workshop.

Disclaimer: The skills taught in this workshop have been researched over many years. However, Rose Rosetree and her company (Rose Rosetree, LLC) assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur from the application or use of the material in this online workshop. The method of self-healing presented here is not intended as a substitute for the professional care of psychologists, physicians, or other health care providers. Instead, the goal is to support self-care. In short, this workshop educates you in skills to use in the pursuit of optimal well-being.

Praise from Students and Clients

“While finishing The New Strong, I laughed when you had the final technique/gift for your readers. It perfectly summed up the whole book. I laughed because you lead us into this expansive feeling of the divine and then wake us up back to human reality. It was like a version of the awakening slap in Zen Buddhism. Haha.”

“What a tremendous influence you have made on my life!

“I first saw your face reading demonstration at a Pathways Expo in 2009. Then, I purchased The Power of Face Reading, which was so fun and fascinating. Then, I read Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment. 

“In fact, Rose, you have saved my life! More than once!

“First, learning how to become a skilled empath completely changed my life and helped me to become me. I read and re-read that book multiple times. Then second, yesterday, I would say you saved my life again! I had completely slipped into a fog of spiritual addiction without realizing it. Now I understand how to come back to being myself- human. Thank you for helping me to live in the present and let it be natural!

— An empath in Connecticut”

“All of your guidance about music and practicing was invaluable! Most of all, Rose, you made the session so fun and inspiring. I loved your clarity and humor!”

“When I first started with Rose, I could be compared to a walking zombie, felt miserable and powerless to change my life. I was numb, always reading spiritual blogs, not paying attention to my body, my relationships or my career. I thought all my problems were because I was “ thinking negative thoughts” and thus tried to solve life problems subjectively. Looking back, people were probably thinking “ is there anyone there!!!

“After having several healing sessions with Rose ( and paying more attention to my environment!), I am now more present, notice things in objective reality more, am learning how to use my words/speech and action to get what I want. I have started to move forward in my career (even had a leadership position!), notice how I am treated in relationships, enjoy my own company, and am enjoying human life more.”

  • A psychiatrist from the U.S.

“Self-deception is a big — maybe the biggest — problem on this path! Your method is a miracle! Thank you.”

“I’m speechless ………. No really ….. some of the things you mention below are SO true …. WOW …. I’m so glad you did the reading for me ….. it seems there are parts of me even I don’t understand yet! You will definitely be seeing more and more of me in the forums as I pick up more and more skills / learn to use my skills more, etc. Thanks again.”


Have you been shopping around for someone to help you as an empath?

As a smart consumer, you might ask every one of the following questions to somebody who claims to offer you something of value. And if you’ve studied elsewhere, do you know the answers to these frequently asked questions? Here’s what Rose has to tell you.

Definitely, and until you learn something that basic — how an empath’s aura really is different from that of a non-empath — how can you progress on your empowerment journey? (BTW, most of the good people who try to help empaths have no clue.)

In Discoveries you will learn about 15 different gifts you might have as an empath.

Only one of them involves directly feeling other people’s feelings.

Definitely not. Learn the shocking truth about empath gifts that you’ve had your whole life.

Also learn why having that particular kind of talent — talent without skill — can lead to guilt. Forms of guilt that vanish as you get skills!

Unfortunately yes, until you get skills. Depends on which gifts are hardwired into you!

By taking this online workshop, you can gain practical insights, compassion for yourself, and the removal of “Imported STUFF.”

Something that happens to every empath alive. Countless times every day!

Come, learn how to stop the most troublesome, hidden consequence of this universal problem for empaths.