Highly INTELLIGENT Empaths & HSPs



What if you’re highly SENSITIVE…

And also highly INTELLIGENT…

Thus, you could call yourself “Highly-Highly Wonderful.” Sweet!

Only there’s a catch. If you’re smarter than many of the people around you, and also more sensitive, does that mean your life is guaranteed to be Extra-Extra easy?

Maybe not.

  • Maybe you’ve had some problems with remembering to notice yourself. In contrast to putting other people first!
  • And maybe, once you’ve learned to put yourself first, ouch! Fitting in still isn’t easy.
  • At least, it’s not easy for you to fit in as somebody who puts yourself first. Which, of course, you have every right to do.

Highly INTELLIGENT Empaths & HSPs, Have You Noticed?

Less SENSITIVE people often find it easier to put themselves first. Striking an easy balance that comes quite naturally.

Also, less INTELLIGENT people often find it easier to fit in. To find friends on their wavelength; consequently, to feel understood by others.

But now there’s a workshop to help you fit in better, and also use more of your power. Finally, this workshop is here.

Just so you know, it took a lot for me to make this announcement…

For Years I’ve Been Wanting to Offer this Workshop

You see, for the last 10 years, I’ve been saying to WHAT to clients?

During personal sessions of Energy Spirituality, I found quite a few clients who are Highly INTELLIGENT Empaths and HSPs. And they’ve known few (if any) people like them. Sometimes I’ve told them this kind of thing:

I wish I could put you into a room with other clients of mine who are like you.

It’s great to be exceptionally smart and sensitive. Only living that way isn’t easy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could meet other people like you?

That Was a Good Start.

But How to Turn this Idea into a Workshop?

More’s involved than just renting a room with a whiteboard!

Will we just sit together in a room and share? Maybe break out several fresh boxes of tissues?

That might be interesting-ish. However, I’ve planned something more worthy of you. Having figured out some very specific ways to empower Highly-Highlies. Using skills based in consciousness research.

Basically, I’m a Consciousness Engineer with Some Unusual Skills…

Skills That Can Help You a LOT

We Highly-Highlies tend to be quirky, you know. So maybe it isn’t terribly shocking that my life work involves being a Consciousness Engineer.

What about those other, aforementioned unusual skills? Thankfully, they include how to give workshops that reach out to every participant.

And how to give workshops as a spiritual teacher. (Spiritual but not religious.)

Since 1970, I’ve explored the role of consciousness in helping people to enjoy life more.

And yes, in recent decades, I’ve been especially interested in what can assist the consciousness and personal growth of Highly-Highlies.

Facilitating client sessions, I’ve seen remarkable personal results. Quite simply, one human discovery at a time, working at this for decades, I’ve figured out what to teach people like you.

Which Skills Will YOU Learn, Exactly?

Here’s an overview of what’s planned for you Highly INTELLIGENT Empaths and HSPs:

  1. Research-based segments about what really makes a positive difference. A difference that goes all the way down to the level of your chakra databanks. Possible due to RES Energy READING.
  2. When taking this workshop you’ll also benefit from RES Energy HEALING.
  3. For you skilled empaths taking the workshop, what’s on offer? Uniquely effective Empath Coaching skills, from someone who teaches the real-deal version of Empath Empowerment®.
  4. How about you Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) who aren’t empaths? For years, I’ve been offering HSP aids that are way different from approaches that you’ll find elsewhere. Like, no treating you like sick puppies. When you’re both human and awesome!

And speaking of other resources for Highly Sensitive Empaths, HSPs, and smart self-actualizing people…

What’s Your Alternative to This Workshop?

It’s fair to ask: What else is out there for you?

Here’s what you’re likely to you find:

  • Psychological advice.
  • Psychics giving advice. (These days many call themselves “intuitives.”) Either way, let’s be clear, psychics repeat to you what they’re told by entities. As if discarnate spirits are in any position to give seriously useful advice to humans!
  • Some experts talk pop psych + psychic woo-woo. Did you know? It’s surprisingly common for “empowerment” teachers to ping-pong between the two. (For a shocking education, check out the comments at my blog’s DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE for empaths.)

By contrast, isn’t it exciting that you can try this very down-to-earth approach? Developed and tested over the decades with my Energy Spirituality clients. Not all my clients, mind you. Specifically the ones who are Highly INTELLIGENT Empaths and HSPs.

Because, here, in this upcoming workshop, what will you get? Neither psychology nor psychic development. Rather, you’ll receive an Energy Spirituality workshop, helping you:

  • To position your consciousness better
  • To remove STUFF from your aura
  • And to add PUT-IN that helps you to find a better quality of life.

Living on Earth, We Must Pay the Price for
Every Good Thing

So guess what? You can’t have either high intelligence OR high sensitivity without paying the price. And that goes double if you’ve got both.

So your empowerment process in this workshop begins with gaining more clarity about your life so far. What are some of the hidden ways that you’ve been at a disadvantage? (Even though, mostly, your intelligence and sensitivity are worth it, I promise.)

Highly INTELLIGENT Empaths and HSPs, you may be relieved to learn how common it is for you to struggle in relationships. Such as bending over backwards to fit in with folks who are less bright and/or less sensitive. Forms of struggle that don’t really help. So it’s good that, in this workshop, you’ll learn more effective ways to get along better with people.

And this being an Energy Spirituality Workshop, you’ll also learn plenty of  fascinating specifics about your own personal consciousness, your energies, and how to use your full potential.

Not only is this a leading-edge workshop, packed with brand new course material. This in-person workshop will be offered one time only.

In the future, I plan to teach this material through quality online workshops. Still, wouldn’t you prefer the live experience? Giving you the chance to ask questions and, to some degree, shape this workshop for others? Then join us for this once-only, live-and-lively weekend, in-person experience.

(Travel and accommodation info also provided.)

Incidentally: Seating for this workshop is limited to 25, so every single participant receives individual attention.

Might I recommend that you reserve your place today?