Happy, Self-Confident and Productive
as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)



Yes, a Being Highly Sensitive Person Can Mean…

Heaven on Earth.

If You’ve Got Good Understanding & Skills.

Alternatively, sensitivity problems could mess up your life for a while.  Even if you’re not an empath.

After teaching Empath Empowerment® for decades, Rose gradually came to a shocking conclusion. Powerful though empath skills are, they just won’t fix certain problems related to sensitivity. Which is why this new workshop is open to non-empaths as well as empaths.

You see, 1 in 5 people is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), compared to 1 in 20 who are Empaths.  Thus, every empath is definitely an HSP. But most HSPs aren’t empaths.

Whether you’re an empath or not, unskilled sensitivity can cause problems like these:

  • Overwhelm at work. Especially when dealing with people who are Highly INsensitive Persons. They may treat you with casual disrespect. Even to the extent of bullying you.
  • Painful feelings about yourself. Since you may have the (mistaken) idea that sensitivity will cause you to be seen by others as weak. Forever. Doomed to never seem quite normal to most people.
  • Limitations in your social life. Because you hate playing the game of “Shallow Chit-Chat.” Instead you want to go straight to the good part. Except oops! The way most relationships work, you can’t get to the good part until you first win at that stupid-seeming game of Shallow Chit-Chat. You may wonder, “How can I date?” Or feel, “What’s the use of trying to make friends?”

This workshop is for you if you’ve been feeling stuck in ways like these. It’s a problem-solving workshop. Based on ways that Rose Rosetree has used deeper perception to help clients in personal sessions. They saw results and you can, too.

An Approach Based in RES (Rosetree Energy Spirituality), Not Psychology

Thanks to the pioneering work of psychologist Elaine Aron, it’s common knowledge that 1 in 5 people was born as an HSP. That neurophysiological sensitivity is a lifelong way of being wired, not weird, and definitely not a choice.

Unfortunately, since making this important discovery, which approaches have developed for personal growth? A proliferation of resources for HSPs, where the approach for helping sensitives is based in psychological work. Clearly today’s mainstream advice is somewhat helpful. But HSPs can do so much better, thanks to understandings and skills available only through energetic literacy. Skills about positioning consciousness. Deep acknowledgement of your uniqueness as a soul. For instance:

  • Dealing with overwhelm at work, the Psychological Approach is to acknowledge and accept your limitations. Supposedly, as an HSP you’re doomed to often feel “overstimulated.” So you must manage this appropriately. Not “pushing yourself.” Doing the equivalent of driving in the slow lane.
  • By contrast, how does the RES Approach help you regarding overwhelm? First of all, helping you to recognize what’s different about your consciousness as a sensitive. Then teaching you skills to help prevent overwhelm.

How Can Your Sensitivity Can Be an OPPORTUNITY?

Yes, an opportunity. Not a disability! Never a reason to limit yourself in life!

In this workshop you’ll gain insights into yourself that are refreshing. Hopeful. True — as documented by sample aura readings of class participants.

Along with loads of information and new skills, you’ll get to re-evaluate the past.  We’ll go deeply into situations where you’ve struggled. Maybe blaming your sensitivity. Or else thinking, “I’ve got to accept my limitations. That’s just how my life has to be.”

Truth is, you definitely don’t have to be limited because you’re an HSP. When used properly, your sensitivity can help you to become way more Happy, Self-Confident, & Productive.

Imagine a workshop where you gain a great deal of positive self-knowledge. Where you can become more compassionate about yourself… but not as a victim.

Watch your self-esteem grow as you discover ways that you can bring new strength to support your magnificent sensitivity.

Let the Really Effective Skills of RES help you become more resourceful in life. Maybe even way more resourceful than non-HSPs!

Not only is this a leading-edge workshop, packed with brand new course material. This in-person workshop will be offered one time only.

In the future, Rose plans to teach this material through quality online workshops. Still, would you prefer the live experience? Giving you the chance to ask questions and, to some degree, shape this workshop for others? Then join us for this once-only, live-and-lively weekend, in-person experience.

(Travel and accommodation info also provided.)

Incidentally: Seating for this workshop is limited to 25, so every single participant receives individual attention.

Might we recommend that you reserve your place today?