Socially Savvy Empaths & HSPs



So you’re Sensitivity Gifted! Does it ever feel like you’ve been left behind socially? Maybe you feel at a disadvantage, as someone who’s so darned sensitive, such as:

  • Disappointments in your love life.
  • Not getting the career recognition that you deserve.
  • Worrying a lot, and then worrying about all of that worrying.

Here’s a workshop to help you to get in the swim of a more fulfilling life.

Because You Are Actually Sensitivity GIFTED

Please start thinking about yourself that way. For sure, this workshop will validate what’s true and powerful about your sensitivity. Expect to graduate with an upgrade to your personal confidence.

To round out your growth from this workshop, your self-knowledge will be balanced by discussion of some limitations that are common for people like you. Discussion designed to empower you: Because you’ll discover how to handle the flip side of your magnificent sensitivity.

For example, did you know that, often, the Sensitivity Gifted have gaps in their social skills?

It’s true! These social gaps then propel awareness into over-emphasizing personal sensitivity. Or, for empaths, resulting in unskilled empath merges.

Want examples, to keep this from sounding like one more theory, when you’ve probably heard so many theories? Rose will demonstrate on a couple of volunteers from your workshop, doing advanced energetic literacy research. Quite amazing!

Back at what you’ll learn, one emphasis in this workshop is helping you to  develop flexible skills… so that you can master social situations that used to set off “sensitivity problems.”

So Many Problem-Solving Skills!

Want more specifics. In this weekend workshop you’ll learn problem-solving skills on these topics and more:

  1. Why Sensitivity Doesn’t Have to Be a Problem When You’re with Other People
  2. “It Was an Uncomfortable Situation (And I Didn’t Know What to Do)”
  3. Upgrade How You speak Power Language
  4. Managing Your Emotional Flows
  5. Social Confidence for Empaths and HSPs Made Easy

Never Just Feel-Good Fluff

And Not Victim-Talk Either, Though That’s So Common in Mainstream Resources for HSPs and Empaths

Suppose that what you’ve read so far intrigues you. Then maybe you’re considering studying with Rose for the first time in a live workshop, and so you’re wondering, “Will this just be some “Rah-Rah group experience?” (Where it feels good at the time but afterward doesn’t change much.)

Definitely not. Please know that RES Workshops are just the opposite. Attendance is limited to 25, so everybody gets quality attention. And there’s plenty to change your life for the better.

Each workshop topic includes knowledge and skills that may be totally new to you. For instance, you read earlier about Social Confidence for Empaths and HSPs Made Easy. At the workshop you’ll explore a 7-step procedure that’s expressly designed to make a difference – not only fun to learn in our classroom setting but also a skill set that you can use for the foreseeable future.

In short, over and over again, you’ll learn powerful skills that make so much sense. Only nobody ever told you about them before.

What Other Topics Will Be Included?

At this point, maybe you’re wondering… What other topics await you in this workshop? And since Rose is the founder of RES, how will she enrich your experience energetically?

(Travel and accommodation info also provided.)

Incidentally: Seating for this workshop is limited to 25, so every single participant receives individual attention.

Might we recommend that you reserve your place today?