• I wish I could move on from my ex.
  • I wish I would not take everybody I meet at work SO DEADLY SERIOUSLY.
  • Me? I’ve got a big wish. Well, here it is. I wish I could protect myself, early on, from getting severely disappointed in a relationship. Because my feelings have been hurt many, many times!

All these are complex problems, to be sure. But what if there were one powerful skill that you could learn for self-healing, a skill that could help you with every single one of your relationships, past and present?

What if you could learn this powerful skill for self-healing and free yourself up from an energetic way that relationship problems have been impacting you every day of your life.

One Way to Understand the Impact

Of Cords of Attachment

They’re like background noise. Leftover noise about every single relationship that has bothered you. (Even the good ones. Since even a great relationship can have a few moments of not-perfect, right?)

So, yes, background noise. For instance, imagine a band with 100 musicians, playing their instruments. And they’re all playing in the background. At least once, every day of your life. Often more.

Unfortunately, all these musicians play out of tune. Making ugly music!

Ever worse they’re playing where, usually, you can’t get them to stop. In your subconscious mind. (Note this word usually. Because you’re about to learn more about how this background noise can be stopped.)

What are Cords of Attachment? Let's Get Clarity

Whenever you’re interested in somebody new for at least 10 seconds, what happens to you energetically? (Yep, just 10 seconds.)

Two energy structures connect you to that person. For example, let’s refer to a stranger named “Joe.”

One energetic structure that you get is a Spiritual Tie. By definition, absolutely beautiful! Your Spiritual Tie to Joe is at the Divine Level. (Technically, it’s an etheric structure.)

Beautiful and buildable! Since detailed info about every sweet, nice thing that ever happens between you and Joe — from your perspective – that gets stored in your Spiritual Tie. And exclusively info about the sweet, nice things.

At the end of this life, you’ll take that with you.

Know how they say, “You can’t take it with you?” Actually, when it comes to your Spiritual Ties, you sure can. You take with you every single Spiritual Tie. This beautiful knowledge becomes part of your soul’s wisdom forever.

On the Other Hand…

Know how I previous referred to TWO energetic structures? One is a Spiritual Tie to Joe. While the other is your Cord of Attachment to Joe.

This astral-level structure stores just a smallish amount of info. Like the contents of one incident, or maybe a excerpts from a couple of exchanges between you and the Cordee. (“Cordee” is my name for the person at the other end of your cord of attachment.)

Over time, the contents of your cord of attachment will change. Unfortunately, changing in one direction only: Bad to worse.

Distracting Cords of Attachment to So Many People!

Given all the people you’ve cared about in your life, it’s perfectly natural that you now carry a cord of attachment to all of them. Even if you haven’t spoken in years. Or decades.

In fact, even if the Cordee is now dead!

Talk about distracting background noise, right now you might have cords of attachment to people like these:

  • That Ex. (And the cord has something very upsetting to you about that relationship.)
  • Your least favorite boss you’ve ever had at work. And that certain co-worker from hell. Plus every annoying client or customer. (To put this in technical language, Oy veh!)
  • As for all those family members and friends and even strangers who have hurt your feelings? Cords of attachment to each and every one of them!

Sure enough, all these cords of attachment and more… become part of the dismal band.

Playing What Music, in Your Subconscious Mind?

Playing again and again:

  1. “The Macarena!” (Or something equally annoying.)
  2. “I Will Always Love You!” (Or similar.)
  3. That awful kids’ song that used to scare you at age two.

Just imagine the full list you’ve got. Expanding to include at least several hundred more cords of attachment, ranging from mildly unpleasant to very disturbing.

So many repulsive, upsetting human-type ditties! And all the lyrics are about YOU. Upsetting to YOU. Hey, that’s what cords of attachment are like.

But What If There Were a Way for You to Remove those Awful Cords?

A quality way! A permanent way!!

Because let’s talk about human reality now, rather than the energetic reality of astral-level cords of attachment in your aura.

Of course, you can find loads of free instructions on the internet. Excellent instruction in how to cut cords of attachment.

Excellent, at least, if you’d like to accumulate more evidence for a wise consumer saying, “You get what you pay for.”

By contrast, how about learning the only trademarked system in America for cutting cords of attachment? A system that has been tested for decades and taught internationally… by guess who?

Cut Cords of Attachment WISELY

Yes, among the 10 Trademarks of RES (very fortunately) there is a system called 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. And today I’m announcing the very, very best way to learn it.

This new online workshop!

What Makes THIS WORKSHOP the Best Way to Learn How to Cut Cords of Attachment?

Here’s a thought that may jostle you at the start. But I’ll explain.

One reason this workshop will make it so easy to learn quality skills is that there’s a prerequisite. Before you sign up, you must have completed “Aura Reading for YOU.”

Of course, some of you have been planning to take that course for a while but you keep putting it off. Well, please don’t. You’ll learn Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, which is useful in so many ways.

  • Learn about them from the Free Intro to my Aura Reading Collection of Workshops.
  • Or maybe you already know that, living now, in the Age of Awakening, you have a big advantage in life… not to be — pardon my putting it plainly — ILLITERATE about energies. When you’ve already got loads of energy sensitivity.

And I sure hope you know that you can excel at reading auras. No need to be clairvoyant. And no need to do psychic development either. This is a skill of energetic literacy. Unique in the world today, actually.

So Why Did I Make Reading “Chakra Databanks” a Requirement?

Because you can learn so much faster that way.

Also because you can do a much better job to give yourself quality self-healing.

Here’s a little-known trio of facts about cutting cords of attachment.

#1. You only get one chance to cut any cord of attachment. At least if you use the method I’ll teach in this workshop.

#2. And every single cord of attachment you cut has a huge potential for improving your life. (In the workshop, this part is known as “Logical Consequences.”)

#3. With aura reading skill, you’re going to do a really good job at getting yourself a powerful self-healing.

So that’s why this workshop has this requirement. Although energetic literacy can bring you loads of benefits in life, it would be worth developing this energy version of word literacy… just so that you can take this amazing, quick course in 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

What If I Didn’t Have this Requirement?

Look, I’ll give it to you straight: Your workshop would require four times as many lessons. (And therefore, tuition would quadruple.)

Even then, you students still wouldn’t do as a good a job as graduates of this workshop will, as I’m offering it here.

Results from removing every cord of attachment… They hinge upon whether you can do a good job of reading the “Dialogue Box.” In other words, what exactly has been stored within that unique cord of attachment.

And what’s the best preparation for reading the Dialogue Box?

Ha, you guessed it! Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

As your teacher, I don’t want you guessing. Or straining. Or settling for energetic self-healing where the quality isn’t worthy of you.

And really, once you’ve can read chakra databanks, you’ve got the ticket. You’re admitted into the Self-Healing Show of Gorgeous Results.

When Taking this Energetic Self-Healing Workshop, What Will Be Familiar?

Just about everything. You’ll see a detailed description in the next section of this page. Here I want to encourage you that the learning is supported:

  • IN each lesson (thanks to those videos, sound recordings, handouts, worksheets, quizzes and assignments).
  • And also AFTER each lesson. Thanks to Workshop Forums.

Yes, each lesson includes a Support Forum. Covered by your tuition.

What if you have questions outside the scope of the Forums? Unlikely but possible. If this should happen, you would book one or more personal sessions with me. These would not be covered by your workshop tuition. Still, it’s good to know that, unlike many teachers and writers, I’m available for follow-up during sessions that you’d schedule.

Workshop Forums Help You Create Community, Too

Thanks to this Forum, there’s a place to go after every single lesson. That way, you can ask any questions about that lesson and also share your success stories. And what a great low-key way to meet others learning these powerful skills of Energy Spirituality.

Participation in this Forum is included in your tuition. No renewal fees over the years. No hidden costs.

Just how long do you have to wait to participate in the Forum?

Not long at all. Begin right after you complete your first lesson.

Fact is, participation in this Forum is a wonderful opportunity for you. Come join this informal, confidential community. Right here. Sign up, start learning, and get involved!

Module Breakdown

16 Audio Lectures (5 1/2 Hours), 13 Videos ( 4 Hours), 13 Worksheets & Handouts

Note: There’s no FREE INTRO to this workshop. Since you already chose to graduate from that amazing course… where you learned superb aura reading skills.

How many holistic healers, New Age energy healers, or psychics can read auras down to the level of chakra databanks? You know, the way you can!

Google it and see for yourself. On the date when this new Energy Spirituality Workshop is being released, the answer to that question is pretty simple. Nobody can read chakra databanks yet, except for people who’ve learned Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. (As you’ve done.)

Fact is, there are aura reading experts aplenty. Even some very famous ones. Yet they can’t do what you’ve already learned how to do. So, yes, let that practical, effortless, energetic literacy of yours — another life skill, BTW — count as your version of a “Free Intro.” 🙂

Experience The Most Advanced Energy Spirituality Workshop Yet!

As you’ll soon see, this Cut Cords 101 workshop has the fewest handouts and recordings yet.

It also contains the best quizzes so far. Prepare to laugh and to learn.

Altogether, this is designed as a truly advanced workshop. The most advanced RES workshop so far. Released on September 25, 2019.

Module Breakdown

17 Lessons

+ 35 Audios

+13 Videos

+ 14 Worksheets & Handouts

Now here’s what you can look forward to learning, lesson by lesson.

01. Why Quality Skills Will Make All the Difference 

Gain perspective on how the skills you learn here compare to “The Quickie Method.”

Includes 1 video lecture and 2 audio lectures. And 2 worksheets. Total listening time is 1 1/4 hour.

Quiz: Discernment Time! Yes, Already

02. What ARE Cords of Attachment?

Prevalent now in collective consciousness is a childlike kind of Age of Faith belief in healing energies. How can you do better?

Includes 1 video lecture and 2 audio lectures. And 2 worksheets. Total listening time is 1 hour.

Quiz: Help Yourself Succeed at Cutting Cords WISELY

03. Introducing the Trademarked System

Layer by layer, you’re going to gain powerful skills for self-healing. Like peeling an onion of truth. (And a truth onion that smells good, so to speak.) Your intro here to the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®? It’s just the start for huge learning that awaits.

Includes 2 audio lectures. And 1 handout. Total listening time is 1/2 hour.

Quiz: Um, What Do Those Steps Mean Again?

04. STEP I: Create a Sacred Space

Learn how to create a sacred space with Divine help.

  • Not religious.
  • And not psychic.

Upgrade this very Age of Awakening skill.

Includes 5 audio lectures. Total listening time is 3/4 hour. And 1 handout.

Quiz: An UNCOMMON Way of Doing COMMON Things for Energy Healing

05.  Completing Step I. The More Personal Part!

You bet it’s personal, setting an intention for your session of self-healing. That’s part of what you’ll learn to start opening up appreciation for the humanity of this skill set.

Includes 1 video lecture, 3 audio lecture. Total listening time is 1 1/4 hours.

Quiz: The Road to Self-Healing Is Paved with Good Intentions

06. Step II: Make an Energy Sandwich

“Energy Sandwich” is such a human name for an essential skill for co-creating with the Divine. Having learned aura reading, you already know a lot about this. But energetic self-healing will up your game. So this lesson matters.

Includes 1 video, 2 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 1/4 hours.

Assignment: Picture this!

07. STEP III: Activate the Aura

Let’s go deeply into what it means to activate your aura, preparing yourself to receive permanent energy healing. (Always, of course, using Age of Awakening skills to co-create with the Divine. None of the Age of Faith energy healing approach that involves astral beings, whether students are honestly told that or not.)

Includes 2 audio lectures. And 2 worksheets. Total listening time is 1 hour.

Quiz: Small Quiz with Big Implications

08. Activate The Power of Your Consciousness

Of course, you already know this little-known secret (at least given what you’ll find on the internet). For powerful results when removing cords of attachment, human beings must select one cord at a time.

Discover the art of choosing which cord of attachment to cut. As you’ll learn anew in this lesson:

“Self-authority works better when we know what the heck we’re doing.”

Includes 2 video lectures and 3 audio lectures. And one power-packed worksheet. Total listening time is 1 1/4 hours.

Quiz: MAJOR Cord or MINOR Cord?

09. STEP V: Locate the Cord

Benefit from the “Gorgeous Garment Version of Learning” in this boutique workshop.

Includes 2 audio lectures. Total listening time is close to 1 hour.

Quiz: Like Real Estate, Only Different

10. STEP VI: Permission

All Energy Spirituality skill sets, including this one, have one thing in common.

You can’t do a not-great job early in a multi-step process and then cover it up later on.

So this lesson helps you to do an excellent job. Bringing knowledge about something that otherwise might seem like rather insignificant step for cutting cords of attachment. Only, hello! Let’s do some learning.

Includes 2 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1/2 hour.

Quiz: Getting Quizzical about Permission

11. STEP VII: Remove the Cord

It’s to your advantage that I worked long and hard to communicate how to do the technical parts of cord removal. No question, this is the best teaching I’ve done yet — even given many in-person workshops on how to cut cords of attachment.

Includes 4 video lectures and 3 audio lectures. Total listening time is 3/4 hour.

Quiz: Extra Reasons for Feeling Extra-Sophisticated

12. STEP VIII: Bandage to Rebalance 

This lesson would be worth taking just to hear the story of “Gladys Was So CERTAIN.” But, of course, there’s a lot more to it.

Includes 1 video lecture, 3 audio lectures. And 1 worksheet. Total listening time is 1 hour.

Quiz: Clever Definitions

13. STEP IX: Write the Dialogue Box

All that aura reading skill you’ve developed really pays off here. Already, you’re used to making an Energy Sandwich, then researching the astral parts of an aura; both size and quality of chakra databanks.

Now you’ve got something new-and-astral to research, that set of Cord Items. Technically, you’re researching the remains of an energetic structure which used to be lively in your aura and subconscious mind.

Sounds wow? But you may find that doing this is surprisingly easy.

Includes 1 video lecture and 2 audio lectures. And 1 handout. Total listening time is 1/2 hour.

Quiz: Include or Don’t Include?

14. STEPS X + XI: Cord Items + Logical Consequences

Here’s where you show your very human perceptiveness. Generating ideas about very specific results that you’ll likely receive. In reality!

This lesson is notable for extensive, direct teaching. Plus, there’s one handout.

Quiz: Choosing Logical Consequences Is NOT Rocket Science

15. STEP XII: Complete Your Session

Includes 1 video lecture. And two handouts. Total listening time is 1/4 hour.

No Quiz: I think it’s enough that you just cut your first cord of attachment. (Don’t you?)


16.  Your Turn

Q&As about cutting cords will really make sense, now that you’ve done it. Of course, you haven’t learned everything that this process will teach you. I’ve been doing it since 1986, and those 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment are still educating me.

Nonetheless, you’ve got a lot to celebrate.

Includes 1 video lecture and 1 audio lecture. Total listening time is 1/2 hour.

Quiz: What You’re Now Qualified to Do. And Why.

17. Graduation

Special treats in this final lesson of the workshop… will inspire you, moving forward, owning this new life skill: Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing!

Incidentally, this workshop ends with a tale you won’t soon forget.

Includes 1 video lecture and 3 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 hour.

Assignment: Your Workshop Highlights

Big congratulations, graduate!

Editor’s Note: Quantities of media supplements, handouts, and worksheets are accurate at the time this online workshop is released. However, with subsequent edits, these totals may change. Please view this summary as a helpful guide only.

What's the Practical Purpose of Taking this Workshop?

Let’s add to what I’ve told you already about the benefits of learning superb skills for cutting cords of attachment. Apart from the general idea of less background noise. And, therefore, more peace of mind.

What kind of result can happen in your life

Simply because you have the power – the skills – to cut cords of attachment for your own self-healing?

You can develop that power. Simply by taking this leading-edge course to learn this set of skills for energetic self-healing. A life skill you’ll own for the rest of your life.

Even More Specific

Here are examples of improvements that you might notice, once you’ve graduated from “Cut Cords of Attachment WISELY.”

  1. A stronger sense of self.
  2. Improved love life.
  3. Progressing faster in your career.
  4. Very likely, making more money than you otherwise would.
  5. Learning new things faster and better.
  6. Getting unstuck, like moving past writer’s block.
  7. Living more in the present.
  8. Finding it easier to live sober; having less inner need to distract yourself with weed, alcohol etc.
  9. Making significant progress with spiritual awakening. (Even moving faster toward Enlightenment.)
  10. Getting out of your head… and into reality.

WHY Can You Expect Improvements Like These?

Because you can finally shut up so much annoying, distracting background noise.

Of course, cutting cords of attachment is just one way to improve your life. There could be many other causes for your biggest problems. But this form of self-healing is indispensable for an person who is serious about personal growth OR spiritual awakening OR both.

Quickly and Easily, You’ll Learn a Life Skill

If you’d like to use your full potential in life, it sure can help to learn this skill for permanent, insightful cord removal. Consider it a life skill. Since, once learned, you can use it for the rest of your life.

To sum up: One definition of cutting cords of attachment is this.

Moving out background noise from your past, so you live more in the present. And do that without trying. Automatically living more fully than ever.

Not only can you learn this skill set. Since you’ve got Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, right from the start, you’ll be doing it really well!

Ready For The Full Program?

Enroll Now For Only $295

Disclaimer: The skills taught in this workshop have been researched over many years. However, Rose Rosetree and her company (Rose Rosetree, LLC) assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur from the application or use of the material in this online workshop. The method of self-healing presented here is not intended as a substitute for the professional care of psychologists, physicians, or other health care providers. Instead, the goal is to support self-care. In short, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® is one skill set to use in the pursuit of optimal well-being.

Refund Policy: Because this workshop comes with an RES workshop prerequisite, Aura Reading 101, there are no refunds on tuition for this online workshop. Because, by now, you’re familiar with the quality built into these workshops. Therefore, you know the results they deliver.

Praise from Students and Clients

“Rose, your superb method for cutting cords of attachment is the main reason that I kept my job, back during a tough time early in my teaching career. Thank you for helping me to stay on track in my chosen profession.”

“My life is back now. Has been for the last 10 years. What helped me to get over all the weed etc. that I was into? Sessions of Energy Spirituality with you. For instance, I’ll never forget when you cut the cord of attachment when you I was with the guy who supplied me with random drugs.

“What was stuck in that cord? Cord Items from the night I overdosed and nearly died. Now I know that nightmare was going through my aura every day of my life. Until that session with you, that is. Help like that is a big reason why I could manage to get sober.”

“It was 20 years after my divorce that you facilitated cutting my cord of attachment to my Ex. Within a week, I discovered the most interesting thing. Somehow I began having thoughts about dating again. Mind you, all those years, I had never considered dating again. But moving out that energy cord was like a re-set for me.”

“What a tremendous influence you have made on my life!

“I first saw your face reading demonstration at a Pathways Expo in 2009. Then, I purchased The Power of Face Reading, which was so fun and fascinating. Then, I read Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment. 

“In fact, Rose, you have saved my life! More than once!

“First, learning how to become a skilled empath completely changed my life and helped me to become me. I read and re-read that book multiple times. Then second, yesterday, I would say you saved my life again! I had completely slipped into a fog of spiritual addiction without realizing it. Now I understand how to come back to being myself- human. Thank you for helping me to live in the present and let it be natural!

— An empath in Connecticut”

“All of your guidance about music and practicing was invaluable! Most of all, Rose, you made the session so fun and inspiring. I loved your clarity and humor!”

“When I first started with Rose, I could be compared to a walking zombie, felt miserable and powerless to change my life. I was numb, always reading spiritual blogs, not paying attention to my body, my relationships or my career. I thought all my problems were because I was “ thinking negative thoughts” and thus tried to solve life problems subjectively. Looking back, people were probably thinking “ is there anyone there!!!

“After having several healing sessions with Rose ( and paying more attention to my environment!), I am now more present, notice things in objective reality more, am learning how to use my words/speech and action to get what I want. I have started to move forward in my career (even had a leadership position!), notice how I am treated in relationships, enjoy my own company, and am enjoying human life more.”

  • A psychiatrist from the U.S.

“Self-deception is a big — maybe the biggest — problem on this path! Your method is a miracle! Thank you.”

“I’m speechless ………. No really ….. some of the things you mention below are SO true …. WOW …. I’m so glad you did the reading for me ….. it seems there are parts of me even I don’t understand yet! You will definitely be seeing more and more of me in the forums as I pick up more and more skills / learn to use my skills more, etc. Thanks again.”


Have you been shopping around for a way to cut cords of attachment?

Right here, you’ve got America’s leading expert on cord cutting for effective energy healing. Here come Rose Rosetree’s answers to some of the most common questions people have asked her about energy cords.

Note that each of these answers includes a link to one of many posts here at her blog. If you have follow-up questions, use the link provided. Read that blog post. Then use a COMMENTS box to ask any questions of general interest.

You’ll find that the Founder of Energy Spirituality will be glad to respond.

There is no such thing as “cutting cords with someone.” Whoever gave you that idea was lacking basic understanding about what cords of attachment are.

Let’s suppose that you have a cord of attachment to Joe. (To many different people named Joe, perhaps. Each one being a different cord.)

That is YOUR cord of attachment to Joe. That is something you can learn how to permanently remove.

Probably Joe has a cord of attachment to you. But that is none of your business. Since it’s HIS cord to you.

For more education on this point, check out this article with essentials about cords of attachment.

Loads of people are misinformed about cords of attachment.

One advantage of my background as the Founder of Energy Spirituality is this. I’ve got four different skill sets:

  1. Energy HEALING (Including cutting cords of attachment)
  2. Energy READING (As in Stage 21 Energetic Literacy by 2019)
  3. Empath Empowerment® Coaching (So I don’t mix up problems that empaths have with cords of attachment. Sadly, this is more common than you might think.)
  4. Enlightenment Coaching (Another kind of discernment, helpful for knowing what’s what about cords of attachment. Versus plenty of popular illusions.)

Folks who think that cords of attachment are shared? Best case, they’re mixing up cords of attachment with a completely different kind of (what, around here) we call “STUFF.” Many people think Astral Ties are the same as Cords of Attachment, and vice versa. You can learn about removing Astral Ties in the Spiritually Sparkling Collection of Workshops.

By contrast, about 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®? Different skill set. Here’s an article published in 2010 about how you can get a cord of attachment to somebody who has never met you at all!


Reiki is done with spirits. This is why people who get Reiki attunements are called “Reiki channels.” Even though Reiki Masters usually don’t talk about that part. For instance, they tell students that they’re getting “a beautiful spiritual energy.”

By contrast, no Energy Spirituality skills involve channeling, mediumship, talking with spirit guides, or psychic development. Because I’ve learned enough discernment to know that psychic (or astral) energies are not the same thing as spiritual energies.

For example, the system I teach for cutting cords of attachment is a form of co-creation. You plus your chosen Divine Being, like God or Jesus or Kwan Yin. And no attunements, initiations or other ways to change your energies are ever involved.

You might enjoy this article about Psychics Becoming Spiritual.

Would you like to stop wasting your time. If it worked when you “cut all your cords,” you wouldn’t be doing that over and over, would you?

Might I suggest that you learn how to permanently remove one cord of attachment at a time? And get results for your personal growth or spiritual awakening or both. Because this system isn’t like vacuuming your carpet. It’s about helping you to get personal results along your path in life.

For example, here’s an article you might find interesting about Attachment Cord Cutting – Consumer Smarts.

What a great application of the saying, “You get what you pay for.”

If you pay the modest tuition for any Energy Spirituality Workshop, you’re going to learn a unique skill, systematically taught, in order to make your life better.

So, when it comes to cutting cords of attachment, you can waste your time on something that seems super-easy. Something so fast to learn.

Or you can learn a life skill that produces powerful insights and very personal healing for you… every single time. Here’s an example, about how I helped Gladys to cut her cord of attachment to a one-time yoga teacher.