The Spiritually Sparkling® Collection -- Free Intro

Lose Your EnerJunk and Hasten Spiritual Awakening

 “I’m doing my recommended ‘clearings’ every day, but I’m still wrestling with so much energetic junk! Why?”

Because each kind of EnerJunk needs its own specific “cleaning product.” That’s why.

Introducing the Spiritually Sparkling® Collection of Workshops. Bringing you a powerful array of up-to-date Energy HEALING Skills. Including knowledge of which skill to use when.

How clean would your house be if you used a broom to wash your dishes, scrub your bathtub, and sweep your floors?

Similarly, how will you achieve “spiritual awakening” if you try to use ONE tool to clean out every kind of negative energy from your life?

Energy Healing Can Help A Lot.

But Only If You’ve Got Good Skills.

Lingering negative energy—in your aura, home or clothes—can contribute to a host of persistent human-level problems: Anger. Guilt. Worry. Insecurity. Indecision. Mood swings. Low self-confidence. Poor concentration. All of which can stand in the way of personal growth. And spiritual awakening!

(If you think I’m kidding about that spiritual awakening part, check out this list of RES clients who have evolved so fast through techniques like those in this workshop series, they’ve moved into Enlightenment.)

Don't Let Over-Simplified Healing Techniques... Waste Your Time

Ever notice? Many healers prescribe ONE all-encompassing technique to deal with any and all forms of negative-energy “build-up.”


  • Chakra cleansing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Negative energy removal
  • Adding special energy that (supposedly) solves all problems
  • Protecting against “psychic vampires”

Which leads to such a mess: Working really hard every day. And not really accomplishing much by way of results.

Why Keep Working So Hard?

This on-demand workshop series gives you an effective approach to become Spiritually Sparkling.


  1. You’ll learn a variety of skill sets that address a variety of energy-healing problems.
  2. Cleaning tools far more sophisticated than the norm—clearly presented and easy to learn.
  3. With one exception, skills you’ll need to employ just once every 2-6 months, NOT daily!
  4. Processes that’ll make you energetically stronger every time you use them.

It’s as simple as washing with soap, rather than complicatedly fixing yourself all day long. Nagging yourself to think positive. Or avoiding “bad vibes” to protect yourself energetically.

Receive All This, Thanks to the Spiritually Sparkling Workshop Collection

With every workshop in this Spiritually Sparkling® Workshop Collection, you’ll receive all this:

  1. Systematic instruction with many hours of lessons.
  2. Information is chunked, to help you learn most comfortably and confidently.
  3. Videos, when available from one of Rose’s in-person workshops.
  4. Audio recordings, some from in-person workshops and others made expressly for this online workshop.
  5. Handouts that summarize knowledge and skills.
  6. Worksheets help you to own the material.
  7. Quizzes to jazz up your knowledge — making it personal, practical.
  8. On graduation, you’re eligible to take the first full-length workshop in this series. That’s Spiritually Sparkling 101, Essential Knowledge and Skills.
  9. Maybe you’re even interested in becoming an RES practitioner. Demand for professionals is growing: Some work part time, others are making a full-time career in RES. Just so you know, every workshop in the Spiritually Sparkling Collection is one of the requirements for applying to the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. 

Okay. Now, What Will I LEARN in this Free Intro?

Clarity, that’s what. Because chances are you’ve already been exposed to loads of ideas about energy healing. But discernment about what you’ve been told? Not so common.

In this series of five interactive lessons, you can start asking some great consumer questions. And get some answers. For example:

Maybe you took a seminar like Reiki or some other form of energy medicine. But somehow you haven’t done much with it. Like you haven’t progressed much since then, so you’re in kind of a rut.

Or maybe you learned a kind of spiritual healing in church, like laying on of hands. And that’s good as far as it goes. But how many problems has it solved for you lately?

Another possibility is that you’ve learned energy healings off the internet. So many YouTubes videos offering you miracles for free! So many websites promising that you can learn all you need in an hour!

In this workshop, you’ll gain consumer smarts about energy healing techniques. Of course, they’re not all alike.

Especially worth considering: If you’ve been doing energy healing, what kind was it? How does it differ from what you will learn from Rose Rosetree’s “Spiritually Sparkling” online workshops?

Why Many Healing Skills Are Now Obsolete. (Ineffective or Worse.)

In this Free Intro, you’ll start learning about the Shift into the Age of Awakening. How has it changed energy healing?

Before the Shift, on December 21, 2012, you were living in the Age of Faith. (Whether you knew it or not.) Energy healing worked differently then.

By now, different traditional forms of energy healing have very new problems.

Even before you take this workshop, you can preview some of the problems with Age of Faith healing (including New Age methods) by reading a trio of articles at Rose Rosetree’s blog.

  • In Purposely Feeling Emotional Pain, you’ll learn about unintended consequences of doing a free energy healing. (This post includes a powerful 30-minute audio recording with Rose and a client. And, as always, at Rose’s blog… you’ll find some fascinating comments from readers, as well.)
  • In Growing Faster Now, you’ll read a moving guest post from that RES client.
  • Finally comes the real shocker, an aura reading of the psychic who designed that meditation which produced such unexpected consequences. This well meaning psychic is still using Age of Faith energy healing skills.

Benefit from Four Interlocking Specialties with Really Effective Skills. RES!

Fact is, you’ll get unique clarity from Rose’s Free Intro because of the range of the system she uses, RES.

Besides the skills that interest you about RES Energy HEALING, her Empath Empowerment® Coaching removes a host of problems that won’t be solved by other empath services developed by psychics or psychologists. (If you check out Goldie’s guest post, cited above, you’ll see dramatic evidence of that.)

RES also includes distinctive skills for RES Enlightenment Coaching. Even if you’re not especially interested in spiritual development — after all, you’re now reading about a workshop for healing — this specialty can serve you indirectly.

Why? Because the healing skills you’ll learn from her really do help people to progress with self-actualization. Not just “clear” their energies but speed up their spiritual evolution.

To learn more about this aspect, check out Rose’s free service, here, where she explores what’s going on in the consciousness of public figures, including many popular energy healers. If skills like Reiki work so well today, why isn’t a single Reiki healer on the Enlightenment Life List?

Finally, you may know that Rose is also renowned for using Energy READING Skills. Unlike psychics, she uses the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. Whether or not you’re personally interested in developing reliable energetic literacy, go ahead and check out Rose’s numerous aura readings. (Her popular blog is a fine place to start.)

Check out the specific level of detail in these aura readings. And the emphasis on down-to-earth humanity. Compare this to anything you’ve found from other any energy healer. No wonder Rose Rosetree brings such clarity to the skills she can teach you to develop an aura that is, really, truly, Spiritually Sparkling!

Now for the Nuts & Bolts. What's in the Spiritually Sparkling -- Free Intro?

The full name of this workshop is Spiritually Sparkling — Free Intro.

Each of the five lessons includes at least one audio lecture.

Also included are thought-provoking handouts and worksheets.

Plus you’ll be given a quiz at the end of each lesson, help you to integrate the knowledge.

Please DON’T come expecting some flashy experience.

Nothing about RES is flashy. During the New Age Years, many of us were convinced that this was the sign of spiritual truth. Nonsense! That’s just about what Rose calls “The Romance of the Astral.” You won’t find that in anything that Rose teaches.

Please DO take this workshop if you’d like an honest introduction to knowledge not offered elsewhere.

Discover effective knowledge for those of us who are living now, in the Age of Awakening. Decide for yourself if Rose is on track, and what you learn is designed to improve your human life.

Listen and learn for yourself. Sample lessons from this award-winning instructor.

No, you won’t learn HOW to do any of the Spiritually Sparkling skills. But you’ll learn WHY to do them. And whether or not to take the workshops that follow, you can learn a lot.

Come join all the other Sparklers who take Rose’s online workshops for up-to-date energy healing. Prepare to have a ball, and meet delightful people at the private workshop Forums for every lesson from Level 101 on.

Module Breakdown

5 Audio Lectures +

3 Videos +

6 Worksheets & Handouts

Is the job of energy healing skills only to cleanse your aura?

How about including more?: Like what it takes for you to positively thrive.

01. Thrive

Includes 2 audio lectures. Total media time is 1/2 hour.

1 Worksheet

Quiz: Sophisticate’s Quiz

02. When Energetic STUFF Causes Human Problems

These days, a lot of self-healers talk about energies. Have you noticed?

Do you think that’s a good thing or what?

Includes 1 video lecture + 1 audio lecture. Total media time is 1/2 hour.

1 Worksheet

Quiz: Your Amazing Consciousness

03. STUFF Can Always, Always, Always Be Healed

Learn about the most important distinction you can make. For energy healing that you do for yourself. Also, this lesson can help you develop discernment as a client who seeks professional energy healing.

Includes 1 video lecture + 1 audio lecture. Total media time is 1/4 hour.

1 Worksheet

Quiz: Obvious or Not?

04. Why Would You “Just Know” Any of This?

Not common knowledge at all, the inside info you’ll receive in this lesson.

Includes 2 audio lectures. Total media time is 3/4 hour.

2 Worksheets

Quiz: ASTRAL EnerJunk Causes HUMAN Problems

05. Real-Life ENERGY Healing. For Awakening Real HUMAN Potential

In their sweet enthusiasm to get results, many aspiring self-healers doesn’t pay much attention to consumer knowledge. It’s more like excitedly grabbing whatever might work. If you haven’t already passed beyond that milestone in discernment, you can graduate from that today!

Includes 1 video lecture + 2 audio lectures. Total media time is 3/4 hour.

1 Handout + 1 Worksheet

Quiz: Essential Knowledge for Energy Healing Today

Editor’s Note: These quantities were accurate at the time this online workshop was released. With subsequent edits, these totals may change. Please view this summary as a helpful guide only.

Disclaimer: The skills taught in this workshop have been researched over many years. However, Rose Rosetree and her company (Rose Rosetree, LLC) assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur from the application or use of the material in this online workshop. The method of self-healing presented here is not intended as a substitute for the professional care of psychologists, physicians, or other health care providers. Instead, the goal is to support self-care. In short, this workshop educates you in one skill set to use in the pursuit of optimal well-being.