By now you’ve got Stage 3 Energetic Literacy — most of it, anyway. But suppose you don’t have an unlimited of people to let you read your auras.

And suppose you’d like to get a lot of experience… fast.

Because you know that practice is important for letting your skills develop. Like with word literacy! You sure wouldn’t be reading these words now unless you’d had the chance to read lots and lots of books since those early school years.

So what if you feel like you’re stuck in fourth grade? And you’d really, really like to progress. Even progress all the way to full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Which includes being able to read auras from photographs.

Your obvious solution would be studying more with Rose. Learning what, this time? How to read auras from photographs, regular pictures like these:

  • From your personal photo album
  • Or your faves online
  • Pix on dating websites
  • Photos of people you might work for… or who might work for you.

Well, of course there’s an app for that. The online workshop “Read Auras From Regular Photos.”

Of course, there’s a prerequisite before you take this online workshop. You must first graduate from Aura Reading 101. Aura Reading for You.

What You Will Receive

Systematic training that can make reading auras from photos as easy as turning on your mobile phone.

A phone that you can use to capture ever more photos! And then read auras of the people afterwards. Read all those auras at will.

And getting how much detail? Even more detail than you learned to access in Aura Reading 101.

Including some powerful new knowledge in the form of extra chakra databanks. By the time you graduate from this workshop, you’ll be able to research people in depth. In ways that bring wisdom. (Plus more street smarts.)

Incidentally, do you like YouTube videos? Then you’re going to love being able to read auras from the people in those videos. Hey, that’s an extra skill set. All included in your training!

Right now, I feel more confident reading people’s auras in person. But I’m sure confidence in reading auras from photos will grow. I too have a long list of interesting people I want to research. I am so excited that I can research whoever I want, whenever I want. Like researching an author from a photo before reading that person’s book! And researching potential new bosses/coworkers.

One of the biggest surprises for me is what Liane mentioned–the compassion that arises. Insights that I get from aura reading are insights that I retain, and that influence how I feel about and relate to other people. Making good relationships even sweeter and helping me to be of more service to others.

It also helps me to be more discerning of who I want to have relationships with–learning to minimize contact with people at work I don’t like. I can stop “googling” myself wondering what is going on with certain people–and just find out.

I still feel surprised every time, that aura reading works and that I’m able to do it.

Thank you for this fabulous course, Rose. Taking your online workshops really is such an enjoyable and effective way to learn. It is great to know that I can always go back and repeat a lesson, if I forget something. I will miss doing these lessons in the morning!

What's Included

Lessons that deepen skills you learned in Aura Reading 101. Taking your confidence and aura reading to the next level.

  • Specifics on how to read auras from photos.
  • Inside info from Rose about how to select photographs in a way that helps you succeed.
  • And surprising insights into habits that are essential to put aside when you’re reading auras from pictures.
  • 10 common mistakes to avoid when you aim to read auras from videos. Plus tips to help you obtain reliable insights every time.

In Case You're Wondering

Yes, graduating from “Read Auras From Regular Photos” is required before you study many other workshops. Super-advanced online workshops about RES skills of Energy READING.

And, as somebody who routinely uses 15 Stages of Energetic Literacy, I’ve got loads of follow-up workshops to develop for you.

Also, are you interested in gaining professional-level skills as an RES Apprentice — or even Practitioner? Maybe you know that will include applying for the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Well, starting in 2018, this online workshop will be required… or the equivalent from an in-person workshop or personal mentoring.

All RES experts have superb aura reading skills. Well, this workshop can help you to get them, too.

Enjoy the Forum, Sweeter than Ever

Once again, I’ve built in a Support Forum. Included automatically once you commit to taking Aura Reading 102.

Thanks to this Forum, there’s a place for you to go after every single lesson. A place where you can ask any questions about that lesson. And also share your success stories.

Who’s allowed to participate? Only your fellow students at this more advanced level. You’ll also be interacting with me, your teacher.

Participation in this confidential Forum is included in your tuition. No renewal fees over the years. No hidden costs.

Just how long do you have to wait to participate in the Forum?

Right after you complete your first lesson.

I think you’ll find that this Forum is a gift that keeps on giving.

Providing that Forum matters to me. How come? Because I’m doing all I reasonably can to make this on-demand workshop a quality experience for you.

Come find community here. Sign up, start learning, and get involved!

Module Breakdown

10 Lessons, 40 Audios, 9 Videos, 23 Worksheets & Handouts

Lesson 01. Ready to Learn an Amazing, Practical Skill Set

Includes 2 audio recordings, 1 worksheet. Total listening time is 3/4 hour.

Quiz: What to EXPECT When Reading Auras from Photos

Lesson 02. Easier and Easier

Includes 2 audio recordings, 1 video, 2 worksheets. Total listening time is 1/2 hour.

Quiz: How the RES Preparation Process Can Become Extra Easy for Me

Lesson 03. Add Ease and Flow to Your Aura Reading

Includes 4 audio recordings, 3 videos, 1 worksheet, 1 handout. Total listening time is 1 hour.

Quiz: 03. Finding Your Flow

Lesson 04. As a Smart Consumer, Research with Aura Bounce and Rub

Includes 4 audio recordings, 1 worksheet. Total listening time is 1 hour.

Assignment: Your Aura Reading Consumer Research.

Lesson 05. Refine Your Skills

Includes 2 audio recordings, 1 video, 2 worksheets. Total listening time is 1/2 hour.

Assignment: Developing Even More Self-Authority.

Lesson 06. Research Somebody In Person

Includes 6 audio recordings, 2 videos, 1 worksheet, 3 handouts. Total listening time is 1 1/4 hour.

Assignment: Reading Auras Live, And Doing It Better.

Lesson 07. Photo Reading Essentials

Includes 1 audio recording, 1 video, 1 worksheet, 2 handouts. Total listening time is 1/2 hour.

Assignment: Aura Photo Gallery

Lesson 08. Read your First Aura From Photos

Includes 2 audio recordings, 1 worksheet, 1 handout. Total listening time is 40 minutes.

Quiz: The Photo No-No Quiz

Lesson 09. Read Auras from Photos Three Ways

Includes 8 audio recordings! Plus 3 worksheets. Total listening time is 1 1/2 hours.

Assignment: My Three New Aura Reading Specialties

Lesson 10 Graduate with Full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy

Includes 2 audio recordings, 1 worksheet, 4 handouts. Total listening time is 40 minutes.

Assignment: How Does This Graduate Most Enjoy Using Full Energetic Literacy? (For Now.)

Editor’s Note: These quantities were accurate at the time this online workshop was released. With subsequent edits, these totals may change. Please view this summary as a helpful guide only.

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Refund Policy: Because this workshop comes with a free online sample workshop,
there are no refunds on tuition for this online workshop.

Disclaimer: The skills taught in this workshop have been researched over many years. However, Rose Rosetree and her company (Rose Rosetree, LLC) assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur from the application or use of the material in this online workshop. The method of reading auras presented here is not intended as a substituteyou’re your individual responsibility for choices, speech, and actions. Instead, the goal is to support deeper insight.

Praise from Students and Clients

“Very informative, energetic, inspirational, fun, with lots of practicality. I would definitely recommend it to others.”

“Extremely informative. It contained a lot of techniques that really do work. Rose’s enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter made a difference.”

“Fantastic! You are one of the most uplifting, inspiring, interesting, vibrant teachers I have come across. You really make things happen!”

“Thank you for your reading and well-chosen words; I will purposefully avoid comments about your accuracy since it would be like telling an eagle it was good at flying or a dolphin good at swimming.”

“Self-deception is a big — maybe the biggest — problem on this path! Your method is a miracle! Thank you.”

“I’m speechless ………. No really ….. some of the things you mention below are SO true …. WOW …. I’m so glad you did the reading for me ….. it seems there are parts of me even I don’t understand yet! You will definitely be seeing more and more of me in the forums as I pick up more and more skills / learn to use my skills more, etc. Thanks again.”


Q. I didn’t even know it was possible to read auras from pictures. How can you see the colours that way?

A. You’re onto something with this question. Reading auras from photos is a leading-edge skill.

So far, few people are doing this. Most aura reader wannabes are stuck at their skill level — as you learned in the Aura Reading 101 Workshop (or will learn, if you haven’t taken it yet).

Yet it’s actually easy to read auras from photographs. And get detailed, accurate information. Which is, of course, the point.

Would you like to become one of the world’s pioneer aura readers, getting info that other aura readers don’t yet know how to access?

Q. I’m already getting a vibe from photographs. What would be different if I take this online workshop?

A. Getting a vibe is evidence of talent. But, sadly, this is just the very beginner’s stage of reading auras. In the Aura Reading 101 Workshop, one of the things you learn is discernment about skill. What you’ve described sounds like Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. You may have no idea yet how much more helpful it is when you develop full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. (What you can definitely develop by the end of this 10-lesson online workshop.)

Q. In my Reiki Level II workshop, I learned to enter into a photo and access the subconscious mind of the person I wanted to heal. How is this workshop different?

A. First, in RES workshops there is clarity that an aura reading is not an aura healing. You’ll find the RES Energy HEALING Workshops listed here. Now you’re learning about RES Energy READING Workshops — the most advanced one yet.

Second, development of skill at aura reading through energy medicine resources, like Reiki, tends to be relatively limited.

Here are a few examples of information that you will learn to access — effortlessly — from photos by using the skills in this workshop:

  • How to read auras from photos for Friendship and Dating
  • How to read auras from photos for Learning Which People You Can Trust
  • How to read auras from photos for Researching Healers and Spiritual Teachers

Q. How is it possible to train somebody to read auras from photos? Aren’t you either born with the knack or not?

A. Aura reading is a skill. A skill that Rose can teach you, if you’d like to spend a bit of time taking one on-demand lesson at a time.

If you take Rose’s Free Intro to Aura Reading, you’ll start learning why most people don’t know yet that aura reading is a skill. Not just a knack. And you can take advantage of this generous, five-lesson orientation freebie.

Going on from there, Aura Reading 101 may well amaze you. As you go through the lessons, you’ll see contributions of past students at the online Forum for this workshop. Many students express amazement, again and again, that aura reading is a skill. (At least the way Rose teaches it.)

A skill these students are developing with surprising ease. And have a ball while learning!

Q. I’m more advanced than others. For years I’ve been looking at auras and getting hits of information. If I don’t want to bother with the Aura 101 workshop. For sure, I don’t need it. Can’t I just learn that photo part? (Which looks like a cool idea to me!)

A. Congratulations on being so advanced. However, from what you’ve asked, it seems clear than you haven’t yet studied the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

Learning this unique system is required, regardless of your prior experience. In terms of Rose’s experience as a teacher, she’s had many a student like you who decided to study with her. They learned more than they dreamed possible. Please take the Free Intro and then “Aura Reading for You.” Only then will you benefit fully from this even cooler workshop.

Q. Why does it take a whole 10-lesson workshop to start reading auras from photographs? Is Rose just being fussy? Or trying to pad a simple skill into a big 10-lesson workshop?

A. Every lesson in this workshop is absolutely necessary. Each lesson building upon the one before. This helps you to succeed.

What if you’re in a big rush to “See the colours and get it over with”? Then you’re not ready to appreciate what this master teacher can do for you.

When you are ready to learn this important life skill, you just need to commit to learning. Your teacher will take it from there. You’ll discover that Rose doesn’t just throw techniques at you and let you sink or swim. Instead you’ll be systematically prepared. One easy, successful experience at a time.

Q. Which valuable help is included in your basic tuition for this online workshop?

A. Rose has been teaching the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® for more than 40 years. Worldwide!

And that means teaching every student in a caring way. Not looking at students and seeing $$$ dollar signs.$$$

As a result of that teaching, she’s learned a great deal about how to help aura reading students succeed.

In fact, Rose Rosetree has apprenticed people like you… all the way through to becoming professionals at RES. And first rate aura readers. You won’t find a more experienced, or thorough, teacher of aura reading skills.