For Brilliant Consumer Smarts
in The Age of Awakening



There are so many great things you could do in your life

But have you ever heard the saying “So many choices, so little time?”

When choices seem overwhelming, what is the one superb way to make decisions for yourself? You can develop Brilliant Consumer Smarts for gaining energetic insight into any choice you might make.

Not a psychic reading, but an application of energetic literacy — reading auras with everyday skills, just like you’re using “word literacy” right now to read this screen.

The Soul Thrill® Aura Research workshop brings you the only system in America that combines the perceptiveness of aura reading with precision skills for assessing the impact of any choice you care to research.

Whew, what a way to gain a true sense of security!

Yes, this Soul Thrill® Aura Research Workshop will teach you how to read the impact of any choice on your aura. All the way down through to subconscious and astral energies, deep within you.

Clients love this kind of session.

And, now, just one fun-filled weekend workshop can develop your ability to do quality, accurate aura research on choices. Research that you do on your own. Whenever you like. Now and for the rest of your life.

What’s Especially Helpful About This Kind of Aura Research?

Think of any aspect of your life where you might have to make a decision. Such as:

  1. Selecting your next career step. Perhaps assessing the fit of a job offer.
  2. Choosing a college major. Also choosing a college!
  3. Online dating. Or making up your mind whether to live together or to marry.
  4. Or evaluating whether or not to stay in a relationship.
  5. Moving? Where? Even different neighborhoods can have different consequences.
  6. Selecting a new place to live. Especially vetting new roommates.
  7. And evaluating your current spiritual path. Is it right for you?

Has Rose helped clients with all seven of these types of decision? All these and more! And now, based on decades of experience, she can teach you how.

Delightful and Informative Research.  Done responsibly.

Using the skills you can learn in this workshop, simply research away! The process can be as easy as eating a piece of cake. Once you learn this surprisingly easy skill set, you’ll gain confidence about making life’s everyday choices. And the big ones, too.

Imagine spending just couple of days learning these skills. Afterwards you’ll be researching happily forever after:

  • Making wise choices.
  • Avoiding annoying mistakes.
  • And moving forward rapidly at accomplishing what matters to you. Whether it’s making more money or improving your love life or whatever.

Thanks to this workshop, you’ll learn a complete set of practical skills. Techniques and understandings that add up to a trademarked system. Soul Thrill® aura research can save you time and money. Empowering you to make decisions, the right decisions for you.

Offered for the First Time

Not only will this weekend workshop be Rose Rosetree’s first time teaching this super-practical skill set, it will actually be the most sophisticated RES workshop given yet.  (By the way, “RES” stands for “Rosetree Energy Spirituality”)

Ask around. Have you ever heard of anyone who offers a service like this?

One RES apprentice told his friend “Nicole,” a psychic, that he had learned to do this sort of research. She was astounded. “You mean it’s possible to find out from inside my aura how I would react to a life choice? I never heard of anybody doing that. ”

Well, you can learn to do that! And, of course, your insights will go way farther than a simple yes-or-no. Depending on the type of research that you’re doing, imagine! You’ll investigate the possible impact of a choice on your money, your health, your spiritual evolution; emotional growth and your sex life, plus (wait for it) much more!

Clients find they save a lot of money. Prevent a great deal of frustration, too. Even if you weren’t especially interested in the impact of aura reading, you might take the two requirements for this workshop… just to become eligible to learn this money-saving skill.

(Travel and accommodation info also provided.)

Incidentally: Seating for this workshop is limited to 25, so every single participant receives individual attention. Might I recommend that you reserve your place today?