Spot Liars, Cheaters, and Saints



Rebecca had no clue that her on-again-off-again lover was a pothead. He said that he never smoked weed any more. Shouldn’t that be good enough?

Jack was puzzled by the behavior of a new co-worker, but blamed himself.

Jessica kept trying to win over her mother-in-law. Only, what didn’t she know? That game was impossible to win.

Like these fine people, haven’t you found yourself sometimes in tricky situations about “Who is this person really?”

When you don’t know, you’re stuck with guesswork. Sadly, you may jump to the wrong conclusion and suffer as a result.

But what if you could learn superb and reliable skills for telling who’s dishonest? Or sometimes you might learn that that puzzling person is simply shy, or else suffering deep down… yet otherwise honorable.

Given how high the stakes can be for reading people correctly, it’s about time that I’ve offered you this workshop.

Want the Backstory about this Brand New Workshop?

I’ve been wanting to teach this one for decades. Because – can you guess? – the most urgent questions I’m asked about deeper perception are questions like these:

  • “Can you tell me if Karen is a crook?”
  • “Is it wise to trust Sam?”
  • “If I accept a job working for Christopher, will it turn into a nightmare because he’s an impossible boss?”
  • “How can I protect myself against violent people?”
  • “Before I get sexually involved with this new love interest, could this person be lying to me?”

Finally, I can share my energetic literacy skills for answering all these questions and more. Because for years, I’ve helped clients solve character-related problems. Sadly, sometimes that happened after my client had fallen for a scam artist, etc.

Wouldn’t it be great to spend one delightful weekend attending a workshop that installs aura detective skills to use for the rest of your life?

That’s the goal. Nothing less.

In this workshop I’ll share a range of info that you haven’t explored yet, even if you’ve taken all the aura reading workshops that I’ve offered so far.

So Why Have I Never Offered this Workshop Before?

Because, previously, not enough folks were in a position to learn these advanced skills of energetic literacy.

Not that terribly advanced, actually: Just that students must come to this workshop having gained Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. And you’re fully capable of developing that much skill at the energetic form of literacy.

What if you haven’t developed those skills quite yet? Guess what? If you start now, you’ve got time to learn them. Maybe you’ll finally commit to learning them… just so that you can take this particular workshop.

Preparing for this Advanced Workshop Is Easy

Just click on this link to start my free lessons on aura reading, a generous intro.

Then, assuming that you like it, go ahead and learn more. Take Aura 101.

Imagine, developing skills for precision aura reading… beyond what psychics and New Age energy healers can do. Right there, unfolding a kind of aura reading that isn’t based on working with spirits or vague ideas about “the Universe”! By graduation, you’ll be able to read your own aura. And also read auras of others. Technically speaking, you’ll own all of Stage 3 Energetic literacy except for…

What will you learn in Aura 102? How to read auras from regular photos, that’s what.

And how long will all of that take? Just spend 10-15 minutes a day. It’s a flexible, interactive kind of learning… on your own schedule, on-demand. Then you’ll be set for life with essential skills of energetic literacy.

What about Spotting Liars, Cheaters, and Saints?

That’s more advanced. Which is why I’m launching this new workshop. Start as soon as possible to complete the prerequisite courses so you’ll be ready to take this exciting new workshop.

What could be more practical? You’ll learn rare strategies to do aura reading for character. In the process, discovering ways to protect yourself. Actually you can gain many additional life improvements, as I’ll explain soon. (Bet you can’t guess all seven practical benefits that you’ll learn about next. But go ahead, try!)

(Travel and accommodation info also provided.)

Incidentally: Seating for this workshop is limited to 25, so every single participant receives individual attention. Might I recommend that you reserve your place today?