Shape a Personal Path to
Enlightenment That Can Really Work



Finally, an intelligent, interactive workshop for seekers of spiritual growth. From an expert at seeking Enlightenment now, in The Age of Awakening!

Whether you’ve been striving for self-actualization psychologically or you’ve been seeking spiritual Enlightenment.

Or both!

Even for experienced spiritual seekers, enlightenment can be confusing, to say the least.

Discernment would help, wouldn’t it? Including an updated understanding of what Enlightenment actually is, compared to so many popular myths.

  • Unattainable goals offered by outright phonies.
  • Seductive promises from — oops! — cult leaders.
  • Blissy spiritual teachers who once were in Enlightenment and have now gone “sideways.”

Whom can you trust? And how can you tell what really would work for you now?

Just so you know… Rose has no ties to any teaching or religion. No agenda whatsoever, except for well-developed skills of aura reading that she can use on your behalf, plus respect for the very individual ways that people can grow spiritually.

You see…  In 1986 Rose Rosetree Quit Teaching Transcendental Meditation.  Back then, she learned a lot about consciousness development. But now she no longer offers to teach you The One Technique You Must Use.

And she certainly doesn’t favor today’s popular approach to just sit with someone who’s supposed to be in Enlightenment, catching a higher state of consciousness as if it were a cold.

So What Does Rose Offer in the Accelerate Enlightenment Workshop?

  1. Simply a flexible approach, empowering you to shape a personal path to Enlightenment that can really work. Freedom used wisely!
  2. Wouldn’t it boost your confidence to understand what kind of approach will work for you? Versus what would waste your time?
  3. Gaining understandings that can work for you later, not just now. Realistically speaking, can’t you expect your personal path to change in years to come? That’s life, especially if you’re not tied to a rigid philosophy. However, what you learn from this workshop about gaining Enlightenment, can make you feel considerably more secure.
  4. Both do’s and don’ts will help you to gain spiritual growth. (And that includes new possibilities after you have crossed the threshold into Enlightenment.)

How Can This Weekend Workshop Bring you Clarity?

Trust this “Accelerate Enlightenment Workshop” to lay out understandings that can make a huge difference for shaping your path of personal development. Now and for years to come. For instance:

  • Why can’t you discern Enlightenment from someone’s behavior? Rose’s answers may shock you. (Not to mention some demonstration aura readings from photographs.) Shock you, but also bring considerable relief.
  • Meditation — have you heard that meditation is practically required to move towards Enlightenment? Find out why not. Not required at all, now that we’re living in The Age of Awakening.
  • How about doing nothing? Could that be all you need, just because you’re living in such a spiritually fast-moving time? (Definitely not. Probably you already know that. But do you know why?)
  • Most practical of all, you’ll learn a great deal about what does work to accelerate Enlightenment. And how it works.

Bring to this workshop all your questions about spiritual practices that you have tried. Or are considering. Class discussion will include several eye-opening samples of Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading™.

Curious to learn more specifics about what’s included in this Accelerate Enlightenment Workshop?

(Travel and accommodation info also provided.)

Incidentally: Seating for this workshop is limited to 25, so every single participant receives individual attention. Might I recommend that you reserve your place today?