Pray Like God's Grownup



Did you ever wish you could pray with true power?

Yet you’re not convinced that you really know what you’re doing, prayer-wise?

And you’re not even sure that you’re capable of praying effectively?

Along the way you’ve probably picked up some religious education. Concerning right ways to pray versus wrong ways.

How about all the tips you’ve picked up over the years? Maybe tried and failed… And then blamed yourself.

And let’s not even get into all the possible comparing with other people’s miracle stories. Or certainties.

Pray Like God’s Grownup?

Yes, That’s Different from Today’s Mainstream Version of Prayer

Have you ever noticed?

For something supposed to be so beautiful, prayer sure has backfired. Due to making a lot of people feel terrible about themselves

Has any of this happened to you, prayer-wise?

  • Feeling bad about your spiritual worthiness.
  • Confusion about what exactly to do. Or how to do it…
  • By now, aren’t you supposed to have learned how to pray?
  • Besides, aren’t really spiritual people supposed to know instinctively?
  • Worst of all, did you ever fear that there’s a special faith ingredient — like a godly “special sauce” – that some folks are born with and others will never attain? (And what if you’re destined to be one of the “nevers”?)

So Many Stories You’ve Heard and Seen!

Seemingly they’re important stories for you. Like they’re supposed to put you on the right track. Somehow setting a standard against which to measure your prayer achievements.

No doubt, you’ve heard amazing stories of answered prayers, even miracles. But how many of them have happened to you?

Are you even sure what it’s reasonable to expect from prayer?

You know, that’s a really good question.

Finally here’s a workshop for you. Especially if you’re spiritual.  Learn how to Pray Like God’s Grownup.

Spiritual But Not Religious?

Then This Workshop Was Made for You

Many deeply spiritual people wish they could understand prayer better. Rather than guilting themselves. Or feeling like they’re missing out. Just because big flashy prayer miracles don’t happen daily.

Incidentally, please don’t expect big flashy miracles from this workshop! Definitely, I won’t be teaching you how to pray for things like The Parting of the Red Sea.

Instead, I’m aiming to help you to understand what prayer is good for. Versus what it’s not fair to ask God to give you.

And you’ll learn several effective ways to pray… by co-creating with the Divine. Rather than the common alternatives.

Which are what? Often prayer means acting like God’s begging child. And could it be? Maybe some sweet people of faith… who believe they’re connecting to God in prayer… Are mostly receiving “answers” from their own subconscious minds?

Oh yes, concerning that last paragraph? Your workshop will include some respectful illusion-busting aura research about many ways that people believe they are praying effectively. When they could do so much better.

Could You Take This Workshop

If You’re Religious and Also Spiritual?

Sure, and you might benefit a lot. For example, what if you belong to a church or another religious organization? Much as you love it, you feel as though something is missing. Specifically, something about prayer is missing.

Well then, come join us and learn how to Pray Like God’s Grownup!

On the other hand, please do not attend if you’re a missionary, aiming to convert others.

Also, don’t attend if you’re an atheist. (In case you’re wondering, I’m teaching four other workshops this year. See if any of them appeal to you instead.)

Overall, here’s the plain truth about this prayer workshop. It is spiritual. And respectful of religious beliefs. Yet free of religious agenda.

What’s Your Teacher’s Agenda BTW?

Not to psychoanalyze you. Nor to get you all excited about psychic development.

Rather, to simply… human-to-human…

Teach You How to Pray Like God’s Grownup.

In my line of work, I’ve found that many of my Energy Spirituality clients and students are really curious about prayer.

Even gaining more clarity about prayer has make a big difference for some. That helped me decide to offer this workshop.

Are you curious about how I developed this new field of Energy Spirituality? Yes, Energy Spirituality! Which, it turns out, can offer a new approach to prayer. An Age of Awakening approach.

Here’s my story.

My Line of Work Could Be Called “Clarity Development”

Since I’ve learned — and teach people like you — various ways to co-create with God.

Sometimes that includes using energetic literacy skills:

  • Smashing some illusions, along the way.
  • But also helping people to strengthen their spiritual self-authority.

And aiming to help my students to balance paying attention to what really happens in life, in reality. Balance that with a spiritual ability all of us have. (Even if we’re not used to calling it “spiritual.”) Yes, here I’m talking about your own talent for internal validation.

If you read my blog regularly, you know what I’m talking about. Otherwise, introduce yourself. Choose from hundreds of blog posts to sample. Articles that demonstrate my passion for clarity about what’s true.

All that Research Experience Can Benefit YOU

And Help YOU to Pray Like God’s Grownup


Because this workshop will include some research on volunteers. Folks who wonder what happened energetically with their previous experiences of prayer.

Specifically, volunteers can bring up any of these:

  • Uplifting experiences
  • Mysterious experiences
  • Frustrating experiences with holier-than-thou true believers
  • And more.

For example, once — just once during the workshop — I’ll ask course participants to get down on their knees. Folding their hands in traditional, Western, prayer position.

Helpful for how we’ll explore in detail what that prayer position does to consciousness. And why it’s such an Age of Faith “asana.” Altogether unhelpful if you wish to Pray Like God’s Grownup.

Wacky But True, Prayer Bundling

Have you ever wondered?

How many different expectations and beliefs are bundled up into the general idea of “prayer”?

What you learn about this workshop topic may shock you. (And possibly help you to feel a whole lot better about “failed” attempts at prayer.)

And that’s even before we get to specifics about…

10 Different Types of Prayer

Most of Which Are NOT: Pray Like God’s Grownup

Some you may recognize with a smile. Others with a mild shudder.

Point is, you have the right to understand all 10 of the most common varieties of prayer.

Some of them can help you a lot, especially given what you’ll learn in this part of the workshop. Wouldn’t you like to know which ones can help best, depending on the situation that you’d like to pray about?

Yes, this workshop is PRACTICAL. Speaking of which…

Expect to Leave this Workshop with All This

  1. New resources for your prayer life.
  2. Compassion about what hasn’t worked for you.
  3. Freedom to graduate from certain obsolete forms of prayer that can’t work for you now. (Including knowledge of why they won’t work.)
  4. Appreciate how and why prayer is different now, in the Age of Awakening.
  5. Pull together your own Personal Prayer Plan. It will include what you’ll choose to do on a daily basis. Also, how to use prayer when you’re scared, angry, sad, etc.

How about Other Prayer-Related Topics?

Curious to learn more about this new workshop? Hint: You can find plenty to inspire you. To learn more, keep reading.

(Travel and accommodation info also provided.)

Incidentally: Seating for this workshop is limited to 25, so every single participant receives individual attention. Might I recommend that you reserve your place today?