Shape a Personal Path to
Enlightenment That Can Really Work

NOTE: The In-Person Workshop Is Complete But an Online Workshop Is Under Development.

During the 2019 in-person workshop, a workshop participant moved into Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Do you care about making progress on your spiritual path? Then this workshop can make a huge difference, whether you’re seeking Enlightenment or you’ve already crossed the threshold into Enlightenment. Either way, do you wonder what comes next?

Thanks to this workshop, you’ll benefit from insight I’ve gained as an active Enlightenment Coach. Lectures at the leading edge of RES will be part of your workshop. You’ll also explore some “Technique Time” experiences designed expressly for you. Expect to leave this workshop with much greater spiritual clarity about your personal path.

Have You Noticed?

And no, it’s not just you:

  • It’s easy to have your spiritual path nice and settled — if you belong to a big, mainstream religion. However, Enlightenment doesn’t generally result from joining big, mainstream religions. (And that’s not just an opinion. It’s borne out by loads of energetic literacy research.)
  • If you’re not going to follow a traditional path for spiritual development, what comes next? That can seem vague.
  • Also, the sheer number of choices available… can overwhelm you.

Enter this workshop, designed to bring you spiritual clarity. Come and learn, in detail, what can help you personally to evolve. Versus what is unlikely to help you much.

And — this being an RES workshop — at every step of the way, you’ll learn why, why, why.

A Big Lover of God, Thoroughly Confused

Recently I gave a first RES session to Fabiola. This new client was bogged down in spiritual addiction, so I began to educated her about how to get over this problem.

Immediately, Fabiola tussled with me. She demanded, “Why believe you? I’ve studied with so many teachers, and all of them tell me different things to do.”

Yet Fabiola grew curious. And by the time I’d completed outlining exactly what she could do to get unstuck spiritually, Fabiola began reacting differently.

By the end of the session, she exclaimed, “Without knowing it, I’ve been doing Technique Time all day long!”

What changed most for this new client? In one session she received discernment, spiritual clarity, and a flexible program for moving forward.

This was a classic RES session for a beginner.

Of course, you’re no longer a beginner. What’s available to you? Specifically:

  • How can I guide you to gain a more sophisticated, and very individual, program for moving forward?
  • What would add to your discernment and spiritual clarity, given how far you’ve already progressed.
  • So many resources exist for beginners. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re no longer a beginner. And you’re honest enough to know that you could benefit from help for somebody at your current level of development.

I Have So Much to Share with You

Maybe you’ve noticed from the “Deeper Perception Made Practical” blog? More and more RES clients are moving into Enlightenment. And these folks come from different walks of life and varied religious backgrounds. Wouldn’t you, too, like to accelerate your own personal evolution and psychological self-actualization? And do it as yourself!

Whether you’re seeking Enlightenment, or you’re already there, this workshop can help you to evolve faster. Expect this workshop to help you develop a spiritual path that works for you as an individual, honoring what matters most to you, a path that’s truly current!

This workshop is packed with practical info you won’t find elsewhere – including any books that I’ve published and all the workshops I’ve given so far.

Five Specifics

What if you decide to give yourself the gift of this particular workshop? Then you’ll receive knowledge about:

  1. The 10 requirements for Age of Awakening Enlightenment
  2. Why there is no longer a simple recipe for spiritual progress
  3. Surprising ways to accelerate Enlightenment (or, to enjoy it more)
  4. Explore: Overcoming Life’s Illusions
  5. Also, you’ll learn an enlightenment-friendly technique for Visiting with a Divine Being.

Equally important, what will this workshop NOT include?

(Travel and accommodation info also provided.)

Incidentally: Seating for this workshop is limited to 25, so every single participant receives individual attention. Might I recommend that you reserve your place today?