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  • Do you want to help people grow emotionally and spiritually?
  • Are you motivated to learn a powerful system at the very leading edge of personal development?
  • Curious about those Really Effective Skills of RES, how they work at a professional level?

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) is an emerging profession for personal development. RES Practitioners help people solve problems by using skills for emotional and spiritual growth. Skills that are effective now, in The Age of Awakening.

Given the growing demand for personal sessions, there are now two full-time RES Practitioners, in addition to the founder, Rose.

How this Mentoring Program Works

This is an apprentice-style program. It develops your knowledge and skills, under the guidance of RES Founder, Rose Rosetree. Qualifying you, as a graduate, to facilitate sessions of RES Energy READING and also RES Energy HEALING. Using many of the distinctive, leading-edge systems of RES.

What if you’re interested in exploring this possibility? Many training programs require a large tuition fee upfront, making a major commitment. That’s not how Rose likes to treat people. Because the priority in RES is helping people; making money is secondary. Like sessions, RES mentoring is primarily a service.

So this is how Rose has designed her mentoring program. At first you study at your own pace, independently. Getting a sense of what it’s like to take a workshop with Rose.

RES Workshops and Mentoring Are Unique

Obviously, what Rose teaches is the leading edge in the discipline she founded, energy spirituality. In workshops for self-study, she can teach you many of her trademarked systems. Other workshops, you’ll benefit from demonstrations of advanced RES skills.

As for the experience of mentoring with Rose, here are some good questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you like workshops that are packed with knowledge? (They’re designed for people with curiosity.)
  2. Does it excite you to learn in ways that honor your personal gifts? (Respect for you as an individual is perfectly compatible with learning RES skill sets.)
  3. Would you prefer being yourself as you learn, rather than trying to copy your teacher? (Honesty, kindness, intelligence, and integrity are core RES values. See them on display at Rose’s blog.)

“Wow! It’s like going to energy college! Not just because there’s a lot to the skills, loads of handouts, etc. But because each workshop is a lively place for learning, like some of my favorite courses back when I went to college.”

A Flexible Program to Help You Serve Others

Some RES Professionals work full-time. Others prefer to do their work part-time.

Meet two Full-Time RES Professionals trained by Rose, Isabella Cates and Sandra Haering.

Although an RES Apprentice can graduate in less than one year, some apprentices study for many years. And some remain part of the Mentoring Community without having immediate plans to graduate. Every step of the way, your rate of progress is personal. No forcing, because your rate of professional progress in RES is your choice!

In 2017, at the time of launching this RES website redesign, there are 13 active RES Practitioners and Apprentices, plus their teacher. Within this group, 8 have moved into Enlightenment. And, according to Enlightenment Coach Rose, the others are making rapid progress in their personal evolution. Evidently, that’s a side benefit of facilitating RES sessions.

As for those names you’ll see listed here as RES Experts — they’re just a fraction of all the RES Professionals and Apprentices.

Rose has an unusually generous policy of promoting and encouraging these RES leaders. All work together in a collegial manner. During the monthly RES Mentoring Conference Calls, everyone contributes. That’s just how we roll!

And although Rose plays the role of RES Founder, consistently bringing in new knowledge year after year, guess what? She is very open to contributions from RES Experts, acknowledging each contributor as, together, everyone involved helps to advance this leading-edge knowledge.

How do you earn the right to contribute to RES? By becoming an RES Expert, using RES skills with integrity, and helping people. Rose says, “Energy Spirituality grows on demand, helping one client after another, co-creating with Divine help.”

Featured Practitioners

Isabella Cates

RES Practitioner

Sandra Haering

RES Practitioner

How to Get Involved

Your steps are simple. Here’s the list.

  1. Boldly take your first workshop with Rose, either an in-person workshop or an online workshop or as personal mentoring.
  2. Take additional workshops, pursuing what interests you most. Experience the power of the skills you are taught.
  3. Complete all the RES Mentoring Program Requirements.
  4. Officially apply to become an RES Apprentice. (When you’re eligible to apply, email Rose. She will reply by emailing you this information.) In 2017-2018, the Application fee is $10.

You’ll be accepted into this professional program if Rose believes that you have what it takes to become an outstanding RES Practitioner. Acceptance of applicants is at Rose’s sole discretion.

As an RES Apprentice, at your own pace, you’ll do 40 client sessions, describing them in detail in a Mentoring Report. Rose reads each one, sharing feedback with you. Helping to refine your use of the skills.

Additional support comes through Monthly Conference Calls for RES Experts. Updating you on the latest knowledge in this developing field.

Upon graduation, you will be officially authorized by Rose Rosetree to do personal sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. As appropriate, she will promote you at her blog and website.

Also, soon as you are enrolled in the Rosetree Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program, you can participate in the monthly conference call exclusively for Rose’s apprentices and Program graduates.

You may even organize to do these individual instructions with one or more friends, as a conference call or in person. Because this individualized study will be done at your own pace, it could take many session hours to complete each workshop requirement for the Mentoring Program.

One of your required workshops DOES need to be taken in person with Rose. When you are ready to send your Application, contact Rose for additional details!  You can reach her at, or 703-450-9514.


In 2017, the non-refundable Mentoring Program fee is $900. This does not include tuition for the prerequisites that you must complete before applying. Also, this does not include personal sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality as Rose’s client or when requesting personalized coaching to develop new skill sets.

How This Mentoring Program Works

Once accepted into this Program, you will receive the official RES Mentoring Manual, updated annually.

In addition, you will complete 40 client sessions, filing a Client Session Report with detailed information and any questions you have. Plus you will complete a Log of your progress as an RES Apprentice.

Email Client Session Reports to Rose for comment. Rose will support you with answers to your questions plus detailed suggestions to help you develop as a practitioner.

You set your own deadlines for program completion; there is no time limit for progressing through this program.

Graduation is not guaranteed, no more than being accepted at a university promises that you will graduate. Your progress is up to you. And graduation as an RES Practitioner is at Rose’s sole discretion.

Not included in Mentoring Tuition

Probably the following list is obvious to you. But just to be clear, tuition in the RES Mentoring Program does not include these fees:

  • Tuition for the workshop prerequisites that you must complete before applying.
  • Personal Coaching in supplementary skill sets that you might choose to learn as resources for your sessions with clients. Either as an Apprentice or as an RES Practitioner.
  • Post-Graduate Mentoring for RES Practitioners, both refining existing skill sets and (at the Instructor’s discretion) learning additional skill sets.
  • Any personal RES sessions as Rose’s client, which can add to your clarity and confidence as a practitioner. You set the pace for any of these, if desired.
  • Once enrolled in this Mentoring Program, you can participate in the Monthly RES Community Call exclusively for Rose’s apprentices and program graduates.  (There is a nominal fee for continued participation after your first year of apprenticing.  This and other specifics about the program will be explained to you on acceptance into the Mentoring Program.)
  • After your first full year from date of acceptance — by December 31 of that calendar year — you apply each year for renewal as an active member of this RES Leadership Community. There is a nominal tuition fee. Plus a requirement to read any books that Rose publishes during the previous year. Renewed status is at Rose’s sole discretion.

Requirements for The RES Mentoring Program

Do you dream of helping people to gain emotional and spiritual growth? Authentic growth, in a way where your special perceptiveness will help.

For you, the answer could be… join the RES Mentoring Program. If accepted, you can progress from Apprentice into graduating as an RES Practitioner. As this kind of energy spiritual professional, you may choose to work part time. Or develop your special skills into full-time work. Others have done this. Why not you?

As an RES Apprentice, you’ll develop rigorous skills. Learning how to conduct an in-person session for yourself, to help family members, friends, and even start assisting clients.

Combining the structure of very specific skills and knowledge — with your own personal wisdom — that can make it a delight to facilitate every RES session, every time. Each of the following requirements will prepare you to become an RES Apprentices.

2018-2020 Requirements

#1. The New Strong

  • The New Strong Online Workshop 101, 102, and 103 — Currently only the Free Intro and 101 Workshop are available.
  • OR Personal Mentoring to learn the equivalent

#2. Spiritually Sparkling® Skills of RES Energy HEALING

  • Spiritually Sparkling Online Workshops Free Intro 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105. Release planned for the end of 2018 or early in 2019.
  • OR Personal Mentoring to learn the equivalent

#3. Aura Reading, Gaining Stage 3 Energetic Literacy

  • Aura Reading Online Workshops Free Intro, 101, and 102
  • OR Personal Mentoring to learn the equivalent

#4. Soul Thrill® Aura Research

  • Either Soul Thrill Online Workshop, Aura Reading 103. Currently in production.
  • OR Personal Mentoring to learn the equivalent

#5. 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®

  • Cut Cords of Attachment In-Person Workshops, currently under development.
  • OR Personal Mentoring to learn the equivalent.
  • Either way, the Spiritually Sparkling® Online Workshops are a prerequisite.

#6. Empath Empowerment® through Empath Empowerment 104.

  • Empath Empowerment Online Workshop Free Intro, 101, 102, and 103. (Currently the 103 Workshop is in production.)
  • OR Personal Mentoring to learn the equivalent.

Alternatively, if you’re not an empath, 2 Workshop Electives of Your Choice:

  • In-Person Workshops (see Rose’s schedule of online workshops for the current year).
  • OR Personal Mentoring to learn the equivalent.

Additional Requirements Before Applying

Note that you may have to take all or most of these workshops in the form of online workshops. That’s because most in-person workshops now given by Rose are not requirements for the RES Mentoring Program. Rather they are newly developed, leading-edge workshops, a basis for future online workshops.

Also, some workshop collections have not yet been developed all the way through to the level required for completing this requirement: currently Empath Empowerment 103 and 104 and — for non-empaths — Face Reading 101 and 102 in place of the courses for empaths. Until these are available as online workshops, please complete this requirement through personal mentoring with Rose.

Why teach that way now? The Founder of RES has waited many years to find a way of delivering highly interactive, quality online workshops. In 2017, she began to develop these and aims to roll out new ones as a priority for her work from now on.

Also required before applying for this Mentoring Program:

  • Read at least five of Rose Rosetree’s books.
  • Write at least one guest post at the blog “Deeper Perception Made Practical”
  • Rose interacts with you in person at least once: Whether at one of her in-person workshops, during an in-person Day of Mentoring, or having at least one session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. Rose strongly recommends that you attend one of her in-person workshops. Exceptions can be made (at Rose’s discretion) if it would be a hardship for you to travel to the metro D.C. area in the U.S.

After You Graduate

Upon graduation from the RES Mentoring Program, you will be officially authorized by as a professional in this field, an RES Practitioner. Consequently:

  • Rose will share her very top discoveries, with technical details for building and maintaining your practice in this field. You will learn a great deal of information exclusively shared in this program, not available in other mentoring and workshop situations, nor in Rose’s published books.
  • Rose will refer clients to you as appropriate.
  • Rose will promote you at her blog and website.

The demand for RES Practitioners is growing rapidly.

Would you like to join us?