Introducing "The New Strong Collection"

Do you ever feel stuck in your personal growth, ready for more but you’re just not sure what?

  • Not knowing which way to turn, you may find yourself doing more and more energy work, yet getting fewer results.
  • Or you may be analyzing yourself more and more. Feeling, as always, that you’re just on the brink of a great new discovery.
  • The frustration drives some folks to drink. Or to weed. Or worse. (Thank goodness, it’s always possible to come back from those dead-end experiments.)
  • Another version of today’s discontent has some folks not doing anything at all. As in taking a vacation from self-improvement of all kinds. Which leads to its own kind of discomfort.

Stuck. Worrying. And maybe doubting yourself, or close to giving up on your dreams.

Refreshing Relief

But new discoveries are available to help. An entire system, called “The New Strong.”

With ideas that you might slurp up like a cool drink on a hot day. Or a hot drink on a cool day!

See what I just did there? Always expect lively language to keep your mind active. Humor sometimes, too. When you take one of the online workshops in The New Strong Collection… we don’t have to be formal.

Also know, you can count on respect for you, and your personal wisdom, your experiences; a waking up of what’s called your “self-authority.”

Who needs snoozer workshops? All RES online workshops are highly interactive with:

  • Audio lectures galore (sometimes videos, too)
  • Supplemented by handouts to summarize knowledge.
  • Worksheets are different — more active. You’ll find them as well.
  • And also quizzes, where some answers might be funny enough to make you giggle.
  • Finally, each lesson includes a special Forum online. Where you can discuss and I sometimes respond, and where you can get to know a growing community of fellow students, people I think you’ll like.

So that’s the style for learning. Why am I telling you that in advance? Before getting to what you’ll learn in this series of workshops!

For one good reason. Have you ever heard of “The snackification of knowledge.” That means people today demand lively knowledge, made bite-sized and tasty.

As a teacher of personal development since 1970, I’m constantly learning how to serve up delicious bites of knowledge. And also deliver each one as part of a satisfying meal. A.k.a., systematic knowledge that pays off.

So what pays off with taking workshops in The New Strong Collection?

Indispensable, Practical Knowledge

The 1980’s saw the start of a seismic shift in human awareness of energy in ourselves and others. Prior to that, what people did and said mattered more to us than the energy behind those actions. Then came 12/21/12. Obviously—despite predictions—the world didn’t end on that date, but there was a huge energetic change.

Before 12/21/12, the “veil” (that made it hard for humans to sense energies) was thinning. On 12/21/12 it disappeared completely.

Consequently in everyday human life, we’re all able to effortlessly shift awareness to the “vibes” and subconscious motivations of those we interact with. The potential to accelerate spiritual and psychological growth is dazzling.

Welcome to The Age of Awakening. It’s a new era, with a whole new set of vibrational rules. Rules that few people are even aware of. And then unintentionally break, bringing suffering.

One example? Spending more and more time on “personal-growth” work is bringing fewer results. Ironically, other people’s energies may wind up bothering you more than they used to.

Online Workshops on The New Strong teach you this: How to live productively in the Age of Awakening. (Turns out, this is surprisingly easy, once you know how.)

In This Collection, You'll Learn What?

With a clarity that moves beyond today’s often unproductive “energy talk,” you’ll receive a Program for Easy Vibrational Balance. Surprisingly easily, you can do all this and more:

  1. Develop Age of Awakening wisdom. And street smarts. Starting with what actually changed on 12/21/12.
  2. Learn practical differences between energies (discussed constantly by Hay House authors and their less-famous counterparts) versus vibrational frequencies (which are what really matter for improving your life these days).
  3. Gain clarity about energy awareness. How can you make this enhance your life, not take over your life?
  4. Explore tested, effective strategies for keeping your personal energies strong.
  5. Discover the truth about grounding. Hint: Once you understand what’s involved, since the Shift, you just might realize it’s crazy to keep grounding yourself all day long.
  6. And learn what works far better: A Program for Easy Vibrational Balance.
  7. Many beautiful seekers of psychological and spiritual truth have become increasingly detached. Ouch! Instead you can enhance your healthy connection to people and the planet.
  8. Protect your energies with super-quick skills that take very little time and zero effort.
  9. Develop energy healing skills for new problems that have been growing since the start of The Age of Awakening.
  10. Explore, in very personal ways, how living The New Strong can improve your life.

The New Strong Workshop Collection includes ideas that are so on-target, you may be amazed.

Sure, you’re sophisticated about personal growth. Or you’d never have found this course. Yet it’s still possible that, while taking one of these on-demand workshops, you’ll often say “Wow!” And maybe sometimes you’ll also start wondering, “How come nobody else is talking about this?”

Actually, there’s a whole lecture in The New Strong 101. called “Why Did So Many Experts Miss This?” But long before that, you’re invited to take your first steps for personal empowerment in The Age of Awakening.

Try out The New Strong — Free Intro

Does it frustrate you? So many people today are spaced out or constantly talking about energies.  Find out why, and learn what’s causing so many perfectly normal people you know… to stop acting normal at all.

Even worse, you may be struggling to some degree.

Well, here’s an idea… an idea that’s part of a SOLUTION. What if we’re living in a different age now, an Age of Awakening? Which has some different rules for success. Rules that folks don’t know about, and so those new rules are constantly being broken.

I can teach you those new rules. Implementing them isn’t hard, once you know what to do. Same with all the skills in my Program for Easy Vibrational Balance.

But there’s a bit I need to teach you first, and that’s why I’ve developed The New Strong — Free Intro.

What's Included?

Thought-provoking ideas that you’ll find here… are decidedly not mainstream. Yet different chunks have been tested with thousands of my students internationally. Come, learn the whole system, and broaden your understanding!

What if you’re already raring to go? You want to become one of the pioneers, taking the first New Strong Online Workshop ever offered.

Please, take this intro anyway. It’s not just fluff. Actually, you might take this intro just to celebrate how much you already know about The Age of Awakening. (And maybe learn some things that, actually, you didn’t know yet.)

By the time you complete that final quiz you will graduate… and be eligible to start the first workshop I’ve seen anywhere that makes sense out of today’s new vibrational freedom — and how to use it intelligently. For a better life!

Knowledge of The New Strong is such a priority today that I’ve made this free intro my second online workshop to be developed. And foremost among the RES skills of Energy HEALING.

So come and get comfortable with this user-friendly workshop technology… and decide if I’m a good fit as a teacher for you.

What Else You’ll Find

Each of these lessons includes a sound recording. Plus you’ll be given a quiz to help you complete each lesson.

Other workshops in this series are more sophisticated, including a generous supply of handouts and worksheets. Often a lesson will contain multiple recordings.

Altogether, you’ll find an easy-to-learn approach. So you can have fun while developing the gently life-changing skills of The New Strong.

Module Breakdown

Lesson 01. Living in The Age of Awakening — How’s That Going for You?

Includes 1 sound recording. Total listening time is 26 minutes.

Quiz: Hidden Weightloss

Lesson 02. Something Did Happen, But What?

Includes 1 sound recording. Total listening time is 27 minutes.

Quiz: History That YOU Lived Through

Lesson 03. Finding Your Way

Includes 1 sound recording. Total listening time is 27 minutes.

Quiz: Enjoy Your New Vibrational Freedom

Editor’s Note: These quantities were accurate at the time this online workshop was released. With subsequent edits, these totals may change. Please view this summary as a helpful guide only.

Disclaimer: The skills taught in this workshop have been researched over many years. However, Rose Rosetree and her company (Rose Rosetree, LLC) assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur from the application or use of the material in this online workshop. The method of self-healing presented here is not intended as a substitute for the professional care of psychologists, physicians, or other health care providers. Instead, the goal is to support self-care. In short, this workshop educates you in skills to use in the pursuit of optimal well-being.

Gone is the ‘tude from those rebellion years, like middle school,
when school was sooo not voluntary.

As you may remember from back in the day, students may not get to choose either their classes or their teachers.

By contrast, you’re here by your own free choice. Glad you’re here! All the educational experiences I offer are designed for your benefit. You want to succeed and I’m here to help you to do just that.

Before developing online workshops, I have taught adult ed. for public schools and also private schools. Specifically, I’ve taught in Arizona, California, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, The District of Columbia, Virginia, and Washington. Outside the U.S., I’ve taught live workshops in Asia and Europe.

Between giving live workshops and also offering personal mentoring, I’ve also had students from Australia and New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. My North American students have come from Canada and Mexico, not just the US. And although I haven’t had any students born and raised in Antarctica, one of my students did live there for a while. 🙂

Of course, what matters most is the person, not the country. I look forward to getting to know you personally. For starters, though, I wanted you to know that I love teaching adult learners like you. Thank you for choosing to study with me.

How to Get the Most from
any RES Workshop Lecture

Having an on-demand workshop is so convenient. Ideal for self-paced learning!

Yet the way you set up the learning for yourself matters a lot. Your choices will impact whether you get either more or less from any lecture that I have prepared for you. So here come some suggestions.

  1. Please sit. Did you know? Sitting comfortably, with your head not supported, is ideal. Save those Lay-Z-Boy recliners for when you’re not aiming to learn. Lying down, sprawling, balancing on a ball? Definitely can be fun, but not ideal for learning.
  2. Turn off non-essential electronic devices. For example, checking out texts or emails that come in while you’re taking a lesson. Look, I’ve read of a scientific study about what happened to attention when folks were being notified of incoming emails. (Just notified. Not even stopping to read them.) Those interruptions broke the flow of thinking to such an extent… the subjects in the study became way less attentive. In fact, researchers compared their performance to a control group that was stoned on weed.
  3. You are in control, taking this workshop. So you can give yourself a period of time to do this online workshop, no interruptions. Afterwards, take a break to check your emails, take a snack, play with your poodle. Later come back to the workshop again. All according to your own rhythm. Multi-tasking will not serve you as a learner, so might I suggest? Prevent interruptions before you begin to listen to one of our lectures.
  4. Keep handy a way to make notes: Paper and pen or whichever electronic device you favor. Making notes as you go will enhance your learning.
  5. What about when a workshop lecture goes with a handout or worksheet? Look, you’re listening on demand. Plus you’re by yourself, not with me in the room. Plus, you know you can listen however often you like, what might tempt you? Soooooooo.

You might be tempted to substitute thinking, not writing. Not writing down visible notes.

Guess what? If you do this, you’ll be cheating yourself of some of the learning. Please, go for the full experience.

Why Does Your Setup Matter Especially with RES Workshops?

Because every RES workshop contains more than information. In Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), every workshop involves something very profound about you. Consciousness! Many of the skills I’m teaching will involve learning very subtle ways to use your consciousness differently.

No wonder I’m encouraging you to develop good habits for making your consciousness resourceful while you learn. Effortlessly resourceful! To awaken your inner wisdom.