Chase couldn’t stop smoking. Years before he had managed to stop, for several years. But now, nothing helped. And he tried plenty of resources. Then he heard about RES. Just one session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis (SEAH) did the trick. 

This unique form of past-life regression moves out the form of STUFF called “Large Frozen Blocks of Stuck Energy.”

Sure enough, in depth hypnosis, Chase’s subconscious mind took him to one particular incident. Frustrated at work, he began directing that anger toward himself. That’s when the smoking habit grabbed him and wouldn’t let go.

However, during that session frozen blocks from that incident were removed forever. Each time, Chase received PUT IN that helped to wake up a stronger soul expression.

Six months after that session, Rose called Chase and checked. Sure enough…

Not only did my session help me to consciously understand why I couldn’t stop smoking. Moving out the energetic cause was the clincher. I’ve stopped smoking for good.

What is a Past Life Regression?

Please Contact Us to discuss your interest in having a past-life regression session before making payment.

What Are Frozen Blocks?

One more form of STUFF! What causes us to get frozen blocks? Simply this: Something happens that we don’t expect.

Commonly people think that frozen blocks result from trauma, dramatic events that scar us. “Nonsense!” says Rose. “Frozen blocks come in different degrees of intensity: Small, medium, and large. Every day we get countless frozen blocks. It’s a fact of life here at Earth School. Dealing with all of our hidden, astral-level STUFF helps us to evolve spiritually. As for annoying STUFF that causes significant problems? That can always, always, always be healed.”

RES does include skills for removing the more annoying frozen blocks. Most important, there’s the unique form of past-life regression known as Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis (SEAH).

Because large-intensity frozen blocks can energetically trigger terrible problems, and not just smoking. Including problems with

  • Learning and Job Performance
  • Public Speaking
  • Dating and sex

SEAH has helped clients move out all these problems, and more.

Introducing Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®

A Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (past-life regression) session is one of the most powerful forms of healing on the planet.  Insights help you to release obstacles from your past that limit your present.  You may be able to change unwanted relationship patterns, fears, inappropriate cravings and dislikes.  Stubborn problems like being overweight and smoking often respond better to this form of treatment than any other.

This kind of personal session can also help you to re-discover talents, skills and abilities that you learned — and earned — in the past.

If you’ve been setting goals for years, and otherwise doing your very best, yet your career remains stalled, consider this possibility: Could the blockage come from causational frozen blocks?

There’s one great way to find out. After your session, check out what improves. And not in your energies, particularly. Look for results in human terms.

What Makes SEAH Different?

Granted, you may have gone to a hypnotist or even a past-life “therapist” in the past. Hopefully the results were good. Even if not, technically, there’s good reason why the unique skill sets within could be far more effective for you.

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® is trademarked for good reason. The methodology and skill sets are different from other forms of past-life regression. If you learn this skill set from Rose, you’ll learn a great deal about these technical differences.

Hiro-san was a Japanese client who did past-life regression with Rose, assisted by an interpreter. The goal was to move out guilt, a feeling of guilt that he could neither understand nor escape. Until one of his sessions, where he moved out frozen blocks from a previous lifetime as a doctor. Nazis forced him to join them, performing cruel “experiments.” And putting in one frozen block after another.

Each time a frozen block was removed, he received Divinely co-created energies for PUT IN. Energies that helped Hiro-san to express his soul more than ever. What did he tell Rose at the end of his session?

This is the happiest day of my life. Happier than my wedding day. Happier than the day my child was born. I will never forget this day.

SEAH In Action

Any good quality past-life regression can bring insight into the past. But Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® adds precision skills for energy healing of large-intensity frozen blocks. Here’s an example.

It didn’t make sense. At work, the same pattern happened over and over. Tim would make a friend at work. He’d help that worker to such a degree that Tim would neglect his own career. Soon Tim’s “big friend” would go after his job. And get it!

Solving this problem took just two sessions of regular RES Energy Healing. Plus Tim’s next big step, a session of SEAH. During this past-life regression, Tim re-experienced being a politically powerful leader whose last thought at death was, “I never want to have power again.  It only leads to misery.”

  • At this point many hypnotists and past-life regressionists would stop.  They assume it is sufficient for a person to remember old problems. Perhaps they don’t even know about frozen blocks….
  • And many psychics believe it’s enough to give past-life readings. Simply telling the client what happened. It’s common to believe that a reading automatically brings a healing. But RES separates RES Energy READING skills from Energy HEALING skills. (As you may have noticed!)

Instead, of course, Tim went for SEAH. Which removes a kind of STUFF that can come from this lifetime or previous ones, large-intensity frozen blocks of stuck energy.

After STUFF removal, the client receives PUT-IN. Fresh new energies that support a stronger soul expression. During his session, Tim received both profound insight and STUFF removal and energetic PUT IN. This combo helped him gain real-life benefits quite effortlessly.

Checking back with Tim 10 years after this session, his career has steadily improved. As for that old kind of nonsense with false friends from work? Over!

Before Your First Session of SEAH

Danielle was terribly curious about past-life regression. She thought it would be fun, and might solve her problems. 

Although she was eager to book this kind of session, first she had to comply with Rose’s policy. Because Rose requires that a client for past-life regression have at least one regular session of RES Energy HEALING. By definition, that also helps the client. Besides, it helps Rose to ascertain whether or not she thinks that client is ready to benefit from past-life regression.

Danielle received a great deal of benefit from her first phone session. She went on to have several more sessions. Finally, Rose told her, “Now you’re ready for SEAH, if you like.” By then Danielle chose not to do that. Why? Because she was strongly engaged in life, enjoying herself. Phone sessions had produced the results that she needed. Easy-peasy!

On the other hand, many RES clients have gone from regular phone sessions to SEAH. Sometimes by the dozen! For moving past certain problems, there’s nothing like it. For example, several clients have made repeat trips from Asia or Europe, traveled thousands of miles expressly to do these in-person sessions. Results made that trip worthwhile to them.

“I feel much more like myself now. And I like myself more, too.”

Trust Rose To Tell You When SEAH Is Appropriate

Before any past-life regression, you are asked to have one or more sessions of regular RES Energy HEALING. That’s required.

Admittedly no other RES sessions work this way. Yet this policy works to your benefit. Because, for years, every single SEAH client has done really well, receiving the sort of results from this consciousness-awakening technology. Had they done sessions before they were ready, they might not have received as many good results.

Being a client for all other RES sessions requires very little: You come as you are, arrive at an intention with Rose. She selects an Healing Centerpiece, orients you, then moves ahead in a process of co-creating with Divine help. Along the way, you ask any questions that arise about what Rose tells you. Sometimes there is a bit of homework to do for bigger results. That’s it!

In short, you can relax and take it easy, expecting results.

By contrast, SEAH asks more of you. Because you’ll be taking a more active role in the process of energy healing. Results tend to be extra-big. However, those comfortable sessions that you can have with phone or webcam — they’re powerful, too. And all the aspects of RES fit together, including Enlightenment Coaching that happens for you in the background. (If using your full potential in life… is something that appeals to you.)

Comparing SEAH with Other RES Energy HEALING Sessions

How do they differ? Here is a table to help you compare and contrast.

RES Energy HEALING Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®
Compatible with Rose’s Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®? Definitely! Compatible with Rose’s other RES Energy HEALING sessions? Definitely!
Healing flows from the intention you bring to your session. Healing flows from the goal you bring to your session.
The scope of healing is emotional and spiritual growth. Besides emotional and spiritual growth, in some instances there can be improvement to physical functioning. Frozen block removal can also supplement help you’ve already sought from medical professionals. (Discuss particulars with Rose.)
Skepticism no problem, so long as you’re willing to give the session a chance. You will go only as deeply into the experience as you are willing to go. Your subconscious mind is the star here. For best results, you will be ready to explore deeply within.
Even when deep emotions are released, the underlying emotion for a session is joy. SEAH can involve brief experiences of unpleasant emotions.
When Rose facilitates, you won’t be asked to do much. You’ll take a more active role than with other RES Energy HEALING sessions.

Practical Considerations about SEAH Sessions

For Rose’s other sessions of RES Energy HEALING, most clients choose phone appointments or Skype. So much more convenient than coming in person, and just as effective! (Although you do have the option of coming in person, if you prefer.)

By contrast, SEAH sessions must take place in-person.

The exception is an emergency with an overseas client who has had many sessions of RES Energy Healing. Such as assisting Anna, who had just survived a major earthquake and, days afterward, couldn’t stop crying. These exceptions are at Rose’s sole discretion — she would offer you this. Very, very, very rare.

Currently, all these sessions are in Sterling, Virginia, convenient to metro Washington, D.C. and Dulles airport.

Before scheduling an SEAH session, you must have had at least one recent session with Rose, a regular RES session of some kind. Also… Rose must have given you the go-ahead to book this type of session. Because she wants to do all she can to make it productive.

What If You’re Coming from Far Away?


First time out, Rose Rosetree’s policy is to give you just one SEAH appointment. With subsequent trips, you might build up to as many as four sessions, two per day for two days.

I’m flying across the pond to take one of Rose’s workshops. Because I’m mainly making the trip in order to do my first SEAH. Long as I’m here, why not get all I can!

My First SEAH Session: How to Book It

Once you’ve got the go-ahead from Rose, booking this kind of session is easy.

Click here, then follow the links to our shopping cart.  Phone number information is also provided.

Following that, please email Mitch (Rose’s Appointment Manager) at with your order number. Then he’ll schedule your appointment time.

If you have questions before making the appointment, send them to this email address as well. Yes, please send your questions about this to Mitch, not to Rose. Thanks!

In Advance of Any SEAH Session

The following recommendations are useful for any RES Session. But they’re especially important before you come for Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®:

  1. Avoid drinking caffeine for a couple of hours prior to coming to your appointment.
  2. No alcohol, please, for 24 hours before a session.
  3. And no marijuana or other recreational drugs for a week in advance.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes for your session.
  5. If you’re wearing contact lenses, please be prepared to remove them during the two-hour regression.

It’s also to your advantage to get a good night’s sleep in advance of your session. But if you’re getting over jet lag or whatever, no worries. If you start falling asleep during the hypnosis, Rose will gently wake you up.

Do You Have to Prepare in Any Other Way, Just for SEAH?

Not really.

For a first session of SEAH, you and Rose will spend a comfortable hour, educational for both of you. She’ll prepare you with practical understanding of what happens during this kind of past-life regression, answering any questions you have.

Together you’ll also discuss some of your personal goals.

Towards the end of that introductory hour, you and Rose will agree on one goal for this particular session.

And then you’ll proceed to experience why it’s called Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

Some of the Problems Clients Have Solved through SEAH

A short list. Not close to complete:

  1. Recurring terror from war experiences.
  2. Keeps repeating horrible patterns in love relationships.
  3. Hating my mother-in-law. (Or other relatives.)
  4. Shyness.
  5. “I haven’t felt the same since my nervous breakdown.”
  6. Hatred of men. (Or women. Or people at work. Etc.)
  7. Fear of rejection. (Or low self-esteem. Or unable to trust people. Etc.)
  8. Just about any kind of sexual problem you can imagine.
  9. Feeling worthless. (Or scared to date. Or still reliving physical abuse from childhood.)
  10. Can’t get past anger at racial prejudice.
  11. “I need a Mommy.”
  12. Problems with learning. (Or public speaking. Or other kinds of performance pressure.)
  13. Support for recovery from substance abuse. (Undertaken along with other support for the client, such as rehabilitation specialists.)
  14. Spaciness resulting from smoking weed. Or drinking alcohol. Or cocaine. (Depending on the client.)
  15. Lack of physical stamina.
  16. Procrastination.
  17. Can’t stop spending money.
  18. “Seeking God seems to be ruining my life.”
  19. Creativity is stuck.
  20. Can’t express myself. (Or can’t ask for what I want.)
  21. Stuck in my career, and it makes no sense.
  22. Still scared that I won’t survive. (Or fear of current events. Or scared of leaving my house.)
  23. Even though I try to stop, I keep analyzing the past.
  24. Feeling like an outsider. (Or “I can’t stop remembering being bullied in childhood.” Etc.)
  25. Smoking cessation.