Intro to Energy Spirituality. And its founder, Rose Rosetree.

“Energy Spirituality can help you to grow emotionally. And also help you to awaken spiritually.”

Especially important, Rose uses — and teaches — skills that work now. Meaning now — in the Age of Awakening.

Specifically, this planetary shift happened Dec. 21, 2012.  Ever since, the Age of Awakening has impacted us all. (Whether we know it or not.)

Rose Rosetree’s System of Energy Spirituality

Is Uniquely Effective in this Age of Awakening

How Rose Rosetree Developed Energy Spirituality

She developed it gradually. Beginning by offering personal sessions to help thousands of clients.

Over the years, Rose began creating workshops and books. Currently, over 397,000 copies of her books are in print.

And by introducing Rose Rosetree, we’re also introducing this website. Here you’ll find innovative systems at the leading edge of mind-body-spirit. Specifically, four interlocking systems.

Media Praise

Based in Sterling, Virginia, Rose empowers clients worldwide. Most of her media interviews have involved her skills with aura reading and face reading.

Accuracy of these energetic literacy skills is crystal clear. And, important to note when introducing Rose Rosetree…

She’s not a psychic or intuitive. Rather, she uses skills that happen to work. Effective skills that result from co-creating with the Divine.

Thus far, Rose Rosetree has given over 1,000 media interviews, including top-rated segments on “The View.” Winning praise from publications as different as:

  • The Washington Post
  • And the Washington Times
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • And The Catholic Standard.

So, Where to Begin Your Own Personal Intro?

Start with whichever aspect of Energy Spirituality appeals to you most. Because you’ll always find a distinctive approach. Unique. Honest. Effective. And, above all, aiming to help you  solve problems and grow as a person.

Introducing Rose Rosetree... Since She's Pioneering Energy Spirituality

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) brings emotional and spiritual growth, using distinctive skills. Neither psychotherapy nor psychic work. Neither energy medicine nor energy psychology. Come discover the benefits of energy spirituality

Ever notice? There are two kinds of people in the world. 😉

  • Those who are pushed to solve problems.
  • And those who feel the pull of self-actualization.

RES helps both kinds of people. These days,
which are you?

Rose Can Help You to Express Your Soul More

While introducing Rose Rosetree, this might matter to you. A lot. How, as the Founder of Energy Spirituality, what does she value most?

Helping you to express your soul. Not only express your personality. But express your soul.

Expressing your soul matters. In Energy Spirituality how much does this matter? So much that it happens — directly or indirectly — in every single session, workshop, and book.

What Is Your Soul, Anyway?

A deep individuality. Who you are deep down. Regardless of where you live or how you earn a living. No matter what, you’re expressing this soul of yours throughout this entire incarnation.

Your soul expression in this lifetime? Of course, that’s related to all your other Earth personalities in other lifetimes. However, each one counts as a unique soul expression. Most important, then, is what you’ve got right now!

Every single lifetime… Including every single day in this life right now… Your soul can shine out, expressing who you are fully.

Or not. Because the choice is yours.

What If You Say YES

To Expressing Your Soul More Fully Each Day?

Then it’s good to know how Energy Spirituality takes four different approaches. Each one helping you differently. Aiming to help you to use the full potential built into your soul expression for this lifetime.

Four approaches. Which one will matter most to you right now? (To find your answer, keep reading.)

RES Energy READING Wakes Up Your Soul Expression

Soul expression grows with every Personal Session of RES Energy READING.

Or when you read any of Rose Rosetree’s how-to books on aura reading.

Face Reading Secrets®, as well!

And, of course, the RES workshops on energetic literacy…  Extremely helpful resources, that don’t just teach skills. In addition, they help you to grow a stronger sense of self, soul-expressing.

Last But Not Least

Have you heard of this aura reading service? Soul Thrill Aura Research®. Because this empowers you to make more informed choices. Such as?

  • How you choose hobbies
  • Discerning which relationships are really constructive for you.
  • Revealing ways to earn money that could enrich you, ennoble you, and just be more fun!
  • Even helping you to know which professionals to hire. Everything from doctors to lawyers to Indian chefs who could teach you cooking!

Did you know? You don’t have to make life choices like a guinea pig in your own experiment. Learning what thrills your soul can make your life so much better.

RES Energy HEALING Wakes Up Your Soul Differently

Personal Sessions of RES Energy HEALING always help to wake up your soul. Why, exactly?

First of all, what causes many of the human-type problems in your life right now? Hidden energetic STUFF, stored garbage in the astral part of your aura. In psychological language, STUFF gets stuck in your subconscious mind.

When you keep trying to grow emotionally or spiritually, or change a behavior, but it’s like nothing you do makes a difference?

Then it’s time to consider a session of RES Energy HEALING.

Because one particular form of STUFF could be the biggest problem underneath the obvious problem. Blocking the use of free will. Stifling your birthright, the full expression of your soul.

Introducing Two Overall Directions for Energy HEALING

Therefore, every Energy HEALING skill in RES helps you in two ways:

  • Permanent removal of STUFF
  • Energetic PUT-IN for a stronger soul expression

Some of Rose’s skill sets for Energy HEALING have names that make the soul-link obvious: Soul Recognition And Encouragement. Also Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

But here’s a fun bit of detective work you can do at this website. Check out any RES Energy HEALING book or workshop or personal session. Can you figure out how this can help you to gain a stronger soul expression?

If you don’t find the connection on your own, ask Rose about it the next time you’re in a personal session!

Empaths Need Dedicated Skills For a Stronger Soul Expression

Contrary to what you might find elsewhere online, empaths don’t have some long-term sensitivity disability. Instead, according to Rose, every empath alive has at least one gift. A lifelong gift for directly experiencing what it’s like to be another person.

By teaching Empath Empowerment® skills, Rose helps empaths learn who they really are, and how to express that in human ways.

Hello, that’s another way of describing what it means to express your soul!

Skills for empaths really matter, and not just in a self-actualizing way, emphasizing soul expression.

Why Else Can It Help You to Gain Empath Empowerment?

Unskilled empaths suffer many problems that non-empaths don’t have.

  • Sexual problems.
  • Work problems.
  • You name it! (Quite literally, Rose’s clients often do name it. Meaning, they’ll start off a personal session by naming a problem that’s related to being an unskilled empath.)

Every Born Empath Has Talent

But no empath is born with skills for using that talent.

Empath Empowerment skills aren’t the only possibility for living a great life as an empath. Noteworthy though, these skills do work.

And please don’t confuse this original, trademarked system for Empath Empowerment. And books to help you become an Empowered Empath

With the huge bunch o’ books and blog posts where people claim to teach these Rose Rosetree discoveries. Sincerest form of flattery or what?

Effective Empath Skills Matter Immensely

Because, 1 in 20 people living on earth right now IS an empath.

Altogether, millions of people you know have been born as empaths.

Sadly, unskilled empaths are more distracted than most. Often feeling confused or vulnerable! At least until they learn skills that help them to actively use their empathic talent.

For sure, Empath Empowerment does wake up a stronger soul expression. It’s just a side effect — whether you take an RES workshop, learn skills from Rose’s series of how-to books, or book a session of RES Empath Coaching.

For Spiritual Evolution, Your Soul Matters

At least that’s the approach Rose takes as an Enlightenment Coach. In that role, Rose Rosetree provides many resources to help you along your path of personal awakening.

Are you interested in using your full potential as an individual? Then wouldn’t expressing your soul be helpful? Not as some kind of egoism and selfishness. But because you happen to be human.

A Very Different Kind of Enlightenment Coaching

Did you know?

  • Many Enlightenment experts today emphasize surrender.
  • Transcending your ego.
  • Maybe witnessing life as if it’s an amusing little game.

Perhaps claiming that your life really begins when your body falls asleep at night, so you’re free to roam the universe. Look, that’s Traditional Enlightenment. Beloved of many a spiritual seeker.

However, Rose happens to bring a different approach. She can help you to move towards — or even attain — Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Yes, Age of Awakening Enlightenment!

You can learn quite a bit about that at this website and blog.

And you can experience more about it — you guessed it — through personal sessions of RES Enlightenment Coaching.

Where To Start

That RES logo gives you an easy way in: Purple, crimson, aqua, and green. Four interlocking parts of a puzzle. See how they all fit together?

Likewise, you can start with any one of these four RES specialties. And then your progress will fit together, how RES helps you to move forward faster along your personal path.

Start with what interests you. Just choose something, and then you’ll begin to progress. Sample a little bit of one RES resource. Or choose whole bunch of resources, one at a time. Like opening up a whole bunch of birthday presents. Which one will you open up first? Up to you.

In RES, Standards Matter

For sure, all RES skills have been designed rigorously. Technical bits and pieces, like her 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

Because Rose has worked diligently in this lifetime — and maybe some past lives as well — to become a consciousness engineer. What happens if she’s going to publish a book or teach a workshop or train a professional RES Practitioner?

  • Those skills are going to be carefully designed and tested.
  • Then systematically taught.
  • As another checkpoint, Rose uses energetic literacy skills to validate what really works for people like you.

Opposite to the enthusiastic mash-up of ideas that you’ll sometimes find in other mind-body-spirit approaches. (To learn more, check out Rose’s Code of Ethics to learn about her commitment to integrity and results.)

Structure and Spontaneity, Both

Simultaneously enormous flexibility is built into this system as well.

Just follow your bliss. Or else your curiosity.

Even if you just do a bit of RES this and RES that… Chances are this will add up to something that helps you a lot.

Just do yourself this favor, please. Don’t mix in other skill sets outside RES. Like psychic development or psychotherapy or energy medicine.

Rose recommends:

“Show respect to any teacher. Find out what that person’s system can do for you. Do that for your own sake as well. If you get to a point where you’re no longer getting results, drop what you’ve been doing and give something new a chance.”

Guess What?

Watching this YouTube video might be your easiest way of introducing yourself to Rose Rosetree.

You’ll learn that Rose never set out to found Energy Spirituality. Instead, she’s been helping clients decade after decade. Clients who get to know her can tell that she really cares.

Actually, that’s how every skill set in Energy Spirituality has developed. To solve a problem. To meet a human need.

How Has Energy Spirituality Grown?

Mostly because Rose Rosetree cares about helping clients and students. Notably, she has learned how to co-create with the Divine. And she can teach you that, too.

Consequently, she’s developing one skill after another. Written one book after another. Taught one workshop after another.

That’s all Rose Rosetree has done, founding Energy Spirituality. Sometimes known as “Rosetree Energy Spirituality.” Or RES for short.

Seemingly Random. Yet All Fitting Together Perfectly

That seemingly random way has allowed Rose to develop so many Really Effective Skills. Likewise, something similar may happen if you’ll just follow what interests you…

Rose is confident that your RES choice(s) will be exactly right for you. Just pick something and go!

“The two worked so well together: Reading your Book #1 in your series for empaths! And then that session of RES Energy Healing to ‘Improve the relationship with my office-mate from my side’! Altogether, I’m finding it so much easier to be myself.”

Explore These Really Effective Skills NOW!


Are you energy sensitive? Change your life by developing really effective skills for reading people’s energies.


Emotional and spiritual growth, in ways that improve your life — that’s the purpose of these RES skills for energy healing.

Empath Empowerment®

1 in 20 people is an empath. Are you? Unskilled empaths suffer. But every empath can develop effortless, simple skills that make you a skilled empath.

Enlightenment Coaching

In this Age of Awakening, millions of souls are growing fast. But Enlightenment doesn’t just happen. Learn how RES coaching can help.